"Blacks Invented Rock'n'Roll" myth

Show me in traditional African music anything resembling Jazz, Ragtime or Blues: it does not exist. The rhythms of early Jazz can already be heard in Anglo-Saxon operettas of the 19th Century. It is true to say that there have been some magnificent and even revolutionary black performers of Jazz, though more rarely in Rock'n'Roll with the possible exception of Chuck Berry. What is undeniable is that whites have promoted all phases of its evolution.

Rock'n'Roll is rhythmically-augmented Scotch Irish folk. Rock'n'Roll was blacks doing an impression of hillbilly music rather than hillbillies doing an impression of "black music". This is why white rock bands that follow just sound really white, because it's already deeply white going back centuries in its folk heritage. Even the supposed "blues notes" and tonalities come straight out of Scotch Irish music.

Musicologists tend to ascribe some unique quality to African rhythm when it isn't there. The difference between African and Western music isn't in the rhythm, but in the focus on percussion. African music is tribal and meant to be accompanied by dance. Primitive music in all areas of the world started as highly percussive because that's what comes readily to us as human beings. Western music had centuries of development and went astray from those percussive roots long ago.

While Western music was exploring dissonance after entering the modern period, blacks in America started using Western theory and instruments to return to basic human impulse: the rhythm. Turning the focus towards percussion exploded in black music's popularity because Western art music became inaccessibly experimental and dissonant to general audiences. Jazz and Blues's percussive focus caught on hard because rhythm comes to us instinctively.

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Most things that black people think they invented came from the south west of England.
Thats because a lot of the farmers in the south USA were from there and due to being enslaved by rival tribes, the slaves had no culture of their own.

So chitlins for example were eaten by British farmers as far back as the 14th century.

Black people stole all their culture from southern whites. The way they speak is reminiscent of a southern plantation owner's accent. Their music comes from white country and folk - which is celtic in origin. Gospel music was started by whites. fucking niggers man, it's all so tiresome

Rock'n'Roll is the rhythm section from big band swing. Take the brass off In the Mood and you've got Chuck Berry.

Is there anything niggers haven't "invented"?

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Syncopation dates back to the at least the 17th century, probably to the 16th.

There's a reason it was called "Gospel music" before it was called Rock & Roll or Jazz. That reason is most of it is derived from Christian Gospel hymns.

This makes it even funnier when "modern music" is literally the first thing anybody can think of when asked what niggers bring to the table. "Soul food" is usually second. Most normies stop short of "rape, murder, and countless dog-fighting rings," which are the niggers' true contributions to American society.

The White invention that ruined Africa, foreign technology was too dangerous for advanced minds of sub-saharan übermensch!

Yeah I just double checked. Bach used syncopation. That shit is Baroque.

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OP I have been loking into this for a few months.
Here's how it went:
Celtic Folk > Appalachian > Bluegrass > Country > Rock & Roll
No Africans involved.
However, the claims to follow up are the African-american creation of Jazz, Blues, and Boogie-woogie as inspiration to the development of Rock & Roll.
It could be argued that the stringed instrument rhythm of Celtic folk music + the drum beat and bass of African folk music = Rock & Roll, since they were both slaves, together, in 18th century America.

I will add:
Hip Hop culture is Celtic culture.

To be fair, I do not think Africans are plotting to steal Celtic culture. It is clearly jews who are spreading lies.

Pitbulls are Celtic.
No Africans invoved.

user that's Japanese electronics

Nice ban evasion.

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Beat it spook, this doesn't concern you.

But i always see niggers advertized with it. Pic related

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The potato was introduced in Europe at the beginning of the "baroque" period and thus the Irish had yet to become "potato niggers" as jews call them.
All European culture is Celtic culture
you uneducated nigger.
And if you actually listened to Bach, you would know it sounds nothing like Celtic folk music or Rock & Roll, and that there are earlier periods of European music from the Medieval and the Renaissance times that precede Bach.

No it's not, potato nigger. All European culture is Christian culture.

t. Charlemagne
t. Canut the Great
t. Rottbart

Also: not knowing wtf syncopation is; as I said you're transparent.

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Nice Jewish trips you got there.

