US paper gold suppression allowing Russia & China to buy real gold at discount prices

Efforts by the US to suppress gold prices in order to prop up the dollar are allowing Russia and China to build up huge reserves of physical gold by purchasing large quantities of the precious metal at significantly lower prices.
Net central bank purchases in the first quarter of the current year surged by 42 percent compared to the same period a year ago, totaling 116.5 tons, according to data compiled by the World Gold Council (WGC). The number reportedly represents the highest quarterly total since 2014.

Over the past two decades, Russia has been ramping up the purchases of physical gold. In May, the country's gold reserves surged to 1,909 tons, Russia's Finance Ministry reported. Since 2000, the country’s gold reserves have surged by 500 percent.

Russia remained the most prolific purchaser of gold in the first quarter of 2018. The country’s holdings currently account for 18 percent of total reserves, according to the WGC.

Last month, Russia managed to force China out of the top five gold holders, which also includes the United States, Germany, Italy and France. However, China is not far behind, with a reported 1,843 tons of gold held in its national reserves.

China and Russia, along with Turkey, India and other countries have been aggressively accumulating gold reserves in a bid to diversify their reserve financial assets from the greenback that currently serves as the global reserve currency.

The tendency presents a perfect opportunity for investors to buy gold or shares in gold mines, while putting the US dollar’s dominance at risk as the main global reserve currency.

Many gold investors say the price of the precious metal is artificially curbed because of the paper gold trading on Western exchanges.

According to Claudio Grass of the Precious Metal Advisory in Switzerland, the total trading volume in the London Over-the-Counter (OTC) gold market is estimated at the equivalent of 1.5 million tons of gold. Only 180,000 tons of gold have actually been mined up to today.

“The paper scams in London and New York will either blow up when the paper price of gold drops to zero or when just a fraction of investors insists upon receiving physical gold in return,” Grass told RT.

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Guess what, Hitler is right again.

There's not enough gold in circulation to back any Chinese currency, unless they lose a few hundred million gooks, or unless they intended to keep most wealth in the hands of a tiny few and keep the rest of the country in the third world.

Look I'm not saying that it isn't happening but RT.

Who cares. Gold is almost useless.

This boomer cuck meme again?

Also you have to remember that Russia and China are in the top 5 producers of gold.
And they ain't exporting shit…
So they buy gold on international markets but at the same time they're not selling theirs. Meaning the numbers reported are probably under the reality.

True but it's a whole other deal if they only want to do a partial anchoring within some sort of SCO (which are the countries hoarding) joint fund. They've been putting in place banks and mechanism to purge the dollar from internal markets of the SCO, that part of trade could be backed by gold.

the new gold backed currency china is planning is to be used for oil and international trade not citizens. atleast try to look something up before you shitpost

yeah because your CNN wasnt literally called fake news by the president of the country it shills for

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Nigger when the economy collapses alcohol and marijuana will be the main forms of currency. Gold isn't an anti-septic nor an analgesic.

Fuck off back to reddit, nigger.

Well, physical tangible in your hands gold yes. Certificates, fuck no. That's just expensive toilet paper.

You're a fucking retard. Gold is valuable because it's shiny and rare, is this so hard to understand?
wew lad

He's a retard for saying alcohol and weed, but he has a point in that gold, during an economic collapse, is absolutely worthless to the average person.


The average person will consider it valuable as the top dogs (new business and community leaders) start using it for trade

Would anyone be surprised if Bill Gates developed a bacteria that eats gold ?

It's painful how stupid plebs are. gold and silver are vaaaastly undervalued, the true value matches the money supply.

No one needed gold in Bosnia nigger. During times of stress people want vices and medication. Pfizer isn't going to be making drugs during the war. Marijuana becomes the most important medicine on Earth without synthetic pills for you to inhale.
Like holy shit you niggers are so shortsighted.

I doubt it, considering the average person's life in a poor economic situation requires entirely different things. A person at the top won't live much differently from now (they'll just move somewhere better). However most of us will be fighting each other for scraps of food. No one's going to give a shit about gold. Canned food, toilet paper, tools, hunting equipment, bullets etc. will be what's worth money. Experience in construction and hunting will be worth more than gold.

