The Missile

So, are we just not talking about this, or what? Does this look like an air ambulance to you motherfuckers or do you see what I see - an obvious missile launch? 4kids has been banning all threads on this subject, let's see if the same applies here.

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Sorry forgot my links

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Ok, we know the missile has launched, but where does it land? What/who is the target? Is there a target, even?

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The old thread was anchored.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Only thread today allowed to talk about it was made by the most obvious shill I've seen for some time, linked to an article claiming it to be a fucking helicoper

Only thread allowed on 4/pol/ that is

Yeah the idea of it being a helicopter is clearly preposterous.

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The old thread talked about how the posts on 4chan were being pruned. It had over 300 replies. Now it's gone off of fullchan's catalog. I've learned two things today. 8ch is a honeypot and the missile thing is big.

Heres a summary before this thread dies.

Trump gets back and posts his tweet about "missle launches stoped"
They are calling it a helicopter, or a lens flare
The threads were being pruned on 4chan
Than fullchan thread is gone as of 40 minutes or so ago.

Warning, Q shit.
Q posted about missile before? maybe
Someone suggested that the missile was fore Air Force 1
Another suggestion was that the missile was for NK to get us in a war.

So are the mods HERE censoring it too? WEEEEW

YourOP is shit.

1. Missles fires from some place?

2. People say Trump was in the sky, but he was traveling thousands of miles and nobody can say where he was.

3. Q posting bullshit connected to it like Q-larp knew the exact moment and place this would take place.

I don't get why this isn't bullshit?

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No, shills just reported it and the globals who have no idea about politics just ban it because it'sareportlol.

Your face is shit. Connecting the missile event to Qlarp is spurious - just because Qlarp is gay doesn't mean this photo evidence from an amateur weather station is fake. I'm not making any claims about it being fired at Air Force One or anything else, I'm just talking about the obvious missile launch itself.

it was anchored, precisely.

Speculation was AF1 or NK.
Some calculations were done in the anchored thread by some worn out nobody and AF1 was en route from Crete to Singapore when it launched although those calculations desperately need to be checked.
This thread is probably going to get deleted because it is a duplicate but this thread would not have happened had the original thread not been anchored by mods that are breaking rule 2.

They shills make it so obvious what they don't want us to discuss.

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I'd call this phase two Trump is getting ready to unveil what is happening domestically and is preparing for the next level the world. You could Purge the land of all corruption but if its surroundings are all corrupted it will seep back in. You can see he is ready to go to the next level and how he is rattling the world stage. This my friends is Phase 2. If the world isn't cleaned up then America will be corrupted again.

I have archived this thread so you can all take it to Meta if and when it gets deleted.

Thank you. You are user in the truest form. Good man, my man.

Saw this got deleted on 4/pol/ and I want to talk about it. What was this? Where did it come from? Anyone have information?

Is this board also compromised when it comes to this topic?

Did anyone archive the previous thread?

We had a whole damn thread documenting 4chan pruning, then ours got anchored and then deleted.

A better place to take it might be >>>/qresearch/ since I'm sure the Q team would want to know if the imageboard they are posting on has volunteers that are censoring q-related discussions on a global board. It was a different story when pol had a board owner, but this curious.

Here's a more complete article.

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I need to thank the user who went "wew lad" and taught me in the Stormy Daniels thread.

Half-Chan damage control ops happening right now

Is no one else pissed. Was anyone in the previous thread? That had a massive amount of screen caps exposing all sorts of shit.

and it's gone now


A missle went off in the world. So?

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Goddammit I'm an idiot. It's still on the catalog. Fuck me. Well whatever. I apologize for sperging out and flooding other threads.

stop investigating goyim it was just the ayyyyyys

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Well I didn't even care that much until they tried to get us to stop talking about it, now I want to know more.

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If the object had looked bigger up the top then I might believe it's a helicopter coming towards the camera but the object obviously maintains the same size, and is of too high an altitude to be a helicopter.
Objects appear larger when they are closer.
I trust my eyes more than that article trying to rationalize the photo.

old thread


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I was. It was all Q posting.

These threads are being deleted because they're not about anything. A rocket went off somewhere! ohhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF are you saying?

Why? Where is his plane in the picture? Why do you assume this!? Because of Q, that's why. There is no real info in any of these threads. Just reactions of a fucking missle going off!

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Old thread


Does anybody have this full image?

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If this turns out to be nothing, as it seems to be, I'm going full anti-AltRight shit posting on every Q thread.

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all i saved was this sorry m8ys

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Ok let's see the info here, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Yup, just like I thought. This Q shit is getting really annoying.

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Mods are deleting all
Don't you need to continue?

with all the anti Q talk i am starting to think Q is mainly true at this point…

Doesn't matter. if they say it a thousand times then the normies will consider it to be truth and once they do that, you can show them the picture and their mind will stop functioning and they'll retreat from the question.

It's not true goy
quit believing it or we will have to delete you

From the old thread

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They are deleting threads like mad about this over in half-land. Maybe something to this.

24-26 seconds a triangular object enters the lit area and fades into the cloud/lit up area.
All goes dark
28 seconds a star moves (top right)
29.5 seconds the whole landscape gets a massive bright light flash (possible re-entry)
Then an off missile appears.

This seems to be a lot of qposts referencing qposts at this point. I'm ready to believe it was just a secret missile test, and they went full shut it down when people noticed.

