Reclaiming Language?

Ever since gamergate started I've been seeing the misuse of the words "entitlement" and "toxic" as well. Each one with a specific accursed role, entitlement being used to disparrage consumer rights, and toxic being used to shame people for natural behaviors such as racial realism, and a firm belief in gender roles. Aside from creating artistic content to defy this and promoting artistic content that coincides with our ideals how do we fight this?

In my opinion though the biggest offender plus issue here is "entitlement" because entitlement means YOU ARE entitled to something due to a specific action, not that you have a false sense of self-worth.

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It's not so bad if you consider it as a way to instantly confirm the bias of the speaker/writer. Off the top of my head there are a few "key words" you can remember

Power Structures

This list is in no way exhaustive or complete, but you get the idea.

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Slippery Slope is another one

Avoid using the terms and language of the leftists
Admonish everyone who uses that language whenever they do
Create and use a different lexicon of common language

In more detail, you avoid using their language because the way you speak influences the way you think, and vice-versa. Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, and read Less Than Words Can Say for more on that phenomena. In a nutshell if you use their language its precepts and gestalt will creep into your own mind and poison it just as it poisons the minds of others. So don't ever say 'toxic' or 'problematic' or whatever else save to admonish and laugh at them. Plus you'll sound more impressive anyway.

Admonishing others for actually using that language in normal conversation is critical too. Leftists do this constantly, and what they are doing is attaching a sense of guilt to a word to make you stop using it, but more perniciously they are attaching guilt to the concept of those words. In the Northern Midwest, many people say 'guys' as a collective term for everyone in the general vicinity, but an intersectionalist will proclaim that to be 'gendered-language' that hurts tranny feelings and therefore you should say something different. This poisons all the positive feelings and associations associated with 'guys' as the socially-aware and cautious mind tries to reconcile a supposed social rejection with the in truth wholly acceptable word. It's extremely damaging in a subtle way to a people's way of life, and the counter is to make anyone who seriously says Leftist terminology, especially by mistake, feel like the moronic faggot they are being when they use that language. It's very important to do that because if people cannot use those terms, the ideas behind them begin to wither away. Leftists know this, therefore the rest of you ought to know it too.

Finally those on Zig Forums need to utilize better words to convey ideas than those supplied by others. This doesn't mean making a secret clubhouse language though that is already done through inside jokes and memes, which is great for identifying fellow Zig Forumsacks and therefore useful for RL associations, but utilizing and reclaiming terms that will carry notions and ideas in them by their very use. These terms can either be old words that have lost much of their use and social connotation Like the insult 'cuck', terms that have a useful connotation that can be loaded with more ideas and accentuation such as Nationalism, or even reclaiming words that are corrupted either from opposition or had a bad social connotation 'Fake News' is a great example of taking a weaponized word and turning it on your opposition. This specific lexicon building requires a good knowledge of the language and perhaps others, the creativity to find perfect words that just resonate with the idea they are trying to convey, and a testing ground for those terms like Zig Forums to see if they are catchy enough. Without your own shared lexicon your ideas will be at the mercy of some other group's ideas, which will stifle your attempts to build your own framework as you try to build it out of the materials of the opposition.

"By curtailing frivolous and "fighting" words, the Party seeks to narrow the range of thought altogether, such that eventually, thoughtcrime will be literally impossible." -George Orwell, 1984

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Fun fact, slippery slope has been completely right about the entire path of the degeneration of the family values in America.

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As Orwell said though we can't let them hijack language, once they completely do, because by god they're trying, even talking about the color brown might be considered hateful. Maybe it's not so much avoiding these words, but refusing to use modern interpretations of them at all costs instead? But I guess that would mean engaging in sophistry and semantics if the faggot is belligerent enough to do so…

I honestly feel that due to Corporate PC culture intertwining so much with the government thanks to kikes we're reaching a crossroads with how we use language as a whole.

Can't have a circular reference like that lad.
You're right but you expressed the fact poorly.
Entitlement to something means you HAVE the RIGHT to it. This is why proof of ownership of land/property is called TITLE deed.
When SJW/persons who have been infected with SJWism call someone "entitled", what they are trying to say is that:
>the person has an attitude of entitlement, but is not in fact entitled to whatever it is they feel they have a right to.
UNFORTUNATELY in the last decade or so, the SJW infiltrated gold standard dictionaries like the OED have been inserting SJWisms and additional meanings into the lexicon, to validate SJW word-bending.
I see now, that a new definition of "entitlement" has appeared, this was not present as recently as a few years ago:
So, the cultural marxist left continues its rampage across language and meaning.
They did the same thing for Sarkeesian's misuse of the word "trope".

George called out SJWs before it became a thing.

Why would you post this? Pretty ironic.


You either have to reclaim it in the minds of the masses with a more powerful idea, or you have to use a different word to bypass the ideas associated with it. Take 'problematic' for example. Problematic screams SJW faggotry due to the associations with it, and if you use it and say later, "I'm using it in its original Greek definition, not this modern way!" the people you communicated with still pinged the modern ideas of it and now attached them to you and whatever you were talking about. You lose the moment you utter it seriously.

You have to undermine those associations or twist them to your advantage if you want to reclaim that word, but frankly it's a piss-poor word anyway. It is grammatically weak, instead of saying this is a problem the thing is in itself the essence of a ideological problem. That subtle distinction is very important, because something being just a problem can be solved to that it no longer is a problem, but a 'problematic' thing, adjective-wise, cannot be solved because the nature of the thing is described to be a problem. So when I say your idea is problematic, I am saying your idea is irreconcilably bad and cannot be solved, only attacked and suppressed.