I agree with you you brain-dead monkey, but you're a fucking retard for saying alcohol and dude weed.
Oh fuck off, you're such a nigger. Marijuana is at the bottom of the list when it comes to important herbs. There's weeds that grow in my yard that are more beneficial than your stupid fucking dude weed.

Skills > stuff

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I don't think things will be actually that bad for white people when the System collapses, besides all the cityfags starving. Gold won't become accepted currency overnight, but as we rebuild and redevelop white society we're going to need a new currency, and without the Jews being in power to misguide us, gold (and silver) will be naturally adopted, starting with new local communities using it to trade for labor and goods with other communities, and ending with the metals being used universally by all. But this will probably develop years after the collapse.
With that in mind, is right, on an individual level. Having tons of shiny stuff won't help you in the relative immediate aftermath of the collapse, and it's important for every white man to learn a trade now. Even simple things, like cooking or being able to raise chickens, will become much more valuable skills after our grocery stores and restaurants are abandoned. The value of skills increases with the loss of mass production convenience. Learn some trades or go into a useful hobby, the more complex the better, and also buy silver or gold


most of the world isnt located in your county of detroit retard.

at no point is ociety gonna collapse to mad-max tier levels retard.
people are gonna be able to get more than booze and joints
noone was making big money off weed. food, clothes and tools were the shit in the warzone, while machines, gasoline and other shit were traded outside.
t. former yugo
in that case you wont even have a market to sell your crackhead junk to people


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Nigger can you be this dumb? It takes skill and above all patience to make these things properly. Very few people can properly grow marijuana. Most of the marijuana in California is absolute shit and they've been growing it for over a decade. You don't just pour water on the plant and watch it grow. It's not your mom's petal flowers.

Hurr durr niggers marijuana is the most valuable crop on the entire fucking planet.

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Because trade and barter never fucking works, right?
>>>Zig Forums

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what fucking service are you gonna trade him with? the guy i was replying to was saying currency is worthless compared to services, which is not the case.
in any kind of situation people will invent a currency for trading commodities. a market of goods will always preceed a market of services

In a more realistic universe:

pic related. its you

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Russia remembers that any good propaganda MUST contain the truth.
They twist it here and there for a, quite often obvious, political goal but it only works if they reports the truth on everything else.
It's literally the opposite of what the MSM has been doing lately, which lies constantly to further their political view, to the point they almost completely deny reality.
RT can be trusted if you analyze it's content and separate propaganda from real reporting.
MSM cannot be trusted as real reporting is essentially non-existent.

No, I didn't, you fuckin idiot. How are you gonna get currency and stuff if you don't have skills? If you have skills that nobody can take away from you can acquire currency and supplies anytime and anywhere.



Vegetable is a culinary term. Can you niggers be any more stupid? By your ideology marijuana is a fruit because the fruit has seeds.
You can't even make an argument against my claim, you just post pics.

You niggers need to try harder. Go suck the Pope's dick if you like gold so much.

Nigger sighting.

allright. i got seven goats and you got a car. were in say nevada. convince me to give you goats in echange for your car parked 8 miles away.

Fuck off.

unless youre gonna kidnap everyone and put them in a middle of the desert theres gonna be plenty of slavagable stuff simply laying around or already being owned by someone
yeah and youre basically limited to dealing with people that at the exact moment happen to need your skill

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How many goats do you currently have? Are you starving? how much time has been since gas evaporated from the world? how did it evaporate? are there any other alternatives for locomotion in the world? did SHTF with zombies, world war, nuclear war…? am i starving? are you retarded to try to simplify something incredibly complex as trying to access bartering simulations with only so few variables in a given question?

These niggers have zero experience outside of their mom's basement and actually think a rusted piece of metal is worth more than a couple gallons of 190 proof. They'll enjoy biting on the door handle when it becomes time to cut out infected tissue because there are no anti-biotics.


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its a hypothetical situation.
the whole point of this was that most modern services are fucking useless when society collapses, while goods are not

Ok nigger time for you to kill yourself.

yeah, untill you have everyone coming to the conclusion that its better to survive and die, and then everyone is selling their skills to a society where most of those skills are either useless or in low demand.
so eventually you even have people that actually know a useful skill charging great amounts of goods fro teaching that skill to others

hed need to produce an excess amount of grain to both cover the winter period and his own needs, which includes grain traded for pure survival goods and for expanding the grain production aswell as a safe deposit for times of drought.
so you see, you need to be more than a fucking weed dealer to survive.

