What does Zig Forums think of Asian Americans or other Asian people living in western countries?

What does Zig Forums think of Asian Americans or other Asian people living in western countries?

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The same as any other race – I don’t care though I’ve always wanted an Asian wife so the more the better


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Couldn't care less. As long as they are left wing, they are ok in my book.

This. Azn qt 3.14 for everyone.

As long as they leave their Confucian spooks behind them.

I'll take Shit Nobody Cares About for 400, Alex.

Fun fact: the stereotype of smart Asians is a result of immigration to the West preferring educated people with good employment prospects. Asians aren't actually smarter or dumber on average, but Asian-Americans are because they were selected from smart Asians.

hmm…Is that so?
I've always thought it had to do with their workaholic and heavily competitive cultures that ends up meaning that their children are going to Harvard or their children are going to Harvard.
But good to know that all those people from rail-workers and restaurant chefs to hair-dresses actually did receive a lot of education.

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By the way, black immigrants to america and their children outperform white people, and the gap between black immigrants and 'african americans' (surely it would make more sense to call black immigrants this) is quite staggering. You can't tell them apart by appearance, whatever racism they face is the same, besides the self-selection of immigration their genes are the same, many of the caribbean immigrants are of slave origin, etc. and yet black immigrant culture is somehow super healthy compared to 'african americans'. Everybody is suprised just how many of the successful black american are of immigrant background.

Nope. Most of the surviving Chinese railroad workers went home. The Chinese people in the U.S. now are often the children of imported specialists or the silver spoon-fed sons of rich fucks in China. Check out an ESL class at university some time to see what kind of Chinese immigrants the U.S. is actually getting. Just be careful not to scratch their Ferraris in the parking lot.

eg. Barack Obama

Ok, so the only asian people in america are those in your college/university, got it. That saddens me a little because I was planning to visit one of those chinktowns or whatever it is called but those ain't real anymore because most asians not in college went back home decades ago already.

A lot of them are Vietnamese, Korean, and Filippinos. Small communities of Chinese stayed behind, and if you will notice they still live in the same poor neighborhoods. You talk about "Asians" as if they were some kind of coherent group, but the poor Vietnamese have a profoundly different experience in the United States than the recently-arrived young Chinese do. People who go to America poor have poor children, and the people who go there rich have children who drive Italian sports cars.

The poor Chinese did, for the most part. Read a history book about 19th century Chinese immigration.

I just want to cuddle a cute azn waifu.

No one is surprised, stop bragging Mobutu.

They are nice.
They also live up to the stereotypes. the ethnic chinese bloke who went with us on exchange to china has parents who own 2 chinese restaurants and a snackbar. And he is a lightweight.

I like asians as a cultural group, its just that sinosphere cultures are super focussed on tests and bullshit like that, rather than actual performance and ability, which is saddening.

But let me dispell some myths about the "self made asian" that some of you spooked fuckers seem to have.

Of the two chinese guys in the group that I went with, both parents already were "well to do" in their geographical area. One guys "dad" was the guy from the village who went to university paid for by the village, then migrated to our country and adopted a son out of every family of his village. The other guys parents were also not dirt poor, they had starting capital and support to set up their restaurant.

I hear that Chinese businessmen are buying out the Caribbean islands by the parcel.

Zig Forums approves.
They are all college students and all of them are nice and rich.

That "obsession with test scores" and workaholicism is akin to the Puritan work ethic.
Although, unlike Puritans, Asians are not anti-science/anti-fun.

much better than groids. also easier to convert to Communism or Gommunist thinking. the great leap forward is whites with pajeets and east asians. it just works.


I would think that this was bait if not for twentieth century maoists sounding exactly like this.

They're not all super-rich and many are from the Caribbean.

Ahem, excuse-me. This is the thread for generalization of multiple people.
They are all sons and daughters of rich dictators from the Caribbean (yes, there's lot's of dictatorships in the Caribbean region) and all of them outperform everybody else in all metrics.

Oh, right

Are they porkies? Incinerate them

Are they proles? Give them a flamethrower

Maoism didn't exist until the 20th century, ballpeen

And they're mostly right about what I said too

A lot people here remind my why mainland Chinese mock western liberals by calling them Baizuo. If you read the comments on the Chinese Q&A site called Zhihu you will see many of them accuse liberals as being the true racists, and white supremacists. Many say White liberals condescend to minorities where deep down they feel racially superior, and are racist through soft bigotry of low expectations. When they are challenged by Asians though, these liberals become unruly, and try to fight it as best they can. If you don't believe me check it out. You will see the topic of white supremacy, and hypocritical racists come up quite a but.

I don't like reactionaries at all either.