Be a "socialist"

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I'm sorry, but are you denying White Genocide?

Ah yes. Luckily not a single jew was harmed during the war, after all, they were too busy enjoying the all-inclusive holiday camp at Auschwitz, while everyone else was being enslaved and worked to death in the factories of Krupp and others.

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Stalin was not socialist. He was bank robber and murderer propelled by chaotic circumstances on the top of the system. This is grim warning for everyone who wants to surrender all power to the government with good intent.
Because this type of people have advantage in the uncontrolled authoritarianism.

P.S. Well, of course, bank robbers are socialists, silly me.
P.P.S. Putin started his carrier as criminal enforcer (literally, type of enforcer who beats people up). Makes you think.


It doesn't work when half your points are flat out wrong, idiot. I'm sorry your buttbuddy FDR got completely blown the fuck out by the original meme.

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You didn't happen to read how shit was back with the Zars, didn't you? poltards, actual retards with nothing else but made up politics and circle jerk.

Czars, or Tzars

how will pol ever recover

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Except the last tzar was a sissy liberal that allowed the jews to overthrow him

Why the fuck is OP not banned for blatant leftypol shilling and sliding. What the fuck. Globals better fucking activate their almonds. This is sliding real threads with israeli fucking psyops pilpul.

No, but Stalin was not the the first to start it.

You know nothing.
You have been lied to your entire life.
You are either a fool or a shill.
If you are just a fool, then learn something.
If you are a shill, then gas yourself.

Yeah, he should've execute everyone who as arrested under "revolutionary charge". Imprisonment and exile as punishment fro Lenin and Stalin? Tsar, pls. Commies themselves got it right.

Stalin continued creation of Lenin's "soviet man" free of nationality and privilege associated with it (at the same pandering for chosen shitskin nations like his Georgian nation). Sounds familiar?

USSR was ahead of everyone in the muttisation polices.

sup Zig Forums

How's it going "White Meet-up" guy aka "White Nationalism Is White genocide" guy? agent Just stopping by to let you know you're still a faggot and your tactics still suck.

Germany's choice was to die or die fighting.

They made the right choice.

You're not implying the holocaust happened are you?
Jews were unharmed because every National Socialist knows not to harm the chosen people. Other white Europeans are free game though.
Like the millions of Poles, or the unprovoked attack on Rotterdam, or the Czech forced laborers, or the hundreds of thousands that starved at Leningrad. Or really everyone else that was White and European.

What happened to the SA? What happened to the Straßer brothers? Where were industrialists and bankers like Thysen, Steinbrinck, Funk, Schacht and others while Germany's finest were sacrificed at Stalingrad?

Lenin at one point (1919) ordered synagogues closed, seized Jewish property, banned Hebrew, and enforced a ban on judaism. Of jews in the politburo, only one (Kaganovich) remained by the start of the war. (((Yezhov))) and other NKVD jews were executed for their excesses during the 1930s. And if Uncle Joe hadn't died early in 1954, the plan to purge the USSR of jews would have gone through.
That's more than the nazis ever did, after all, the holocaust didn't happen, right?

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They died fighting, killing millions of European while not laying a finger on a single jew. So based.

Answer this:
-What was the state of the German trade deficit and foreign reserves in 1939?
-What was the trend of mean real German wages during the years from 1934-1939?
-Who violated the Polish-German non-aggression pact signed in 1934?
-What was the fate of the Czech civilians in the protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia?
-What was the fate of Polish civilians in the General-Government?
-What was the treatment of Ukrainian and Belorussian civilians under the occupation?
-What did German general Dietrich von Choltitz become famous for, for not doing?
-Who razed Warsaw?
-What was the nature of the Hunger Plan devised by Himmler?
-How many Whites were living in Russia west of the Urals at the time?
-Who initiated strategic bombing?
-What happened to the Serbs following the invasion of Yugoslavia?
-What happened to the Greeks during the occupation?

Back in 1933, Hitler's big campaign promises were variations on "give me 4 years and then judge us", which was popularized as "give me four years time, and you will not recognize Germany". And he stayed true to his words. Meaning, he delivered on more election campaign promises than Trump did, and he didn't even need to be elected to do it. Thank you Adolf, you are truly the white man's greatest ally.