When, if, society collapses, there's no way of knowing it is gone for good. In your hypothetical situation, a car without gas is still a car. There are multipe uses for their parts. Metal and material can be transformed endlessly, a goat is a goat until it dies, then it's just a heap of meat to be consumed. If you have a female goat, then it's half of the way to start a goat farm.

In both cases, a car in a collapsed society will obviously never hold as much value, but will still hold value if you know what to do with it. And if you don't, well, if you have surplus of something, why not trade it away for something that sometime ahead can be useful? If my goat farm is doing well, and there's a surplus of goats, and im in the middle of nowhere, i'd love to have someone tow/push in a car to use the parts; heck, I could give another goat or half of the potential parts i'll use for a mechanic to strip it away.


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Why are talking about useles skills?

Step 1: learn useful skill
Step 2: Apply it to acquire what you want

Pretty simple. Of course in the world of the idots I'm talking to step 1 is "have things" with no regard as to how to get them.

Nigger you need to go back to Zimbabwe they need your farming expertise.

Step 3: everyone treis to do that
Step 4: supply exceeds demand
*exception to skills that are actually hard to learn and are tought by professionals in exchange for ridicoulus amounts of goods


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Nigger can you be this dumb? Alcohol was the most valuable commodity during the great depression. You have seriously no clue what you are talking about. Go back to church and play with your priest's ding a ling.

God you niggers dropped out of school early.

Just like I said from the start niggers. why do you think the vietnam soldiers were doing heroin during the war.

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yeah you dumbass. we already have that without societal collapse with a surplus of social scientists and artists

because it was banned you dumbfuck. the supply was literally decimated, it wasnt the demand that was high.

Based Adolf.

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He was just making a sophist argument; I'm not sure whether it was by design, or if he fooled himself into thinking it actually meant anything.

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hyper inflation when?

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Kill yourself, retard.


my point isnt that skills arent useful retard. they are. my point is that in an extreme reconstruction of the market as in the case of anarchy many skills would be rendered redundant and people will attempt to master a variety of easy to learn yet demanded skills. this will in turn just make the supply of the particular services excessive, only leading to another small collapse.
my point is that even today theres just too much people to divide among jobs evenly and have them all be financially stable at the same time. in a societal collapse the majority of the workforce would be simply forced to go to china-tier slavery

A remarkably empty position yours is. There's nothing there to even argue against. I'm stating a fact. Skills make you more valuable and able to achieve your wants. Without even specifying what skills I'm still 100% correct, and you're still an idiot blackpiller. Kill yourself.

youre literally urging everyone to be preppers.
and most people wont do that.
and if the society does collapse most people will still end up being cannon fodder.
im not saying you shouldnt learn skills, im saying that the average citizen will find himself an unwanted burden to rebuilding gangs and communities unless he has one of three things to offer

I thought this was common knowledge.
The paper trading was known to be a scam since forever, and everyone always advises to buy physical gold rather than the paper lies.

Its not about backing the money for the mass of people.

I wasn't implying that, I am saying that we should learn practical skills, and get into trades and hobbies that would have tangible value in hard times. Why are you hostile to the idea of white people learning how to become independent from this System? At no point in history has there been a "surplus" of tangible skills that has caused an economic crisis. The aftermath of the collapse isn't going to be like some video game, we are going to need people who know how to do things we take for granted now, like raising livestock, farming, carpentry, etc. We must learn and copy how communities survived before mass production and easy shipping if we're to rebuild white society. We aren't going to become slaves toiling away in mud and moving rocks

im not, im entirely for that idea, but my point was adressing the original argument that skills will be more important than commodities, which is just not the case. the whole reason for having skills in the first place is to obtain commodities
but yes, people should learn how to be self-reliant, because all those fucking nobodies in say NY are gonna be dead within a month if anything worse than a power outage happens

Skills and commodities will share importance in the early days, and we'll need skilled people to rebuild and produce, although mass production of material and excess goods on the dehumanizing scale we enjoy today will probably never resurface.
You're right, cityfags will be fucked because they're the most dependant on the System. They're going to collapse with the Jews, and only the few cityfags who are self-aware of the reality of their situation, the ones who have prepared for and expected the collapse, will be able to survive, mainly by GTFOing right before SHTF

Listen, retard. While you're blabbering BS, kikes are amassing gold, while they're leeching off of your folk. When there's nothing to take anymore, they'll crash the economy, move their gold to another country and start anew FROM A POSITION OF STRENGTH BOUGHT BY GOLD. And this whole shit show starts again. So don't let them amass gold. How? Don't let them establish a system where they can buy it with useless paper.

