Capitalism Rewards the Productive Members of Soci

Meet Erik Finman, the teenage bitcoin millionaire.

Erik Finman is one of the world’s youngest bitcoin millionaires – an achievement he’s not shy about flaunting. The 19-year-old’s Instagram feed is full of ostentatious photos of himself stepping out of private jets or lying on beds covered in money with captions like: “Cash so worthless compared to Bitcoin I’m sleeping on it …”

In one photo he is pictured smoking, with the caption: “Sometimes you just need a good smoke to relax when you have to live with the exhausting burden of so much money and too many beautiful women.” After one of his fans admonishes him, he replies: “Don’t worry guys. It’s not a real cigarette. Just a hundred. Don’t smoke!”

The teenager, who first bought bitcoin at age 12 with $1,000 from his grandmother, styles himself in a similar vein to the notorious Martin Shkreli; he’s just younger and not in jail.

Capitalism rewards parasites who have contributed nothing to society. Prove me wrong.

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How did he change the buttcoins back into actual money if not by illegal means?

He invested in a future technology in its very infancy when it seemed most outlandish and risky. And it paid off.

You sell them. What kind of retarded question is that?!

He didn't do anything of value though. He's just another little kike speculator.

In large enough quantities to make millions? Sketchy.

How the fuck is that sketchy?

commie thought progress
Vietnam and the rice farmers must be rich as hell.

This. (((Some help))) is always needed.
Fixed the last one for you.

Now gtfo and go back to >>>Zig Forums

In order to give the goyim no time to think and take note, their minds must
be diverted towards industry and trade. Thus, all the nations will be swallowed
up in the pursuit of gain and in the race for it will not take note of their
common foe. But again, in order that freedom may once for all disintegrate and
ruin the communities of the goyim, we must put industry on a speculative basis:
the result of this will be that what is withdrawn from the land by industry will
slip through the hands and pass into speculation, that is, to us.

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Bitch I am further right than you.

We must put an end to both economic freeloading and economic exploitation in
America. There must be no place for parasites who draw their sustenance from
society without giving anything in return. Those who thrive on usury,
speculation, money-manipulation, and monopoly form a special class today
whose primary interest is the maintenance of the system which allows their
form of parasitism to flourish in the first place. We must have an economy
based on the long-term interests of the man who works for a living, not the
chronic loafer or the man who lives by renting out his capital.

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>will always be happy to call out the kikes who started (((free market economics)))
>will never admit (((communism))) is the other side of the kike coin of control and is literally judaism given political form
provided youre white You and I are brothers user, why squabble about which method of kikery is less shitty and instead focus on a real, final solution?

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What's your point and what does it have to do with my arguments in the post you quoted?
And yet you use all the approved marxist meme words. You failed to recognize a yid and the helpers in his jewing. You failed to recognize a classic example of agitprop.
You shill against crypto currencies, something that they yid still can't control. For the time being.
Again, remove yourself to >>>Zig Forums.

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Nigger I know all the communists are jews.

I'm not a marxist you fucking tard. I'm pro free market for those who actually produce goods or services not for speculation and ursury. This is the original meaning of socialism but the jews took it and equated it to communism.

Fluctuation in supply and demand creates price fluctuation which creates market speculation which effects supply and demand fluctuation.

If living a life surrounded by people who don't give a single gram of shit about you is your goal then go ahead.

arent you supposed to pay taxes on that shit?
get the tax ppl on his ass

I dont get you retarded commies, you could have invested as well, you had the same opportunity. If society is retarded, what does that have to do with capitalism? Society puts value on things, not capitalism.
Guess the 'flaw' of capitalism is making people rich. Sure beats communism, where people starve to death by design.

This thread is literally about fucking jealousy.

I fucking wish I invested in buttcoin back in collage.

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Is she?

I doubt it.

No she is worth 2 million nigger. Farmers and blue collar workers get paid shit while these tards make millions off of (((capitalism))). Natsoc is the ultimate red pill

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Just some hollykike up bitch, she will be rich everywhere because the chosen casts her on the couch.

Dump it.

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Oh shit I'm fearing that I am missing out. Better make mammon my new god or I surely will have no life.
After all, money unlocks a new level of happiness that cannot be achieved by other means and it will remain active forever, that's why CEOs end up stealing lego packages to feel alive oh wait shit nevermind.

I have no problem with the crypto-rich, fuck fiat and central banking.

I consider capitalism a useful tool for separating the decent from the decadent. For the man of truth and virtue, capitalism allows him to see who the hedonists and the materialists are.

This is an interesting way to look at it, can't argue with you there.

That's a /leftycuck/ meme.

Fuck off Moshe.

this poor schmuck is 100% being ass raped by the mob.

He provided bitcoin supply when others laughed at the idea. I know the commie way is take others people inventions and risky work if it goes well into the future but forget about people's endeavors if it is not "they didn't do anything of value, stupid daydreamers".

