MUST SEE: Tucker WIPES THE FLOOR With Rude Illegal, GETS PUT IN HIS PLACE – Then Cooks Burnstein!



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TRENDING twitter.com/TrumpsXmasList/status/1007238825909936129

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but fortunately I'm not so mp4 included.

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spic and jew need a bullet.

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How did you make the webm? I've been using hooktube in the interim and have looked at various ways without success and some webms people create are bloated that take forever to load while yours was quick.

Mexican says all illegal immigrants should be deported, then says they should all be given amnesty. Asks Tucker what he would do, Tucker can't say "deport them, they're illegal" why?

You're the dude who owns the liberty hound channel, aren't you?
Do you work for Tucker or you Tucker himself?

I think they should just outsource the deportation problem. Make it legal to kill undocumented immigrants and watch how fast they deport themselves.

I think Tucker is pretty much ourguy at this point. He seems so close to losing it and naming them

That second image is good, but outdated.

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This rabbi picture would be good for cataloguing various jewish surnames

If it's brown, flush it down!

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Tucker sounded like a retard talking to the first beaner. The guy is right. We have two choices–deportation or legalization. Obviously deportation is the choice. Fucking say it Tucker, quit being a pussy.

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That should be headed to pissrael.


Fugg I screwed up. I meant to shitpost:
"dats rayciss you andisemidic goy :–DDDD"

learn how to use ffmpeg

I wonder what will be the interview that causes him to notice the pattern?

You can reduce filesize by reducing video quality, reducing audio quality, and making the video dimensions smaller. Generally reducing audio quality is a the worst option for a talk shows.

good to see Tucker take on some Trump energy and just verbally destroy his enemy to the point his enemy looks physically uncomfortable and stupid

bots tbh

The power of the jews?

Fuck fauxnews and fuck trumpniggers, go back to reddit

Clearly not, since he's still employed.

Day of the pillow is coming soon

Why so mad learningchode?

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Why are you so mad?

Because he will never be white.


Say hi to tyrone kikey. Try and take a little more pride in your brown skin, a nigger will still fuck you if not a white woman.



It's also important to add: just because someone hasn't signed the pledge doesn't mean they're not for more 'refugees', it only means they haven't necessarily seen that pledge.

Rabbis are somewhat factional even though they almost all work for the same goal.

Wondered the same thing while watching this. He calls out other people for answering around a question.

Tucker is okay on some things, I actually like to watch him sometimes. However, getting taken for a ride by celebrities is stupid.

Tucker 2024

Far be it from me to defend anyone on talmudvision, but there's probably only so far he can go on (((FOX))), and what he's doing is already RWDS tier for their audience.

that's the problem though

do you think jews really care if there's only one Ron Paul filerbustering ? No they probably say "that's fine, give the goy their one meaningless voice"

It might seem meaningless, but with the tide shifting, I think it's actually significant that there's any real issues covered on (((tv))) at all. Tides take 12 hours to shift, if you watch it it's slow, but go impregnate your white teenage bride and when you return a whole lot of water has moved.