When a word has too much baggage, it's useful just to find something else for it. Edward Bernays wrote Propaganda in the 1920's in an attempt to reclaim the word's neutral if not positive associations after during WWI the term came to have sinister connotations. He failed, and instead restarted with a new term Public Relations to create his positive spin on Propaganda rather than try to fight against the tide of emotion and history with the former word.

Good summation. To be entitled to something requires that you have a right to something in the first place, a notion that Marxists find a root cause of all world evils. Because the possessions of all people just come about through random chance rather than valid merit in their minds, therefore you cannot legitimately lay claim to anything "You don't own nothing, goyim". Therefore they use Entitlement to tickle a notion of unfairness in the minds of most where it takes hold while pushing this idea of you not being able to own anything in the background.

I'd say all four pictures are indicative of slippery slopes. Women shouldn't be in combat unless you are dragging the bottom of the barrel of your fighters, or that particular woman has a rare aptitude for combat.

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Add equitable vs equal. The Constitution says all men are created equal, so of course the gibsmedat niggerfaggots need to go beyond equality of opportunity with """equality""" of outcome ie equity.

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This is the definition of slippery slope.

jews can't into confucius


Did not meant to post that, I was just reading the post.

Think back to the language win of pro-life vs pro-choice. That set back the child sacrificing leftists 30+ years, because who's not pro life? Like says we have to refuse to use language that give leftists the upperhand, and reframe the issues with new and better language that give us the upperhand.

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That's a great example. I think part of the problem on Zig Forums when it comes to constructing a lexicon is that Zig Forumsacks tend to go for either abrasive terms to let out their extreme displeasure at certain ideas nigger faggot comes to mind or cling to terms that were great in different times in different contexts like the German use of propaganda itself, or a prior user's use of historical extermination. Words are tools, and so while pejoratives are great for letting off steam and talking among the likeminded they tend to be offputting and too aggressive in the minds of the uninitiated.

The pro-life to counter pro-choice is brilliant in that it is a positive notion advocating for something of higher value than the opposition. The phrase itself justifies itself in a neat little idea package, and those are the kinds of tactical words Zig Forums needs to package its ideas into for mass consumption. Not just the alarmist language of genocide or replacement which are good for what they do, but also positive terms to promote the ideas Zig Forums and to counteract the corrupted notions of the Marxists.

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One more good use of attack words is to defame, demoralize, and destroy the opposition. Agreed though that they aren't effective for pursuading normalfags.
Exactly right. The leftist commies attempt to portray what they are not, being self-inconsistent deranged liars, and ethical (because "moral" is a bad word to them) high-ground is what they always try to get. They know we have virtue so they try word games to try to steal it, because they know virtue appeals to the masses. There is a difference between attack and virtue language, with different applications, and we must master both.

Manslaughter = people-slaughter
Manipulation = peopulation

Lets take the negative words & change them as well

Using softer language is extremely effective. You can get a lot of normalfags, especially women, to agree to virtually any NS policy in 15 minutes or less when you avoid using overly harsh language. The structure of what you say matters a lot, too. Not only can you sidestep the word "racist" by pointing out that it's just "anti-white" (probably the biggest win of all time for us), but using phrases and sentences to equivocate various things is effective (because muh equality). It's even more effective with those more desperate for it (i.e. cuckservatives). Equivocation can be combined with said sidestep at the same time, like Horus's classic "you're just saying that because I'm White. Anti-racism is just anti-white." Note the equivocation. Only people of higher worth want things segregated at this time. Lumpenprole do not.

It requires far too much discipline for the average idiot to separate ideas (which Zig Forumslacks are huge on, I have noticed).

Another good equivocation was the Trump phrase: "the Clintons are criminals." That's about as simple as it gets. A = B. And as we know, everyone tended to agree, and he won by a landslide. The enemy does it, too: "Richard Spencer is a rayciss literal not see!"

Another good note about language: conflicting ideas are armor piercers and good for knocking down the first layer of psychological defenses (i.e. hardened target). Example: "The Jews have literal Nazi Nuremberg Laws…in THEIR country." Notice how I would never use the N-word in any other context. That is a higher stakes, bolder move. The idea is to always put the opponent on the back foot if they are hostile. You should also set ideas up that way, even if you don't say any contradictions. This way, any opposition has to always wade upstream through a tangle of bullshit to argue with you–like they have to justify ethnonationalism and make the case for Hitler, or they have to look like a weak bitch who got told. Win/win.

Spoken and written language are for supreme normalniggers. Why not develop your telepathy instead?

English is basically pozzed at this point. Trying to argue the definition of words goes nowhere because (((leftists))) are so deeply embedded into academia that they inevitably invoke the "language is, like, subjective, man!" clause when confronted. Then they go and change definitions of words in dictionaries/etc to be able to come back and say "SEE ACTUALLY YOU'RE WRONG", completely reversing on the "language is subjective" standpoint. Best example would be "racism", although that was a made up word by trotsky anyway, it keeps shifting its goalposts.

The future of the English language is some garbage "fluid" structure that essentially relies on a sort of "wiki" style of dictionary, where anyone can add, edit, and make shit out of their ass. Thus, any semblance of structure and stability is lost, people retreat to their own small tribes of non-heritage, and phrases like "gibs me dat" are treated as acceptable and normal.

The only solution is to invent our own fucking language at this point.

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Although, the next best thing would probably be just to make our own dictionary instead, giving a big "fuck you" to leftists and allowing us to have a language that isn't permanently fucked with "newspeak".

sage for samefag

Fuck off with your slides, kike.

The coupling strategy seems like it would be powerful. Basically introducing a desired concept with one that they cannot refute without tearing themselves down. There is potential for an entire workshop on debunking common arguments and sentiments using actual historical analogues that way. Cool idea along with the rest.

What you are describing are living languages in general. This has always been the case, because a living language has the connotations and meanings of its words shifting with colloquial understandings of them. One of the nastiest and dangerous things that Marxists do today is that they rely on their fake definitions and their target's unwitting acceptance of the colloquial definition.