Bitcoin has no value though.


Does PayPal?

This is called investing. Don't tell me you think the "price of bitcoin" just goes up and down randomly and he got lucky? You realize it's a piece of technology and provides a service, and isn't a currency, right? Or are you really just talking out your ass because something on twitter made you mad? Are you demanding we just ban investing?

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All rich people deserve to be killed. Pol Pot did nothing wrong

Just to append this: the only way you could be blind to the amount of work that has gone into various decentralized 'crypto' services is if you yourself have never made an investment, have never been an employer of others, or have never produced a good. So for you nobodies whining about it "having no value" and "not being productive", you're just exposing yourselves. Go protest oil drilling or something, because "gasoline isn't productive". See how productive your economy becomes then.

FIAT money and fractional reserve banking is a scam and bitcoin is just another interface to it.
The world needs to get rid of the former and the latter will become surplus for requirement.

Like a pottery.

Little cunt, I'm by no means ashamed to admit that I'd look the other way if the jew took all his money and left him on the streets to rot.

The reason people are willing to take loans far exceeding the reserves of a bank is because these banks are insured and backed by the federal government and its bank. And this goes back to the 1800s when the boom-bust cycle first truly began. It's a con job, yeah, but it only works because people think the government can't fail and therefor neither can the banks that it insures. Bitcoin, not being a currency and at most a transfer service, doesn't really "need" any of that to function. The fact that it uses no government backing simply makes it more fit to outlast fiat currency.

If he spends all that money, then he spends it on peoples jobs.

Then why do exchanges sell your coin like it is theirs before you make an actaual exchange, when it has just been moved to a wallet on the exchange ?

I know the US tax system considers it a "property" and taxes it based on two capital gains scales but for all intensive purposes it is being used like a currency, which is how it was designed.

he's a faggot, but why should i give a fuck? He made a good investment and was rewarded for it. Capitalism isn't about rewarding the people who "deserve" it, it's about rewarding the cunning and ballsy. The people who invest in start ups, the people that study market trends, the people that can invent, those are the people that benefit. Capitalism is just survival of the fittest but made into a financial game.

The only people in the capitalist system that are parasites are the banking manipulators, they don't invest, they just create profit for themselves. People like soros who won't even play the game, he just uses cheat codes and gives himself infinite money by destroying other peoples lives. Capitalism is a rough game but it's ulitmately fair, the only reason it may not seem that way is if you make shitty investments or you run into a a manipulator.

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Also "capitalism" doesn't require jewry.
It's jews who use "caputalism" against itself to further "marxism".
That's what subdivisions with housing associations are, same as the recent Intuit payment situation; "marxism".

Do not use your wealth to build a National Socialist future.
Use your wealth to build a National Socialist now.
Buy land.
Invest in others.
Build a better you.

It certainly functions similarly to a currency, but its value is derived from its use as a service, even just speculation on its future as a service. My point was that this isn't just some currency manipulation con. Other tokens, ethereum especially, are being used to run services like bug bounty groups. Bitcoin powers web services like ZeroNet, which essentially uses "wallets" to hold websites with unique addresses and distribute them to peers for hosting.So it certainly doesn't fit very nicely into the "currency" label either.


So kill him and take his shit. The fuck do i care?

Im starting to like you user.

You used a retarded example. How about this
Employees are taxed 20-50%
Small business owners are taxed just as heavily
Investors and Big Business owners are taxed 0-20%
Basically if you contribute to society you get taxed the most, and if you leech off of others work you get taxed the least.

Only exists to some. Same as gold.
Part of the problem in any financial system.
It is but a decentralized system of value store/exchange is needed or we are back to bartering fish for lumber, whic isn't really a bad thing but a difficult thing, if you don't have access to either.
Blockchains are different tech but are the point of the scam, to value and track everything on the planet, including you. Bitcoin is just a proof of concept for the greatest slave management system ever.

My point is that things are what you use them as.

Meet BitCoen, the New Jewish Cryptocurrency

With ten percent of its earnings going to tzedakah, the new (((Russian))) start-up advertises itself as the first kosher currency of the digital age

Move over, Bitcoin: There’s a new digital currency in town, and it’s taking its cues from the priests who once served in the ancient Temple in Jerusalem. BitCoen, a new online currency startup, was created by (((Russian))) entrepreneur (((Vyacheslav Semenchuk))). Advertised as “the first kosher cryptocurrency,” BitCoen boasts “all the advantages of the digital world” combined with “the values ​​and customs of the ancient foundations in the framework of Jewish law.” The Jewish law they’re referencing is the practice of giving ten percent of your income to tzedakah. To this effect, BitCoen will give the Jewish community a tenth of its earnings in the form of the coins, according to the Russian publication CNews. The company will also give tzedakah by giving members of the system interest-free loans.

