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. I have been here on 8pol for some time. I consider this my 'On-line Home' now. I haven't been on 8pol like some of the Pollster oldsters, before and through Gamergate™, But I went through HWNDU and witnessed Capture the Flag (FUN TIMES ! ! !), so I obviously have been here before this Q-user that popped up, for example.
. Here are some observations I have made.



- Came over to 8pol after they were lured into Zig Forums by the Q-user boards, thereby bypassing 4 chan completely
- Generally Pro-Trump
- Trump can do nothing wrong
- Limited Discourse
- Say things like, 'Trumpenreich,' and so-on
- Condemn others for Anti-Trump Discourse
- Resorts to calling others 'DACApedes' and engages in other name-calling games

- Come over to 8pol when:
. a.) their boards are down, or
. b.) they are bored
- Unabated Shitposting
- Lack of Intelligent Discourse
- Plain Fucking Retarded sometimes
- Tolerable
- Pretty funny at times

Q-user USERS
- Started on 4 Chan
- Are not NatSoc 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐 卐
- Quickly migrated to >>>/cbts/ and then after some internal controversy, to >>>/thestorm/ (I suggest you take a look at their catalogs)
- Look at >>>/quorious/
- Look at >>>/qresearch/
- Look at >>>/cbts/
- Follow 'Q-Related' Celebrities on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook
- Are used by these 'Q-Related' Celebrities to do busy work and research a variety of things ranging from Pedophilia to Government Corruption, so that these 'Q-Celebs' can get material for their YouTube Broadcasts
- Baruch, Pamphlet user, Tracy Beanz, etc - 'Q-Related' Celebrities are all Zionists - Pamphlet user as well as Tracy Beanz are both, visibly, Jews. It's tougher to find Pamphlet user's image, but I did see him on the Discord server - he has lightish Brown Hair, wavy, but not curly, over the ears, but that Jewish nose…
- Pandering to Alex Jones, a known Zionist - watch - - Also:
- Also Just like Reddit-Tier users in that they:
- Came over to 8pol after they were lured into Zig Forums by the Q-user boards, thereby bypassing 4 chan Zig Forums completely
- Generally Pro-Trump
- Trump can do nothing wrong
- Limited Discourse
- Say things like, 'Trumpenreich,' and so-on
- Condemn others for Anti-Trump Discourse
- Resorts to calling others 'DACApedes' and engages in other name-calling games

- Forget it. Just go back to Reddit please. You have done enough damage. Kill yourselves and save taxpayer money.



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. So, at this point, is it just filter, filter, filter? That in and of itself is just too much work for trying to participate in a NatSoc 卐 Board.
. Is the answer to abandon this board completely and go to the bunker? Stay in the bunker?
. Not sure.
. Some folks said that this situaltion was going to be over in a week. Well, it's not over. There aren't enogh legitimate Zig Forumslsters around anymore.

. Do we post Gore, Statistics, Proof that Trump is a Zionist and not in it for The United States of America's interests? I even cringe at the gore.

. Q-user is a CIA Nigger folks.
. If you haven't yet figured out that:
. 1. Baruch (A jewish name - Google 'Baruch Korff' and research that!) the Scribe,
. 2. Pamphlet-user, (A Jew) and
. 3. Tracy Beanz (A Jew from New Jersey)
. are all Zionists and in this entire 'Q-Larp Thing' thing just to make money off of Youtube views, using Twitter as a platform to promote their YouTube channels - and that Alex Jones is a pushing a Zionist Agenda/Narrative - I don't know what to tell you.
. All you are doing is pushing and promoting the Zionist Agenda. That is all. Everything you have researched, did your digging into, and memed is all Pro-Israel Zionist propaganda.

. I will probably be called a Kike Shill for this by one of the above four groups (MAGApedes), but I really don't care. You can call me nigger, kike, - anything.
. The point is, is that (((They))) won't like this post.
. If someone is of these above four groups, why can't they just go back to the boards of which they came from? All they are doing here is spreading discord and successfully derailing the focus of this board. (Proof that they are pushing a Zionist agenda, whether they realize it or not)

. I am/was one of the mods on the Discord Server. (see pic - not mine, but I am on there)

I will be changing my IP yet again after I post this, so my ID won't be showing up yet again…


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OP is one of (((THEM)))

What he said.


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either a useful idiot or one of god's chosen

I am jewish and you cant make me leave Zig Forums in fact you can just accept that my agenda is winning

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You sure touched a nerve OP,
((they're mad)))

Die in a fire

Nobody cares you underaged retard.

OP is assblasted because we hi-jacked his board

seems that way

So I'm a Qcumber if I call chesscucks magapedes?

How many of you have actually read all of OP's blogpost?

if this was supposed to be bait it failed I am stifling laughter right now

thanks for the jew and useful idiot bait OP. fucking glorious. have an eisbein

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I stopped reading there

no he put single quotation marks around magapedes which clearly means that he was referring to MAGAPEDES as an analogy for a certain gungho circlejerky posting style based on civcuckery.

Qcumbers can be MAGAPEDES but MAGAPEDES are not necessarily Qcumbers. In fact, he was just referring to controlled oppo ZOG and (((Barr))) style cultural subversion. Fake jew sacrifices in order to placate the growing 'hmmmmm' sensation each real 1488D chesscuck has about right now.

Hello Captain Zig Forums! You CFR faggots are useless here because you are low IQ and lie kek

Line lke this will probably stop the 90% of the readers to waste time with this wall of text long shitshow. All his efforts down the drain…

Zionist = Qcumber
Qcumber = MAGApede
MAGApede can be whatever
I get it what OP is implying.
He came over during HWNDU, and openly admits he hasn't been through gamergate.
Sounds like a NatSoc, but needs to get his shit together.

maybe OP is crying right now balled up in the bathtub.


