Dominos Pizza Fixing America's broken roads

Dominos Pizza Fixing America's broken roads

The government is so jewed to death that they can't even fix roads anymore, so Domino's finally takes up the job in their own interest.

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Domino's Pizza Roads® is straight out of an Ancap Ball meme.

This is unreal.

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The UK's had sponsored roundabouts for years, now. They send out 17 year old burger flippers to pick the litter off them every 6 months in exchange for putting a sign up.

Simply ebin

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I told you niggers to meme responsibly

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Not Zig Forums related topic, extremely low effort post, and no on link. Saged and reported, fuck off back to cuck chan.

This is fucking hilarious though.

i think the most hilarious thing would be if Dominos actually starts doing a better job in law enforcement because they don't like their name being associated with paedophillia.

Funny as it may or may not be, its not a Zig Forums related topic and has potentially pushed a worthy Zig Forums thread off the catalogue. This is at the very most a QTDDTOT post.

Just put this in the OP instead of deleting/anchoring it, also new rules don't say anything about archiving:

Pizza-lovers at work potholes, cracks, and bumps in the road can cause irreversible damage to your pizza during the drive home from domino’s. We can’t stand by and let your cheese slide to one side, your toppings get un-topped, or your boxes get flipped. So we’re helping to pave in towns across the country to save your good pizza from these bad roads.

This unique, innovative partnership allowed the town of bartonville to accomplish more potholes repairs. - bill scherer, mayor of bartonville, tx

we appreciated the extra paving for pizza funds to stretch our street repair budget as we addressed more potholes than usual. - city manager, milford, de

Ok Kampfy.

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But it does say
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Lol I've been here since gaymergay.
Also archiving is important, but just because a thread doesn't have one doesn't mean it should be destroyed.

It's not political, but it is news and Zig Forums culture, read the header.

Dominos fixing pot holes is most certainly fucking not Zig Forums culture, now fuck off faggot, and close the door on the way out. This is not, and i repeat not 4chan.

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Show me your hotpocket and I'll listen to you.


Are you upset?

Listen to me, don't listen to me, it doesn't make a difference to the fate of this thread which is soon destined for bumplocking.

You're not a volunteer, you don't decide what is bumplocked.


Didn't claim to be, I stated in my first post i reported this as off topic, and it stands to reason that as an off topic post this will be bumplocked.
Are you sure you are old enough to be on the internet?

See above

Would you count
As a shit OP as well because it's just an embed?

and is even worse by your standards.

I fail to see your point? Deflecting from the argument i presume. I'll throw you a bone and respond however. The paris thread is also a shit quality post, and does not deserve its own post. It should be posted in the Webm thread as a Webm. The riot thread is lazy and lacks any real substance, and in essence is just a reference to an event with a chad v virgin pic. So in answer question, yes they are both shit threads, and neither of those posts deserve to be on the catalogue.

My argument is that this thread isn't offtopic and your argument is that this thread is offtopic and it's stuck there, I tried to understand your need to continue posting in this thread and not the others. You should just have reported and moved on then we wouldn't be having this argument and I'd just ignore the thread if it was bumplocked.

I knew their dough was good for something.

I also highly doubt you were here (or if you were, you would have only been lurking not posting) whilst Kampfy was still mod for the board, as you claim to have been. Considering your blatant lack of regard for certain Zig Forums etiquette and apparent taste for shit quality posts, you are either a flamming new faggot or were banned. Im not going to bother replying anymore because you are clearly not from around here and are just going to keep throwing irrelevant arguments my way to avoid addressing the initial issue, that OP has made a blatantly off topic thread in violation of rule 2.

The thread is only offtopic in a few people's headspaces.
Your only argument is "This thread is offtopic because I said so, no real reason, I'm just putting in filler shit to make my post longer, you're a newfaggot, you don't understand us, I believe you weren't here because no real reason x2, I'm done, sage!".

This meme is terrible and you should feel terrible for posting it.

>>>Zig Forums


Dominos paves one pothole = every lolberg just jizzed their pants with excitement thinking this means corporations give a shit about public infrastructure.

Sage for low effort OP

so it begins

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yeah not Zig Forums related that private for profit companies now took it upon themselves to fix public infrastructure so they can continue to make shekels…

I don't see what the problem is here. Domino's gets an ad, and the tax payers don't have to foot the bill. Start auctioning off all infrastructure projects if companies are interested, it's a win-win. Besides, you know the private companies will do the work faster and cheaper than the government ever will.

taxes higher than ever, infrastructure crumbling left and right, somehow decades ago this wasn't an issue…

if you dig a bit deeper it's because jewish bankers bankrupted cities with deals based on corruption with plausible deniability…

same reason why the NYC subway is prehistoric gutter tier


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because it was new back then?
i hate global central banking system as much as everybody but come the fuck on user
infrastructure should be completly overhauled every 50-70 years or so

and somehow there was always money for good infrastructure and now there is none for repairs and overhauls?

it's because the money is all being jewed away…

there is an article that digs deeper how bankers jewed the MTA but I can't be bothered to find it now and that's just the jew york subway…

Something doesn't add up here… almost as though unfettered Capitalism with no control over taxation or the federal reserve causes poverty and decay which minor private sector investments cannot remedy…


That's actually a really smart idea.

