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It seems to me that it's come time for a right-wing Insurgency to actually begin to take place. Note I am not talking about an organized group. I am speaking here about the idea of a leaderless movement taking direct action against the far left. We have seen time and time again the big groups fail overtime. Only when a group of people form together around a common goal will anything happen.
Atomwaffen have the right idea but the wrong structure. If we truly wish to defeat the far left action must be taken by individuals who are willing and able to take part in the war. If you're reading this and this doesn't sound like it's for you take heart everyone has a role to play in the fight and no role is too small no action to insignificant to make a difference you need only the will to ACT.
As James Mason noted long ago large groups quickly become a honeypot for Police ATF and FBI to attack. HOWEVER there is no weapon or power they hold that can stop a lone white man who wishes to act.

Your thoughts /POL?
I will create a telegram channel for further discussion if there is interest

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No, no, no. Call me whatever you want but there needs to be more of a movement before going to the last resort of violence. Seriously think about this. The US is already a surveilance state, IF people start saying lets kill people then they can be charged as terrorists under the 2012 NDAA provision without Habeas Corpus (due process of law) and held indefinitely and that is in AMERICA which has more liberties and rights (legal protection) than the other western countries.

Right now there are the first (truly) right wing, nationalist politicians running for office in a VERY long time. We need to focus on getting the population voting and recognizing the glaring problems we are being faced with so they become totally discontent with the media lying, the political process being rigged, and corrupt treasonous entrenched powers being so deeply rooted that the only option is revolution/insurgency.

I am all for going back to the original constitution and removing all amendments after the 11th. Only white landowning men can vote, and all the benefits that come with that. But revolution is not yet on the docket, at least in the US. Were I in the UK, I would agree with you. Nothing short of treason is being committed against native Brits. But in the US, I think there is still a chance at peaceful reform, or at least I hope there is.

Also, honeypot thread go!

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you seem to be implying that the main problem is Islam.

I can't fucking believe how much you don't fit in.
It's baffling.

It has to be trolling/bait.

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Read siege faggot
Its to late for that the far left is able to Use their political allies to their advantage they have been able to normalize violence coming from the far left such as the various events at Berkeley with Antifa. What I'm talking about about here is not violence in the immediate term what I'm talking about is that we should do the same we should begin to normalize various incidents on the right in order to get our political allies to turn a blind eye to our activities until we are able to engage in the same activities that Antifa does encounter them with the same tactics that they use against us.
What we should do is first normalize things such as planting propaganda in public spaces such as stickers with various slogans and the like. From there we should be able to normalize our views to a point where we can then engage in vandalism against the property owned by leftist organizations within our home States once were able to get law enforcement to turn a blind eye to actions against the far left that do not harm anyone in simply damaged property it's not a far jump for them to turn a blind eye to actual action. Local Republican PD's in rural areas are our natural allies. Once we get them used to looking the other way at right wing propoganda and vandalism we can normalize more extreme actions and start the civil war.

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Hello fellow Polish.

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hello fellow faggots let plots us a violent uprising just gibs me emails for contact

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You speak retarded.

Telegram is end to end encrypted faggot. Better security than (((discord)))
Go back to r/The_Donald

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THREAD (and delete this terrorist CIA thread, mods!

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Trying to stop DOTR from happening?
Who is really the kike here?

No need to take that off board and suggesting it makes you suspect. That said we definitely need to wargame strategies and plans to organized for greatest effectiveness so as our numbers grow, there's the right leadership.

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Seems to me like becoming a cop or joining the FBI would be far safer and more effective than hoping your 'allies' in law enforcement wont fuck you over.

Don't worry OP. Demographics and economics will make militias inevitable anyway.

I would agree 100%. That is a role that is invaluable. Like I said everyone has a role to play. If you want to be involved then go out and do activism/vandalism if you want a more lowkey role become a cop. If your a neet but support the cause make memes and posters for others to spread. We are all in this together

Ever since discord got kiked Ive only used encrypted comms. I get the paranoia however that being said someone needs to take the risk

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Fuck you its to late. Its time for action. The left needs to see what happens when they push us to far
Gas the kikes race war now 1488 boots on the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why are glow in the darks so bad at their job?
Seriously, you would think (((they))) would at least hire someone competent.

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Moshe please, it has always been jew owned and operated. We fucking know better.

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not a neet kike. I plan on doing some BIG things soon against leftist groups

Join faggots. Im going to a local Moms Demand Action meeting to have some real fun soon I'll post results KEK


Sure thing nigger.

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Unfortunately, only if someone takes the bait and does something. For fucks sakes the yid used the mollyjew "nob an ardument" defense.
It would be nice if they went after these kike cunts before they started shit but sadly, they don't and when they do they cry mental illness.

I never ordered illegal activity. I simply encouraged it to bring down the system.
Continue shitposting from your moms basement YOUR DOING SO MUCH TO BRING THE DOTR ABOUT. Your waifu must be proud

Nothing is ever going to happen because:
happening requires too much effort
our right wing is too casual, too beer bellied, lazy and stupid

When you look at Hitler's putsch, when you look at Napoleon, when you look at older reactionary (and this is what we are, and this is a good thing) paramilitaries, these people, usually tiny %s of population, compensated in organization and readiness to die if need be.
Our right wing isnt anything like this.

and none of us here are ready to study math. To study math that you need to run machine equipment for the factories for production. To calculate and predict what needs to be produced, where to be employed, when, and how much.
You need to be able to purify your own water. Produce your own canned food. Obtain basic machine tools. Basic raw materials like iron and oil (out of which you can make sulfur, gunpowder, explosives..). And then use math to calculate how many artillery guns, how many of this, how many of that is needed to bring down ZOG.
As technologies advance, so does capacity for reactionary values and politics. Tech is the key to all this. If you can have remote fire control, you can fight numerable opponents. You dont need a sea of racemixed democratic (democracy is just soft communism) equalized workers and soldiers, if you have automation and drones.

Techno-fascism is the only towards aristocratic values.







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I agree with you user.

Siege The Sequel needs to begin.

The longer you Internet Tough Guys just sit around talking about Just How Bad Things Really Are, this deal keeps getting worse all the time.

If someone doesn't do something soon, it'll be too late.

What can YOU do?

Start killing CIA niggers.

According to my galaxy brain calculations, the optimal path of least energy towards expelling the Kikes and completing the endgültige Lösung begins with hitting the very pinnacle of the Eye in the Triangle–the rank and file Intelligence personnel "just doing their jobs" who made ZOG possible by their treason to the Constitution.

99% of CIA are cowards. Their only power derives from their mystique and their mythos for being Omniscient and Omnipotent. Chisel that away, and their curse over this land will lift, opening up further paths for you to attack and dismantle the superstructures of The Jew.

How can you find Glow in the Darks who have secret identities?

Easy my man.

Use Wikileaks.

Here are 3,710 CIA workers.


Pick one. Use further Internet searches and public records to profile them, their jobs, their homes, their families, their pets.

Stalk them like you're a serial killer.


Do it.

I will join your Telegram from behind 7 proxies bridged to Tor and routing from a radar retroreflector hidden in a hacked relay.

Based on how you speak, I can tell you are a Good Man user, and that I can trust you with sensitive information about Happenings in the days to come.

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If your up for that good on you like I said everyone has a role to play. And no role is to small to make a difference. All that mattwrs is the will to act.


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