Dennis Rodman - Obama "just brushed me off"

Watch Cuomo's pathetic attempt to derail Rodman's criticism of Obama:

"Does Kim understand English, Dennis?"

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Kang nigger is furious and I'm laughing my fuckin ass off
Well done everyone involved , tip top

Before other anons come barreling in with
This isn't about Rodman, this is an opportunity to further erode and belittle Obongo's supposed "legacy".

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Why doe's this aggravate me?

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fuck off kikechan, this didn't deserve another fucking thread

Because the zog believes their enemies are stupid, and not understanding/speaking English is equated to being dumb, by them. Apart from intelligence, It takes strength and an iron will to hold a place like NK together, and while there's reason to dislike him, strength must be respected. This is something our (((enemy))) doesn't understand. They either dismiss, or prostrate themselves in the hope of surviving an encounter with strength. They're cowards who hide under the shield of the goyim.

This gook speaks fluent English, btw

kim was trust into an impossible situation and no one posting here or in any other internet comment section would have done better than he has.


CNN is shit. Sky is blue. Water is wet. Your point, OP?

Dennis Rodman's life and accomplishments are more relevant than Jim Carey's and Robert DeNiro's careers combined.
(Wish this was mine).

Fuck he went to a private Swiss school so I guess so eh?

Why hasn't the jew's media tracked down any of Un's school mates?

THen we could hear all about him being addicted to American TV and computer games.. I mean look at him; he's a fat Korean kid Nobody is more insane about computer games than Koreans…even 87 year old grannies are into computer games in Korea.

Starcraft? Starcraft.

Unironically Best Korea

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I'll say this: the world needs a new Hyundai to soak up Mitsubishi's excess production, now that Hyundai is becoming too independent. You watching, juche capitalists?

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Let us go back in time a little and see how this all began.

Those aren't anons, user. Those are called shills.

No he's right. We loooooove NIGGERs, Chaim. That's why we posted the completely irrelevant out of the blue nigger videos. Hope you enjoy. Has nothing to do with king nigger at all. Please ignore.

I actually meant that in the opposite way, as in, people coming into the thread and completely missing the point or potential of it and outright just calling the OP a black dick gorger or something else to that effect simply because the subject in question comes from Rodman.
That's what I meant with this not being about Rodman, because it doesn't matter who broke the story -even if it was a nigger-, but how it's spread and used.

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Really gets my almonds activated thinking about how Kim went to school in the Jew stronghold of Switzerland.

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Damn, that was pretty good.

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Lmfao, this crazy world of ours.

Will the Trump induced butthurt be eternal?

OP, being the faggot that he is, did not post the full interview. The negro goes on to explain that Kim understands some English - "bits and pieces".

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Tekashi is /ourguy/?

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Dubs of truth

I'm sorry but this doesn't belong here. I wish these people well but they are not ours. They have each other. If they wanted to try and fit in they would at least try. Not saying they would be accepted even then. I also think they don't make many or any good points. Trump is not a big racist, and apparently he's sending less people back than Obama did. I do feel bad for the Iraqis because our people helped cause that mess. Posting it almost seems like an attempt at consensus cracking or derailment.

What was the image that seems to have been shoah'd here, user? I wonder what happened to it?

Mods, if you could, please delete this post and my response to it in order to keep this thread focused on topic.

don't post stupid shit then ask for it to be deleted

I'm asking for this stupid shit to be deleted.
If you don't like that, fuck if I care.

this guy cuckmuo is a cunt. It's that simple. He thinks his shit doesnt stink and his facial expressions during this interview made me one to punch the screen. He's lucky rodman is chill and doesnt cry racism. Addto the fact he's just an awful interviewer with an obvious anti trump agenda. I really want to see CNN flop. Say what you want about fox but if I had to watch msm news fox would be it. Not only because I am right leaning but because everything from their hosts, sets, guests to production quality and onscreen graphics are superior to CNN. Lou Dobbs needs to be on Fox instead of their little sister station FoxBiz

Rodman handed him his ass almost incidentally along the way to making history. He's not even concerned about he kike any longer whole cuckmo still has an axe to grind.