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Its amazing how taking away moderation has led to a swarm of these fags coming to the board.
At least the new mods arent 100% faggots.

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Ah yes, Weimar Berlin was horrible. As opposed to the wholesale destruction of Europe's cities, or the mass slaughter on the eastern front.
Every race-conscious should relish the fact that 40 million white Europeans died because some Bavarian corporal got triggered by jewish trannies.

I wonder what the world white population would be now if the war never happened.

Again, the "history" you are attempting to cite is pure rubbish, just like the holocaust. I have no time nor inclination to find for you the answers you can find for yourself, online, and you would side with the established historical record, which has fallen flat under scrutiny time and time again, anyway.
Everything you've been told is garbage. And the "holocaust" is a prime example of how you've been lied to.
The winners wright the history books, and with the Jews winning this one, the lies are enormous and unprecedented.

Why do you think it's illegal to question the "holocaust" in most European countries? The truth does not need protection, only lies need to be protected.
And if the "holocaust" is just an enormous lie, then what makes you think they EVER told you the truth about ANY of it all?

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Go suck off your tranny BO and whine about le bourgeois some more. You don't give a single fuck about white people. Leftypol supports mass immigration even though it is an attempt by (((porky))) to undercut the native worker in the job market.

And yet, you still fail to learn one, simple lesson: stop antagonizing the lion.
You push your filth on us and expect us to simple take it–to conform to your plans for us. We will not, and people are swiftly waking up to this.
The last time the white man was truly, racially angry we split the atom, destroyed a city and poisoned it and its people for decades to come in order to make a point and DID IT AGAIN just to make sure the point stuck. We wrongfully destroyed our own people in Europe because we were lead to believe Jewish lies, when we should have exterminated every last one of you.
This time, you won't have those lies to hide behind. The internet makes the sort of misinformation you spread between WWI and after WWII impossible to disseminate in the same way–you can no longer hide the truth.
This time, we won't stop until the job is finished for good.


Translation from Hebrew:

You mean the population living in a country that existed for five minutes after the dissolution of a country that existed for ten minutes?
Well, the Western Allies turned them over to the Soviets after the war.
That was their fate.

Did the fish eat the bait?
Oh, thats too bad.
Guess the bait shouldn't have trusted the fisherman, aka, the Western Allies, who used them as bait to lure Germany into a war, then threw the misbegotten, broken worm to their Soviet dog after that war ended.

Which occupation? Under the Germans?
Their treatment was unquestionably better than their treatment under Soviet occupation.

50 million at the very least. And that excludes those that suffered immediately after the war, like in the USSR where the destruction of urban areas (up to 80% of homes) and farmland caused millions more to die during the winter of 1946-1947.
If the destruction of infrastructure and deaths of millions of young men had been avoided, it also wouldn't have necessitated importing millions of third world migrants. Europe's cities would still be White, countless cultural treasures would also have been preserved, included works of masters like Rubens, or masterworks like the original Amber Room. Cities like Warsaw, Minsk, Kiev, oh and let's not forget Dresden.
We might even have seen joint European-American colonization of the solar system by now.
But alas, none of that happened.

Yes yes I know, the holocaust didn't happen (But it should have!!!). Though even if it did, it wouldn't matter because the lives of jews aren't important, right? Nevertheless, we're not talking about jews here, our concern is white Europeans.
Btw, consider the PDF related for an actual example of white genocide.

I don't know about you. But I consider destruction of Europe and the deaths of dozens of millions of white to be worse than degenerates throwing private orgies in cities I wouldn't want to set foot in.
Curiously the cities that were destroyed in that way belonged to a country which was allied to the reich at the time, and which helped upend European colonial rule, marched white PoWs to their deaths, and planned to seize and colonize white Australia.
They also subjected millions of Asians to atrocities, including biological weapons and slavery. Truly the best of allies.
Yes yes, I get you NatSocs want to kill more white people. Not jews though, you never hurt jews. Conquered all of Europe including every kike hive on the mainland, and still failed to exterminate them.