If it was a missile launch, wouldn't, at the very minimum, dozens of people outside with cameras on their phones have been able to see the launch from Everett (directly across Puget Sound from Whidbey Island)?

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because you, whoever you are and not any other user i now choose to think every single Q post is legit

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Well thank you

Numerals of our people demand answers, posthaste

lmao, kys

wtf is "Q"

Launched at 3:56am Sunday June 10

it isn't a thing
it's a person
our leaker

We shouldnt overfocus on this. Not sure why there is a second thread on this topic. Bump because curiosity nonetheless.

Shut up and neck yourself retard. Qcumbers are trash controlled oppo.

Could be a helicopter, if the camera was set to a large aperture and a long exposure time for that shot, which could be the case since it's nearly night time in it, it would leave a streak of light if there were any lights on the helicopter. It's how shots like these are made.

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i see. i think this is all getting too confusing for me, i guess thats what the juden want

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its not a helicopter you faggots

Even at ~4am, there should be a few dozen witnesses in Everett outdoors with camera phones if it had been a missile launch.

If anything, a missile launch would have been more noticeable at night.

first image, jpg copy: tg, polbreaking / 5288

Onions make upload cry

so wtf am I supposed to do?

its not like I can do anything about it … im just gonna sit here and eat pizza till you tell me wtf I supposed to do

Don't forget the msspelling. Missle is how king nigger and his admin referred to missiles in documents discussing illegally arming ISIS in Syria. They msspelled it intentionally to avoid text searches matching the documents and revealing their criminal actions.
NWF contact mentioned something about unusually large booms in the area in the afternoon local time. Don't know if it was thunder or something else.

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They still test unarmed minute men rockets, saw one in cali back in ~2001. This might be a test being passed off as the old "Weather balloon reflecting swamp gas off venus" type bullshit story.

You could, for example, lurk more before you try to post in this board, for example.
You know, just so you won't make it painfully obvious that you aren't from here.

That newfag aside, this shit is important for the sole reason that on halfchan they are banning any discussion of it.
Regardless of whatever it might actually be or if Q was right, the single fact that they don't want you to look into this is reason enough for everyone to look into it.

This image of the missile should have been included in the original post it is much clearer. You can clearly see that there is no way it is a helicopter. What we need to be doing now is amassing other reports of activity in that area. Sombady had to have taken another picture of it. Troll Twitter and look for references to loud sounds in the area.
Also let's drop the Q shit for right now, it's not as important as getting evidence.


Not even 2 minutes for them to delete my post

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thats some fucking circular logic right there.

1) yea ok lurk more thats not a bad idea because I really have nothing else to do with this picture. so lurking seems about as good as anything else

2) so people see it then what? how is this not a complete waste of time? I get it , people dont want you to see it, but why is it posted int the first place? And now that we have seen it now what?

maybe it was deleted from half chan cause its a useless stupid thread

I call on mods to move this to somewhere else … /b maybe …this is has no political point

unless you or op have an actual topic to talk about

I guess now with the media distracted with the Norks they thought they could sneak a test in. Yeah this is a plausible narrative.

Rogue facility? Rogue agents? Black ops firefights? Missile exchange? Contingency explosives in the walls? A spy/sabotage? All of the above combined with foreign hacking?



Hows your first year on Zig Forums newfriend?

I don't see what there is to talk about. a supposed rocket. military is being area-51 about it. and.. that's it. Rather stupefying you've gotten as many responses as you have already, there's nothing to discuss.

Pretty comfy. What about you halfcuck? Only cuckchanners get salty about cuckchan due to projection. I left 4chins on /b/ day in 07 wbu?

This thread is being astroturfed hard. Remember to ignore shills that try to steer the conversation away.

The supposed missile launch was in the very early morning though, not in the afternoon. They could still be related, possibly military aircraft running a related mission?

You dont think its a bit strange that they ban it? Whats the big deal am I right mr glownigger?

You're a discord using spic who can't even edit a screenshot. The chances that you have been here for longer than a year is impossible. You are a newfag spic who should leave. I mean you still post on cuckchan.

KYS beaner

you type like a plebbitor.

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I never said any of that. Nice projection shitskin. Bavarian phenotype 1.9m Yuropoor here ;)

sorry, english is not my main language

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Is that why your windows is in mexishit you fucking retard spic?


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it was me the one of the screenshot, not him
Yes, my windows is in spanish because I'm from fucking Spain

I'm interested in the missile shit tho


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Absolute mega happening

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There is no way Israel was not involved.

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This is definitely those rotten fucking kikes. Jesus Christ.

I suspect China was the scapegoat and didnt do anything at all.

What I've gone over is it, there's nothing else, and you're all ooga booga about it and "how can people not go in circles forever about it" rocket, military, rocket, military, no wait, but rocket, military, rocket military, uh-huh, have you considered rocket, military, rocket, military.
outside of this you're looking for people to waste time extrapolating from nothing. this is what you're getting banned for, being a excited retard over nothing to go on.

….. but rocket

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This is likely.
However it cannot be the whole story. If the US Military knows the Commander in Chief is engaging in sensitive diplomacy in the Asian waters, it makes no sense for the US Military to make such a claim to the press during the lead-up. Unless of course all of the sources were also Jews.

It is habbebing! user DID THIS :D

Love you guys. The fire absolutely fucking rises.

I love Russian shitposting.

I'm banned? Is that you having a mental breakdown again imkikey?