Under Obama the Treasury (also CFTC and World Bank) made a deal with the Chinese to allow them to accumulate in exchange for continuing to purchase US debt. Once the chinks feel the time is right, they'll say they have the most in the world. Right now Gold is starting to be used to settle oil contracts which is the start of the ending for the US dollar. Once that happens, life will change GREATER than if 100m shitskins came in over night. If you only knew how bad things were muhahaha.

I see some epic faggots in this thread so I'll give you the Au red-pill suppository style because that's how you faggots like it.

You don't buy Gold to get rich. You will this time around but generally, no. Second, you don't buy Gold because you think a Mad Max type society is just around the corner. You buy Gold as inssurance against inflation, which, if calculated like it used to be, is running at 10% in America currently. Sauce because you have daddy issues since he didn't protect you against your touchy, feely uncle when you were younger.

You buy Gold because it retains it's purchasing power. There's things you need, like bread and gas. The same amount of Gold will generally get you the same amount of goods. Fiat currencies always go to ZERO. Over 1800 of them no longer exist. Heck the French Franc did that 6x in the 20th century. Of those 1800, some of them were even backed by Gold! Because not every system is the same. Lots of ways to do it and well, study it if you're interested. Gold The Monetary Polaris is one book that comes to mind. The New Case for Gold by Rickards is another. But most of ya'll should start with something like nigger Sowell's, Basic Economics now in it's fifth edition. Once your'e nigger tier, Ludwig von Mises stuff.

5-15% of your savings in Gold is just being prudent. Especially when the kike bank isn't paying shit in interest.

What about silver?

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Arguably more useful than gold (mirrors, alloys, cutlery etc) but also more abundant. Keep a diversified portfolio of useful raw resources. Deionized water may be worth more than silver if you live in an arid climate.

SO THATS WHY THEY HAD THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT muh BOOZE let em out of the kitchen and vote they take away your alcoholic beverages

i reckon the differ tho. without a preexisting evolved system or hirearchy that could be utulised in given conditions the people would revert to what has worked in the past, which is slave labour.
while not in the exact same style as in the past, it will probably involve kidnapping and raiding neighbouring communities and forcing the captured to either work mass manual works (mines, water supply, agriculture, contruction…) or starve to death.
if nothing else wed experience feudalism where a warlord or kingpin will give rights for use of land to a group of people and demand a high precentage.
the problem id like to point out here is that the goverment will still attemot to survive so youll get a big militaristic warlord faction that will still have the elements of the army. and many people will support it as theyll see it as the fastets way to bring back their lives before collapse.
a society collapse isnt enough here, youd ned an active revolution and civil war

most of the money in ancient times was copper and silver not gold tho. the gold stereotype literally comes from hollywood and cartoons because it looks nicer and emphesises the coin value more

It's also allowing you and me to do so 8^)

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That's why the price of gold will reset an order of magnitude higher. Poof, there's plenty of gold. Silver will reset to about 50x higher. Go get rich, anons.

No, practically speaking, it's not more abundant than gold. Search for why silver is now rarer than gold, you need to research where all the silver is going, how much is available above ground, how the demand is increasing but the supply is decreasing, how the mining situation really is, and what stockpiles exist (beware fake ones).

You want the real redpill on gold? The Nazis found a way to synthesize it. The US got that secret away from them. It's why we have so much power, because we can make gold worthless with a snap of our fingers. It's why we backed our money on oil and the threat of violence.

Gold is worthless. Violence is the only real currency left.

I've rather found out that the Third Reich could synthesize oil. So, yes, Europeans are able to produce it themselves, but they built these factories in the Middle East, so Jews can live a good live as transportation middle men (plus import & tariffs). It's like the road toll in the Middle Ages, where you had to pay for using a roads or waterways.