Eat shit and die, redditor. All niggers must be removed

Sure thing, TRSodomite. Sure thing

If you had read the thread, kike, you'd know we already addressed your stupid ass. Rodman trashed king nigger, and rightfully so. For that alone he deserves a metal.

Stop guilting yourself for the actions of the likes, cuckold

How about you fuck off with this crap and take it back to the Donald

i think we got something here

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These kikes are panicking. Go read the news about your best scientist and how "brilliant" he really was in the other threads. You dumbasses are going to be ruled.

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You're a fucktard. Other niggers and libs don't listen to whites, but when someone like Dennis Rodman or Kanye West start talking up Trump or going anti-left, that gets their attention.
Yes, they do. Numbers matter. Deal with it.

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Smells Like Civcuck Spirit

I eagerly await your plan to just genocide everyone but whites, CIAnigger.

Compared to the white vote the black vote doesn't mean anything, what you should care about is getting whites interested in their own survival and political future dumbass.

Why do you glow in the dark niggers always assume that genocide is white national socialists wet dream? How about we just start with a good old fashioned civil war? The goal being to purify specific regions with currently high density European ancestry. Like the mid-west aka Heartland. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakotas, Nebraska should be quite easily secured.

(((Your))) rhetoric is designed to cause white people to be defensive about "muh holohoax". That doesn't work on me. Do I think all "jews" must die? Sure, but I don't think that's realistic at this point in time. What is currently realistic is exiling them during Second Civil War (remember how (((you))) were exiled in the First Civil War under General Order No. 11?).

We fought Mexico to kick them out and it worked once. That means we can do that again no problems. So after the Second Civil War we fight the Second Mexican-American War to reclaim our southwestern states. Exiling the niggers along with the spics back south of Polk's American borders.

So there you have "my" plan. No holohoaxing necessary. Lots of bloodshed and exiling to be sure.

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Draw some lines in the picture in paint and post it again

To be fair, Rodman is a cross dressing drug addict.

A cross dressing drug addict who is a better statesman than Obama.

He also has less European genes than Obongo but he's still better.


Thing is Kim knows English. So the question shows that the media kikes don't know shit.

Why the fuck would a president want to speak to that thing?

Belittling to who? Turn off your tv reddit. You are just enabling more boomers.
I'm sure Trump will give him some important job, his ego demands it.




This fucking time.

a35e0b 11715822
Reddit is not sending their best.


Trump didn't get elected as "next Hitler". Nobody but fools/minorities believed that kike/spook shit. He needs support doing his thing, not the "next Hitler" thing. Get ready to lose again, faggots. Get ready to lose so badly that you will be in a place of despair like you've never imagined could be possible.

You forgot to say "kike".

If the shoe fits-

You had one job!

And we beat you

"We" did it again. Meet you back at the discord. I can do this all day

Also, neck yourself.

Reddit keeps winning.

This is how subhumans think. Look upon their pointless spam and weep for humanity.

Zognald will not save anybody: not cuckservatives, not the aut-kike, not the civcucks, not TRS, not America and not the West.

The Zion Don will be the name your children curse you with as you rot in your grave or your ashes permeate a bleak nightmarish sky. Ultimately you drank the kool aid. Keep spamming. National Socialism will won because we are better. We do not need astroturfing or laws to ban wrongthink. Our cause is positive and noble while you are merely low IQ useful idiots.



Even if (((you))) shills think you've made this thread confusing, real anons can parse it and identify the relevant info. You were anticipated and your shilling was answered in advance. See below

Although it is hard to get solid, comprehensive numbers, and numerous groups participated, it is clear that a certain group that dominates present day agitators also had a wildly disproportionate representation among both slavers and slave owners.

Who said it won't, chaim?

Please continue your panicked replies. It's entertaining and shows how smart you really are. Now enjoy your desert.

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More like a tragedy.


Thats easy:
1. Have BASED BLACK GUYS shift the overton window for black america
2. Use niggers as golems against white leftists
3. White lefties can't be racist so time to vote right
4. Whites brought back to the right in one fell swoop with niggerdom
5. Kick them all out after patrick little gets voted in 2022

If most of them don't like whites, they could be given some space here or elsewhere. Who says things can't be made to work out for everyone as long as cunts get the btfo and all creative options are left open.