Australian Defence Force Flies Swastika in Afghanistan

Australian Defence Force Flies Swastika in Afghanistan

I know that's how I started


From my personal sources within the ADF, it is cucked beyond recognition. Allegedly women in Afghanistan and Iraq were/are flown out every 3 days for showers while the men stick it out in the dust.
There was a white ribbon (violence against women) campaign in which tens of millions of tax payer dollars were embezzled and stolen with promises of 'help lines' that never eventuated.
The ADF is refusing to hire white men in favour of women and minorities for the same role (often direct combat).

This is barely scratching the surface of the rotten ADF and many of the straight white males within its ranks are resentful and hateful of their politicians and leadership. However, if any ADF personnel speak up they will be quietly dismissed at break neck speed.

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What is an "australian"?

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It's hard to know

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It's an obligatory nudda shoah!

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They probably shitpost on k

Another instance of controlled op. Shame. When will Soros stop?

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Oh yeah. The Australian Government is very strong on the subject of domestic violence when it concerns men hitting women. When it comes to women hitting men, not so much.
It's just a make work scheme anyway.

This is what happens when jewish sandniggers control the money supply.

Why are they digging up 12 year old shit?

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well satan, ya made this yank laugh m8

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Straya is my favorite country, everyone is a shit cunt in comparison, wish I had strayan buddies to bants with and keep everyone laughing.

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So they just magically waited 11 years to suddenly show this picture? Lmfao, reeks from about 50000000000000 miles away

never forget goy, never forget

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does your gf spank you too hard when she pegs you?

Nigger I've seen a bitch take a bat to a dude in the US of A and the dude goes to jail Strays is the same only she'll fucking glass ya.

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my sides

totally not fucking with the locals or anything, they'z really resurrectin the fo'th riech YO YEV

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right after everyone kicks up a fuss over a supposed war crime
totally not suspicious

I want to join the ADF but ASIS probably has me on file for posting here

dragging up non-issues from literally over 10 years ago. This is how neurotic our enemies are.

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This is good. Some local corporate jew i talked to thinks the israeli defense force is his last resort for the depressing economy.
He thinks its the best army in the world.
He also doesnt live in reality


the ABC is a gov organisation anyway, this is retarded

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A couple of weeks ago I was listening to this song when I realized that she, Hirosue Ryouko, was the girl that played Jean Reno's daughter in Wasabi.
I know that she's 37 nowadays, so at that moment I thought to myself "Wait, Wasabi isn't that old, how was she able to pull off the look a 20 year old girl so convincingly?". Then I realized, after looking it up, that the reasons is because she was 20 at the time, and that Wasabi is 17 fucking years old.
Time has passed us by user, and we never noticed.

I was a good goy in the USMC. We fucking love Spartan imagery.
I know a lot of countries are cucked, but the Military should project images that make their enemies afraid. They're less likely to strike first.
Para Bellum
Vae Victis

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Probably also ASIO. Also, don't forget you're being spied on by the Australian Signals Directorate, the Aussie's version of the NSA.

It gives the soldiers legends and symbols to look up to, to inspire them and to live up to. If I'm a member of the civil militia with a smiley face and crossed pool noodles as a symbol I find it hard to believe I'll fight quite as hard as I would if I were part of the 2nd Armoured "Steel Spartan" Division wearing a tank/spartan symbol. It's all about Esprit De Corps and the ADF is doing a good job of undermining that every chance they get

Why do Aussies hate lateral driving so much?

Yeah, because the last 10 years have been awful and insane. Life became like waiting for a boring shift at work to be over. Shit's on pause until you get that next paycheck. Life measured in weeks instead of seconds. So many lives put on hold because of the fucking kikes.

Looks fake. Look at how bright it is compared to the bland background.

It looks like the Sam Hyde shooter shoops.

