Half-Chan damage control ops happening right now

pic related is the basic gestalt of the threads they are trying to prune. No matter what, if they relate to pic related, they are pruned.

What is happening???

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They tried to nuke NK because Q said so? I have a hard time believing this, even for Jews this is stupid. Fuck (((Tommy))) to death and every larp fag boomer meme like Q.

No archive on Q posts = not real.

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Threads are being pruned here.


Streisand Effect.
Zig Forums will dig into it.

OP's image says they were going for Air-force One


I think quiet disappearance has more of a streisand effect than this.
It's happening literally right now. Any thread mentioning this photo are being pruned. Try it for yourself if you don't believe me.

It says they tried to nuke NK and take out Airforce one with the same missle.


the contents of the photo are just an example of what threads are being pruned on Zig Forums. I'm trying to show you guys that the threads are being pruned; I don't care what Q info they are posting with it. Even with this thread in pic related.

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Could do with higher res.

It should at least be at >>>/qresearch/?
We'll see how long this thread lasts.

Well, if someone had launched a missile at AF1, I'm pretty sure we'd have seen some follow up fireworks by now.

nice larp kiddo

forget the Q talk in these photos, just focus on the damage control happening.

Dont you guys have your own board? I haven't seen one thing but aftermath posts by Q claiming he predicted it with no archives, and paid shills pushing him, including Alex for awhile. I dont get it. I dont trust it. I dont like it.

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Fuck off mossad

Didn't your precious Qlarp say NK was a CIA drug state and Trump's war mongering was 69D chess that was going to get Clinton arrested?

You faggots are being gaslit, its simple reverse psychology they delete the threads to make you think you're onto something and to distract you.

Interesting. I noticed it was being shilled hard. Lots of porn and fake nazis. Almost every single post were slides or fake.

we. can't. post. this. on. our. own. board.
read the OP


oh another one of these

They're pruning Q posting. Not surprising. Nobody wants you niggers drawing dumb low IQ neocon boomers to their boards.

these two threads aren't Q posting, why did they get pruned?

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The CIA really fucking hates Q. That's why I consider it not precisely fake. I can't quite place why they're so fucking salty about him, but part of it could be that he may have revealed classified codewords.


All chans are fucked. Centralized=censored=fucked.

Say what you want about Q, but what Q wrote yesterday is true.
8ch risk (DDOS_+_inject).

FEAR [re: Twitter throttling & shadowban (coded #Qanon)
FEAR [re: 4ch mods + remove/replace - controlled]
FEAR [re: Reddit mods + remove/replace - controlled]
FEAR [re: MSM conspiracy push 1 - controlled]
FEAR [re: FB remove/replace - controlled]
Quiet attempts to shut down will become public & loud.

Skunkbay being discussed here.

Proof 4chan can't be trusted.

And they won't delete threads like these…

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It's probably lacks a warhead and is just a routine training launch. Nothing to see here my fellow goys.

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Q is supposedly MI.

Reminder. Peace talks with Iran are next.

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You mean this one is also compromised?

I don't have much to add, except I have seen these threads get killed quickly. And I live in Washington and I have heard absolutely nothing about this.

not if there's a board with q research

So has he called out the kikes yet or is he still larping the generic (((global))) catchphrases?

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Also, another prediction, Assange will be freed.

Q seems to be a boomer.
< a boomer calls out the kikes

After a fashion, user.

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HAHA this was just posted

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everyone who hasn't tried yet, take one of the 404 images from this thread and create a new thread on half. Insta purge guaranteed.

If you think its because of Q posting, take an image without Q context and try it as well.

His Hannity interview was green screen. Think about that.

And now look at the other shit still on there
Very telling isn't it?

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He called out MOSSAD directly after this missle shit in washington happened.

I thought Assange was dead too but I do believe he is alive after some peculiar q posts. Wikileaks is compromised tho.

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Assange is dead 8^)

Well looks like you're here to stay OP. There is a problem of disappearing posts here to watch for, but make yourself comfy.

We'll see.

Remember how it was with Osama? He was totally alive, but never produced one fucking video ever again 8^) dude was dead all along.

No we won't. see:

Whatever you say user.

Nobody ever sees. All we fucking get is kikes telling us lies. That's our "ground truth" - the CNN story, the "news" - and Wikipedia and all encyclopedias are based around "what the kike says".

Very well, prove Osama was alive when officially killed in Abbottobad pak.