>Couldn't even leave it till after the planned war with the Bolsheviks
Based saviors of Europe everyone

Which they already rescinded by the time 1939 arrived. Appeasement and all that, remember?
They had it all, and then threw it away. Absolutely based.

You won't come of that easily. Isn't the point of NatSoc that whites are entitled to their own countries and cultures? Not Czechs though, apparently they're filthy non-whites only suited to slavery in German factories. Oh, and then followed by extermination.

So a tiny disagreement justifies the wholesale slaughter of 3 million Poles? With friends like that, who needs enemies.

I don't know about you, but systematic extermination under the Hunger Plan doesn't sound better than "Soviet occupation", which was austere, but at least allowed most to survive.

He is best known for being a literal traitor.

… and likely a collaborator:
No specific charges were ever filed against him, and he was released from captivity in 1947.

So, basically, here is a German who became the lap dog of his enemies, the people who objectively used other Europeans to start a war amongst Europeans, and when the chance to destroy their capital was his, he refused…. So they destroyed his capital and raped his women and destroyed his country, via denazification in the West and Communism in the East.

A traitorous cuck, who saved the lives and property of his enemies, so they could destroy his instead.

Isn't it jews that want to destroy Europe? Seems like it was pretty reasonable for him to refuse such a semitic order.
Looks like the list of "Whites" keeps getting smaller and smaller. So much for "saving" Europe from those bestial kikes. Who btw, apparently continued to live in peace while Europeans were being slaughtered.

In 1926 the USSR had a population of approximately 150 million.

In 1951 the USSR had a population of approximately 175 million

Subtract 60 million plus 30 million wartime deaths from 150 million… that means that over 2/3 of the soviet population died and yet it grew by 25 million, meaning at least 115 million births, which is physically impossible.

switch 60 for 20 and you still get an absurd 1/3 of the population killed, and 75 million births, again, without any means for it. The USA meanwhile grew at a much slower birth rate, (if we assume these 10s of millions are somehow true), despite being in peace-time most of that time period, being an established economy, suffering negligibly in WW 2 and having a baby ‘boom’.

But lets not go by rough numbers lets be precise:

In 1924 Stalin was in the higher circles of the USSR however he only achieved the top post ( in terms of power) in 1927. However the first census of the USSR came in 1926, so we'll start from there.


January 1926 : 148,656,000

January 1937: 162,500,000

January 1939: 168,524,000

June 1941: 196,716,000

January 1946: 170,548,000

January 1951: 182,321,000

now lets divide Stalin's years of rule (1927-1953) that is 26 years. So lets divide 66 million (as claimed by Solzhenitsyn) by 26, that equals 2.538461 million people killed per year, and according to Solzhenitsyn that’s only the GULAGS. Subtracting the population of West Ukraine (East Poland) and the Baltics the 1941 demographic still has close to 190 million people. So lets add in War casualties (27 million in 4 years = 6.75 million killed annually from the war and add in the 1932-33 famine deaths (approximately 4 million people + reduced birth rates) and we get this

In 1937, despite losing 31.923071 million people since 1926 and despite a period of birth rate fall in from 1932 to 1934 (famine only to 1933 but declined birthrate lasted another year) The increase of population was 13.844 million people, meaning that apparently the number of people born was 45.767071 million people which is a rate of roughly 30% increase in population in the span 11 years. Which makes no sense, that means 32 million people died in the next 25 years and yet, even taking into account WW 2 losses (27 million) and the inclusion of the Baltics into the USSR the population SKYROCKETS between 1937 and 39 and continued to do so through the 40s.

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The Gulag was a prison institution with the purpose of giving criminals a chance to contribute something to society while being reformed and punished for their crimes; this mainly took the form of mining and railroad building in Siberia, which was in desperate need of industrialization (and without which, the USSR could not have defeated the fascist invasion of 1941). The vast majority of inmates were ordinary criminals:

The biggest specialist in this subject, Viktor Zemskov, who worked in the Soviet archives in the period of 'Perestroika' gives the following facts,"In 1937 there were 1,196,369 prisoners and 87% of them were ordinary non-political criminals like thieves, cons, etc. in GULAG. In 1938 in GULAG were 1,881,570 prisoners and 81% of them were ordinary criminals. From 1939 to WWII, the number of prisoners was decreasing mainly because of setting them free after the completion of their sentence. The smallest percentage of ordinary criminals was in 1947 - 40% but at that time, the prisons were full of war criminals like parricides, deserters, collaborators, marauders, and other 'innocent victims' of this kind.