Case in point: "We can agree that racism is bad, right?" Now to the average person, racism is being unjustly prejudicial towards someone else merely because of their race. This is bad to them because they've been drilled to think it is bad since they were children at this point and thus say, "Yeah, racism is bad." But they are doing two things: assuming that both people are talking about the same thing definition-wise, and assuming the person they are talking to is honest. Both of these are wrong assumptions when dealing with the Marxist. That person only asks the question in order to employ consistency on their target while purposefully switching out the colloquial, commonly-accept definition of the common word with their blighted Marxist-filth definitions. The moment you let them define the word for you and take a stance on it, you've lost. They'll berate you for being inconsistent if you try to say it isn't what you mean or that it is illogical because you've already agreed in an extremely (((tricky))) manner to their premise.

There's a reason why formal debates always begin with a funny ritual of saying that they will pull their definitions of words from some fixed source, because this bullshit is important. The way you counteract the garden-variety Marxist is just to ask them up front what they mean by that word. This often will set them off immediately because they are not used to people playing outside of their framework. In fact, most of them have not been trained to anticipate it. They first will say, "Of course you know what racism means! Don't play dumb," or, when you persist, try to slip on to the rest of their argument. If you keep questioning their definitions and immediately hammering how retarded they are and never, ever agreeing to any definition but what you can draw from OLD dictionaries since you're worried about corruptions in the language, you will have neutered one of the most potent weapons of these demoralized fuckers. If you get one that is smart enough to recover from it to actually get into their ideological frameworks, you'll have free rein to rip down their many flawed assumptions without them pulling a consistency compliance trap on you.

The only reason why a language gets turned into Newspeak is because the virtuous allow themselves and the common folk around them to use that flawed language. Teach yourself and them not to use it and instead use proper language and you un-poz the language. Get out of this mindset of retreat - it's defeatist bullshit and won't work anyway.

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The use of the altered language is not so much to attack you, and more to control their own mind. The things they say must be warped beyond recognition for them to be palatable to their own mind, otherwise their mind would reject the obvious nonsense they speak. This is also why they repeat themselves when confronted by their absurdities.
It's difficult to believe that everybody on campus is in danger of imminent rape. It's easy to believe the persistent problem of rape culture being prevalent on campus is caused by toxic masculinity deeply ingrained in western culture, and you sound smart while saying it. They reason it's easier to believe is because "the persistent problem of rape culture being prevalent on campus is caused by toxic masculinity deeply ingrained in western culture" is to be understood as "we're all going to get raped", but when challenged (by reality) will morph back into the actual words and so escape scrutiny. This use of language enables people to hold believes that are blatantly false.

Don't teach your enemy to stop making mistakes. If you force them to not use the language then you make them harder not to identify. Let them continue to use it and then destroy them for doing so when it benefits you.

If you're arguing with one then make them define terms like problematic. Force them to explain things they cannot and they look stupid.

Those women are fighting for their people. Not for attention. I would bet they are all right wing as well.

The picture was posted more to emphasize the stupidity of American's use of labels and language versus what real action and commitment looks like.

I also like posting pictures, pic unrelated.

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I always ask people I'm arguing with what they mean by certain words they use, especially if they're the crux of their argument (again, using racism as an example). They almost always come up empty handed, or they become obsessed with arguing the semantics if I don't agree with their definition, and they refuse to move forward with conversation as a result. Usually this ends up in some kind of chimpout. Of course, I'm always sure to do this with onlookers, as it's pointless to do so one-on-one.

Good point, the only way out of this hell is to plunge directly into it rather than try to run away from it.

Related to the subject at hand, I feel as though imageboard culture is responsible for some of the most prominent memes (which are the base form of language, anyway), not the least of which are particular words or phrases. Stuff like
all existing words that were radically changed in the minds of the masses, without them even knowing where it came from. Some of these were even intentional - others came about more naturally, but all the same, they're important weapons in the Meme Wars™. I mean, fuck, I've heard "cuck" used on regular TV.

Those women are at a photo shoot where they larp as soldiers for the pictures to be taken.

Talk to people who have served with women. They're not soldiers, they're a ball and chain around another soldiers leg. All they do is cause problems and that's if they haven't got knocked up in boot camp.

4chan had defined online culture since it's inception. Even the term meme comes mostly from 4chan spreading it. It's debatable today how much image boards influence but they're still influencers to a degree.

If you've studied NLP, you'll know certain words, like 'toxic' and 'clear' are actually a form of mind hack, to ready your brain to accept the marxist propaganda without question.

Youre right about their hold on academia. That's why these threads are so good. Regaining control of the language is very important especially at a time when just saying black or jew can cause reprimand. I think the academic word factory is extremely weak though. They have done a lot of their work in the dark, but their bullshit doesn't stand up long in the light.

"My race is taught that masculinity means caring for intoxicated people. Others weren't, so what you call rape culture, which doesn't really exist, is actually intoxication culture. Let's talk about how alcohol is so ingrained in our culture."

t. has used this

I will just copy pasta my attempt at making a thread about this 2 weeks ago.

I'll engage the thread when I get back from the Opera tonight.

I've been doing research on memes and linguistics along with their psychology. I wish to advance here a framework with which we can "formalize" and begin consciously designing our operations against the judaic left and chandala untermensch.

First it is important to hold that language is a meme in the Dawkian sense, but a very superficial one used to exchange meaning and information. Although memes get their point across through the use of language, it is exactly that: a transfer medium. A meme works when it taps some subconscious circuit in the recipient that invokes a response of affirmation. The recipient must find truthfulness in the transmitted information for it to gain "meme" status. Otherwise it is just noise.