Wow I just detected something
They deleted this thread within few secs and now its back up…

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I don't have to prove anything about Osama. I'm telling you peace will be made with Iran and Assange will be free.

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That is why you archive everything.
Have a double.

Wasn't UBL mossad too?

Are they blacklisting all new threads and whitelisting the ones they *CHOOSE* ?

Probably reinstated a slide thread.

Aha, peace with Iran, huh? But those are two different things.

Assange, he's dead. Iran exists, though.

But the relevance of Osama is completely obvious - pariah of the One World Government, but also someone who betrays all allies, and someone who sort of faded away… 8^) (((inexplicably)))

You will see it come about how I said it would.

Yeah I was the person that instigated that response. I'm just some moron which makes it all too bizarre. It's a planet with billions of people on it after all, and the internet is only supposed to be so much serious business.

I wonder if they ever consider this, like they just come to this as another spectrum. Well, we don't want to nuke North Korea, but we'll bet on the next Mike Tyson fight.

Just look at this shit.
Deleted one and not the other…
These motherfuckers

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8^) They never attacked Israel, not once. ISIS either 8^)

Same with Assange & Snowden. (((cohencidence))) they didn't release a thing on yidsrael.

And here's another thing, Snowden's twitter has turned into a generic sjw male on truvada. Weak sauce. No commentary on fucking anything, no commentary on tech news even. He's just sawing on victim violins for the latest kike cause.

So uh. Don't you get it? The kike oppresses us - EVERYWHERE!

That's possible. But inevitably one has to stop second guessing everything, and decide for himself what makes the most sense.

The magic 8-ball says "No way Jos'e"

Interesting analysis

Reddit spacer likes quibbling and blackpills.

That's only because (((Q))) is trying to say that Israel is controlled by the canal, through mossad. So, it's not the Jews that are the problem, just the evil cabal oppressing the six million good Israeli likes.

Nah dude, Q's got some legitimacy. Too many obvious CIA. The hallmark of CIA is "angry". The hallmark of Russia is "meatheaded tants". The hallmark of kikes is "gaslighting".

I haven't heard Q brought up much for a month or so, I thought it came out that he was a confirmed fake, or something along those lines? Are people still following him?

You grew up never knowing what a book is like.

The uneducated (all Millennials) do not know what paragraphs are for.

(prove me wrong)

Basically, there are no news sources out there. We just have whatever shit the kike says as "news." Our "ground truth" is their bullshit. Or government shit. Oh, fucking believe them - FBI under-oath liar Comey, CIA under-oath liar Brennan, NSA under-oath liar Clapper…

… but fucking trust the government HAH HAHAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHhhhh wew you're fucking lost nigger

You realise 4/pol/ is run by college-age Chapo Trap House listeners who hate the board and it's user and probably delete these threads for shits and giggles, right?
>>>/irc/ ->halfchan mod leaks

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what the fuck is wrong with you, his response wasn't even phrased as hostile, he's just asking what happened.

Yeah I believe you, just cuz you said it…

it's mad

It's run by kikes, what do you think?

>Same with Assange… (((cohencidence))) they didn't release a thing on yidsrael.
Ask yourself why? Why would drop the biggest thing they have? Insurance. Dead mans switch.

Has Zig Forums already forgotten what happened?

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Honestly, I dunno what to believe anymore

Don't do drugs Zig Forums.

Count on it being compromised in one way or another. Stay paranoid. Stay safe.

exactly. paraniod and a nothingburger means no consequence, not paranoid and SHTF means you're fucked.

I dont get wtf your threads are about though. First it's NK is being nuked by Israel then it's Israel shooting down Trump's plane?

Your Q posting deserves to be nuked.

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Never forgot the biggest internet attack in history…

I found the agent:

The old Zig Forums intelligence primer
Also The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies

Another agent:

And another agent:

Seems Q-user is onto some serious truths, whatever they may be


It's a helicopter goys.

There is also the fact that the wikileaks twitter account tried to entrap Don Trump Jr. after that.

Ha. That was my post.

lol almost forgot about that.

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Or, actually it was before that.

Nigger that's the ejector seat.

Someone try to post on kikechan again, lets see if they're still watching

Look at the leaks you fucking retard.


So it was actually on 9-20-16 that wikileaks twitter account tried to entrap Trump Jr. So the account must have been comprised at that point.

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