You have 10 seconds to explain why you dont support Israel

You have 10 seconds to explain why you dont support Israel

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Because its jewish

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Jew period
Ritual sacrifice

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with being Jewish

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Because It's a parasite state, just like anything Jewish, that is based on the theft of Palestinian land, and the genocide of Palestinian people.

Also, infant mutilation alone is everything wrong with being Jewish, but as with everything Jews do there is no moral low that they will not go.


Rorschach style datamining
Do you ever tire of starting these threads?

It's full of Jews

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Hang your head in shame, everyone who is replying.

Do you know how crazy you sound when you make wild accusations like that? Prove datamining happens here.

I feel no shame, it was an opportunity to post redpills so fuck it

Shit, you're right, lol.

I think Israel is a pretty cool guy eh kills arabs and doesnt afraid of UN sanctions.

Because it should have been destroyed by the romans.

Shill tactic #283
Prove the impossible or you're schizophrenic.


ah shit
i guess i support israel now

I'm fit , run 5ks , lift , own a home and have a beautiful family.
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The religious of them have barbaric beliefs. The secular lead the charge in a gradual eradication of all other peoples. No moral person with the best interest of themselves and other nonheebs in mind should support such a hive of scum and villainy.

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Because I don't believe in foreign aid and it's getting billions every year from us.

Because it costs a lot of money and Israel is an awful apartheid state.

Also, Israeli citizens keep talking about how they'll nuke us if things don't go their way.

muh 6 million


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Because Israel did 9/11 (video related)

Chris Bollyn names the Israeli intelligence operatives who carried out the attack. He also names some American Jews that were part of the bloody crime against America.

Add that to the attack on the USS Liberty …

Apartheid is bad now.