I have two things to propose here: creating our own language to help fight back against newspeak and the pathologization of everything healthy and good in the world it brings, and figuring out what deep subconscious resorts exist in the average White and tapping into those to activate the White racial collective subconscious by memeing it into an elevated state of alert.

For a while now traditional terms have been getting destroyed or replaced with their antithesis, I will name the family (with its disgusting variant "alternative family") as one of the terms under assault, and "immigration" as one of the terms that are an antithesis. The way in which modern politicians speak of "immigration" as something to be "limited" or "expanded" would be translated into a 2000 year old language, roughly given here in English, as "I wish to knowingly have our country's racial makeup undermined by bringing foreign invaders in with an annual quota". While cumbersome this is the "next step" in racial consciousness, naming the farce for what it is. Unfortunately the term "anti-immigrant", in context to a political figure or party, is shorter than the full sentence "this party's policy is to achieve the security of the native race", but whatever gain is made in its brevity is lost in how it pathologizes being against the invasion of your country. Anti is a prefix associated with negativity in people's minds and we must move away from it, consider the same thing with "homophobia". Ignoring the jewish meme "hurr you're scared of gays cuz you secretly love them lol", we need to advance our own term that disparages the "homonormative narrative" and establishes our own in its place. "Degenerate" is too general now and has lost its meaning in English, we need something that carries the same weight as "Entartet" does in German. Philosodomite might be a good start.

Another thing of note: Whites must be made aware that "humanity" ends where the White race ends. A lot of naive Whites expand humanity in a universal sense to every 10 toed nigger on the planet, and that is wrong. They do not see us as members of an abstract humanity, they see us (at best) as an enemy to be feared and left alone, or (at worst) as easy pickings to rape and pillage. The universality of words like "humanity", "individuality", "identity", etc must be destroyed. We must employ anti-semantic speech (i.e. being so clear and consciously reiterating ourselves twice over) in order to keep jews out.

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A note from biology: at the end of the day, making babies is what matters and not what a bunch of racial foreigners (jews or niggers) call you. The language game (inferior to the meme game both in importance and weight it carries) is here to manipulate worldviews, both by awareing Whites and scaring kikes.

The second part is probably more difficult because it is difficult to articulate that which we understand to be true on a deep level. A good approximation would be to describe my feelings reading esotericism, the first 100 pages of Evola don't make any fucking sense, but after the first 1000 you'll come around to what is going on in his head. Unfortunately our best means of distributing knowledge to just hammer someone with a worldview until they "get it". There are intermediate steps to take of course, but the brain likes to "click" as it comes to a new conclusion and shows basically no progress before the click as it just busily assimilates information and tries to make sense of it. Whites are susceptible to memeing by empiricism, as that is what helped us survive the winter, so the appeal to parsimony, i.e. that the simplest explanation is the best, is a valid approach here. Why bother with 5000 pages of frankfurt school nonsense when 10 pages of Darwinism and applied laws of nature provide a superior account of racial divergent evolution?

Sorry for the longpost but its something that has been bothering me for weeks now and I needed to bring it to word, I can flesh out whatever point you like and I feel like the board is ready for discussing and conjuring Aryan magic now that kampfy got gassed.

The term meme may have been popularised in popculture by 4chan, but it was in no way invented there. The term was coined by Richard Dawkins, he meant the word meme to rhyme with gene.

everyone needs to read baudrillard

teach your kids

chewz ged fugged

Have a (you) for this incredible effortpost.

also bumping thread

That's so fucking stupid I really don't know where to begin
Please think before you post

There's not much we can do to help serious cases of cuckoldery, they're too dependant on the System to want any change. When the System collapses they'll either adapt to become racists, or die in a sea of rioting niggers. I use "toxic" to refer to sodomites because of their toxic AIDS

whats with the boat, OP?

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that's exactly what he said mate

Why euros like bullpups so damn much ?

Thanks for the engagement and thoughts. It honestly may not be entirely necessary to spend much time dissecting the technical aspects of why memes work so much as just observing what ones have worked on various levels and what psychological angles are the most effective at that. There are a few common themes observed about most 'viral' memes:
So language works the same way. Most words have some kind of emotional tone to it [spoiler]probably related to the idea of masculine/feminine words in Romantic languages[spoiler], have a linguistic charm to them, can be easily transmitted without losing or warping meaning too much, and they have a utility. Take the relatively new insults of "Cuck" and "Soyboy". They caught on precisely because it encapsulated ideas of repulsive non-masculine behavior, appearance, and morality in a simple, short, almost onomatopoeic terms. They're perfect for insults because they're satisfying to say yet encapsulate a complex idea into a memorable, 'fitting' term. They were born just as all great memes are, in a soup of blunt communication and emotions and the true test of how many people shared the terms.

Anyway, I hate getting stuck in abstractions. Lets take some of these word lists and have provided us and study these words in particular:
Leftist Terminology
Zig Forumsack Terminology
Dissecting these like a linguist would, Leftist language is complex, multi-syllabic, referential to particular theories, and often adjective/adverbs. This gives it an air of intellectual superiority and the grammatical properties allow the user to attach those ideas to literally everything, which is exactly what it is designed to do. The overwrought nature of these words appeal to those who fancy themselves smart, and more importantly to appear smart to those they communicate with. This is further heightened by the grammatical nature of it that lets them attach different ideas together grammatically even if they don't make sense in reality. That serves the function of being able to label anything for denigration and destruction while appearing to have the authority of elevated intellect, which Leftists do constantly.

Contrast that with the Zig Forumsack language which is much simpler, generally negative, symbolic, and has a distinct auditory sharpness. This is great for quick communications of complex ideas and insults, which is exactly what you would expect to see develop on a visually restricted board full of anonymous faggotry. The complex ideas born of many observations and debate are tightly packaged by the Zig Forumsack into an almost poetic term because of the pressure to communicate fast. Superficially the language is low-minded, and often is picked up by morons because of the graspable nature of it and the high utility it provides for communications.