Statues on private land. Classic.
Future op: Buy acres of private land, fill with statues, draw in the antifags to destroy them, have the local cops waiting to bust them.

What "unfettered Capitalism" you dumb nigger? Capitalism has been dead in this country for decades. Are you retarded?

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Isn't this illegal? Can authorities fine them for millions bucks for non authorized roads modification?


Exactly. That's true capitalism, while these idiots sit here and whine about government centralization of resources and work and call it capitalism. This move is probably going to make Domino's tenfold more than they'll be spending. Very smart. Still junk food though, so I won't be going there.

Ancaps oppose all forms of intellectual property, you fucking nigger.

This guy gets it.

Not saging just to piss off the Feds pretending the collapse of the JewSA governments isn't related to politics.

"muh roads" argument exponentially BTFO.

Government road workers will complain and then Dominoes will be be fined so that the government can steal even more money to spend on (((corruption))).

Absolutely insane how a pizza company is giving even the fucking federal government a run for its money.
We've hit clownworld status.

And they laugh when capitalism is criticized. This is the exact materialistic judeo-capitalism that we are talking about. It's simply your basic bitch spiritually removed economic policies that are taken to their logical end. They would and SHOULD support such stupidity because it fits exactly within their soulless model.

Jehovah is the god of Trickery and Mayhem, also we're still in the Kali Yuga.

Face paint stops you free being ID'd by face scanners and with the right pigments can hide you from infrared, which will be used by slaughterbots. The coming struggle will be fought in clown warpaint.

yup, i remember hearing a story on 'freetalklive' back in the halcyon lolberg days of ~2012 where some guy got so fed up with the shitty roads that he started fixing the potholes himself and stamped "citizen fixed" on his work.

they arrested him. it is illegal and local governments hate this sort of thing because it makes them look disposable

You could go further saying it's straight out of Roman times. Rome used to auction off road segments lined with olive trees, where the deal was the person would get to keep the olives in exchange they had to keep the road segment in shape.

I remember a guy who painted dicks around potholes because the local govt. wouldn't bother fixing them otherwise.

pretty smart

AnCap: the only future that doesn't suck balls.

Something a bit like this happened in Leafland. The Toronto government estimated it would cost them about $100,000 to build a set of stairs in a park, so some senior citizen built some for free at a personal cost of $550. The government responded by tearing it down almost immediately

Also said senior citizen's name is Adolf

But the free rider problem is impossible to solve! This is impossible! That's why we need the ZOG!

post the meme then, stupid

retards should be sterilized or even killed off

Genius level ancap marketing.

Funny, but you're still a fucking faggot.

Can't wait for someone to get in a wreck and sue the fuck out of dominos.

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The real question is; why aren't you queers going out to fill holes and then tagging them with Moonman?

This, I work for a real local Pizza company that has fucking New York rabbi's flipping up the pizza. Domino's aint nothing but cholesterol city. No wonder they need to fix the potholes so them ambulances can speed down the shitty roads of Alabama.

t. /r/teh_dolan

The lolbergs were right. The free market will fix it, while making things look unsightly as a nascar or association football player pro jersey.

how is good infrastructure retarded?


You have no power here anymore, piece of shit autistic Imcoonfy zealot straggler. It's all over.

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eat shit, red faggot.

all things considered, their service is pretty good and affordable
now if only their pizza didn't taste like greasy shit


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Jesus Christ. And I'll bet Israel has a well-kept road infrastructure from the countless billions in aid that are given to them which could be used to fix the roads here. Hey, isn't infrastructure repair and investment a platform that Trump ran on? Yet another broken promise from another Zionist-owned president.


That there is an NSA agent. His job is to inform you that all is well and the roads are fucking great. Any potholes you may see are the result of the counterrevolutionaries.

this is politics, and if you can't see it then you are lacking.
We are seeing a private company directly pay to keep roads in good condition in order to complete their capitalist activities.

holy shit shut the fuck up already

That's right, the fucking pizza joint is saving us.

Ancap society would be batshit insane but at least it would be functioning unlike anarcho-communism that would just be taken over by something more powerful anyway.

fuck off kampfkike

Post moar memeballs plz


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According to the legends, Dominos power their ovens on Jews, and use their ash to mix to produce pothole fillings.

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Yeah, where are supposed to drive with the dedicated bus lane and the dedicated delivery lane?

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