This all has to do with this recent story about SASR potential war crimes:

For some reason, media has decided it's now time to combat toxic-masculinity (not in their own words) in the military. They'll start with pointing to war crimes, go on to talk about racism but inevitably talk about this being an issue of too many "straight, strong white men"

How clueless you need to be?

Ah yes, disarm the white population, and then not only import browns and blacks that hate whites but also give them positions of power in both the police force and the military.

I've been noticing this for a long time, internal documents from ages ago mentioned "combating anglo-saxon warrior culture", their recruitment policy certainly backs this theory. This might even be an op from within the ADF itself.


So uh. Where exactly do you buy one of these Australian flags, anyway?

If the guy was from 3RAR it's probably legit.
There was a pretty big group of hardcore right wingers that the ADF doesn't like to talk about.
Most of them got reshuffled though from what I've heard.


And poor Z-kiddos had it the worst. They never even had the chance to know what life means.

2007 was shit. 2008 was shit. 2009 was shit. 2010 was shit. Hell, every year beginning in 2 was shit. Every fucking one of 'em.

Bring it on, prove me wrong, anyone!

The user who posted a thread about money-making has his shit together. This whole thing is about forcing us to such a minimal existence that we have no spare time, or at least not the cash, to take on the kikes.

Money = hegemony

That's why Silicon Valley's beliefs rule the world right now.

Why does kike crap always get massive airtime from every damn candidate? kikes have the cash.

Every fuckup has had kike fingerprints all over it, from the ending of the gold standard, to sucking up to the UN/china/the Euro/Mexico-Canada-Nafta. Kike kike kike kike. All bad things, can we not say, have been kike all over, through and through, and in many layers?

Our oppressor the kike uses its money to harm us, over and over.

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For the record, those vehicles are commonly used by the SASR in Long Range Recon Patrols. It's highly unlikely that they're regular infantry or even commandos, both of which would be patrolling in much larger MRAPs

2 Commando also had modified Rovers in Afghan.

Sorry for double post, went and got a pic to confirm.
Could be SASR or Commandos.

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What's the antenna?

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Probably just there to protect them from wire like they back in WW2 and whatnot.

Fucking fucking fucking this. I have HATED these past 9 years. '08 was my last good one where I was happy. I just want shit to fucking kick off or get something of an ethnostate working.

This is the scary thing, they don't know what it's like to live without tech and have to be alive with the world all the time. They could just shut off with their phones when things got tough, but I never used a phone once apart from chucking like a stone out of showing off.

But who allowed it? I get pointing out kikes, but Whites were stupid to allow it. 2007 wasn't shit and other anons will tell you there has been a change since '09 when obama and co., started pushing their degeneracy and combined with the economic crash, it was major. Hellish years since then.

Still, a lot of people have seen the man behind the curtain because the Silicon Valley kikes are so fucking clumsy with the silent weapon. They'll be able to flail around for years because of all the money their parents and kike sponsors gave them, but it won't last forever.

Not too sure, I haven't had much time around the SRV's, it's all bushies and G-wagons where I am.
would just assume Radio.

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human/animals have strange ways.

The kike has always offered the following deal to wealthy members of the host country: Great terms for you, shit terms for the poor.

Consider how Dominos is repairing US roads, in cooperation with towns. Amazing. But I can tell you that when you drive in the nice parts of every town the roads are fucking great. In other words, the wealthy made this deal, though perhaps with no kikes involved - just fuck the poor. But they will take any deal the kikes offer, so long as it's cushy for them.

Hey, did you notice your local small businesses starting to recover almost as if by magic after they got the nigger out of the White House? Profits for the first time since Bush wrecked everything in 2008. Not perfect, but sure beats the fuck out of dodging collection calls.

From wire?

Asking Zig Forums:
>>>Zig Forums585701

Yes, like piano wire. They used to do that back in the day and you'd get decapitated if you drove into it and so they began putting the poles/antennas in the from of their jeeps to negate it. I imagine it's still used a cheap little tactic today since it can be hard to see and if you're not paying attention it's a pretty easy way to meet your maker.