The language of the Leftist is an intellectual model from big ol' books from big-brained (((theorists))) and other legitimately intelligent people who rely on their listener's intellect to communicate. That naturally cuts down the audience to a smaller number, and mainly those of a moderately elevated intellect that think themselves smarter than they really are. However the Zig Forumsack's language is a traditional model that remains accessible to everyone while providing deeper insights to those who are capable and willing to explore it. I think that's the key model that should guide the development of the Zig Forumsish lexicon: Simple words to communicate easily observable truths and expose the bullshit constructions of all ideologies that prop up falsehoods.

This thread needs more Zig Forums terms aside from just the insults. They constitute great tools for debate and dismissal, but it is difficult to build a positive notion with such caustic terms. One particularly powerful idea to encapsulate would be that notion of marrying the idea of nation with the idea of family, as it remains a powerful emotional and truthful argument against almost every (((effort))) against society today, from why to reject multiculturalism to cuckish tolerance.

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You forgot Kike.

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Jeez, good catch. A Zig Forums without Kike in the vocabulary is not a Zig Forums at all!

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The establishment but especially satanist leftists abduct children, keep them in cages, rape, and torture them to death. So what do they do in classic projection form? Say anything short of open borders is locking children in cages. They murder babies with abortion, so what do they do? Say anything short of open borders is ripping children from families. Note their inversion projection, but also the graphic language they use. They are used to emotionally traumatizing children they torture to death, so they get off on it.

Ooga booga is another great example.

Anyway, you didn't happen to have taken a literature course? Where did you learn this stuff?

niggerish, niggerized, gay, faggy, cucky, and degenerate all work for us in that same way. I see what you're saying, its a bullshit word they can shoehorn in everywhere, so we need an analog. I propose "judaicized" to fulfill that role from our side. I've been seeing the term "negro-ization" also beginning to take hold. Unfortunately the left played the language game first, allowing them to hijack terms so we have to resort to neologisms ("ethnostate" is probably the best example here), and as you said, when you speak your own language the language inform the thoughts. We have to build those words that someone would snap at and say "that's exactly what I was looking for!" when referring to rooted concepts of manhood and womanhood or the racial nation.

We have to either reclaim "nation" and "family" or replace it. Nation has been superseded in a sense by "ethnostate", and for family or marriage we have to create a new term that captures the original concept: the nuclear, married for life, union of a man and a woman in service of their children and race. The building blocks of a nation you could say. In German I could conjure up the compound word *Volkseinheiten* which translates to "people-units" in this context. Maybe we should just excavate old French words for this sort of stuff, but just find something to contain the whole paragraph I've wasted here as a word in itself.

Some other terms in dire need of replacement are "migrant", "activist" or "professor".

For "migrant" I would propose invader (also as a replacement for "refugee"), and when we are talking about Whites moving, especially White South Africans that genuinely need refuge in the West, we call them "White brothers". The language needs to go back to us vs. them. We Whites against them niggers. "Activist" can be replaced by agent provocateur, subversive, or outright domestic terrorist depending on the context. If you wish to use these words, do it the way the Germans were in the 1930s when they started the organized re-Germanization of their language (where they gassed all Anglicisms and foreign words).

"These domestic terrorists (left wing 'activists') sighted at the Unite The Right rally…"

In German it would be:

Where "Erbkörperchen" is a true German word for "chromosome", and in the () the author was guiding the reader towards what the 'old' (foreign) word was for that same concept. This was especially big in biology where a lot of stuff was borrowed and foreign.

Aggressively assert your worldview through your language. It forces the opposing party to be above an intelligence threshold necessary to actually hear and understand your terms. The inevitable IQ100 mass on our side will also be protected from pseudointellectuals in debates in their social circles, because those pseudointellectuals will not be able to handle our language and thus even though at an intellectual disadvantage, our supporter will find his viewpoint untouched and "undenied" in his social circle by parroting the loaded language we broadcast.

next you'll be telling me that wordfiltering nigger would be a bad idea

Slippery slope isn't even a fallacy.
If something has a simillar beginning to something else, it likely has a similar outcome.
If you perform the same action twice you're bound to get the same reaction twice.

My least favorite is that any left-wing heavy journalist will use the word "slam" even though no physical contact took place. An exchange of words is just that.

Another is when an alien fugitive is caught in my country, the media refers to them as an immigrant. That's a load of bullshit. Immigrants are people with legal status welcomed here. Illegal aliens are not immigrants.

Another one is using racism, where they intend to use discriminatory. Yes Muslims are discriminated against. We don't want rape, honor killings, or shariah law. However Islam is not a race of people. There are brown muslims, nigger muslims, and gook muslims. At least use words as intended. You don't need to dumb down the literate population.

Pathetic doesn't mean an ineffective argument. It means an appeal to emotion, rather than an appeal to reason, logic. Most of time when someone calls something pathetic, they themselves are making an appeal to emotion, often times directed to a logical statement they disagree with.

I'm not sure if it's demographic replacement lowering the IQ of journalists, or if they're intentionally misusing words.

I'm a lurker on Zig Forums. There's lots of smart people here when you cut through the bullshit. Also reading on Sapir Whorf Hypothesis applications in 'Less Than Words Can Say' helps to clarify some examples of how grammar and sentence structure affects how people think. It's why it is vital NOT to use the Left's language when you communicate.

