Bye Tommy

Tommy Robinson was moved to an all Muslim prison at the request of a local Imam who issued a fatwa on him, and is facing violent attacks from multiple inmates. His spokesman says he has days to live.


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He won't make it out alive. And they will get more than they bargained for in return.

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If the brits don't execute the "judge" who will have murdered him well then I guess they just keep taking it up the ass in britistan.

The brits will not do shit. The Brits are a defeated people.

He should use these as his last words.

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I can't wait to see the brits fight their absurdly tyrannical government with their hands, spoons, and nothing!


Burn in hell, kike

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fuck him

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Most of those could be easily interprited by someone without autism to be jokes or sarcasm. I don't know the guy from adam but like. That's not terribly convincing evidence.

wew, like clockwork.
same image and everything

If you were at all familiar with him, you would know they aren't jokes.

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It's a little puzzling how supposedly everything is banned over there but then there's brits like in the video making weapons publicly on jewtube over there.

Honestly he is probably worth more as a martyr. I respect what the guy has done but he cucks to the kikes too much for me to really support him as a person. Once dead we can hold him up as an example to rile up normies while choosing to ignore is Zionist tendencies.

If he dies, I expect you bongs to make the London riots look like child's play. Don't let me down. I'm well aware Tommy's a zionist and probably a crypto

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I remember reading absurd white nationalist book the Turner Diaries where they would send political oppenents to all black prisons to get murdered, an extra legal execution. Hmm.

This. If he dies, it's a win-win.

His death will be useful.

We need to get this TRENDING

Hit up twitter

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Drudge is all over this.

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He already got beated to death?

i don't particularly like the guy, but he's obviously "anti-semitic," and has to do cartwheels to make it seem like he's not. I've watched several videos of his where he's had to catch himself in the middle of flying into an "anti-semitic" rant, and change the subject bc he knew he'd get in trouble. again, don't particularly like the guy but this is d&c bullshit, probably Zig Forums or /freech/

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legit I took it from 4cuck and added two red dots cause it said duplicate image. legit shiiit is random sometimes

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Do they really think the rioting is going to stop if he gets killed in the can?
Are they really this short sighted?

Remember kids, its okay to perfectly double cross Israel, but if you're ever seen doing it in public view you'll be associated with Israel for all time.

Sure you have kike


I believe you, now leave.

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how about a londonistan tea party where kahn is dumped in the river?

Anybody got the name of the Imam? Need sources.

If he dies in prison it will just prove him right.

darknet child sex bot dealers

this stinks to high heaven

If there was every any doubt that anti-Zionism is a codeword for communism…

If Tommy Robinson is murdered, it just may be the impetus that Great Britain needs to finally rise up against their oppression.

Nixon was in fact "Anti Semetic."

an autistic redcoat with a rusty musket is better equipped for battle than that faggot.

If his martyrdom doesn't enrage the English enough to rise up against their poisonous rulers, they are truly lost.

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Shit. Tommy is fucking dead dude, over reporting nothing that hadn't been said already.

But you can take a tank out with Thermite.

Thermite will burn straight through an engine block

I can agree with that. He is better off as a martyr.

need buckets of it to do that

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only about 1 cup needed to disable an engine

Yessir, I can absolutely see that guy and that… thing taking on a CO19 officer with an MP5 and a Glock. That's a fight I could see happening in his favor. Some shitty steampunk improvised weapons versus the government armed with modern firearms, which bongs willingly conceeded to let them be the only ones with effectively. Don't do your fucking pilpul-tier shit where you point out that yes, with insane licensing and anal probing by a cop you can technically own a .22 semi auto with a massive barrel extention and coat hanger on the back, five of you have those and licenses are almost never granted anyways. The rest of the weapons you faggots own are cuckold-tier.

Friendly reminder the UK didn't need the EU to disarm itself, it did that to itself.

yeah and the autistic redcoat will blow your head off with his fucking musket before you're even within this shit contraption's range

Hey Goy go fight the Muslims for us. A classic case of turning people against each other even tho they have the same enemy, divide and conquer ftw.

Look at his channel, he makes all kinds of weapons, all geared for the fun/a lark as that's his show, but it's a very small step from his starting point with the materials he has on hand to make real weapons.

How much money are you chabbad niggers getting paid for those threads?

I know you think we goyim are stupid, but everyone knows by now that "Robinson", Weidel, etc are Mossad agent provocateurs to start the war between Gog and Magog (West and Islam) to bring back the jewish messiah, the anti-christ.

Will Londonistan ban all news coverage again?


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i'll give you 10 GBP if you can take out a tank with that stupid thing. is there an enemy combatant or enemy child with a small rifle near by? you're dead. is the tank unmanned and undefended? stupid gun is stupid and pointless.

death to israel


molotov cocktails better for taking out tanks, easier and cheaper too (see winter war)
pretty sure tanks aren't even used much in modern warfare though

how the fuck does an imam have that sort of power to influence prisoner transfers? seriously i hope this is bullshit

a partially trained child with a modern semiautomatic firearm could kill this faggot no matter which shitty contraption he lugs along. if he's making legit explosives then he's probably already under a jail somewhere.

Regardless of him being a kike/kike lover/whatever the hell else you want to label him with, the fact a fucking muzzie cleric can ask for anyone to be moved someplace they can have someone killed should be chilling enough for even the commies to fear. The stinkies won't stop with jews and right-leaning white men.
The people of Britain need their own fucking revolution and need to take charge of their own nation. At the very least you can learn from the US what to do and what NOT to do and perhaps fix things for your kin.