The simple fact is that after 313AD the culture of Europe is inherently Christian. If you have been diagnosed with autism (neo-paganism) you probably can't make the distinction between Talmudism and Christianity.

Christcuckianity is jew culture.
Celtic people have been Genetically and culturally Celtic for the past 7-10k years, only the last two have been subverted by jews and their kike on a stick.
Shit made up in the middle ages (1500ad) though European music, as we hear it today, goes back to at least ~500ad.
Stupid nigger.

The culture of Europe has been inherently European.

come on dude keep thinking , are you a eral musician or just a sad cuck that makes stupid threads … is this a bot?

keep digging, you missed an important part. do a google search youll find it

now fuck off we have real threads to shitpost in

He's probably that nigger that made the 'J2 vs Whites' thread and claimed that all Europeans are actually Semitic Arabs, or at the least, ancient Persians.

All religion comes from the lies and plagiarism of Josephus in the first century, when he stole Sumerian and Persian stories and wrote his small tribve of Arabs in as the victim.
But that doesn't make music, or any other part of culture that religion stole, perverted, and exploited, any less Celtic. It certainly doesn't make it "christcuckian".

It wasnt the music, it was the dancing aka 'jiving' which was quite literally banned from proper establishments (see: white)

Fast forward and now we have twerking sluts.

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This isn't a video game you retarded cuck. An entire continent's culture doesn't change the moment it's captured. It took over 700 years for the cancer to spread at least far north. A few hundred years went by just within the surrounding area of the roman empire of pagan persecution and killings - complete with burnings of libraries. Even after the fall of the roman empire the remnants of it were still hunting down anything pagan and converting those who didn't resist. The church later stoked the flames of wars in nordic countries and supported whoever would pledge to convert the country.

The fact of life is that christianity doesn't shape culture, it strangles it. You want people to differentiate between that and talmudists? The only difference is that whites persisted in spite of christianity whereas the talmud tells its jewish reader how to control christians. It's no wonder the areas of Europe that advanced the most during the middle ages are the places furthest from where rome fell, its neighboring sandnigger cousins, and the places that didn't had to deal with the most (((christian))) repression and sandnigger invasions. Let's not forget that before christianity there wasn't a jew problem or a muslim problem.

Hate my ancestors; get the rope. Love (((your))) ancestors; get the rope.

We already know you worship Satan, but you'd be worshiping Allah if it weren't for Christianity (which is 100% Greek, and everyone here knows it so you just keep lying about Greeks being semites). You LARPagans/Fagthiests/jews should really thank us for allowing you to exist, and protecting you dumbshits for as long as we did before we went off to pioneer this New World over here.

How's that arab and nigger cock tasting; now that you've persecuted Christianity again and we aren't defending Europa for you?

It's subjective and doesn't even really matter. The greatest composers/musicians of all time were all german: mozart, Beethoven and bach. The 20th century was a huge step backwards for music because kikes were in charge of producing it.

search "klezmer". basically jew music is garbage because their "inspiration" is just to force meme an emotion through noise. the classic and baroque greats you listed (i'd include Wagner) typically drew upon nature for inspiration and weren't trying to force meme any emotions.

Well Wagner was great and was a favorite of Hitler and the Reich but I don't know if he belongs in the same category as the three I listed. Personally I really love Chopin but he was Polish

Only Orthodox is acceptable. Roman Catholics and Protestants get the bullet.

Well… Fuck your slavshit then, squatfag.

t. non-Evangelical Lutheran

Here's some 100% Celtics playing 100% Celtic "music" for you.

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And white people even invented rap battling

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here's the first jazz song OP

correct, they called it flyting

Fuck off with this cuckchan bullshit. Rock has always been an offshoot of white music.

You're so deluded it's not funny. Is (((YHWH))) all of a sudden turned Greek? Is the first half of your holy book, the Old Testament - also known as the Tanakh - all of a sudden stopped being Jewish?

The fact is that your religion stole from Greek philosophy - which was infinitely superior - and then proceeded to do all it could to destroy every trace of Greece, by killing thousands of apostates under Theodosius, burning the temples and desecrating art, and destroying the old knowledge. You pernicious revisionist.

