The Sacrifice

Jesus was sacrificed by his father for sins, who he called "Lord" = Moloch. Moloch means Lord.

His mother was raped as a virgin. And it was all per-ordained. And this is the secret to the elite's political traditions of esoteric Christianity.

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You're fucking retarded if you even think Jesus existed.


Traditional REAL/pol/ always discussed religion and allowed for battles of political-social opinions. It's not a fake thread, it's real/poll. And it's part of Zig Forums's heritage to discuss these topics.

This only stopped because of Imkikey and his crew of JIDF.

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Doesn't matter. It's part of our collective myth that shapes society.


you atheist really can't resist debating religion,
yes your fat, gross, or a soy boy with greasy long hair. laugh everytime

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So does "Baal". Makes you think.

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If Jesus was real, or a real meme at the time, maybe it was to unite all these cults into a more moral one.

‘Look at this glutton and drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and of sinners!’

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retard, christ was killed by the jews. your logic fucking sucks cocks and so do you OP.

And their responsible for it to this day.

The synagogue of satan worships satan and his generals even today.

Jesus willingly gave his life as a replacement for the sins (((You))) commit daily. Even satan bows to the Lord, since he's just a fallen angel.
Repent reprobate.


The most important aspect of Jesus is the resurrection. He defeated death (the resurrection is the physical display of the victory), and through that action re-established our ability to know our Creator (and this is how death was really defeated; we are no longer damned with the curse of Adam, that is being cut off from God - and thus we can be eternal). This is what fascinated our ancestors, they did not perceive Him as many do today but as a conqueror who broke those chains which shackled humanity. Today we are soft and blind, unable to comprehend those innate struggles we have always faced - in fact in many cases we have fetishised them.

Back to reddit with you faggot.

The "sacrifice" is a jewish trick designed to fool you into believing you owe something. "Jesus dies for your sins," implies that you owe or need to honor that sacrifice. Therefore the jewish trap of debt is encapsulated in christianity.

Christcucks are hopelessly programmed to facilitate the debt and lender slave mentality. The ones on Zig Forums are especially deluded as they believe they're redpilled on jews but still are as owned by jews as any bluepilled person. This post here is a perfect example:

Zig Forums allowed for religious threads before and after imkikey's crew was ousted. Your attempt to rewrite history and imply your thread has merit is a lie.

It was pre-ordained. Read your (((bible))) moron!

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You were high when you came up with this, right? Then decided to go troll int on the chans and see who licks it?

So why wasn't Jesus a burnt offering?

Mind blown!

mods have been deleting them.

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You (((christians))) really can't handle people discussing your beliefs critically.

That's a good question but how could he rise after being burned, and it doesn't negate the fact that sacrifice of the child to the "Lord" (comes in many forms. He was killed under Roman laws for one.

He was the lamb to be slaughtered and it was per-ordained.

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D&C against white culture. Nothing to do with politics. Reported for sliding.


That's not very Christian of you.

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I almost want to applaud this level of mental gymnastics, it's impressive

That's your inner-voice who knows the truth when it hears it.

It's plausible that he was a real person whose story was massively embellished. Or maybe he was multiple real people whose stories were combined and embellished.

That makes sense to a Moloch worshiper I'm sure. But being damned for some guy's actions who lived in 5000BC? Cut off from God when the majority of the Bible happens before the Gospels? And what about all the other Aryan peoples, or other peoples on earth, or animals? They're all "cutt off" because of Adam, and Jesus needing to be sacrificed to death?

It's madness.

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Q tier
Someone tell the nut house they are leaking patients.

You misunderstand. The 'curse' was that we would die, that we would toil and struggle for our survival, that life would take and take from us until we fell and became naught but dust. Jesus conquered death; death afflicted all of us, but with Christ's resurrection we were no longer shackled by it.

My theory is that joseph was a cuck, jesus a bastard and mary a liar.

Good job outting yourself you retarded kike.

Oy vey.

Well jews are just the next level down of supersticious stuff.
Just some people copypasting other older religions and selling it off as something new.

It's all a scam.

Correct: non-semites were created by other gods, and are not affected by the original sin.

This is the dumbest thing I've read all year. Anyone that responds seriously to what is now a dubs thread deserves the six hour non-argument with Freech they get.