The largest number of GULAG prisoners was 1 January 1950 – 2,567,351 and 77% of them were ordinary criminals, mostly post-war bandits.[1]

By comparison, the United States (one of the main defacers of Stalin) has a similar number of its citizens within its prisons:What do these numbers mean? Is it a lot or not? 1.9 million prisoners in the pike of 'mass repressions' or is it nothing unusual? Let's compare these numbers with "the base of democracy"- the USA, where there are more than 2.3 million people imprisoned today.[2] The US population is about 300 million, and the population of USSR of the 1930s was about 200 million. If we recount the proportion and imagine that the USA now has the population of the USSR in the 1930s then the US would have 1.53 million prisoners, a bit less than in the pike of the "repressions" (1.88 million), but more than in the "terrible 1937" and almost equal to number of all GULAG prisoners in 1939.[1] Yet no one questions whether the United States is rife with mass political repressions and purges. During the entirety of Stalin's "reign" (1929-1953) 1.6 million died in the Gulag [2]. Secondly, that is a very small number given how many were there over that period; in fact, it is only just over 10%. You would likely find a similar figure in the prisons of the United States. The number of dead in the Gulag is consistent with natural causes (e.g. disease). Most of the inmates died because Siberia is a terrible place to go camping for several months at a time. This is precisely the reason that Stalin used criminals (who already owed society a debt) rather than ordinary workers for the industrialization of Siberia.

"In 1993, for the first time, several historians gained access to previously secret Soviet police archives and were able to establish well-documented estimates of prison and labor camp populations. They found that the total population of the entire gulags as of January 1939, near the end of the Great Purges, was 2,022,976. At about that time, there began a purge of the purgers, including many intelligence and secret police (NKVD) officials and members of the judiciary and other investigative committees, who were suddenly held responsible for the excesses of the terror despite their protestations of fidelity to the regime.

…Despite harsh conditions, the great majority of gulag inmates survived and eventually returned to society when granted amnesty or when their terms were finished. In any given year, 20 to 40% of the inmates were released, according to archive records .

Almost a million Gulag prisoners were released during World War II to serve in the military. The archives reveal that more than half of all gulag deaths for the 1934-53 period occurred during the war years (1941-45), mostly from malnutrition, when severe privatization was the common lot of the entire Soviet population. (Some 22 million Soviet citizens perished in the war.) In 1944, for instance, the labor-camp death rate was 92 per 1000. By 1953, with the postwar recovery, camp deaths had declined to three per 1000." - Parenti, Michael. Blackshirts and Reds, San Francisco: City Light Books, 1997, p. 79


2: Steven Rosefielde. Red Holocaust. Routledge, 2009. ISBN 0-415-77757-7 pg. 67 "…more complete archival data increases camp deaths by 19.4 percent to 1,258,537"; pg 77: "The best archivally based estimate of Gulag excess deaths at present is 1.6 million from 1929 to 1953." RITTERSPORN/Victims of the Gulag.pdf

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Purges: there were political and military.

Army Purges:

A wave of repressions swept through the Red Army in the late 1930s and early 1940s. According to documents which have since been declassified, between 1934 and 1939, the Red Army's command lost over than 56,000 people, 10,000 of them arrested. Another 14,000 were dismissed for drunkenness and 'moral degradation'; the rest were dismissed for other reasons – illness, disability, etc. In the same period, 6,600 of the officers previously dismissed were reinstated after further proceedings. These repressions were not without reason Part of the reason the USSR lost initial fights was because several commanders did not destroy key large sections of the soviet infrastructure before retreating, giving the Nazis an easier path and available resources, these were not light mistake especially in war time. For example the famous “martyr” Tukachevsky was proven to be directly involved with the Nazis, and this was disregarding several idiotic decisions in the past (such as losing the Soviet-Polish war of 1922 by exposing his flank to the Poles and thus letting them cut the Red Army to pieces). Despite this attempt to remove such traitors, the strike on July 22, 1941 came as a "surprise" to the generals at the border, who had ignored Stalin's exact order to be at the ready for possible invasion. In short it was negligence of the commanders that led to a wide-spread cracking of the front despite superior forces over-all.