Can't forget Semetic! But notice that the most common forms of the Zig Forums language references an individual or group rather than an idea. The Leftist language can attach and decay ideas themselves, while the best the general lexicon here just describes the general nature of something in our opinion or references the speaker "OP is a faggot" or "This is a shit post". When going after an idea anons will keep the idea intact and describe why it is shit, instead of corrupting the idea itself like the Left does through a variety of ways. That should be turned in on itself to confuse and disable their use of language as one angle of attack, as is in fact what Leftists do to each other all the time.

Nation is a great word however with excellent foundations, and restoring it to its original meaning from the Latin 'natio' meaning a tribe or race would simply be a matter of tweaking one aspect of it rather than explaining what a new word is. Both can work though. New words have an advantage of being blank slates, but that means anyone can write in the emotional baggage to it.

German is an excellent language for marrying concepts together. So is Latin, which I should train better in. Lucky for us English is an amalgamation of those two languages mainly.

That's the trick of it! Zig Forums's hivemind and testing ground is the place to discover it though.

Proper insults to encapsulate them would be right up the alley of Zig Forums I imagine. Remember rapeugees was a useful insult born on Zig Forums. I like the idea of getting those words which are used by the Left to twist certain ideas into a positive light and make them a subject of mockery.

That's the way to do it. The terms shouldn't be arcane, but concepts like the Hedgehog Model. Simple terms that are defended from basically all threats and vectors of attack. The truth is always simple, and that's Zig Forums's bread and butter. Notice that Leftists, when exasperated, demand that you read big 'ol books and that you'll understand then, or lamanet how 'uneducated' you are for not agreeing with them. That is their weakness. Their lies require a great confounding of thought to work, while truth requires just the right kind of illumination.

It would be positively apocalyptic to certain Turkish individuals.

Bullshit by design. A rose by any other name really wouldn't smell as sweet. The name in part becomes the thing, and vice-versa. That's why language is vital. As for wondering why they use those terms, they are crafted by public relations and marketing experts to have the preferred kind of responses. It isn't your imagination, they really are using manipulative language to change the way people perceive information.

As a side note, Zig Forums should strive to make things of beauty too with language. Poetry today is rotten to the core and shit-tier, and it is a myth to believe that poets would only ever be political leftists. Zig Forums has plenty who are or could be poets of higher caliber than what are available today. Doesn't have to be mushy either. The roman poet Martial (Marcus Valerius Martialis) wrote satire and insults that have survived for two millennia. I am reminded of "coughing fits, pants of shit" and other delightful turns of phrase…

Attached: The Stranger Rudyard Kipling.jpg (2000x997, 455.14K)


is pic related another good word candidate?

Coopting their language tricks against them?

No question. Do you have anything to say on the spellings semitic vs semetic? Which one is more explicitly anti-jew?

You're right that our diction is rather offensive and aggressive, designed to assault and tear down quickly instead of slowly corrupt from within, however that is the nature of our response: the creeping anti-white activity of the left has finally come to a head where we have to grab our bugspray daily to repel another attack. We are stuck fighting symptoms, or the push of the ants instead of burning the ant hill itself, instead of the root causes. I'm not convinced that we can conjure up language that will counter-corrupt them, this is more effectively done through false flag d&c exploiting their virtue signalling and ideological puritanism. I think its better to do this on both fronts: fan the flames of their infighting while advancing our new language to re-present (as in, present a second time) our traditional worldview with our new words for the nation (ethnostate) or family (Volkseinheit). We have to offer a tangible alternative and stop being on the run playing their word games.

Words represent memes, and if the meme is powerful enough the emotional baggage doesn't matter. The last thing the NSDAP cared about in 1932 when it all came to a head is what the jewish press was lying about. They had their own propaganda machine just like we need our own propaganda machine.

Don't suppose you ever heard of "anti-fragility"?

Wasn't this accomplished on accident when we got the MSM to explain what "cucks" are on TV?

lmao 800 pages of jewish obfuscation to learn precisely nothing. However, you can use a "gotcha" trick here and just say "how come you can't explain the book in a concise, pertinent way relevant to this discussion on your own? I think you haven't understood the book at all". Schopenhauer teaches these tricks in his "The Art of Controversy" (which everyone should read). When someone calls you dumb, call them dumb back.

Holding a flashlight up sure is easier than reading some wordy jewy book.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (155x203, 12.62K)

Goysplain would have been more clever. In fact I think the dissemination of the word 'Goy' is useful because to the non-Jew it impresses the idea that they view you as an ugly-sounding cattle-like 'thing', which is in fact how they view you for the most part. That's important for non-Jews to know. As for using their tricks against them, it's enough to use their methologies to wrap into their own ideas. Example is girlsplain, or heterophobic, or the like simply to make them either abandon the language or attack the underpinnings of it. Remember that their use of adjective-like language means you too can attach the negative shit to everything they hold dear and use the exact same arguments to decay it. Do that simply to confuse them, then stick to the Zig Forumsack lexicon that reestablishes a simple reality that is immediately more appealing than the muddle mess you've left them to contend with.

Oh, I mispelled it I guess. Go with Semitic since it's spelled right so no one accuses you of being illiterate. The Leftist ideology wants to prove, even in minor ways, that you are unintelligent and uneducated in order to justify their bullshit. Don't give them a chance to do it and it really bothers them.

That's probably the way to do it. Throw a few wrenches into their works, and as they try to repair their systems offer up the simpler, more realistic and appealing language with its attendant ideas to appeal by comparison. Make them spend more time defending their bullshit than it takes you to critique it. That is the strength of the language developed on Zig Forums anyway.

Zig Forums is an excellent laboratory and distribution hub for that.

I hadn't, however looking into it as the building of robustness through the exposure to stressors is what one will observe in nature constantly. So in the biological sense I am extremely well acquainted with the concept. Struggle is not an enemy, but a means by which you become stronger. The word 'Agony' comes from the pain you feel in the pursuit of a goal in competition, and without agony people become weak and listless. This is the main refutation as to why the goal of society is not to eliminate all forms of pain. In fact, it should encourage many forms of agony to keep its populace spiraling upwards towards great accomplishments. Zig Forums's success and being a hurtbox are inextricably linked.

