(((American Medical Association))) Endorses Gun Control

AMA delegates voted to adopt several of nearly a dozen gun-related proposals presented by doctor groups that are part of the AMA's membership. They agreed to:

Support any bans on the purchase or possession of guns and ammunition by people under 21.

Back laws that would require licensing and safety courses for gun owners and registration of all firearms.

Press for legislation that would allow relatives of suicidal people or those who have threatened imminent violence to seek court-ordered removal of guns from the home.

Encourage better training for physicians in how to recognize patients at risk for suicide.
Push to eliminate loopholes in laws preventing the purchase or possession of guns by people found guilty of domestic violence, including expanding such measures to cover convicted stalkers.


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Well lads it's over. Soon (((they))) will make owning funs a mental disorder.

Reminder that the AMA along with the Sackler family pushed for the zealous use of opioids, causing more death then gun crime.
They want you un-armed.
They want you dead.

The final test is coming for the mutts.
We shall see if they would actually fight when gun ownership is declared a mental disorder

If not, then they should be happy. They died for this after all!

I have some skepticism about the whole gun control deal. Yeah, there are proponents of it in the American government, and yes, gun control is crazy in Europe and other western countries.

However, how the fuck do you think they would pull this off? How would they stop people from making their own guns? Wasn't the idea for the ZOG to let the burgerfats keep their guns, while also keeping them just happy enough to stay enslaved? idk, but answers would be appreciated.

labor camps for commies when?

"guilty of domestic violence and stalkers"
So not only can some bitch claim that you "assaulted her" (with no proof, especially since "domestic violence" can be "emotional" in nature according to shitty laws) and a judge can/ will take away your gun rights WITHOUT A TRIAL, but they want it to be that just LOOKING at some whore the wrong way can get your rights taken away.
Oh, and feeling a little depressed? Maybe some PTSD because a veteran? BAM no rights.

Civil war 2 when??
Second amendment activation day when?
"Oh how we burned in the camps later"
We must not be disarmed.

JAMA has been publishing pozzed shit for a long time. Arrogant kikes are going to regret politicizing medicine.

You all know what to do.
Don't get caught.
Keep everything vague.
Don't answer questions.

dead ama officials can't carry through with this nonsense

archive to yahoo article covering same topic

This. Doctors aren't your friends. Being too candid will at the least fuck up your insurance rates, worst case is becoming a prohibited person for weapon purchases.

This is how they plan on doing it in for the most part. And the narrative with anyone that objects will be
Except this will be reliant on any report. As someone who had an ex parte restraining order put on them by people I didn't know (estranged family that popped up after a death and wanted a slice of a pie that wasn't theirs) I can tell you how quick it happens. Over night. From one person, a jilted ex-lover or a family member that wants your shit or a neighbor that doesn't care for you, anywhere at any time. They can make shit up without your knowledge, get emergency orders without your knowledge, and before you know it your rights and funs are gone. They don't even have to pay anything. Police show up, confiscate everything and you don't get it back. Clear your name? Good luck getting the shit back though. And they want to make it EASIER to do that.
And the funny thing is that people that own guns, wouldn't hurt a fly, etc. think that it will never happen to them because it is designed for 'dangerous' people. It isn't, it is designed to broadly label anyone dangerous at any time by anyone.
Like I said, estranged family I had never met and got wind that my father died and that there might be money. The only thing they needed to know was my name. No address (the police find that for them) no birthdate, just a name and an opportunity.
And (((they))) want to make that easier.

They don't have to; simply ban, or make prohibitive, the sale of ammuntion.
While black powder isn't that hard to produce on one's own, primers and casings are whole other story.

Not only that, it will be ex parte, meaning you won't have a clue until the sheriff's deputies are knocking at your door, before you have chance to even think about taking that boat trip.

Could this be part of the reason #metoo is getting pushed so hard: the normalization of fem-Kafkatrapping?

And how is the weather at Quantico, today?