To understand the scale of the purge, it's worth recalling that in 1937, Marshal Kliment Voroshilov said that, “the army had a total of 206,000 persons in the command structure”. The total size of the Red Army in 1937 was 1.5 million men at the time.

Admittedly, poor training of the commanders of the Red Army was a problem in the mid-30s, but not one caused by repression, but rather the rapid increase of men in the armed force. Already in 1939 the army had grown to 3.2 million men, and by January 1941 – to 4.2 million. By the beginning of the war the command staff amounted to nearly 440,000 officers and staff, but training of officers is longer than of ordinary soldiers and thus it was out of proportion. The country was preparing for war, the army was growing, Being re-organized with new unit systems, undergoing rearmament, and the training of officers really did come too little, too late. 29% of Soviet military personnel had a higher education before the repressions. After them, the number became 38%. By 1941, the number had risen to 52%. Note that for the decade before the repressions, the number had remained stagnant at around 20-30%.

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Political purges

It is to be noted that in 1936-37 The Great Terror is actually called the Yezhovschina, because it was YEZHOV who was to blame for that period and NOT Stalin who had been deceived by Yezhov, (who was then court-martialed and executed for his crimes and the prisoners he unjustly imprisoned released as soon as possible). The argument that the West makes is that Stalin was a psychotic mass murderer who wantonly slaughtered millions of his citizens. The reality is that he made choices directly pertaining to the future of socialism, and made those choices in response to stimuli happening at the time. Communists often will argue about his ideology and if what he did was really the correct interpretation of Marx and Lenin. As a communist I cannot accept any criticism of Stalin's work without verifying all primary data pertaining to the question under debate and without considering all versions of facts and events, in particular the version given by the Bolshevik leadership. The civil war had only ended a few years prior, with thousands of White Guard Russians dying in defense of the tsar. The Western Powers had rendered assistance to the Whites under in the form of 250,000 troops spread across large portions of Russia. Internally spies sabotaged the limited industrial heart of the country. Truth and trust were in short supply. The assistance provided to White Russian forces weighed heavily on the minds of the comintern leaders throughout the 20s and 30s, especially the idea of capitalist encirclement, and especially to Stalin who warned of external and internal threats to the country. Additionally, fascism was swiftly on the rise, Hitler was making no bones about his expansionist plans. One of the big things that precipitated the Russian Revolution was military defeats by the Tsarist government. Its not too difficult to see why Stalin was so worried that the revolution could be overthrown, especially considering Japans imperialist pushing in Manchuria and the rise of fascism. External threats were as much a concern as internal ones. Stalin and the upper comintern leadership therefore decided to eliminate internal and external threats that would provide a "fifth column" to the enemies invading the Soviet Union. Less a desire to murder randomly to instill terror, and more a desire to prepare the country for war. Most modern interpretations of the Great Terror believe that it was initiated at the top, to deal with close and obvious threats, but then spiraled out of control due to paranoia in Soviet society. Another thing to realize is that the Soviet Union was a vast vast entity made up of republics. Abuses of human rights thus can be attributed to local implementation. Pointing out the foreign threat does not negate the importance of ideology or Stalin's personality, but it remains an important factor in what happened. As for collectivization. It was a dual implemented policy along with industrialization. Pretty much the entire party leadership, as well as almost every Communist and non-Communist engineers and technical specialists agreed that industrialization was important. Lack of industrialization had cost Russia dearly in WW-1 against Germany, and contributed greatly to the military defeats suffered by the Tsar. Thus the dual policies of attempting to grow the agricultural and industrial output of the nation became matters of urgent national importance.