Jokes on you, LARPagan. There are no "jews" whoever the ashkeNAZIs are they aren't jews. All the jews were dead by the time Jesus Christ was born, that's why he preached. That's why the NAZIs had him crucified; he called them out as liars.

The Septuagint is written in Koine Greek, as is the New Testament. Christianity is 100% Greek despite your complete lack of knowledge of history.

Where do you think you are? Go back to >>>Zig Forums if you want to shit talk National Socialism by distorting history, you pernicious revisionist.

If there were no Jews before Christ, why were the Hebrews always described by their neighbors as the same kind of Hooknoses we have today, thousands of years before Christ?
And just because the collection of Jewish fables you call the Septuagint (It's called the Tanakh by the Jews who wrote it, and the Old Testament by everyone else) was translated to Greek, that does not mean it stopped being originally Jewish.

(double dubs checked)
Basically "Rock n'Roll" was how niggers at the time called having a sexual intercourse, the music genre got the name after that and niggers changed the story into
How can niggers invent a music genre that has to be played with instrument they didn't create themselves?
What were they doing with those instruments before niggers supposedly "created" the genre that needs them to be played?
Were white people playing salsa or polka with guitars, drums and bass until that point?

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Also get a load of these other nigger "inventions"

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Regardless its all feelgood degenerate shit

African music is heavily percussive. Listen to the Top 100. It's all sample melodies lasting 1-2 seconds long, with a beats dominant track. There is no melodic growth, culmination, or change. There is a reason this is being pushed.

Watch a 5 year old, especially boys. They will walk around the room and when they find something new, they hit 2-3 times with their open palm. They don't know how to interact with it other than checking it's stability and listening to it's reverberation. Percussion and beat is good for musicality, but in a sense lacks intellect. Classical music is usually devoid of percussion, the percussion is taken place by rhythmic sections of brass or woodwinds that allowed it to transform melodically. This opens up a larger range of expression. There is a reason why we associate successful, powerful men as listening to classical. It's form is free to change and tell a story much more than "All the single ladies" by Beyonce. It takes intelligence to understand. Personally, I prefer psychadelic alternative rock.

They want your mind to remain like a five year old's. Listening to the Top 100 is equal to reading "See Jane" when you could be reading "Meditations."

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Good redpill to normies.

Slavery, obviously.

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Good man!

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you are welcome

Italian immigrants to New Orleans created Jazz music. A country and western band by the name of Bill Haley and the Saddlemen created Rock'n'Roll music. Niggers can't even create a functioning society.

>>Zig Forums if you want to shit talk National Socialism by distorting history, you pernicious revisionist.

ridiculous. I hurts to hear to that bagpipe out of tune compared to the piano and bass.

Semite worship is never acceptable.

So that explains why he was there to fulfill the jews' prophecies, identify his followers as jews, and why the greek bible uses jewish terms and names.
He called them out as pharisees. The context is completely explicit.

Because jews never learn other languages, right? Surprisingly you're way more deluded than most christcucks on this board.

Regardless of your preference in music, most modern music is based on the 12 note chromatic scale, which is a White creation. The Pentatonic scale is the basis of most Eastern music. As far as I know, the only true “black” music is percussion. They may have utilized some wind instruments, but I’m not sure those existed prior to exposure to White people. In fact, blacks didn't create any of the instruments in use today, unless they "invented" the steel drum. Strings, brass, woodwinds, bagpipes, synthesizers,etc., all are white creations. The politically correct history of music is that blacks created blues and jazz, jazz having been designated as the only true American music form. But, both blues and jazz were interpretations of White musical structure. The 1-4-5 chord sequence of blues is the most common progression in folk or pop music. The development of blues incorporated elements of folk, “country”, and popular music of its time, filtered through a black prism. Jazz also was the fusion of a number of musical forms, 19th Century classical and “White” atonal composition being two of its components. Blacks have made some great instrumentalists. Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Louie Armstrong, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix. But, becoming a great instrumentalist is a physical process, and blacks are nothing if not physical. And, to be honest, it doesn’t take a genius to become a great instrumentalist. Listen to any rock or blues virtuoso and you’ll find out just how shallow they really are. We tend to elevate musicians, actors, and sports figures because they seem to have it made, and we need our “gods” to worship. Besides, after Bach, Hadyn, Mozart, and Beethoven, most of the best stuff was already written, so now we have entertainers, instead of composers.