I had a buddy who had an psycho ex file domestic abuse charges against him, even though they hadn't been living together for months.
Got the call one day to hurry over (I was living a few blocks away) and managed to stow his guns at my place until after he cleared up that mess (and it took quite a while.)
And, despite the cunt actually recanting on record, the DA took it out of her hands and ran with it.
Bloodthirsty bastards…

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You have to be a hermit. It isn't just doctors. People don't even need to know you own guns. The current paperwork for fucking over people has a question with 3 options:
Check any of the boxes, it doesn't matter because a knock with a warrant to confiscate anything deemed a weapon comes while you are mowing your lawn or eating your tendies without any iota of an idea that you have a target on your ass. No "may I come in?". A simple "here is a warrant that has been electronically signed in mass by a judge". No arrest, no charges. Serve you notice, immediately search and seize everything in the matter of minutes and leave.
"reason to believe you are lying so you are going to be detained until we thoroughly search the entire property"
Which entails
If you had every "legal right" to destroy a person's home/car/boat everything to find something and wanted to be a flaming dick in the process, what would you do? Now apply that to multiple people with different ideas of how to fuck you over, give them a crowbar and a knife and say "take all day" you won't have to clean up, nor pay for it in the end.
A simple search for something you may or may not have turns in to a 3 or 4 man demo crew while you sit handcuffed watching everything you own get purposefully destroyed.
The standard mechanic of a simple hinge becomes lost, because any door that is easily ripped off or broken will be.
Good luck, this happens to a ton of people. Stories surface far less than it happens, mostly because people don't give a shit until it happens to them. Others because the person spent years so endlessly wrapped up in whatever legal tape attached that they barely have a moment to shit, let alone tell their stories.
And with every
The number of people that are about to see how easy and quick it becomes a (you) grows.
Going to end the rant there.

Your friend was lucky to have you user, and lucky to have any warning. I had pulled up in my driveway with my wife and kids to find an officer standing at my house. Thought maybe it was due to some tweakers that lived across the street. Instead, I was served with restraining order paperwork and the knowledge I had a S&W .357 and a Mossberg. Cop was polite, overly polite to be honest, but there wasn't an option. It was "I am going to have to come in and confiscate all firearms from the residence. This isn't debatable and I don't want to have to arrest you in front of your kids." He came in, shot the shit about the people that got the emergency restraining order, told me that it is sad shit like this happens and it happens more than people know. Left with my shit and a week later got it dismissed. Didn't have anyone near by to take my funs instead, because my old man died. Those funs were permanently gone though. Took my paintball guns too. But it is that simple and quick, people just don't realize it.

Reading this thread just get me smug about the freedumz mutts. Petty? Yes. But deliciously satisfying.
Remember you fought for this!

And don't forget, they label every other little white boy autistic in school, which is also in that handy dandy (((book))).
In 10 years time school records for when people were 6 years old will exempt them from owning a firearm.

He was also lucky that he was knowledgeable of and understood the law, in that respect, and that we lived in a state that didn't have gun registration.
To you other anons with problematic women in your lives, take note: it's better to have a buddy/family member hold on to one or more so not all your eggs are in one basket (also, don't leave ammo for a held gun at your residence if no other of that caliber is present, dingus.)

Interesting, if not disturbing.
Was this in a registration state?
Otherwise, hearsay is now admissible in a court of law?

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Hearsay on the .357, but registration state. .357 was the old man's but gave it to me a year before he passed. The estranged family got access to his house without my knowledge and found a couple of boxes of .357 and .38 along with a holster that I had not gotten around to grabbing. Officer wasn't aware of brand of revolver, but they had checked yes to owning a gun and described it, so he was expecting it.

What state is that

Daily reminder to train every day you can.

Daily reminder that if the police suspect you, youve already lost your life. You are already dead.

Daily reminder to research covert tactics, movie make up and get to know your neighbors really well. Make sure theyre willing to die for what youre willing to die for.

Daily reminder to plant false burals in your property to against ground penetrating radar.

Daily reminder to be an active member of the RF community, get your ham radio license and be well versed in circuit design so that you can build radios in case of emergency.

Fire all rounds that you purchase and reload them. Never purchase new rounds unless necessary.

Daily reminder that AR-15s have very narrow uses and that bullpup semi automatic rifles are more versitile. If you want distance, buy an R700.

Sorry to hear that.

I hear this story way too often, and every time it rustles my jimmies.
Even with an executor and will, it seems like the people that were rightfully booted from someone's life feel completely entitled to come in and help themselves.
It happened with my grandparents' passing and my mom's best friend's cunt, coalburning sister, so I understand.

This is all paranoid garbage.

This meme makes me burn with autistic rage.

But whats the connection between Rachel Maddow and the elites?

Nigger, are you even a fucking gun owner? Have you been to the range?

Self defense situations happen usually in 10 feet or less. The AR-15 is accurate out to 600 yards (with a competent shooter).

