Brit/pol/ #2833: Buzzword Edition

Nigel Farage dismisses idea of a Brexit pact with Boris Johnson - saying he voted FOR May's 'appalling' deal

EU FAILURE? How 'European elections are STILL fought along national lines'

Petition launched to save doctor facing sack for asking Muslim woman to lift her veil

Typhoon fighter jets came within 100 feet of a high-speed collision when they came in to land at RAF base

Trump vows to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons hours after he threatened to 'end' the regime in wake of rocket attack on US embassy in Baghdad

Ecuador hands over Julian Assange's belongings to US

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Hullo, yes, a new Nationalist party part two, okay thank you.




thought* rather than know tbh, got confused between him and someone else

not dodgy at all is it?

Absolute fucking moron. Hope he gets macheted tbh. He STILL uses every excuse to signal against "the alt-right". He's an inexcusable faggot tbh.

Bit shameless of them calling it after a philosopher trying to appropriate European history.


History is a commodity to them.

What did you expect?


Exactly this. Just saying I ate im. Started warming to him the other day when victoria derbyshire was being a coon, but then watched his fish attack interview and remembered why I find him so intolerable. I detest his rik and morty smarmster intonation tbh. The soft smugness of his voice, as he shifts position about a hundred times a second incenses me.

we receive 5 times as many students as we send and that's with eu students going to scottish unis for free


Fred Dibnah

just cos the press are cunts doesn't mean he's not also a cunt tbf lad
I want to see him completely destroyed after all of this tbh, there's no way for him to slink off into the shadows to jump on the next low-hanging fruit bandwagon this time.

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oh great more normie-core "political" videos being pushed left right and centre

Wondered where it was, didn't realise it was in the last thread.

It's a fucking trading bloc you greasy cunts

Someone yesterday was making the point that the media haven't focused for one second on his policies, as if this was some great injustice. He doesn't fucking have any though. This is as he would have it: him being focused on for his based rik and morty personality. He loves this sort of spectacle and is so obviously apolitical. Shape-shifting little faggot.

As I said the other day, I'm not sure if the media are being lazy or are too fearful to draw attention to hate-think: but if they really wanted to take him down, all they would have to do is watch any of his "debates" with members of the alt right, because in literally every one he agreed with every single far right talking point (including blacks being retarded on account of genetics). Amazing.


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a federal europe has always been the goal tbh

You've got to remember that the press is dumb as shit so they will also go after the low-hanging fruit, sargoy now has to deal with people as annoyingly thick as himself

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Yeah but the way these videos are designed are done in a way to make the EU look like an innocent little cupcake who can do no wrong and only ever existed to make everyone happy.

we live in the third world tbh

it's been ages since I did the links

are you fucking joking

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Yeees moooreee poooweeer…
We promise we will listen to you…

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Democracy is a meaningless fucking word.

that's why not posting here

Like fuck we can.

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It is great to see the king of obtuse 'gotcha' argumentation being out-obtused and 'gotcha'd'. Still, he has not a self reflective bone in his body, so it won't give him pause for thought. UKIP seriously must be in the hands of the big boys to have this tit as its poster child tbh (I can't believe that even edgy boomers could be retarded enough to think this was a winning strategy).

you need jesus

Kek was waiting for this pic don't have it saved for some reason.
Perfect demonstration of how "democratic" these monsters are.

It was in the big boy's hands since at least Bolton.

If giving the EU more power means more democracy, surely giving me all the power would mean maximum democracy

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give me till the end of summer

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lmao fuck off



Did he AT ALL mention the EU army? Or did that little "factoid" slip their memory (conveniently!)?


He actually said this about 2 minutes in

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every single mf time

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as long as kid is white I'm fine with it, but they're not for relationships

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It's also yet another Soros front.


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its like real life is the turner diaries smdh

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How will the manlets ever recover?

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sorry lads she's 5'5" herself

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The young Somalis returning home to escape knife crime


Women are atrocious with height, had one saying she was 6' but when we met up she only just reached my shoulder.

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Another skirmish in the information war.

Can you just fuck off? I will begin auto-filtering this detritus. No one cares what thots think or say on a british politics board.

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Yeah but you'd expect them to be good at hiding this shit, instead it's so blatantly obvious that anyone with more than a bit of cotton between their ears will notice it.

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That's why I moved to >>>/okc/ board.
This was about manlets and women and genral, perfect fit for Zig Forums see

That is the same photo SA has posted about 4 times the past week. Because we've had this discussion about 4 times in a week. Give it a bloody rest lad.

