How do we prove to the Left that Russia has hacked their brains

and is manipulating them to blame Russia for everything so that the Left looks more and more ridiculous and paranoid?
Russia's strategy is perfectly logical and easily explained: If you get caught doing one bad thing, you can discredit your accuser by tricking them into blaming you for everything.

Everytime a Lefty helps sow division by invalidating any argument from a Trump supporter just because they voted for Trump, Putin has an orgasm. The Left is literally doing Putin's work for him, while blaming Putin for sowing division.

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Dugin = white genocide

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Why would you need to prove anything to them. They know exactly what they're doing and are just wasting your time.
They will support anything and anyone whos against white, male christians.

Hi, Americunt.

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I don't know if proving anything to the left is even possible at this point but video related is what Uncle Yuri has to say about it.

You can change the minds of individuals but marxism and this surge of uncontrollable post-modernism that has plagued the USA since the 60's is a hydra that has consumed so many facets of American life that I honestly don't believe all people can be saved. Some people are just too far gone.

Is this an apology for being a leftist retard and ignoring ZOG? Apology not accepted OP. You will have to lurk and fight for the white race before we forgive your communist race treachery and degeneracy.

P.S. If you are a shitskin then fight for your race while joining us in revolution against ZOG.

Yes and Hitler was a kike and Trump was a kike and everyone was a kike we get it.

pic related

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I'll look into this

by putting a bullet in it


And yet it also happens to be true. All you need to do is study the Asian communists to find that they believed that Capitalism was only necessary for the West because they had disparate societies that needed to be economically united under Capitalism.
The Asians believed they already had unity and could skip straight to Socialism and save themselves a lot of suffering.
But after a few generations the Soviets and China realized the West under Capitalism was massively outproducing them.
So the Communist parties literally created their own class of bourgeois and made market reforms to help increase production, because production is the basis of Marxis: You have to industrialize to a hypersurplus before you can enter "Real" Communism. It isn't that Real Communism has never been tried, it is that there's never been a hypersurplus that would make money meaningless.
This is why China does shit like build ghost cities counter to all market principles, they are just mass producing everything so that they can switch back to the path to Full Communism without the same hardship as before.
These states in no way resemble countries acting on market principles in the name of capitalism. They are just leeching everything they can from the rest of the world while they build themselves up.
And smart people in China know this, which is why Chinese with money try to get it out of the country or move to the West. They KNOW that the Communist party will eventually nationalize everything again and purge the bourgeois class it created once it no longer has any use for it.

A lot of people are too far gone but the fight is for the next gen. Doing the job boomers should have done instead of the muh woodstock era.

So you're saying Putin is the real 4D chessmaster?

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Wouldn't you have to keep producing in order to maintain the surplus?

We hack their brains and leave "Russian" fingerprints. How? Easy. Spread memes with russian text in the meta data.

How? Easy. First name the image something russian and upload it to a publically searchable site. Then distribute as normal. Reverse images searches for original should resolve to your russian named image. The right people will notice.

playing the cuckservatives like a fiddle

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observe how simple this would be with OC

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The modern left is a creation of Soviet infiltration. Of course they'd do Russia's work for them.

this user is correct, dugin champions the division habbening in thewest because it serves the eurasian empire russia seeks. fuk dugin fuck the 4th political theory and fuck all leftists as dugin most certainly is one. he helped co-opt the altright here and my guess is funding from russia somehow finds it's way to leftist orgs as well.

Considering the depth of the real collusion between the DNC and the FSB / Oligarchs- well, I don't think their brains were "hacked" per se; I think they would be classified as willful participants it is their vote slaves that are the useful idiots

Pic related

reminds me of the simpson's episode where they outed themselves at the UN and Zombie Lenin broke the glass- I lost my copy. Anyone got a webm of it handy?

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Khazaria has been the friend of the left since 1917.

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Fucking moron

Why contain it?

The left are immune to logic. That is their primary feature. We are not going to be able to undo the damage caused by years of struggle sessions and psychological torture.

The only thing they fear is ridicule, and we should use it liberally.

Mocking them, their logic and a complete lack of giving a fuck about anything they accuse you of.

You side with the niggers of zimbabwe youre going to be dealt with the same way kikes will. You duginist fucks will find out you take your life in your hands when you start larping about promoting kiked slavery systems and white genocide.

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you just can't

mass spam them yuri, he is quite convincing.

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Shame is how they're kept in line. Don't think this, don't say that, acknowledge your privilege or you bad, you were born guilty and must atone, etc… That's why they are always at such extremes when it comes to insults. Everything is immediately racist, sexist or some other -ist.

When you embrace their insults and are immune to shame they have no recourse. That's their only tool.

Lefties have a condition known as Anosognosia your attempts would be futile at the adult stage.

This guy gets it.

Just kill them all. Problem solved. You know you want to.

stay mad

First you start talking louder than them. Then you start fighting. Dat how, nigga.

Learn how to make a proper OP because it's obvious you don't belong here.