Lurk for 20 years and never post again

I know shes a dumb kike talking head, but I never saw her in any investigation thread so I was just curious. ;-; plz no hate

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It is a mandate across the US that if you are a doctor and you suspect child abuse you must report it. If not, you will face penalties. It is illegal if you have a suspicion and fail to report the family to child services for investigation. HIPAA does not matter in this instance.

Now for pediatric evaluations there are questions like
There are other questions such as

Now, there is something called EMR (electronic medical records). To comply with government insurance (mainly medicare) you must document weight, height, smoking, and many other variables. If you do not do this your payments can be penalized by 10-15%.

It is within reason that in the future (if not already) the doctor will need to document whether the patient or patient's parents have a gun. But by extension, not only the documentation, but add on a medical evaluation of gun ownership and if the patient has patriotic tendencies. It is possible that in the future you can label a patient as increased risk for domestic terrorism. Here is the outcomes of this plan, especially if Hillary was president.
1. Have a list of all patients that have a gun, and those that have patriotic tendencies (political dysphoria, whatever you want to call it).
2. Have the medical community police their patients and counsel them about gun control, just like smoking.
3. Have a mandate that the medical community MUST report to the state if they feel that a gun owner may be at risk to themselves or others.

Many of this has not happened yet, especially no. 3, but many of it is already occuring.

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Fuck off shill. This is enough paranoia to keep you save

fuck the fbi crap, once again dead ama officials can't plot against you

Commiefornia. Sadly moved here and changed employment because of my dad's failing health. Since this happened have met other people in many different states that have had to deal with similar situations though. Shortly worked with groups focused on restraining order reforms, but nothing ever pans out because a majority of people think they are essential and never wrong. Hard to convince or enlighten people that they are a warning of what is to come. A lot of these laws they try to get passed will mirror the same techniques, but with less work on the judge and complaining parties.
People also have a hard time imagining just how much power a person has over your guns (amongst other things) and how many people are able to abuse it. I have met people that have had the usual suspects do it (family, friends and ex-girlfriends/ex-wives) but have met quite a few where it was a neighbor that was nosey or had a property issue, met one where it was a nurse at a hospital that didn't like his comments (he was an old guy that didn't filter himself. Respected that), their kid's teacher was a couple of them.
Now, these were just protective orders. Laws that make it to where vindictive or nosey people can just call the police and say "user is suicidal" will multiply this even worse. What we have is already heavily abused.

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As an aside, this is something that women would fully support. I know this because recently I have seen them stand up and logically miss the global dangers of this issue. If you are a woman reading this, get your gender in order. The women doctors are the ones who have the smug superiority that add fuel to this progressive fire. They cannot look past the "look at the lives, guns are dangerous" and see the control which is happening. I say this because I have seen it MULTIPLE times recently. Their emotion and lack of logic is extremely dangerous in parroting proposals like the AMA.

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I know this is just part 1, but how is this even going to work if most people in say, the Midwest, are gun supporters including the doctors?

Thank you for fighting the good fight.
Doing God's work…

Why do you think they're importing so many shitskins and giving them absolute preferential treatment over Whites in medical schools?
Socio-ethnic homogeneity and social cohesion are among the biggest threats to their agenda.

put simply, most of the hospitals in the middle of bumfuck nowhere are tiny, they aren't like Barne's Jewish or any of the Catholic ones that keep on expanding into our parks and neighborhoods.

>Well lads it's over. Soon (((they))) will make owning funs a mental disorder.
First they'll make being conservative or conservative talking points a disorder. Then they'll take your guns.
"If you don't accept niggers in your area theres something wrong with you goy!"

Why do autists have no clue about guns?

Waited too long. You will long wish for the days when your k/d ratios had a chance.

Enjoy bumping your rifle against a wall when trying to clear a room

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Now there is a huge push for minorities in medicine, with a deemphasis on testing and knowledge. We are seeing an active soft affirmative action as more minorities achieve positions in admissions as delegates with the AMA. See archive 1. The testing is changing as well. Some are attempting to switch from an English based autobiographical essay (something that tests your elucidation and communication) to a multiple mini interview (something that resides your answers to hypothetical social justice scenarios). In MMI they will ask you questions like,

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but does this mean less jews in the medical field?

America is turning into Brazil

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Checked user, women (as has been stated by other anons) are the niggers of gender, and goddamn, if we don't get them straightened out, they'll support our downfall.

