This is considered "Nazi"

as for me.. I'm voting for this guy in my home state.

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Anyone that isn't riddled with self hatred and poz is nazi. In fact, the allied leadership and Stalin and every other pre current year leftist were nazis as well.

First District, here.
Good luck, guys!
Also, I'm the guy who plans to run the anti-fuckery thread on election day.
If you see anything, especially busing, be sure to get photos (plate/usdot numbers) and share them back here.

65% under 35? Impressive.
Thats what terrifies them the most. Movements that have captured the young vote. Now that 5kikes is becoming more of a sham by the day people are moving towards the lega. Soon Salvini will have Orbans level of power.
Holy fuck, if I was a filthy, parasitic FUCKING JEW living in Italy I'd be buying a villa in IsraHELL RIGHT NOW.

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Fuckin' saved…


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And young populations always vote more conservative as they get older. If it's that much for such a young demographic, they are fucked for decades. It's a race for kikes to fill countries up with as many welfare taking niggers who will vote for big state commies to try and offset it.

AT this point we're not even conservatives anymore.

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Neat. I wonder what that statistics are with Gen Z who get red pilled as soon as they enter school.

Checked, I too, am curious about this.

Italy leading the way, again? De Duce Part Deux

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Why conserve it?

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With one exception, the socialist part of national socialist. I don't support that shit. I prefer the American system of free enterprise, self reliance, and free association.

Steve King always gets attacked by the kikes. Eventually, he might as well go full Patrick Little when the time comes.

any kid who entered highschool in the last 8 years has been exposed to this

Rockwell's version of nazism is the sweet spot between hardcore nationalism and American freedums.

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Steve King is a Zionist shill

You mean all that shit that spawned hollywood and drug addict culture, degenerate fag culture, nigger thug culture, spic la raza culture? Fuck americans and your "freedom" it's nothing but a cancer that allows jewish cabals to fester in your shithole of a country and spread their poison around the world.

>the socialist part of national socialist. I don't support that shit. I prefer the American system of free enterprise, self reliance, and free association.
National Socialism is not Marxian socialism. The NSDAP protected private property rights, and free enterprise. It was everything that is good about America, except the (((debt))) and dysfunctional kikery.

This brings up an important point. As our cause is just, our numbers will swell. Motivated numbers alone isn't enough. Anons should be thinking about organizing the awakened masses for the most effective action. Otherwise if you leave a vacuum of leadership and plan, mossad types will coopt and "lead" it.

I'm not an anarchist, I think there's a need for some government as the pic states. But I don't think redistributing gibs is right. I think it hurts ppl by making them content. People do best when they know hunger. Why do you think whites are superior to niggertrash? They are from the cold and needed to develop to survive whereas niggers could stroll around in a loincloth.

lurk for fifteen years before posting

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Point already made by faggot. Sounds fine philosophically as long as it doesn't include taking from the productive to give to others.

Steve King is a BAD GOY!

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NSDAP Germany had welfare, but it wasn't the kind where you just receive gibs and sit and do nothing. People were encouraged to better themselves, and become the best people that they could possibly become, because the entire economic engine in Germany at that time was based on labor, not financial kikery and pauperism. You had organizations like Kraft durch Freude which encouraged not only tourism for the German worker, but also exercise and gymnastics so they remained healthy and physically fit. It had none of the negatives involved with welfare today, it promoted the exact opposite, where as welfare today promotes decay, dysgenics, and degeneracy.

That cocksucker's face needs to be beat with a truncheon.

How is that enough to prevent the lazy from plaguing the gene pool and country? Even among whites who have infinitely more principle (like not taking freebies on the backs of others) than kikes, niggers, and faggots, there's still some lazy among us. Those trash humans in the American system would either have to humble themselves to receive gibs from others (who give by choice), or they die and self-solve the problem they present.

Steve King is a batshit zionist.

That's why you have eugenic policies concurrency in place as well. We also had such policies during the height of the New Deal era, of course the problem was that we were under control of the kikes and their financial system, where as Germany was not.
(checked, and heil'd)
Sadly, yes. But so was Pat Little before he was redpilled.

So who do you approve of, ((((Moarpheus)))))?

We'll work off a list of people who don't support israel and narrow it down from there.

Go read Tudor's Hitler's Revolution. Once healthcare happened people were simply informed that being obese was an attack on their people because it would cost the people money. Doing this worked, because it gives unity in vision.
I'll also point out that the same book explains how healthcare isn't directly a part of NatSoc, Hitler had certain ministers and allowed them to battle it out to put certain policies in place. The one who wanted healthcare won on this issue, I don't believe an American version would have that. An American version would likely be a return to more community based health shares like there used to be before diversity.

