Instagram as a YouTube alternative

ITT - Plan to upload the first few waves of Moonman, Murdoch Murdoch, or any non-TRSodomite memes to new Instagram YouTube alternative
Instagram is preparing to unveil a home for longer-form video — a YouTube competitor and its take on Snapchat Discover. According to multiple sources, Instagram will offer a dedicated space featuring scripted shows, music videos and more in vertically oriented, full-screen, high-def 4K resolution. Instagram has been meeting with popular social media stars and content publishers to find out how their video channels elsewhere would work within its app. It’s also lining up launch partners for an announcement of the long-form video effort tentatively scheduled for June 20th. The public shouldn’t expect Netflix Originals or HBO-level quality. This is not “InstaGame of Thrones.” Instead, the feature is more focused on the kind of videos you see from YouTube creators. These often range from five to 15 minutes in length, shot with nice cameras and lighting but not some massive Hollywood movie production crew. Average users will be able to upload longer videos too, beyond the current 60-second limit.

Final Question - Could a blue pilled service like Instagram handle the uploads of red pilled content? Will they have enough reinforcements for our first Exodus to IG?

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Other urls found in this thread: Greatest Generation.html!uBJg2ICC!bA3RVBvZtDRadZVXkilPouVZy-QjS49MCy_f3hGTDfw

Do I need to verify my phone first with Face ID and a FaceTime call with a bern moderator first?

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Dtube and bitchute

Nice, Murdoch Murdoch, Moonman, Alt-Reich, Way of the World, and plenty others can be deposited into the well.

People actually do that? Why isn't it legal to kill the willful slave garbage?

You'll also need a card to post on Facebook, in certain countries like Germany.
Feel bad for the Californians that need to verify their identity

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It'd be kinda hilarious if we took over Insta


.. yes because going from one jew to another jew is a great idea.. fuck off JIDF.

This may he somewhat off topic, but I think it's still relevant. Does anyone have the original Gex video With Open Gates? I can't find it anywhere and the only copy is an extended one with completely different music or no music at all. I know the original music was made by some faggot who sought to silence the message, but it fit too well with the theme and timing of the video. Also the original was much shorter and more accommodating to the attention span of the general public.

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I remember when the second upload of it with different music (the one you don't want) was up on Youtube with over 2M views. I don't have the original but check cheekyvideos or torrent sites.

That cheeky video site looks like it's meant for Murdoch Murdoch uploads. For some reason I cannot watch more than 5 seconds because of the horribly animated bastardized memes they use. That shit is an eye sore. Thanks for the suggestion though. I guess I'm scouring torrents for now

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Is that like sheekyforums?

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There's a lot more than that. Also I get what you mean but their shit is really funny sometimes.
"The Greatest Generation" is great redpilling material for normies: Greatest Generation.html

It's a video archive site.

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Are you nuts? ((((Instagram)))) is even less lenient than Youtube when it comes to taking down anything anti-leftist.



Here you go.!uBJg2ICC!bA3RVBvZtDRadZVXkilPouVZy-QjS49MCy_f3hGTDfw
It's unfortunate as this particular faggot Carpenter Brut is quite talented and the title "Invasion A.D." fits quite well

actually, it's an extended one but with the original music

fuck off trs, we're not going to your fag site

Do not forget to upload the following two banned documentaries:
The Greatest Story Never Told
The Eternal Jew (english subtitles)

a) Mirror the video file horizontally or stretch it to 90% or 110% width/height.
b) Alternatively change hue or gamma settings by a few %. Most details are uneffected by minor brightness changes.
c) Split the video file into 2, 3, 4, or 5 pieces (avoid more than 5 due to upload time being wasted)
d) Ideally you should schedule the uploads from multiple virtual machines and/or servers, you want continuous automated uploads across multiple accounts
e) Change the color pallette or reduce the bitrate/compression for either audio or video
f) Change the file format between mp4 wmv and avi etc
g) Combine with other images or files (add your own intro outtro and midroll)
h) Any combination of the above

Nice try chaim but your post glows like the Bikini atoll

I found the video on YouTube actually under a completely different title.

The song originally used was actually Perturbator - Humans Are Such Easy Prey

a) will work
all the others are irrelevant at best, harmful at worst.

Also, regarding contentID on the audio, forget it, it will pick it up, unless you fuck with it to the point it's not worth listening to anymore. -/+ 10% tempo will still be picked up, it's that impressive.

My advice is - slight subversion is 100x more powerful than hamfisted natsoc imagery. Be whoever you are, socially, and get people to ask questions they shouldn't.

Thank you kindly. But the reason being, the artist is high-profile and right now, aligning right is seen as a suicidal move. That may change once the pendulum has completely swung.

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Fine fellow Zig Forums wiz. What do you propose as more novel and less generic techniques? Color filters, preset borders with animations or changing images, video file with slight corruption, frame by frame splicing with a static black screen, links to uncensored websites after a teaser clip, using meme fragments? How about light static snow, or even keep it in the original format but add randomized grid overlays every few frames?

I think my original methods will guarantee you at least a day or two of uptime before manual flagging or some script. Also it should go without saying, scrub or spoof the metadata and make each file unique in some way. It would be retarded to upload the same filename while varying the contents.

Fuck off jew cunt.

People are leaving Instagram now. They implemented a new policy where they only show 10% of your subscribers your content and if they upvote it then it goes to the rest of your userbase.

nice try zucc

Instagram not only bans accounts, they also MAC address ban devices so you can't make a new raciss account on your phone once that one gets caught.
They also ban certain hashtags and URLs.
-source, me, I do social media for a business and have had this happen personally

There is no universe in which we take over Instagram, it's too pozzed by nature. But it's definitely worth posting shit on their to make a bunch of fags freak out.


instagram = satan grim

Comeon, Instagram was the mainstay for whites after Snapchat hath removed the normalfags.

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