You know very well that topic of manlets, women, incels, is closely related to politics. Disfranchised white men are our main target for indoctrination and radicalisation.

You know it makes sense.

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Who cares lad, if they self deport because they can't figure out the third world goes with them more power to them.

Tbh their entire channel is devoted to muh science, of course they're babel builders.

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fucking soros AGAIN

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Tbh I don't know who comes to Zig Forums without being radicalised in the first place.

I might have you fight Ainsley to death in an arena when I gain power.

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Ainsley would simply bare his neck to me lad, years of slavery and love for his master have made him suicidally loyal to me

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You can get radicalised by watching the BBC. It's a right-wing mouthpiece for Farage & Co.

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some retard on twitter years ago claimed the BBC was a ukip mouthpiece. We made it a board banner.

This is what liberals believe. Funny thing, isn't it? They interpret BBC's attempts at impartiality as them being right-wing mouth-piece.

To save you lot watching through it and giving it (you)s I've broken the script down.

>In democratic states, public policies are based on the will of the people. But, the people are not a coherent thing. Countless different groups are battling for influence and power to establish laws and rules that benefit them. In a working democracy, there are checks and balances that are supposed to create a fair environment where these battles can be fought. Term limits stop factions from dominating too much. But all of this ends at our borders. International politics are not democratic, but anarchic.

>The EU is a construct that tries to have rules and laws for its member nations that are actually enforceable, as the European Court of Justice is able to make binding decisions. Originally, the EU was founded to ensure peace between European nations and prosperity for the continent. But it's also an attempt to gain international power for its members. It's like a super state and it's striving to be democratic and legitimized by all of its citizens.

>To do that, it has to solve the problem of different actors wanting different things. Only, that its members are countries with very different priorities. So, how does this work? Since the EU is ridiculously complex, and politicians are even worse than scientists at naming things, we'll simplify massively and omit a lot of details. You can find further reading and explanations in our Sources Document.

>How much influence does your vote have? The European Parliament started out with very little influence but has become more and more powerful over the past two decades. Today, it has to approve new laws which can be binding for the member countries. It also votes on how the EU budget is spent and on international treaties. All of this makes the Parliament very powerful and, thus, your vote very influential, even on an international level. Compared to national parliaments, one major power is still missing though.

>The EU Parliament officially can't propose new laws on its own which is often the core of the argument the EU is not Democratic enough and that the European Parliament should be given more influence. Right now, the member states' governments pretty much control the European Union. Giving the Parliament more power would make the EU, as a whole, more democratic but it would also take power from member states. It's not clear which approach is better. Ultimately it's for the Member States and us as citizens to decide how the Union should develop.

>OK, so can we draw a conclusion here? As a whole, the EU is not as democratic as most of its member states. But it is democratic. If you don't like decisions they make, regarding copyright, for example, you can look up what your representatives voted for and vote them out. The struggle to make it more democratic is closely tied to who holds power over what. The EU keeps changing. You, dear Citizen, are not only voting on the current politics but also on what the system will look like in the future.

>Opinion: At home is also where the EU is often used as a scapegoat. Politicians, especially before national elections, like to pretend the EU is all-powerful and mix up rules and laws over the heads of the governments and citizens. Although, often, they were directly responsible for what the EU did.

Tl;Dr funded by scoobydoos and billionaire globalist shabbos goys

See how many blatant lies you can find throughout it.

As long as it looks like what the EUreaucrats wants it to look like.

Their use of citizen just makes me think of half life tbh

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its funny because that dailystormer shitpost is exactly the sort of retarded shit that the media are trying on him

pretty sure that its newshit spamming this thot larp

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Please you'll have one of the bloodiest bouts of Ready steady cook to be televised.

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they just use the word science as a totemic symbol its to admit that they have no arguement against what is rising and they just want to frame it in context with muh holocaust. scoobydoos try to enframe things like its movies, its the source of their power associative magic, i.e. white blond haired people = holocaust (i.e. a negative thoughtform created during school where the herd collectively cried when the evil men pushed the old scoobydoo in a wheelchair out a window)

Creepy as fuck isn't it?

He's getting exactly what he deserves and it's fucking beautiful.

These people shouldn't be allowed to vote.

And we don't even get to elect it, really makes you think.
We're not a democracy, we're an oligarchy with a democratic veneer to disguise it.

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I shall have to break out the filters if it doesn't simmer down. It seemed to start after we bullied that homosexual lad, just moments after /newshit/ erupted.

you should do a vocaroo on esoteric scoobydooish mystic magics.

Shaked but not stirred
*shit security tbh

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ree can't someone shake Owen Jones already ffs