It's amusing, isn't it? And that amusement is useful because it makes your enemies look like fools and discredits them. This whole process of inflicting mockery on your foes should be one of the most delightful things anyone here can do. The goal may be serious, but the efforts are just fun. If you want to get esoteric with it, the power of mass laughter is in many ways more potent than the power of pain and torture.

Or any book for that matter. That's the power of truth, because a truth properly conveyed just makes sense. The effort which the Leftist 'educated' drone goes through to read bullshit reinforces their sense of superiority and confirms to them the validity of those ideas in the same way that hazing makes the organization more valuable independent of the actual merit of that organization. It's massages their egos by telling them, "Only SMART people can understand the intricacies of this material!" and Zig Forums has found plenty of mockery for the concept in how exasperatingly stupid and self-aggrandizing the Reddit fans of Rick and Morty are in trying to say how smart a show that relies on gross-out and non-sequitur humor is.

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"Solve" means the opposite of what you think.
From latin "solvere".
It means "to loosen" or "break apart".
As in "solution".
"To dissolve in a solution".
Not (dis-) but (di-).
As in "two".

Just use the words in their meaning.

Polluted water? Call it toxic.

Kiked mods didn't think so.

Or "attack."

"Trump attacked soyboys on Twitter calling them diseased faggots…"

I'm rearing "reunification" a lot in the media. They're talking about spiclets, but I keep thinking pic related.

Attached: index.jpg (192x263, 9.86K)

You missed a key one
"offensive" , "dont offend me"

this has a key connotation to colonialism and rules of engagement

Basically there are a few key things going on in this control of language that stem from the actions of where we are now.

here are some ideas to mull through your head and take into account the list provided by the poster I replied to

-modern civilization has decided colonizing is bad , this actually came from the colonizers (Britian) , only when pushed by America and India but still up held as the final place to colonize others … maybe manifest destiny is the last

-to hurt without provacation is criminal , this is actually very old world and is a basic law of nature

-words are powerful , pen mightier than the sword … this is very new in its true maturing, you could maybe caveat … the tweet is mighter than the nuclear weapon

-hate crimes, an action is more powerful if surrounded by particular words, words can make an action more effective

What we have here is an unfair guilt trip. A guilt trip that comes from a particular interpretation of the past. One without historical empathy or any kind of depth.

Particular words by particular people have particular power that goes against the rules of engagement and natural law. This is the meme at its core.

Any takers on how to counter act? Its unfair and at the core we should be able to fight back with the idea that "whats good for the goose is good for the gander". Basically hate speech can be applied against whites too. I think theres a better argument though.

-self expression, while it can hurt someones feelings is not an attack. Some one being offended by a word is like someone being hurt by punching a pillow. If there are such things as hate crimes , then do we outlaw voodoo? Is pricking a doll with a needle some kind of self expression that adds damage to the crime?

Slippery Slope is the phrase to describe possible outcomes of actions, it only confirms that the writer is a cautious one that wants their readers to think and consider other possibilities. I guess that is a bias. The kind of bias that hopes for a better world.

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This essay sums it up. Bastardized language turns humans into subhumans.

Also lol at google encouraging muh consumerist diction by calling proper English privileged.


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who the fuck takes the time to make these? how much do they make, 20$ each? fucking retards

Faggots, you can't reclaim language of the kikes define it in the (((media))). Gas the kikes, reclaim the language.


Don't forget "Weaponized"

I don't think this is necessary. The original meaning of migrant is simply one who moves from place to place, either within a country or to a new one. A refugee, an immigrant, a colonist, and a settler are all migrants. Moving to the town 10 miles away is a migration. In the context of the (former) colonies (USA, Canada, Australia, NZ) we have to make the distinction that the founders were not immigrants. Immigrate took on the meaning of moving from one country to another, thus foreigners going to a new country are called immigrants.

In the US context, the founders were not immigrants, because there was no new country to which they could immigrate. A colony was not a new country, it was a territorial extension of the home country. So British colonists were not becoming members of the Cherokee nation, they were British citizens living on British land. This deals with sovereignty and what happens in the act. In the US the colonists became revolutionaries who established a new nation-state, never once was this core population composed of "immigrants." After 1776, those who came to America and became citizens were indeed immigrants but the kind we have historically been willing to accept.

Then there is the issue that if "diversity is our strength" and "multiculturalism is good because it promotes diversity" but diversity only emerges through separation and if you put everyone together you destroy variety and then create monoculture. But they don't seem keen on thinking that far ahead.

Attached: colony.png (757x183 13.86 KB, 24.5K)

This is absolutely a problem op. Toxic is a very good one to point out, it's use as an excuse to crack down on literally anything problematic is growing. I like to point out and question these whenever i can. It gets people thinking, even though it generally is negatively received


New language starts a new civilization.
Replace the existing glyphs/runes/spells.
Create a language that roots from love.
Create stories written in such language - even songs.

are you out of your goddamn mind

PUBG is the worst fucking thing to happen to video games since


well the last fucking awful thing to happen to video games. Firewatch maybe.

manual = personual
management = personagement
manufacture = personfacture
mandatory = persondatory
manifest = personfest
maniac = personiac
mandible = persondible
mango = persongo
manure = personure
mandate = persondate

I think a racist plan would be to toxicly use the terms in an entitledly meaningless way so they lose all force. Just make memes and copypastas using the words in increasingly bizarre ways and flood discourse with it.

Only slaves aren't entitled to anything btw. Not feeling entitled to stuff you are entitled to (like a product/service you paid for actually working as promised) is slave morality.