All blacks really did was have an uninhibited performance style.

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The Old Testament is Christian. Jesus is the Messiah of the Old Testament religion. If one was to follow the Old Testament, it would lead them to accept Jesus as their messiah, which would naturally lead them to follow the New Testament. The Old and New Testament are the same religion. Christianity is the direct continuation of the Old Testament religion. The idea of "following the Old Testament, but not the new" makes no logical sense, since following the Old Testament leads you to follow the New Testament.

If you deny that Jesus is the Messiah, then you are following some form of blasphemy, and definitely not the Old Testament. This is what the Jews are doing. They aren't following the Old Testament, they are just a blasphemous sect.

thanks for that interesting post. as a performing artist whose hallmark is almost purely improvisational i have often struggled especially when solo with the lack of a steady beat. i wander all over the place and once a rhythm becomes set it feels limiting. at festivals and bars people are drunk and stupid and want to dance or whatever so it is often an experience that lacks fulfillment for me. with what i do rhythms will come and go for varying amounts of time but it all flows like a river endlessly. it is not cacophony but harmonious and melodious. people associate this sort of thing nowadays with soundtracks but that seems to be about the only place it still exists as you wont find it in music deemed 'popular'.
it is very true what you say music has been reduced to nothing but very simple throbbing drum beats with small sample snippets. that's all the popular music is anymore and its blasting out of every car and mp3 player from all the young folks. it does remind me of the pounding war drums of primitive primal humans. possibly it began as you say with the natural inclination to bang on things, the perceived power of the thumping sound, inspired by the mysterious thump of life heard inside the body and absent when the body becomes lifeless. thump thump thump. certainly the 'music' popular now that is all rhythm is accompanied by culture that is focused only on the most banal desires and impulses.

btw i dont mean struggled as in its hard for me without a steady beat, i mean it seems it can be hard for the audiences to know what to do with because steady beat music is so dominant

Yep. Jews followed the Laws of Moses. By the time Jesus was born the people calling themselves "jews" weren't actually Jews as they were not following the Laws of Moses; they were doing whatever the Pharisees let them do… such as exchanging money in the temples. Pic related is Jesus whipping the shit out of some liars (ie, people that claimed they were Jews, but were not).

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The Old Testament is pig slop though, and most of it is historical fiction, especially the false Book of Exodus.

I suggest you go to >>>Zig Forums if you want to discuss Christianity.


jews begging. Fucking diamonds

poor bagpipes.

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For some reason this topic seems to make shills pretty mad.

How about go shit up another thread with this completely unrelated bull shit you retarded faggots.

< jazz is bach

Actually, blacks invented the Banjo. They taught many of those Scots-Irish masters how to play a Banjo. They may not have composed or written, but they played an influential role in the development of American Old-Time music.

The modern banjo derives from instruments that had been used in the Caribbean since the 17th century by enslaved people taken from West Africa. Written references to the banjo in North America appear in the 18th century, and the instrument became increasingly available commercially from around the second quarter of the 19th century.

Several claims as to the etymology of the name banjo have been made. It may derive from the Kimbundu word mbanza. The Oxford English Dictionary states that it comes from a dialectal pronunciation of the Portuguese "bandore" or from an early anglicisation of the Spanish word bandurria. A Banza: a five double string courses Portuguese vihuela with two short strings. Mbanza is a string African instrument that has been built after the Portuguese Banza.