And don't forget the most laughable part about this… The kikes are actually using the term "Populist" as if it were an insult. All any normie will think of when they hear "Populist" is "Oh, they're popular. I should join that side." fucking idiots, and now they'll double down harder.

Doing what the people want = populism = bad
Doing what the kikes want = democracy = good

Thanks user.

Which looks like demon + crazy, (((cohencidentally))).

Par for the course. Do you vote Democrat or abstain and thereby allow greater Zionist shills in office?

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Whew, and here I thought he was Hitler and was about to go support the man. Guess I can wait a little longer.

Exactly This.


That shit only spawns because of the Jews. Whites are the most creative, pragmatic and outside of the box thinkers there are. Allowing a completely free system with only whites in it would take advantage of this trait and be a huge boon. The USA is the largest ZOG puppet but look at Europe. They subverted the rich countries there too. They only came to the U.S. in numbers when Germany became financially unproductive for them. They will go where the greatest potential lies. In the wake of WW2 that us because of our geographic isolation. Our infrastructure wasn't completely FUBAR.

Every white nation deserves equal blame for the subversion of the white race. A parasite seeks the most advantageous host and we happened to be it. The system worked great until the tribe came.

I see that you have no idea what you are talking about.

Freedom is for adults. If the adults get lazy, like lots of Americans have, it goes to shit worse and faster than an authoritarian system that enforces morality. But there's a cap on authoritarian systems on the positive side. The solution isn't to be a child of a nanny state, slave nigger, it's to ensure your society is capable of self-rule. That means letting a faggot die of AIDS and killing a child rapist, and other justice, that people with an easy life lose the stomach for. It's human nature, it's cyclical, it's the battle that never ceases.


Not an argument black nigger.

It is. It shows that you haven't lurked for two years.

phew, just in time, we were almost going to support him, thank you for your useful post

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Technically false but in spirit you're right, I'm ignorant to the NatSoc definition of socialism. But 3 other anons already corrected me, so what the fuck was the point of your trash post

You are clogging up my board with entry level stuff and you are asking me why i'm pointing this out?

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Just give goyim, the nothing you can do about it
Go back to >>>/oven/ Jidf nigger.

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If it's your board what's my IP? Otherwise kys self-important nigger. Perhaps it's entry level, but I was corrected, learned, and didn't post further on it until you felt the need to stir shit back up with nothing of value. If you're an actual oldfag, which I doubt, you're not setting a good example.

Are you trying to post-ironic shitpost?

I dont think you understand. This is not 4/pol/. Lurk for 2 years before you post.

kill yourself kikechan faggot
Sounds like quite a based read. I'm buying this book next.

Yep. This is it in a nutshell.

Nick Griffin was actually kicked out of the party because he refused to take ZOG bucks. But yeah, the BNP is kiked now.

It's kind of funny that the people who decry "populism" are the same people who thought that Hillary should win because she got the popular vote.

They decry your brand of populism if it isn't the populism that they endorse.

Christ kikey, you're reaching levels of cringe even reddit isn't capable of.

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Top kek.

This has been one of the Kike's biggest missteps in recent years. Even before I was redpilled, that was a major point of cognitive dissonance, how they tried to make "populism", ie doing what the people want, a dirty word. Combine that with their actions in making EU countries re-vote on referendum results they don't like, or even just ignoring the results altogether, and the "liberal democracy" they champion stinks to high heaven.

Oh, it is. When you're done with that, have this.

'zionist' is a key tell for Chabadi kike shilling.
Zig Forumsack language is "steve king is a kike".
kys, kike.

Imagine being so mad that you save, edit and post interracial cuck porn to "show the jews"

Imagine what he's going to do when he matures, plans for that all or nothing moment. Must be worrying.

Swamped by millions of illegals and only "waking up" = already fucked but don't realize it yet.
Let it all burn, I'll rebuild better in the ashes.

Know who else was a zionist? Other than people who are afraid to say the word JEW, what do you think zionist means?

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Pic is Elon Musk.

Way back when I was a teen, my First Car.. I landed a Nice gig Delivering Pizza and the Terretory was almost 100% White.
Well, There was a Domino's right across the street and this Short and Stubby Black guy would always come by about Closing time.
This Short, Unattractive Nigger fucked… Probobly every Other Jewish teenager Girl Maybe within a 5 mile Radius.
This Little Nigger Genius…
I bet every other Bald Jewess is fucking her Half Jew Extremly Trusting Husband and Laughing on the inside.

>Voting for a (((blue checkmark)))

Its going to be much more divisive as the years go on. The young already suffer with the record debt and immigration of today, they will seek answers or become indoctrinated and double down.