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Jesus got what he deserved for being a traitorous seditionist jew

Commune with dead kikes isn't ok

You don't need a theory. He verifiably didn't exist. He was an invention of Saul of Tarsus which explains why many of his details of the jesus story do not match up with the books in the new testament. Saul's letters are physically proven to predate the books. The jesus story itself is a composite of plagiarized myths and the only parts that make it unique are jew-virtues, like jesus being a fag enabler.

Historians from that era that comment on christians never comment directly on jesus, and view the (((early christians))) as strange - keep in mind there were other messiah cults from that era. However there are two that do comment directly on jesus, and yet they are the most damning. A jewish historian, and a non-jew historian who was on staff with the early days of the christian cult who cites that jewish historian as his only source - so really just one. Both of these historians are known by later historians to be verifiable frauds because their "information" is unreliable and contradictory.

The purpose of the story was to use religion as a tool against rome. In the end the jews used their converts as agents and ended up infiltrating roman politics. This inevitably led to its downfall.

Checked dub dubs
It's sad , my boomer parents are hooked - hook like and sinker into the mormon cult

So we can do what you say and split our community and national socialism down the middle and turn into impotent idiots babbling over religion while the world burns or you can just fuck off to /fringe/ and worship satan or the big alien or whatever you faggots do.

National Socialism also attempted to extirpate christianity from the german volk, what do you think kirchenkampf was?

That still happens.

Then he really is Moloch.

He lived in THAT area and was sacrificed by his "father". Very Podesta

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Look at all these jews, faggots, saracens and pseudo-jews (aka atheists) who are still butthurt about how Christians wrecked their everything, and who are now even more butthurt because Christians are starting to wreck their everything all over again with our Brexit, Trump presidency, removal of saracen dens in Austria, burning down of "refugee" centres in Sweden, sinking of "refugee" boats in Greece and setting up of deportation (concentration) camps in Italy.

Your time is up faggots. The white man has already woken up. Keep telling yourselves that Christendom sleeps if you like, but justice is coming back to the West. Soon you will all be dead. Deus vult.

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Drink his blood!

Eat his flesh!

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Never ever ever in a billion eons user
That shit is fucked and so is skippy

Christians taking credit again for what whites did.

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So if we throw you into an oven you won't die?

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That my children, is how it's done.

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Checked quads

I'm from here, unlike you, quite obviously.

The NSDAP tried to gently eradicate Christianity, retard. It's the second biggest hindrance to national socialism past kikes.

Gore thread when?

Nope. I don't give a shit. If you're trying to divide us then you are poison. Look at this nifty thing I found. Apparently a bundle of sticks is much harder to break than individual sticks.

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The reward for most butthurt probably still goes to the altarboys.

The entire world considers whites and Christians to be the same thing. Only a leftist faggot would hate his cultural heritage; only a jew would go out of its way to attack Christians and try to start a d&c war.

Pay attention brother. We already were put into an oven of sorts. For the last century we have been attacked over and over again, they have sought to utterly annihilate us. Our people have been set on fire and they thought we would wither and die; but when you put the flame on the white man; you do not destroy him, you purify him. They have purged the weakness from us; all the leftists, all the faggots, all the foreigner-lovers, all the atheists, the hedonists, the white knights, the betas and the effeminate. We are purified.

And now that we are pure, we shall set about purifying our world.

That's pagan symbolism you filthy larper!

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Depends on the stick.

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Under that logic Communism is our cultural heritage too.

Jews make all the Christcuck movies and only hate the slave morality meme for their own. It's how they control you.

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kek. I like easter eggs and hate Jew worship churches.

Did you see Mel's interview? He said Jews gave us Jesus and Jesus was a Jew.

He loves Jews. Jews just don't like ever being called out ever, for anything, ever.

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That might be in line with the creation stories of the old testament/torah. If I'm not mistaken it describes two creation stories, one where god creates the heaven and earth and people are created from dust along with it (the goyim), and the other one with the garden of eden where people are tailor made by god, and then go on to be god's chosen. Such thinking would be in line with other judaic mythology, for example in some part of the torah I believe it mentions several other gods of the region as demons.

I don't know exactly what they're named in the torah but in the bible version I believe it mentions 3 chief demons. You've got Astaroth, which is a later version of the name Astarte, which before that was Ishtar and earlier still was Inanna, a Sumerian goddess. If I'm not mistaken her symbol is a star.
Then we have Baal which we know later became Baal'Allah and later Allah, whose symbol is the crescent moon.
Finally we have Lucifer named as a demon, who is typically symbolized by the sun or a star. I don't know exactly what the history of this is, but I could imagine it having to do with some kind of sun worship religion.