Thread is bumplocked


Only took 45 Minutes to have it bumplocked
…Wondering if the mods are Qcumbers

lol @ u if you actually read a text starting with "卐 8POL 卐"

Because meta threads are garbage tier horseshit.

well, whatever.
I wrote it because I am genuinely upset.

but, it did disclose



Yeah! Goddammit!

I seriously hope anyone who posts CIA niggers or FBI shit gets banned. Old pol used to actually be able to debate on shill threads whereas now all anyone ever does is post CIA Nigger this FBI that no one is able to have an interesting discussion and apparently everything is a plot by the CIA to bring this board down. Fucking Qanon is pure cancer.

OP here. Phone posting now…
I hope you were able to read my entire post.
As wrong as this may sound, Q needs to be doxxed.
They don't want us identifying him. It was deemed that early on in the Q game.
I have an idea, but I have to get home to do it.
We may need help.



Qanon is a US military psychological warfare operation being run by Special Operations Command from MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

It's unlikely that "Qanon" is a single US military employee. It's more likely that it's a group of US military personnel, all highly trained in psychological warfare techniques.

How do we prove that?
Ask Bap?
I wish I was on some type of 'Discord Server' with you. Isn't there Telegraph?

We can't. The CIA and Pentagon aren't so incompetent as to make documentary evidence of this publicly available. But you can figure it out for yourself if you observe things for a long enough period of time (as I have, since 2002) and have good pattern recognition skills (which I also have).

Whatever you do, stay away from Discord. It's nothing more than a US military intelligence front (and by extension, an ADL/SPLC/Antifascist front as well).

if you actually believe that shit you're the one with room temperature IQ

user is right

t. Bathrooms & Bathtubs

This board always has been and always will be NatSoc. If you don't like that go back to Reddit you stupid fucking boomers lolbergs and nonwhites. Fuck off. We don't want you.

Found the boomer

Great thread, OP. It had to be said.
I came to 8/pol/ during the Gamergate shit because I was tired of one too many unjust and bullshitty bans. I came to 8/pol/ to escape the cuckoldry of Moot… But then again everyone had the same idea and so after the exodus things slowly but surely gained popularity, Fullchan was name dropped alongside Halfchan by the media and is now constantly being referenced in the media to mainstream it further…
So it is only predictable and inevitable that more people come in bringing Leddit tier garbage with them.
If we could magically make things work the way we want it, we would have not an echochamber with the same faggots and the same opinions and takes being thrown at each other, but we would open discussion based on quality and not just qanon tier conspirashits… Don't get me wrong, Zig Forums has always loved their conspiracies and part of the fun was mocking and/or digging into shit and uncovering the whacky shit that to a normalfag would be nothing more than mind boggling senseless garbage. But to us, we have the autistic ability to do great things when enough people get the idea to do something.
But it's not just about that. Zig Forums always meant something to me, to everyone it might mean something a bit different. Having been shat on and in a way forced to move to an alternative platform, I noticed that the quality of threads on 8/pol/ was far superior than on cuckchan. I almost couldn't believe it at first. Halfchan was miles away from me then, I never went back.
Now we've stagnated for far too long, the quality here isn't much better than on halfchan, and we were fucked over by retarded niggermods who made stupid word filters (word filters were supposed to be funny inside jokes and also served to catch the people who weren't familiar to the site out, but the faggots who had control here before messed even that up.)
What happened to "lurk moar faggot"?

Qanon is the most LARPy shit since the September threads (which seem to be a reoccurring theme every year now) and much like every blatant conspiracy it is based entirely on the fact that some people take everything they see seriously here. Sure, the (((mainstream media))) is far from trustworthy, but to take a purely anonymous and unaccredited namefag who claims to have insider information is about as stupid as when you believed that kid in school had secret underground base in his back garden or that his dad worked for Nintendo…
If there was someone with such inside information as to know exactly when, where, how and why every false flag and happening is going to occur why e fuck would he post it here on a Filipino catfish discussion blog? This place is hardly opsec central and while I would like to think it was better than Halfchan's security when Cripplekike was constantly interacting with people and letting people know what was going on behind the scenes… That went quiet ages ago, I wouldn't be surprised that Cripplekike is dead now, poor little bastard.

Also I noticed the most dramatic increase of all this faggotry and shilling more recently after the happenings in Charlottesville and other Alt Right events. There's a reason why a lot of people here despise the Alt Right (the ones who aren't just butthurt leftyshills at least), whatever you may think of them and whether or not you believe they are useful or even a genuine movement… After all this Alt Right shit, after Hillary namedropped it, after it became popular due to the Trump Campaign, after the great awakening of normies everywhere… Things changed, things will never be as they was, I hate to say it but Zig Forums has lost its way, it's become too big for its own good, people are dragging it into stupid dramas and many people who should still think it's an obscure and elusive boogeyman of the internet regularly shitpost here now.

Moot… Now there's a name you never hear about these days and you don't even have to be a fucking oldfag to know it, just goes to show how things have changed. I don't consider myself an oldfag but we're all oldfags in the eyes of faggots from Reddit
Forgive my shitty rambling and terrible blogpost formatting. Just had to rant.

Seriously niggers, big mistake. Not only have they reserved the right to use, sell and give out all the information they have on you, they have been outright giving it to people who want us all dead to dox and fuck over people. Yes I know, it hit 'Alt Right' fags and people trying to do IRL shit the hardest because they have shit tier opsec and were lulled into a false sense of security over how fast things were moving but NEVER underestimate the Jew and their utter contempt for internet natzhees.