What kills me the most is the destruction of all our monuments and the rewriting of black history. They want to say we were all black..dooooadsagiooooooooooah0-sd]

Everyone seems to go through this phase. You'll get over it eventually. You're just hanging onto that last bit of (((conditioning))). Something to consider: do you support free enterprise or free association for niggers, or for kikes? Look what (((they've))) done with that in regards to their control of the media and Hollywood, which in turn grants them immense political power in our universal suffrage democracy

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Debt? is that What You Kids call Paper nowdays?

One of the first things that Hitler did economically since he got in power was to pass most companies to private hands. The only exceptions being Jewish businesses which were given to trusted party members and allies to manage and vital productions, like oil and food, which were strictly nationalized.

Please read history, we need everyone here knowing what they keep talking about.

I can't tell if this is trolling or actual stupidity anymore.

Hitler believed in the free market as a tool of wealth creation and a means to achieve personal liberty/self-actualization.

"Socialism" meant avoiding the catastrophies of the Weimar republic by changing how the monetary supply and usury worked.


>parochial (((Laissez-faire))) lover can't seem to grasp national socialism had an amalgamated nationalised and private economy
The sooner you Adam smith and rand loving cunts get the rope the better

Everything is Nazi. Boring milquetoast neocons are Nazis to the left, what do you think they'd consider us?



Have another.


ever notice how liberal have zero-self reflection by stating that Christianity held back progress for hundreds of years(dark age).

It's as if they're subconsciously admitting that only Europe really drove progress, by ignoring there's an entire world besides Europe.

Individualism is a mind-virus. Mankind started as tribes and exists as tribes today. It is not in human nature to become an island and when man is subjected to those conditions of isolation, life seems miserable and pointless. Free enterprise was never free, the government always had some kind of handouts be it land for homesteaders or railroad companies or subsidies for current """farmers""" (factories in the agriculture industry). No man can rely on himself, in single-industry parts of the US, employers essentially socialized towns they control, providing for services that aren't part of their industry because they needed to have a work force (you'll see this a lot in mining towns). Free association has some merit, but the problem is that it allows free disassociation, which can cause the destruction of a community when people prefer idleness to responsibility.

Instilling conservatives with lassaiz-faire capitalism was such a brilliant move on the part of the kikes. It's probably one of the biggest hurdles conservatives make when jumping to nationalism. Even Rockwell had this issue.

I'm not quite sure what she seems to think Africa gave us besides AIDS.

They replace any beauty with perversion, culture is no different. It's the satanic way to corrupt anything good.

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Americanism destroyed Europe, democracy is cancer and shouldn't be allowed to exist in any part of the world, it should be treated like communism- a disease to be contained

Individualism is solipsism and egoism. It is the worst tenets of judaism. You can have a separate identity without undermining the interests of your neighbours. jews have conflated individualism with antisocial and antihuman behavior e.g. gender balkanization, fetishization of disease, sexual deviancy and destruction of meaning and tradition. Ultimately it is selfishness, hedonism and nihilism which underpins hyperindividualist behaviors and it requires non-individualists to support these parasites.

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Oh, have some OC. Is just making an mp4 of a clip OC, fuck it whatever.

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Everything you ever learned about the American Revolution is bullshit.

Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty were a mob of assholes making absurd demands, basically the Black Lives Matter of their day. You can draw a straight line from George Washington that leads directly to tranny bathrooms and affirmative action.

No, True Conservatism™ was quite dead in the Anglosphere by 1649, when Charles I's people butchered their own king in a story that would be repeated in France and Russia (and perhaps soon America) centuries later.

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You bomb syria and other countries and wonder why they are trying to flee to your country… western europeans suck cock.

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Whose flag is it that's on the moon, again? The Stars and Bars you insolent bitch.

Syria, along with Gaddafi's Libya, were the floodgates keeping the hordes from reaching Europe. Now that Gaddafi got CIA'd, and Syria splintered apart, we see the fruits of attacking Nationalism in the ME.

it's always the youth

the more they try to tighten the grip on the mind of the youth, the more the minds of the youth will slip through their fingers

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It's the stars and stripes, retard. The confederate flag was the stars and bars.

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Which bomb made Muslims into gross child molesters and inbred useless welfare sponges?

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The dark age lie about christianity holding progress back is a kike lie. It seems you may understand that, but I'm not sure.

She fully believes the WE WUZ KANGS myth that Egyptians were niggers, and that the niggers sold into the jewish slave trade by Muslim warlords were Egyptians.

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I'm from Dixieland, so I made this mistake.

That meme is also true for jews, perhaps even more so