Ultra-orthodox Jewish leaders put limits on smartphones

Smartphones are only for goyim


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We have the phoneposting yids retreating. Shitpost harder gentlemen! We have them on the run

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Stoneghost my bros. Do not speak aloud near any electronics, even if you dont think it has a mic these days most CPUs and the like have internal mics or ways to approximate sound input. Could go in depth but wrong thread for it I think.

Polite sage due to low effort no archive OP.

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And still sucks BLM cock in 2018

Jews lack self-control and thus will continue using their dumbphones discreetly; meanwhile, White Amish have long ago resolved to practice no-phonism and are doing great following this decision.

They doing right

Because all electronics are Israeli spy devices to get pictures of you while you are taking a shit. Where do you think all the chips are designed? Israel. Keep using your phones stupid goyim.

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Phones don't use Intel CPUs.

I just rant tons of crazy shit in front of my phone. I figure if I rant enough people will just think I'm crazy and not bother arresting me for any of it.

Would it be safe to assume Amish women have hairy pussies and butt-holes and armpits? Pretty disgusting. I like my women hairless.

Using your shameless perversion to bump thread.

Kikes can't even into advanced microprocessor technology.

Circuit images or you've been lied to.

I think you've gotten it conflated with using a listening device to track CPU activity through the sound it produces, but that requires the listener to be in close proximity.
Also speaker line-outs can be hacked so the speaker is a pickup, but it still requires contact with the machine.
Everything else that desktop CPU's are doing wrong is down to being backdoored for "debug" (NSA) code to exploit.

Mobile CPU's can have some pretty shoddy circuitry on die and a lot of it is exploitable iirc, but they still don't have built in mics. Hardly anyone desolders their phone mic (since it wouldn't be a phone if you did)
The librem5 phone is supposed to have a physical off switch for the mic if it's not total vaporware. Some others might offer similar.

They know very well, that these things are fucking spy drones and nothing else.

intel don't have a lot to do with the majority of mobile devices, just fyi

Good decision. They know who makes entertainment and they don't want other Jews getting high on their own supply.

Intel doesn't really make mobile microprocessors. Intel is basically a US alphabet front. (It's even in the name.) If anything, they're spying on Israel.

Anyways, your phone's chips are almost certainly designed in San Diego.

Don't post again for two years, faggot.

the nsa is on trumps side and they're trying to find new ways to communicate now.

too bad it wont work.

Yeah, that's probably the case, but damn, at least they're pumping out many white babies.

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anyone with even a remote spiritual connection knows that there is something very wrong with advanced telecommunications

There's no such thing user. There's delusions and mental illness, which you likely have.

Nice hypermaterialist thinking. Do you know who else suffers from that? Jews.

GTFO normie pleb.


nicely put

No, shaving is fairly low-tech. Even uncle ted shaved and groomed his beard.

I know you’re just shitposting but there are people that actually believe shit like this. Don’t feed the redditors.

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Never using smartphones -> more secure but less productive

You need to balance it. Keep your ops separate from your real life. Otherwise your productivity will plummet or you will end up in jail.

This is fucking gold @2:50
Proof beyond a doubt that kikes are against freedom of speech.
And proof beyond a doubt that kikes hate any chan.

Not even 30 seconds later and it's MUH 60000000000 GORILLION

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