Attached: sources on USSR.png (1020x1887, 504.09K)


"Communism under Stalin has produced the most valiant fighting army in Europe. Communism under Stalin has provided us with examples of patriotism equal to the finest annals of history. Communism under Stalin has won the applause and admiration of all the Western nations. Communism under Stalin has produced the best generals in this war. I was always impressed by Lincoln's answer when Grant was charged with taking too much drink.Persecution of Christianity? Not so. There is no religious persecution. The church doors are open. And there is complete freedom to practice religion, just as there is complete freedom to reject it. Racial persecution? Not at all. Jews live like other men. There are many races in the Soviet Union and not even a color bar. Political purges? Of course. But it is now clear that the men who were shot down would have betrayed Russia to her German enemy." -Opportunity to Win War in 1942; A SECOND FRONT IN EUROPE TO AID RUSSIA By LORD BEAVERBROOK, Britain's Lease-Lend Coordinator in Washington, Delivered before the Bureau of Advertising of the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 23, 1942

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Solzhenitsyn and his ilk are frauds
1974 Soviet analysis of the Gulag Archipelago;

Books and articles on the Solzhenitsyns lies ad the inconsistensies

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I don't think so, no.
The rescinding of the treaty of Versailles made them German clay, remember?
From the Treaty:

Poland existed both nation in varying forms since the middle ages. They once saved Europe from the mudslime hordes.
So based Nationalist Poland is lying now? Who killed all those Poles during the initial invasion? Who razed Warsaw?
Truly NatSocs are the saviors of European civilization.
In the end, regardless of any foreign guarantees: It was Hitler that rescinded the pact (Poland having violated no clauses), and the Reich that invaded Poland, and then slaughtered it's people. In cooperation with the Bolsheviks no less
I thought backstabbing was a jewish thing?
Poles had been living in the German Empire, and all the territories ceded after the war were majority Polish, with the exception of Danzig which was more or less split equally, and was something that could have been resolved after a war in the east.

Land largely inhabited by non-German white Europeans. Poles aren't asiatic bush niggers.

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You don't care about white people. You are just using this as a rhetorical point.

Have you seen Paris lately?

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NatSocs where perpetrators of white genocide. The greatest slaughter of whites in history. The primary reason for the immediate downfall of European civilization and it's colonial empires. And even today people like #1238ab relish in white genocide.
Being NatSoc is anti-white.

Apart from the obnoxious street merchants around the 7th arrondissement? Still standing. Which wouldn't have been the case if the Hitler had his way.
It's a semitic order to orchestrate the genocide of urban white Europeans that up until that point had offered little more than token resistance. Especially in the face of the supposed failure to round up millions of kikes living in occupied Europe at the time. (Holocaust didn't happen remember?)
And see my point about NatSocs being perpetrators of white genocide.
The poles were aligned with the kikes for refusing to hand over Danzig? The Dutch were aligned with the kikes when Rotterdam was bombed after they surrendered? The Czechs were aligned with the kikes when their lands were seized, men enslaved and civilians killed in reprisals? The Greeks were aligned with kikes for resisting the Italian invasions and later massacres against civilians?

Yes, and?
A nation is not a country.

You mean the folks with the Jewish PM?
You mean the 'invasion' of Germany into it's own, by your reasoning, territory?
The German city of Warsaw you mean?
The Germans did. Why?
Oh, look, it's you're "muh Paris!" narrative in a new coat!
So the Germans destroyed their own property, aside from cultural artifacts they could save, to deny them falling into Soviet hands? Just like the order given on Paris?
Scorched Earth works, especially against the Red Army.
Cry me a river. If the fucks had fought with the Germans, they wouldn't have had to spend the next few decades under Communism. They sided with Jewry at every turn, and were completely fucked over by those they chose to ally themselves with.

The Polish are a nation, no doubts of that, but the country of Poland literally did not exist pre-Versailles. Which, if that was rescinded, your own claim, makes Poland a non-country.

Because Poland allied itself with a treacherous foe of Germany. Yeah. Perfectly reasonable.
How do you invade your own land?

Attached: Jews - Poland and the Jews.JPG (1730x842 195.41 KB, 239.23K)


And all the none Whites throughout the city.
What's the worth of the Mona Lisa sitting in the middle of an Eritrean village?
I'd trade all that art for having the city be all, even majority, White folks.
We don't even know how bad it is, because the French have decided that keeping demographic data is racist. That is the sort of damage thatnoutweighs a city being razed, by leaps and bounds.
Hitler tried to stop it, and if burning Paris then would mean a rebuilt Paris full of Whites no, it'd be a fine trade.