Various instruments in Africa, chief among them the kora, feature a skin head and gourd (or similar shell) body. The African instruments differ from early African American banjos in that the necks do not possess a Western-style fingerboard and tuning pegs, instead having stick necks, with strings attached to the neck with loops for tuning. Banjos with fingerboards and tuning pegs are known from the Caribbean as early as the 17th century. 18th- and early 19th-century writers transcribed the name of these instruments variously as bangie, banza, bonjaw, banjer and banjar. Instruments similar to the banjo (e.g., the Japanese shamisen, Persian tar, and Moroccan sintir) have been played in many countries. Another likely relative of the banjo is the akonting, a spike folk lute played by the Jola tribe of Senegambia, and the ubaw-akwala of the Igbo. Similar instruments include the xalam of Senegal and the ngoni of the Wassoulou region including parts of Mali, Guinea, and Ivory Coast, as well as a larger variation of the ngoni developed in Morocco by sub-Saharan Africans known as the gimbri.

Early, African-influenced banjos were built around a gourd body and a wooden stick neck. These instruments had varying numbers of strings, though often including some form of drone. The five-string banjo was popularized by Joel Walker Sweeney, an American minstrel performer from Appomattox Court House, Virginia.

In the 1830s Sweeney became the first white performer to play the banjo on stage. His version of the instrument replaced the gourd with a drum-like sound box and included four full-length strings alongside a short fifth string. This new banjo was at first tuned d'Gdf♯a, though by the 1890s this had been transposed up to g'cgbd'. Banjos were introduced in Britain by Sweeney's group, the American Virginia Minstrels, in the 1840s and became very popular in music halls.

In the Antebellum South, many black slaves played the banjo and taught their masters how to play. For example, in his memoir titled With Sabre and Scalpel: The Autobiography of a Soldier and Surgeon, Confederate veteran and surgeon John Allan Wyeth recalls learning it from a slave as a child on his family plantation.

Pic related: "The Old Plantation", the earliest known illustration of a Banjo. This painting is believed to have been painted by John Rose who documented the lives of his slaves.

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get out, faggot

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You're either a dumb faggot, or a non-white philosemite.

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Actually that's still around, my mother used to know how to play it.

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Anglo-Saxons were Orthodox, before (((the pope))) sent the Normans to kill them. That's why the Anglo Saxon warriors who survived the Normans went and joined the varangian guard.

Rock n roll is a Tavistock psy op. to remove political content from music.

Rock and Roll is Thelema for Normalfags.
All famous musicians are initiated witches.
Christfags of yore were right about rock and roll, but for all the wrong reasons.
Contrary to popularbelief, there once was a time when the left could meme. In the 60s and the 70s. But they used songs, not images.
Stop hypnotizing yourself on sorcery of ill intent designed to ensnare your parent's generation into a labyrinth of marxist desiccation.

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I remember in jr. high my (((social studies))) teacher brought out a boombox to teach us that the blacks invented all music.
He played a tape of some tribal nigger hitting a log with a stick and wailing.
Everyone including the token nigger bused in from god knows where was laughing at the baldfaced lie
Even then there was hope for man

Why would you want to take credit for such a degenerate genre, anyway? Rock music, and the culture around it, promoted hedonism, sluttiness,drug use,etc. It was one of the most effective social engineering/conditioning devices ever invented.