X - phobic (for various X)
hate-X (rally, group, march etc…)
violent speech
X - survivor (for various X)
online hate
normalize (when used in social context)
normalization (wuisc)
regressive (wuisc)
traditional (when used negatively)
X sympathizer (when used negatively)
"how dare you"
claiming to be an 'ally' of some other ethnicity.
"I would like to begin by acknowledging " historical 'crime' X.
Safe (when used wrt feelings, ala safe space)
dog whistling
X rhetoric (where X is hateful, sexist, racist etc…)
far right
socialist (when referring to communist)
undocumented immigrant
populism, populist
undemocratic (when they mean illiberal)
democratic values
jewish people (instead of jews or kikes)
activists (when referring to terrorists)
far right terrorists (when referring to activists)

And I won't even get into all the crazy sexuality related stuff since it would fill a dictionary.

sexual violence
To conflate even the mildest harassment (or unwanted attention) with rape.

communist word salad shit 4 years of hearing it has me programmed to get triggered hearing it but my response is the opposite of the others who get triggered; i do not feel guilt and emotion and tears and compete to be the most outraged which is what the programming is intended to cause, instead i get angry violent defensive hostile no longer wish to parlay words and want instead to physically destroy communists. I had on two occasions to be escorted off the grounds for my tirades and the cops refused to arrest either me or to enforce the communist control act by rounding up those instructors despite the clear evidence that they are subversives and such is illegal

(((Organic))) JIDF word salads.
Consume responsibly.

just use their own words and insults against them. it's really that simple. you have to understand that lot of leftists project their insecurities onto other people. redirecting their insults back towards them will cause the greatest and deepest pain. of course it's really just simple "no u" playground bullshit, but we're dealing with people that have the minds of children here and it's effective. we can see that leftists already attempt this by trying to co-pt the word "cuck" and "snowflake" and it's completely ineffectual, but the same tactic will work on them i guarantee it

Came here to say populism.

Democracy is populism. A popularity contest for the popular vote of the populace.

When its a democracy thats not acceptable to the left, they call it populism.

"Apologist" is in there with sympathiser.

The biggest one for me:

When brown people go to a white country they call it diversity, multiculturalism and cultural enrichment.

White white people go to a brown country they call it colonialism, imperialism, invasion.

Attached: images (2).jpeg (739x415, 46.12K)

Another one to add to the list is using the word "males" instead of "men."

"Male" can refer to any member of the animal, but only "man" can refer to humans. Using "male" instead of "man" is a subtle form of dehumanization. Not to mention makes you look and sound weak as hell when you refer to yourself a "male" instead of "man."

I'd also like to add that there is a lower "barrier of entry" to being called a male. A soyboy is a male, but not truly a man, for example. So is a boy (child), yet they are not a man.

Yeah no. Reclaiming the word Nation wholeheartedly and earnestly means much more than ethnostate.
When a normie thinks "ethnostate", their mind immediately drifts to ebil nazis. When a non-pozzed normie thinks "nation" they think of a country, a flag, an idea that symbolizes what they view as the purpose of the place in which they live.
If we reclaimed "nation" and had a more defined perspective of what that word meant, in relation to the US flag for example, it would do much more in the long run, and be far more appealing to the average person.
Remember that the US flag represents ideas with very different definitions based upon your perspective, which is why you have reformist leftists saying "I love this country for what it can be, improved from our flawed foundations" and conservative right-of-center folks saying "I love this country for what it was founded on and still holds dear to this day".

*the idea and the people which form it

My goodness, the person who made this is retarded. Sage for pissposting

A Republic is better because it can more easily withstand an uneducated mob of voters. There's a reason the U.S. resisted being pozzed into calling itself a "democracy" for so long.

I may be talking out of my fucking ass, for I know nothing, but I'm pretty damn sure there is a strong difference between the founder's american republic and the "democracy" we call ourselves now.

“Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

-Benjamin Franklin, when asked by a woman what government they would now have after leaving Independence Hall.

That meme is really aimed at normalfags to take the piss out of American feminists (aka marxists). Don't take it to heart.

Language is a sneaky tool the left has used to push their bad ideas on to polite society. Because if they really called their ideas by their proper names it would trigger disgust in the average person. Controlling the language is like using lube before sticking it in. Some recent examples:

Ewww buttsex, diseases and child abuse

Attached: image.jpeg (878x2021, 362.27K)

colored milk yuck

some colored milk is blood

Save the fucking catalog this is their counter-attack after taking a break for a week or two to strategize. We need to fucking save the important threads. Browse pages 10-25 and BUMP BUMP BUMP keep that finger fucking tapping until every damned thread is raised out of this piss flood.

Save the fucking catalog this is their counter-attack after taking a break for a week or two to strategize. We need to fucking save the important threads. Browse pages 10-25 and BUMP BUMP BUMP keep that finger fucking tapping until every damned thread is raised out of this piss flood.

Chairman Mao described these as 'magic words'. By using such words you control dialogue thought, narrative ect…

The best way to fight the lefts 'magic words' is by inventing and using our on. Pozz, and its context is very effective. Some right wing 'magic words' of the top of my head:


The more of OUR language we use and the less of THEIR language we use the better.

I remember when I was seven, I told a niglet that he was using the word "racist" incorrectly. The situation started out on the school bus, and the monkey was claiming that something or other was racist. I informed him that the event would better be defined as prejudice, which is a bad opinion of another based on some factor, and is often the basis of treating a person poorly, while racism is merely the belief that one race is superior to another, without necessarily thinking or treating the allegedly inferior poorly because of it. Needless to say, the ape's one and only response was "You're a racist! Racist! You're a racist!" and so on. I eventually gave up, knowing even at that age the animal's limited mental capacity, despite growing up in LAUSD's brainwashing facilities.