They got genocded anyway, so what's your argument? It's worse when it happens fast?
Plus, people can leave the city - razing a city =/= genocide… But if it does, then the jew-serving Allies, like the French, genocided the Germans several times over, didn't they? Yeah, they did.

The Holocaust - an effort to gas jews to death and masturbate them into oblivion after feeding their kids to a bear and eagle in a cage and sending their grandparents on a rollercoaster ride - didn't happen, no.
Jews were totally rounded up and put in camps, concentrating their numbers for ease of care and deportation… At least, till all the food ran, due to Allied efforts, and the typhus came.

You think genocide is razing a city and Germany owned Poland before the invasion.
You're an idiot.

100% yes. Hell, again, barring Versailles, Poland doesn't exist, remember?

You mean the Germans' lands? Again, Versailles was rescinded, remember?

"Pole" = "Mischling"

That is all.

Wrong user.

I disagree.

Brilliant answer right there.

After mixed success subjecting the powerhouses of Europe to Jewish rule in 1789, 1830, 1848 and 1871—not to mention all manner of kikery in between these major revolutions—they planned the Great War in the late 19th century to further weaken us, and especially to set the stage for a destroyed Russia. Then, the usual suspects (that is, international financiers) invited foreign Jews like Lenin and Trotsky who were hanging out in Switzerland to lead the Jews in Russia in a revolution against their benevolent, but anti-Semitic, Tsar Nicholas II, who they killed alongside his family in a ritual murder. At the same time, Jews in Germany tried their own communist revolution, which was unsuccessful.

Hitler, who was a soldier in the German Army, and a very intelligent man, started noticing that Jews were staging revolts across Europe, and in fact had a history of attempting to subvert and destroy European power embodied in the Vatican and the monarchs. Well read in philosophy and history, he reformed the NSDAP and led them to power in order to combat the conspiring kikes. From 1933-45, Germany was alone among European nations in issuing debt-free notes outside the Rothschild financing system. For this crime, sell outs Churchill and Roosevelt as well as Stalin, who was just beginning to see the extent of Jewish power over Russia, were sent to destroy Hitler. Like all the aforementioned revolutions and wars, this one was unnecessary and backed by Rothschild credit. The war was bloody and many people died. To suggest that soldiers fighting for their own nation's survival somehow constitute the 'white genocide' you are projecting on Hitler is inane.

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Ever wondered why 200 Years Together was never fully translated into English until counter-Semites started waking up in recent years? Or why university professors would say things like
when they would never extend the same humanity to Hitler?

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Wow you really don't understand historiography.

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Stalin at least purged the jews.

No facts cited. Disregards all proof apriori. Shitty infographic still proves jews were vastly overrpresented in the party and does not even touch the leadership issue.

Meanwhile the actual present daty leader of Russia lectures jews on their role in Bolshevism and the atrocities carried out under perverted jewish ideology. He says 80% of the first soviet government were jews. Suck on it kike.

You've literally proven that Zig Forums is retarded by quite literally missing the citations at the bottom.

So what? He says, she says.

Bolshevism didn't have naything to do with Jews until 1917 When Bronstein ( Trotsky) and Zinoviev joined. the Jews making up the majority of the Polit Buro is a myth the majority was actually held by Lithuanians and many "jews" had either converted to aetheism or were only Jews according to their ancestry.