It's not meant to be an overnight transition. Change the doctors…

Decrease emphasis on testing, no quotas, just as many minorities as possible - archive.is/qW4Zw

…and then mandate the information to be recorded. EMR follows a standardized database. If you look at EMR it isn't for patient care, it is for epidemiological study and control. Even if the doctors don't support it in the Midwest or the South, the data would still be recorded. The databases are today, the mandate was supposed to be in five or 10 years.

My question to you would be, when was gun control going to finish? This was a effort to have an outcome occur far in the future, after the sociological change had begun to tip. Government control of medicine was designed to drive out the quality doctors and replace them with that's right minorities. It helps on two fronts. One medicine sucks and people die so the population calls for government healthcare modeled off of Canada or the EU. Two, quality logical doctors are fed up, leave, and the Brown Jones who agrees with gun control overtakes the current docs in the Midwest.

There is a shitload of jews that are doctors, and they are usually the ones that get caught scamming the government by charging for procedures and services that they did not perform. They are on all the boards of admission and in the academic institutions. So medicine becomes Harvard and Brazil mixed into one.

It's not that bad right now, but it had (has?) the potential to go that way. I don't know what will happen. I like Trump, but also touchingawall.bmp

Geez, so the gun control movement (even as unpopular as it is) is designed to gain ground over a long time? I guess that makes sense, but the anti gun people are so unpopular here already that I wouldn't know how far they could get without backlash. People thought the guns would be taken away under Obama, but I guess they weren't expecting it to be such a subversive movement.

This means more pajeets and spics for spanish speaking patients, or at least that is the excuse they use.

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(((they))) will do anything to take away your ability to defend yourself. Their genocide is going to slowly and they want to speed up up so Soros can laugh before he goes to his darklord.

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but what if our hospitals need more witch doctors and traditional tribal dances and healing magic crystal woo?

2/4 fox co here in from '04 -'08 clearing with our m16a4's was never a problem. not once

In medical school there is no class on nutrition. There is nothing they teach you about how food follows disease. Simple idea would be soda=obesity. There is however, mandatory classes on culture. So you are supposed to approach and console a patient that believes in voodoo with a voodoo mindset. Or at the least, work your medicine in along with voodoo. You have to listen them out, and you aren't supposed to offend them when they talk about the evil spirits in their inflammed knee bursa. They are pushing tolerance, or as we know it, cultural marxism.

What is this, call of duty? Remington is bankrupt anyways fuck them. The AR15 is an incredibly useful and universally supported rifle. Have fun with your idiotic hunting caliber if a real revolution or civil unrest situation happens. What caliber do you want your guns in? Maybe the calibers the police and military and NATO use?

no class on nutrition?

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People give doctors unnecessary critcism. Some deserve it (some will push you a pill) but most genuinely want to help. There is no class on nutrition and nothing on preventative medicine. A lot of it is
Then you have the docs that wanted to help (maybe talk about nutrition with pts), but they are burnt out before the finish residency because they worked the county hospital and you've got John Doe who's septic with bacterial endocarditis because he left the hospital with an IV and is crushing up his methadone in his mouth and pushing it into his tube. He is inoculating himself with his oral bacteria. So it's hard to fit nutrition in with those patients.

But yeah, they need a nutrition class and preventative med class.

As a southern white brazilian, this is depressing, the same destruction of liberties and socialist progressivism who has destroyed this once great nation is happening in America.
The problem is the people don't realize or care, my Boomer parents keep ignoring reality and vomiting garbage neoconservative shit, despite handing niggers who flooded public schools here.
The brainwash is real, you can't go against the programming.
There's no point going to med school and fleeing this shit hole if every country sfuliwis now 1984 Jewish hellhole right?.


There's really only one thing at all to be said about guns now and if you miss this, well you'll miss it entirely: USE EM' OR LOSE EM'.

There is nowhere to run.
All real Whites must unite against the ongoing genocide of White people.
White nationalism is the only solution.

Isn't this the same organization that recommends that male infants be circumcised? The only medical association in the developed world to do so if I recall correctly,

You do recall correctly.

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Now what the fuck are you talking about? I could buy everything else with a grain of salt, but this horseshit isn't getting past my bullshit detector.

for fuck's sake it's

Only an individual can determine what he should do.

They also endorse that all people live in ranch-style houses, so you eliminate the possibility of falling down the stairs…

So what?