How do I make my revolutionary self-theory?

How do I make my revolutionary self-theory?

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You start by not watching faggy cartoons anymore.

It's not faggy

Pro-Tip: don't make it in a void. If you do, it will inevitably seem amateurish and puerile. Stand on the shoulders of giants, don't recreate the wheel.

If you aren't well-versed in philosophies on the self, then you'll inevitably come up with some primitive version of ideas that are already out there, and they won't be taken seriously. Think of the annoying new age hippie college drop out, or the conspiracy theorist, who rants to strangers at bus stops about the "sheeple." Everyone can see they're full of shit except themselves.

First thing I recommend is just researching some of the ideas you're interested in, to see who the major thinkers are, then sifting through them and their key ideas. This is easy on the internet. Try the major existentialists, the classical Greeks, major theologians (they're even valuable to me, a fairly anti-religious person), old "Eastern" philosophers, and whatever else might appeal to you, then pick out and focus on whoever stands out to you.

Imagination and creativity don't happen out of nothingness. They're about forming connections between ideas that already exist. If you want to do something really valuable, make connections nobody's made before, and figure out a style to effectively convey those ideas in.

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Not even for the Creative Nothing?

If you have to ask, don't even try

Never listen to a Nazbol about anything.

Also, what anime is this? Who is she?

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Join the book club for regular reading material, and discuss what you think in the related threads.


Series about a bunch of fictional characters (in the show's universe) coming to the real world. That girl's an edgy, "Oh I'll do awful shit because it amuses me," type of character. It's an alright show but you might like it more than I did, so give it a whirl.

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I like her smile Not the teeth so much

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Yes, it is.
It's faggy, homo, gay, sissy and very, very soy.
Stop watching these crap before it melts your brain.

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Oi! You better leave him alone, there's nothing wrong with watching anime!

Cartoons about lolis are the incel fuel for the japanese declining birthrates. No jap wants to marry a guy who fetishizes their daughter.

what animu?

Oh fuck. No one really mentions that. Why would a woman go for a guy who is into little girls?

I'd have no problems with a woman who's into little boys honestly.

Because she's into little girls. Why should men have all the fun?

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That looks like a friendly bear.


Declining birthrates are a good thing, actually.

For starters, a lot of women identify as little girls for reasons which are wholly mysterious and totally unfathomable, making it one of the most common turn-ons whatsoever.
Turns out telling people that there are evil dwarves lurking everywhere that want to play with their wee-wee throughout childhood has lasting effects, who knew.

These are not lolis though.