Canadian Tax Payer Funded Propaganda

Brainwashing kids about "pride" by the CBC, funded by Canadians taxpayers.

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If parents won't shelter their children from viles of outside world, they will be instantly pozzed.


How long before they disable comments?

Hurry up and start the purges, I want to start my family.


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(((They)))'re really pushing this pride stuff. It's probably being used to kike up as much of Gen Z as possible.

All those redpilled comments. I'm surprised that (((they))) are allowing comments to remain open on that video. I guess the kikes think that the goyim are never going to do anything about this.

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The CBC Kids block has all kinds of subversive degeneracy. I tune in for the cartoons and can enjoy them in spite of it, but it really stands out:
*Addison is about a smart mixed-race girl whose mother is Indian and father is black, who is much smarter and good-natured than her Aryan classmate who only cares about lookin at herself in a mirror
*Dot. features the eponymous mischling being best friends with Hal, a black boy
*Studio K had Cottonball interviewing a negress from Frankie Drake Mysteries, a show about a white woman who violently makes out with a black man in the 1920s
*Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood has Miss Elaina be the mixed-race daughter of a black man and white woman, and is shipped with Prince Wednesday, a white boy
*Wandering Wenda has the eponymous white girl hanging out with an asian boy whose underwear constantly gets exposed to the audience.

But I don't pay my taxes?
Well the gov thinks I am a homeless man on the street.

I'm really tired of those faggots taking 1/4 of my pay to fund stuff like that

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Common Filth was right.


Plus the review ratio.

Those are some nice redpilled comments. Just enough that a passive white reader could feel in agreement with.

a broken cock is right twice a day
fuck off


How come there are no niggers in "pride" propaganda but everywhelse else?

it's good to see the comments.

OP is a double redditor

I want to be outraged but I'm not at all surprised.

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Good point, user. Everywhere I fucking go there are ads of happy, smiling, toothy nogs designed to desensitise me to the invaders and convince me that it is perfectly normal to be surrounded by them, but not on PRIDE propaganda.

It's almost as if we're meant to go gay but not them, because we'll still need somebody to fertilise our women, right?

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Imagine the outrage if there was some similar video put up, teaching kids about how gender dysmorphia is a mental illness that one should get help trying to fix

You know Canada has some really nice bogs, they act as great filters for their surrounding landscapes.

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Isn't it a shame how "Pride" just means faggotry now? Nothing to do with your accomplishments or skills just suckin dicks.

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Behold, the hero the world needs. A legend about whom, one day, songs shall be sung.

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Yeah, Canadian Broadcasting Service has been pumping subversive shit for a while. Look up "brown horizon".

and here in burgerland we have shit like this.

It's always meant that. Why do you think Pride is a sin?

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Absolute madman. Welldone!

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that pissed me off. im sure they used that as an excuse to tell the kids that was a crazy outburst from an insane hateful man.
he should have showed up with 10 strong dudes as backup all shouting that trannies are insane degenerates. if the library staff touches them, beat them bloody. Id sign up to go with that guy and be fucking PUMPED to kick ass. fuck the police, it would be worth it if we showed up with enough people to back them into a corner and ruin their faggot brainwashing session.

don't you love how they can just steal your tax money and do whatever the fuck they want with it? they don't have to spend it on things that the people need or want, oh no no no. they spend it on gay propaganda videos because fuck you goyim get back to work.

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