This demonizing of other religions in the region would make sense, since the core of the jewish religion is that the jews are the chosen people of god. This would be a difficult claim if there were a bunch of other gods around who hadn't chosen them, so the solution becomes that the other gods are actually demons instead. This would be in line with current jewish thinking as well, where anything that isn't theirs or for them is inherently bad or evil. I guess some things never change.

OG sin!

Drink his blood

Eat his flesh

t. Moloch

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OG sin!

Drink his blood

Eat his flesh

t. Moloch

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every major christian organization is pro-refugee, pro-immigrant, and pro-one-world-government. Every single variant of Christianity. Reps for the Catholic Church have been recorded saying that they have to replace their congregations with based spics because europeans just won't come to church anymore. Get fucked you faggot. Europeans are awesome because they are Europeans. Christianity was always just along for the ride or getting in the way of real progress. When the German held elections guess who massively voted against the national socialist party? Catholics. Why? Because Catholics will always sell out their countrymen for the sake of god's chosen people.

34Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35For I have come to turn ‘A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. 36A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.

Wow, Jesus came to destabilize families! GREAT job Jesus! THANKS! I fucking hate christians more every single day. You people will say absolutely anything to avoid being wrong. You are disgusting.

Lucifer was just Venus in the morning.

Christcucks started using the meme after the monks called Luciferians pissed off the Pope for their charity work. Jesus was called the "morning star" from a bad Greek translation of "shining star".

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How the hell can you compare Communism to Christianity? Western Civilisation is based upon Ancient Rome and what grew out of it; the glue that bound the Spanish, English, Italians, French, Austrians, Poles, Hungarians, and so on; together was Christianity. It is difficult to perceive Europe in any capacity other than a Christian union, wracked with in-fighting sure, but united by a common faith. Where the faith ended, the borders of Western Civilisation ended.

Communism briefly featured in the history of a few Eastern European states and Russia. What it actually did was fracture Europe and re-draw the border, no longer at where Christendom ended; but where Communism began. It is in no way our cultural heritage.

But you're just trying to keep bumping the thread because you think you can exploit common D&C fracture points. Be you traitor or kike; your time is running out.

The Old Testament does in fact address where the different races of man came from, as well as stating that God made all the nations to be unique and separate. Your post is just pure cancer.

Oh you mean those organisations that actual Christians have been calling the whore of Babylon for literal centuries? And I am well aware that Jews hate Christians. You are filth. You are serpents. You are going to be burned in an oven (Malachi 4:1).

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Mods here are as bad as Imkikey at this point. I bet he wasn't even fired

Mods here are as bad as Imkikey at this point. I bet he wasn't even fired

Mods here are as bad as Imkikey at this point. I bet he wasn't even fired

Mods here are as bad as Imkikey at this point. I bet he wasn't even fired

Mods here are as bad as Imkikey at this point. I bet he wasn't even fired

Mods here are as bad as Imkikey at this point. I bet he wasn't even fired

Mods here are as bad as Imkikey at this point. I bet he wasn't even fired

Mods here are as bad as Imkikey at this point. I bet he wasn't even fired

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You mean Ziusudra's ark?

Don't quote scripture at me you faggot. Who do you think prints your holy books? THE FUCKING CHURCHES PAY FOR IT AND THE PRINTERS ARE ALL OWNED BY JEWS. Who do you think chose what would be included or excluded from the Bible? THE CHURCH. Holy shit you are fucking retarded. There are no "actual based Christians." There were only ever decent Europeans who happened to be wrong about their choice of belief systems. Is that really so hard for you to understand? Do you really think that if we drop one of our three favorite desert religions that Europeans will suddenly be worse off? Or lose their identities? I can tell you one thing. Whatever I accomplish in this world, it won't be because of the grace of your rotten god. I will do it for myself.

It's 100% the exact same thing. Chistianity is spiritual communism.

They did the same shit

Nigger, your religion is what gives Jews their meme power. You're the enemy of civilization and always have been. The delusional scum who are liars and traitors

Zig Forums is a better board to discuss this

Moloch means something along the lines of 'great king'. It is a name of a false God, one associated with child sacrifice. Don't make up bullshit and present it as fact.