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Muslims aren't us you fucking moron

this happened just today (to your point–ain't gonna be tanks this time around):


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I believe in you britbongs; do this burger proud.

You are determined to ignore the point being made so you give your railing of how lame the guy in the video is. Once again, the point is not that guy in particular, or the weapon in the video in particular, but that a brit can make any weapon, even as weak as that, let alone something serious over there, given that that even regulate against selling plastic spoons and forks. No, this guy isn't arrested, he even gets sponsored by the uk government's bbc tv to do videos. Him and his videos show that brits have access to tools and materials to make real weapons.

We reject both (((Marxism))) and (((Zionism))). The kikes always only give the goyim two false choices.

is there a phone number to protest?
I am from the USA but want to get this guy out

Want to know how?
Ok CIA and FBI leave me the fuck alone on this one and maybe you too can learn something because this is fucking bullshit what's happening with these stinkies and I'm not advocating doing it I'm just pointing out how it is possible.

Take your thermite can(thermos etc.) Light your fucking fuse and shove/slam it down the fucking barrel. Let the fucker ignite the round in the damn barrel or of it is empty it will lock it up tight. Or you could start thermite-welding the damn tracks if all you want to do is "disable" it. We did this shit in the 2nd WW with explosives.

Don't go it alone, do what you have to, take a hit but keep pressing. Guerrilla tactics are a damn thing and a must when the enemy is "superior" in most ways.


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Considering Armored Personnel Carriers, like the M113, are Aluminum and not steel…(Did you know that Aluminum Burns?)


give me a phone number
yes im american but what he is jailed for is 100% wrong
someone reply with info I will call

aluminium does not burn in open air

If you want support, stop with the fucking spam.

Remember britbongs, muslims aren't the only ones who can drive trucks in your country. Just saying.

these 'real weapons' aren't fit to fight against a small militia armed with ruger 10/22s. firearm ownership is a must if the tree of liberty is to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

are you really unable to see that a hundred people wielding these little gadgets would be mowed down in less than 30 seconds by a small group with real firearms? maybe some super-gorilla tactix would allow the gadgeteers to do a bit of damage but be serious here.

it sure does in combat…

They're the only ones who drive them into british citizens. What are you even trying to do here?
Muslims don't even BELONG in Britain or anywhere for that matter. They're just as cancerous as the kikes, AND they're violent.

You only need 660c to get al to melt.

Listen up my proud bois, this is the number of the guys responsible for his case! Call them now for the love of g-d!!!!
Tel: 020 7957 9500 - Fax: 020 7957 9555

no, aluminium absolutely does not burn in open air no matter how hot you heat it to.
it has to be mixed with oxidizer first.

im calling it now dude

Are you pulling my leg with this really bad reading comprehension or what? There's the weapons he makes for fun on the videos, and then there are real weapons. I made the distinction, yet here you are doing this bullshit twisting what I've written to pretend I've referred to the weapons he makes for fun on the videos are real weapons. Now, take a ruger 10/22, point it to your temple and pull the trigger, faggot.

You just had to do it. Give your local rabbi a call and have him make a few calls. It may work better than a bunch of yanks pranking him.

Nevermind, I get what you're saying now. I'm just pissed off and seeing too many people in here thinking that muslims are worth defending. My apologies.
How would that play out realistically though?

yeah don't go it alone. bring a bunch of other retarded brits with no real weapons. that way the small child can kill all of you with his rifle while you run around with your claptrap gadgets and fling slowly moving projectiles with zero accuracy. are you sun tzu reincarnated?

Slightly modified- but appropriate

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I don't know if they are spergs or just incredibly stupid. A high IQ white guy with a machine shop and a bit of knowledge is a very dangerous thing.

tried 3 times. fuck off

FFS throw mercury on it and let it start chewing away.

Kill yourself shitskin, you fucks are going to be purged and buried in pig shit with the kikes.

About the only redemption this Jewish shill can do at this point. His track record is fucking atrocious even to use as propaganda to wake his normalfag fans up. Not to mention his biggest financing was some anti-muslim jew bitch.

I highly doubt a single bit of him has changed since Charlottesville and his essential fuck you to white nationalists trying to actually save our people unlike him. Better people died for less than he would like the guy who died for putting bacon on a mosque door.

And no I'm not getting into the details on how to make it stick.

YUUUGE happenings.>>11718779

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I'm almost afraid to get vanned for commenting here, but you do know that the citizenry outnumber the police by thousands to one and 1 cop can only carry so much ammo. I've seen inmates stab cops to death with sharpened spoons and strangle them with bed sheets. Once upon a time, a man took his gadgets to Oklahoma City and put a big dent in the FBI without firing a single bullet. If the people want to take back their government, there's not enough cops to stop them.

i never dismissed the fact that thermite can destroy most inanimate objects. especially if you can get your hands on some Fe3O4. destroying a fucking tank/whatever isn't as simple as lobbing a small ball of thermite at it with dubious accuracy. they tend to defend themselves.

Have you ever seen mercury? It's going to bounce straight off. You need it to be sitting there for a long time AND some physical agitation to the aluminium is needed in order to remove the oxide layer.

Let Mossad do it. Now fuck off

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Listen all of you fuckers. I don't care what his precise politics are, this is too fucking outrageous. We supported someone like Trump and now a person that is fighting for a future for his children has received a DEATH SENTENCE for standing in front of a court. This might be what makes UK explode, they're long overdue.

And please, do be careful with your welding equipment. You wouldn't want anyone accidentally hurting themselves.

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