It's the antenna circled at the back though.

Oh my bad. I thought he meant the ones on the front. I'll go drink some gas petrol since this is an Aussie thread and I must punish myself for my fuck up.

no prob

Got a picture of one of the wire things? They sound interesting.

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Here's an example of one in WW2. Wire traps like that were so great/devilish as I said because they're so easy to miss and they're fucking lethal/demoralizing. With that said, they're pretty easy to defend against, too.

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Also interesting!

Looking at a shitton of pics and finding nothing, I've come to the opinion the hatless lad on the right chucked his hat on the antenna for shits'n'gigs.
Purely to fuck with us when scrutinising the image.

That's not a hat.

Nigger, domestic violence against men is a serious issue. You will change your tone when a crazy bitch whacks you with a frying pan, and gets slap on the wrist sentence in probation, or even gets off scoff free.

The term is 'scot free', my dude. You're right other than that by the way.

Good post. Worth repeating.

Western civilization has been under a fucking suppression
field for a long time, but they turned it up to 11 after the GFC.
Everything's been largely stagnant, bar shitposting as a form
of political and cultural dissent.

Told you the military is on our side, only the brass is not.

What a bunch of try hard retards

Dude on the Zig Forums thread

re. the thing circled:

though having no idea yet what the thing circled is, '''suggest the vehicle itself is pic related, a Range Rover, as d1286d suggested.

But that circled thing? It's starting to look like they have something rather uncommon. Perhaps secret?

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Electronic countermeasures basically a signal hammer to protect against remote controlled IEDs.

This seems plausible, however I see no photos matching the device shown above…

Jesus Fucking christ think about where they're at. Afghanistan and Iraq were basically IED factories. Sorry the answer does not go further down a conspiracy rabbit hole it's a fucking signal jammer. They came in several different flavors and configurations. Pictured is the Vader Dome as we called it.

And if it's not a signal jammer then it's a long-range camera system. They are a reconnaissance unit so that would be plausable also.

I don't see any photos that exist which match.

I'm just a cussing retard today.

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No shit. As I already said they come in different configurations.

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He's too stupid to understand why that their hummers look different than your's too. I mean Australians and Americans are the same country too right? There's only one signal jammer made.

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sounds good to me

CIA found 8^)

See here:

My literal post contradicting precisely what he has claimed about me:

^ the only photo in this thread clearly showing a Range Rover.

< different configurations
< configurations
user, the actual fuck do you think you're saying? Those are not remotely similar, and, we should underscore, their internals and operational dynamics aren't even being nominated by you, which would be required to speculate as to variants.

is that your sock puppet, ma'amsir?

Here's the correct flag for Australia. -)

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This effeminate bullshit is tiring.

Holy fuck you autistic shitbag. Can you not wrap your head around the fact that there are different ECM systems?

Coincidentally, literally none of them look like the one above. Consider yourself chastised by reality. 8^)

What a waste of trips. Flieg sperg flieg use your powers to find the answer.

echo en mexico:

>last good full year was 2011 because I got to dick around with my lifelong friends without any consequences

Why did I never get a chance?

These are "special" forces alright. Just maybe not in the way they're supposed to be.


They realize their narrative is all but destroyed so instead of creating a new path, they reuse the same old crap.

What, you mean like people who capture an old unarmed man and then pressure someone else to kill him because they're too afraid to? People who are so badass they managed to kill someone with one leg? That the kind of pussies you're talking about?

It's unprofessional and unethical to execute prisoners, and pressuring someone to do it weakens unit cohesion because now they longer trust you. It also sounds like this is the only action they're getting, since they need a "blooding ritual" instead of just waiting for combat.

The ritual might have been a bit much. As for the poor little local that ended up getting waxed by machine gun fire… shit happens people get stuck in crossfire. Seen it happen before.


So you are saying you don't care if your military's "special forces" are undisciplined, unprofessional, cowardly fuckups?