George Soros: I dindu nuffin

I have always advocated that the allocation of refugees within Europe should be entirely voluntary.

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Voluntary, huh?

He must be getting scared.

Somebody poison the palpatine kike already.

Based Italy.

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Critics say General Shiro Ishii's prediction should be censored and kept out of the public exchange of ideas.

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So voluntary he will ship them in by the boatload and create a crisis where actual humans are forced to save drowning animals. Or is he saying it's ok to let the shitskins drown? Because if that's the case why not just leave leave them 20 fucking miles off shore.

Holy shit, he wants the EU to start paying off countries with Margin funds, to be recouped "post-integration".
I'm starting to think Soros isnt in it for the miscegenation and displacement. I think he might want to establish an ultimate short against the EU.
He's literally convincing them to tie their own noose.

Great. So he'll have his NGO's repatriate or execute the shitskins instead of purposely bringing them in, right?

After throwing everyone who opposes it in jail.

If you pay his NGO 33 billion Euros a year he promises to keep them in Africa.

Fuck that. One bullet for him is fifty eurocents, much cheaper.

Redbar me on Unit 731

BORROW the money to pay me!


Typical kike tactic

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That's a picture of General Hideki Tojo numbnuts

Unit 731 was a unit in the Imperial Army of Japan that was active in the Manchurian campaigns during the Sino-Japanese war, and then later during WWII. Unit 731 was involved in the testing of biological and chemical warfare and other research methods using Chinese and some Soviet prisoners.
Basically they carried out similar tests to the SS did on Soviet POW's, but were even more brutally because the victims were Chinese.

daily reminder that this is bankese for "print out of thin air" AKA levy an inflation tax on everybody

George Soros is a hero. He did nothing wrong.

Honestly, Soros must be getting at least shaky. Maybe he is uncertain his spawn can keep up with us/other right wing groups on the rise. Perhaps this is some pre-smokescreen to make it easier for his inheritors to either switch sides or run.

Think about it, he has been doing his underhanded dealings for YEARS now and only now is he feeling the need to make excuses about it? Something is definitely afoot or maybe anose* here.

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He isn’t making any excuses here; he is clearly promoting a “plan” which would require the EU to take on debt liabilities. Telling a block of countries that they should acquire debt liabilities to fund a scheme that you yourself are instrumental in is hardly being “shaky”. It’s typically bold.

Yes he see’s the way the wind is blowing and is to shift his sails accordingly but his motives remain the same. Namely to push usury and to replace the European population with a slave caste of post national citizen stock.