The prominent Jewish members of the Party Zinoviev and Kamenev (Trotsky only joined circa July 1917 and thus was without influence) had fiercely opposed Lenin’s plan to seize the State; they had even disclosed the date of the revolution to a newspaper two weeks before it took place!
The Jews as represented by Russia’s (as well as in America) top oligarchs (Khodorkovsy, Abramovich, Vekelsberg, and Fridman are in the top ten) are the most enthusiastic practioners of capitalism.
Another factor to take into consideration is that a Jewish Ukrainian nationalist hag named Fanya Kaplan shot and severely wounded Lenin during the summer of 1918.
First members of Council of People’s Commissars (State in contrast to Party):
Chairman: V. I. Lenin – 1/4 Russian, Tatar, German, Jewish
Commissar of Agriculture: V. P. Milyutin – Russian
Army and Navy: V. A. Ovseyenko, N. V. Krylenko, P. V. Dybenko – Russians
Commerce and Industry: V. P. Nogin – Russian
Education: A. V. Lunacharsky – Ukrainian
Food: I. A. Teodorovich – Polish
Foreign Affairs: L. D. Trotsky – Jude
Interior: A. I. Rykov – Russian
Justice: G. I. Oppokov – Russian
Labour: A. G. Shlyapnikov – Russian
Nationality Affairs: I. V. Stalin – Georgian
Post and Telegraphs: N. P. Avilov – Russian
Treasury: I. I. Skvortsov-Stepanov – Russian
State Property – Karelin V.A., Russian
Local Government: Trutovsky V.E., Russian
Thus, there was one single Jew out of about 18.
Additonal notables added afterwards coming to mind include:
Internal Affairs: F. E Dzerzhinski – Polish
Social Welfare: A.M Kollontai – 1/2 Ukrainian, Finnish
Lenin – Russian
Bubnov – Russian
Kamenev – (Paternal) Jude; Lost spot in 1926
Trotsky – Jude. Lost spot in 1926
Stalin – Georgian
Krestinsky – Jude convert to Christianity.
Zinoviev – Jude. Lost spot in 1926
Bukharin – Russian
Rykov – Russian
Tomsky (real name Efremov) – Russian
Molotov (real name Scriabin) – Russian
Kalinin – Russian
Kuibyshev – Russian
Grigory Yakovlevich Sokolnikov – Jude
Dzerzhinsky – Polish
Frunze – Romanian
Voroshilov – Russian
Rudzutak – Latvian
Petrovsky – Ukrainian
Uglanov – Russian
Ordzhokinidze – Georgian
Andreyev – Russian
Kirov – Russian
Mikoyan – Armenian
Kaganovich – Jude. Purged in 1956
Chubar – Ukrainian
Kossior – Ukrainian
Karl Yanovich Bauman – Latvian
Syrtsov – Russian
Postyshev – Ukrainian
Zhdanov – From Ukraine; gentile.
Eikhe – Latvian
Yezhov – Russian
Khrushchev – Ukrainian
Beria – Georgian
Shvernik – Latvian
After 1945, there were virtually no Jews in the the leadership of the Party. There were according to USSR statistics from 1959, 14 Jews out of 5,312 deputies in the Supreme Soviet.
Members of the Central Committee of the Party at the XI Congress (1922):
Andreev, Bukharin, Voroshilov, Dzerzhinsky, Zelensky, Zinoviev, Kalinin, Kamenev, Korotkov, Kuibyshev, Lenin, Molotov, Orzhonikidze, Petrovsky, Radek, Rakovsky, Rudzutak, Rykov, Sapronov, Smirnov, Sokolnikov, Stalin, Tomsky, Trotsky, Frunze, Chubar, Yaroslavsky,Badaev, Bubnov, Gusev, Kirov, Kiselev, Komarov, Krivov, Lebed, Lepse, Lobov, Manuilsky, Mikoyan, Mikhailov, Pyatakov, Rakhimbaev, Safarov, Smigla, Sulimov, Schmidt.
The Jews here were Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Sokolnikov, and Radek. I suspect that Zelensky and Schmidt (German) may have never been Jews and Zinoviev was tried for his political activities rather than his Jewish heritage

Robert Lindsay addressing "jewish Bolshevism" myth;

analysis by globalsecurity who have been pretty anti-communism in the past;

"The struggle against Zionism has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Zionism is the enemy of the working people all over the world, of Jews no less than Gentiles." Newspaper "Red Star", 1953 Speech by Comrade Stalin

you're a moron. kys. literally

An insult is all you can come up with? Thanks for proving my point.

I'm guessing you mean 50m in addition to the 50-80m which the war killed?

It's weird how these things change. At the start of the 20th century, white people were 1/3 of the world population. Now they're about 1/9.

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