We wuz da Beetles and sheit

Europe was never christian.
Christianity was the religion of the elite, just as cultural marxism is the religion of the present day elite. Now, in 1000 years time some retard like you might look back on our present day, see the laws relating to hate speech, race relations, equality etc, see the archived Hollywood movies promoting miscegenation, feminism, equality etc, see the masses of literature doing the same, note how the public "followed and obeyed" the religion of PC, and conclude "EUROPEANS WERE FOLLOWERS OF PC!"
In compliance is forced by the legal and social consequences of not obeying.
Our pagan religion was never renounced. Without places of worship, without a written tradition, without organized tuition and indoctrination, IT HAS PERSISTED AND SURVIVED THE PERSECUTION BY CHRISTIANS AND JEWS.
You would not know because you are American. Under the facade, Britain never stopped being pagan. Even when the church destroyed all the places of worship, destroyed the artwork and icons, subsumed the holidays into their desert religion, nope, still here.
The amount of folklore and mythology which passes from one generation to another is still immense. Throwing salt over your shoulder has nothing to do with "the devil", a single crow is the messenger of death, food for the Reindeer of old father Jul, bringing a tree indoors for Jul, holly wreath, egg hunts, the easter bunny, halloween, guy fawkes night (subsumed fire celebration), "don't pull a face, if the wind changes it will stick", hanging a horseshoe for good luck, building a cairn on the hilltop - yes, British people still carry a stone and place it on the top of the mountain or hill they're climbing, may day and the may pole (fertility rites), first footing on new year's day, certain words such as "rabbit" banned upon ships and boats, "knock on wood", falling asleep under a Yew tree (don't do it), swimming in the freezing water on new year's day, getting drunk to the point of oblivion on new year's eve, tossing a valuable item (such as a coin) into bodies of water to appease the numen or god of that place (Celtic tradition, numerous artifacts found to back this up), brushing your shoulder to knock off the fairies when crossing a bridge.
And these are just British Isles traditions, and a very very limited selection.
They didn't need books because information was passed on orally and memorized, the fact that it wasn't recorded prior to being destroyed by christians, doesn't mean that it didn't exist. Muslims memorize the entire fucking Quran even to this day.
The Sagas are a tiny, tiny sliver of European oral culture.
Books can be corrupted, modified to suit an agenda, just look at how many versions of "the bible" exist.
An oral tradition has error correction built in - if you start changing it someone will hear and correct you. If you keep telling the children your own tainted version, you'll have your tongue cut out.
Error correction for the pre-digital age.
Now take your christian garbage, get on your camel and fuck off back to the desert, kike.

And how did I forget, fairytales passed from mother to daughter, from grandmother to grandson, innocent little fairytales keeping our true racial mythology alive through allegory. Passing right under the noses of the kike.


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Jefferson on niggers:

"In music they are more generally gifted than the whites with accurate ears for tune and time, and they have been found capable of imagining a small catch. Whether they will be equal to the composition of a more extensive run of melody, or of complicated harmony, is yet to be proved. Misery is often the parent of the most affecting touches in poetry. Among the blacks is misery enough, God knows, but no poetry. Love is the peculiar oestrum of the poet. Their love is ardent, but it kindles the senses only, not the imagination."

What a narrow and flawed point of view.

There is a musicology theory being talked about in the universities that Black ended up inheriting French Baroque music practices when the French and Blacks were coming into contact in the southern states during the early history of the states. The blacks ended up corrupting the baroque forms into jazz. And it makes complete sense if you know about the elements that make a small baroque ensemble: Bass, keyboard/lute, wind instrument; and the types of musical textures they explore: fundamental moving bass, prominence of melody, improvized harmonies over the bass, continuous flow.Jazz shares much in common. The same thing happened when the english introduced marching band instruments to their colonies. The peoples butchered the instruments thus creating their own "style". It is a wonder why blacks are never held accountable for their stealing, yet everyone else is. It is probably because they have not writing system to take account of their deeds.

let me debunk your post in one link

Spaniards came first nigg, waaaaaaay first. bow to my conquistador noble ancestors.

the accord progression is the basis for the use of the instrument way more seen in Rock and jazz.

this blues is pure bullshit, there is a reason why it is dead, is because was never alive, blues is nothing. just a name for a musical project from this group. and really not even enough to be a tier, you ate up all the hype.

Who gives a damn music is music

what a riveting lack of thought

My new jam.

Jej just got banned by some fed over at megu/pol/ what a nigger.
All I did was post this new tune :^)

Shut the fuck up you D&C Faggots

Every single thread you morons bring this up

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Niggers invented music

All bull and terrier spin-off breeds are at core British.

Also the most evolved breeds of dogs.

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yowza look at that americuck indocrination everybody

Hey OP thought you might like this. This is George Barnes who was the first electric guitarist. In this song hes plays the first guitar solo(s).

As far as I can tell the only difference between his guitar sound and the "rock" sound that would come decades later seems to be from the instrument itself.

In this one song I can hear the foundation of all rock, rhythm, and blues that would come later.

If the difference between this and "rock" is simply the instrument then I suppose we can interpret that the notes and rhythm and the "style" are much older as discussed elsewhere in this thread.

This is George Barnes btw. The only none nigger and the only one not pictured in the video.

Imagine that.

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They wanted niggers to think it was Big Bill Broonzy playing the guitar, not some white guy. George Barnes made many great cuts, though

blags ged fuggd