All miracles aside, why couldn't have such a man existed? A cult of personality is too far fetched for you? The man is a legend like King Arthur. If it is not real, then it is a generational story passed on about the ideal qualities a leader should possess.

It's a fallacy to think that just because the bible doesn't give a physical description, we cannot determine what he may have looked like, especially since we know where he is from. He more than likely had mostly middle eastern features.

I think you're trying to quote:
or in a more modern translation:
This is in reference to Romans 4:25. It's not about owing anyone anything.

Jesus always spoke in allegories. The bible stresses that. Nothing he said was literal. You cannot live without food or drink. Jesus was saying that that in following him, you will have everything you need to be fulfilled.

Lucifer is a fallen angel, not a demon.

Ever hear of Poland, One of the most staunchly Catholic countries in the world? It doesn't want muslims. Italy? Changed it's government to reject muslims and send them home. Hungary, Czechia (largely atheist, but largest religion is Christianity), and Slovakia are the same. Poland and Hungary specifically state their governments are Christian democracies (as opposed to liberal democracies) that do not want muslims in their countries.

You are misunderstanding what you've read in the bible.

Communism is about the destruction of hierarchy. Christianity requires a strict hierarchy. Being charitable is not what makes Communism evil and destructive you deluded nigger; fascists, capitalists and every other group ever has had charitable people and seen charity as a good thing.

Actually the original set up of the Church as disparate communities that would meet together as a council was pretty good. There are few people who criticise them at that point; it is after several hundred years where it becomes a political system with goals that are clearly separate from God and Christianity.

What-ever name you want to give it. The Noah story has all men alive today coming from the seed of Adam, so all your stuff about 'different gods making the different races/nations' is just nonsense.

(14) You can always tell a Jew by how he avoids actually discussing any of the points of critique (and you have brought up several in this thread) and just goes on to try to find a new angle of attack. Your shilling is beyond obvious at this point. I recommend an oven.

Adam lived how long ago?

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You would be deleted moron

God means gOdin. Moloch is Lord. Jesus used that name instead of Moses' YHWH for a readon.

That's exactly what it means and why they did it.

No, he's a pagan Roman Venus meme. You fucking illiterate.


How fucking stupid are you? You don't belong here fucking traitor Jew worshiper. Communism is all about power and hierearchy over the goy. It's non-spiritual christianity.

Communism is charitable lol!

Admitting you're a Jew

you idiots. all the ancient cults were created by fallen angels that demanded sacrifice . God knew the only way to save his creation was to concur death itself. read the book Enoch nub.

Why would that be the only way if god is all powerful? He (((promised))) not to fuck humans again but there's nothing that says he couldn't magic the bad guys into good guys. The previous creation wasn't given free will nor promises. They were winged niggers that were sometimes on fire. He could simply remove evil or is he that incapable?

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So who was he sacrificed to?

Himself apparently.

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After seeing the shit in this thread i realize why whites are fucked.
The second we left the church white bitches slammed niggers cuz tolerance.

Thank fuck we still have whites that go to church where i live. We'll be the last of them

So he sacrifices/suicides himself, to himself, under Roman law, totally different than how sacrifices to Moloch are actually performed, yet Moloch is totally ok with this, since he's really Moloch too.
Ok, got it.


Well, sort of. Think moloch would actually give of itself for others? Why wouldn't it be ok with the deception if it meant leading others to oblivion, kike and non-kike alike? For moloch, it would be a win-win situation. kikes play both sides. kek

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Jesus was depressed because of the embattled times when the Israelites followed their god, Yahweh, into battle against the Moabites who followed their god, Shamash.

Time and again the Moabite god Shamash beat the fuck out of the Israelite god, Yahweh

Video related - in 3 minutes this scholar of the scriptures tells the sordid story of Israel's deity getting BTFO by Moab's hard hitting god.

2 Kings 3:21-27 -
2 Kings 3:27 (Hebrew) -
Judges 11:31 (Hebrew) -

Thus, Rabbi Yeshua began a major nose-picking marathon along with all of the Pharisees.

I guess you could say they got Shamash'd

Christians confirmed fire proof.

(criminally underrated)

(absolutely checked)
Only one way to find out!

Meant to check these as underrated

a shit ton of shilling, ignorant atheist/ arguments (just pissing contests), this board is beyond dead.