True to its Jewish roots, the company will be seen by a Sanhedrin of sorts, with (((Semenchuk))) calls “The Council of Six.” And while he’s not revealing who these mysterious people are, the company has shared that they’ll each represent a different economic area: business, politics, finance, technology, public work, and culture. BitCoen advertises this on their website with a circle of icons for each sector, connected by—what else—a Jewish star.

Judging by the local Jewish community’s response, BitCoen has a bright future. “We expect that the cryptocurrency will cover all Jewish communities around the world,” (((Mikhail Lidogaster))), Press Secretary of the Chief Rabbi of Russia, told Russian publication Inc. “The main guarantor of stability here is the fact that the keys to managing the cryptocurrency will be in the hands of the most respected members of the community, and not in the hands of some programmers.”

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I wish I coudl have invested earlier into buttcoin, had I been a millionaire by today I would've gave 88% of my earnings to national socialist organizations. Like being the Soros of the third position

Capital gains tax in the US is 0-20% for long term (over a year).
The only shit thing other than brackets is this distinction between short and long term.
Also, the distinction between "wage" and "investment" income.
There should be none.

And those with more money pay more and bear more of the burden even after shit loopholes.

Yeah, but there are exceptions. If you trade forex you can treat 60% of your trade as long term.

Fucking Bitcohens.

merica fuck yea xD

Any richfag can hire prostitutes and pretend he's popular. A million is not very impressive.

t. gave away half a million

I was an Italian Millionaire at age 13.

The lira was about 1000:1 with USD then.

>>>Zig Forums

If he's truly intelligent (unlikely but possible) he will keep his fortune and find a way to grow it. If he's like the typical lottery winner (most likely) he will waste his money and become poor in accordance to his skill level and iq.

Capitalism is nice because when errors in resource allocation like this happen, they eventually get smoothed out by the wastefulness of the lucky rich kid. The real irreversible damage being done is the women who fuck him for his money/status. He will eventually regress to his labor value. The women will never recover from being whores.

Why would they ever get rid of it when it can just get worse? You hope too much.

Communism creates a more just soci…..

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Wow, you pwned capitalism there dude.
Lets all go starve.

who said he didn't?

Shill plz go

Do credit cards?

What board do you think you are on?

I think OP's point is the productivity thing. If the story is even true, he simply gambled with money provided by someone else and got lucky.
All well and good, but his descendants will be exactly the type of old wealth people who preach about how they got it though "the hard work and intelligent business decisions of our father."
No, it was a lucky guess with money which took zero work to acquire.
Money creates more money, and old wealth (not like this guy's money), if you trace it back far enough, was not the product of "hard work and genius business decisions", it was acquired by being the most dishonest, the most violent, the most remorseless sociopath around.
Which is all fine. Just don't get all preachy and on a moral high horse about yourself being more studious or hard working than "the poor".
You don't get rich from working. A 1/4 mil (sterling) a year is about the practical upper limit for honest work, and that won't make you rich. Beyond that you need to be cheating, ripping off, stealing pensions or breaking the law.
Now, some smart alec is going to say that it was his grandmother's hard work and her good ethic of trying to actively enrich her grandson which led to his wealth, and there is something to that. But it wasn't a conscious decision, it was a byproduct.
So what's the take away from this?

no he provided "liquidity" to purely speculative markets. you're a fucking retard if you think anything he did actually counts as productive. at best, he simply got lucky, which can happen under any system

society is an ecosystem. the economy rewards successful predators.

lurk harder nigger

so its luck not productivness.

fuck off with your kikecoin bullshit, keep it to one thread moshe.

Jealous NoCoiner detected. The funny part is there's still a lot of money to be made but you'll be too busy seeing an investment paying off as somehow an indictment against capitalism, when in reality this is exactly how the system is supposed to work and that's how you ascend the social ranks, making good investments.

Alternatively you can be a welder, store all of your US dollars in the bank and work muh real hard muh bootstraps, and one day the kikes pull the rug out from underneath you and you're poor again.

Cool you beat the jew at their own game.
That is how America became what it is.

Yeah, you are really smart, a winner, congratulation … clap, clap, clap.

OP is jelly because he's a poor fag. This kid is nothing new. During the first web boom there was a new one every week. They all go broke more or less. So someone got lucky like a lotto winner, what's it to you? Envy is ugly. Focus on your own shit. Learn the VALUE of things. This asshole is burning hundreds for likes not helping the homeless or anything worthwhile. Shit like this isn't deserving of a thread unless we raid and that doesn't go on here anymore. Even if it did, the little shitbag isn't worthy. But nothing is stopping you from catfishing him and hacking him for all his crypto.

There were commies who got rich off of bitcoins too, I don't see how it has anything to do with captialism.

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