Imkikey created zen/pol/ and can mod here still

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Start a board and become a mod!

(((Bob))) is now a mod

You can't ban the truth



Notice how things haven't changed really? It's still Imkikey with less stickies

Except the stupid Trump thread which is all over FOX and doesn't need to be stickied

Imkikey stickied that most likley.

Mods anchor and unanchor shit all the time now. It's whoever cares to

You here me!?

Stop ignoring complaints. Different mods are anchoring different things, then un-anchoring them, then anchoring them.

Religion threads are not esoteric thread

philosophy threads are not esoteric thread

These were always apart of Zig Forums before it was destroyed! Even cuckchan allows it!

Fucking blackpill clown world and Q ontop of the board all day

Vampire thread?

Sure (((Bob))) aka druid/pol/ why not? Can't anchor that larp, he's a fucking mod now

Marvel comics makes a beer thread? Why not? Totally Zig Forums


3 terrorism threads?

Sure why not?

Imkikey is a mod here.

He runs zen/pol/. It was his little game to fuck with Zig Forums

Yeah real important to read all that shit that's already top news everywhere, Kikey

So you're mentally ill, then?

Why dont you ban me. I'll be right back

We're all use to this shit. We all were banned 30000000000000000 times a day. That's how kikey/pol/ works

So you're mentally ill. Thanks for confirming.

You realize he's gone, right? Your OP is retardation.

You have /polk/ and /zenpol/
Both boards where nobody is ever allowed to say anything positive or even neutral about Trump. Why do you stick around here?

typical bullshit Imkikey response

Bullshit he is. those are his fake boards

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Why dont you address what's really going on. You're upset because you thought removing kikey would remove all Trump support and you're butthurt because some of it is actually organic. You can't deal with it.

>everyone I don't like is (((Bob))) guy

The poor plumber/electrician won't ever know that he got 3rd degree burns because a schizo on Zig Forums read the wrong response and the fact that there was a glare off his windshield.

Eat shit yid.


I see a lot of comments that wreak of Imkikey and (((Bob))) the mod of druid/kike/

It's "reek" you fucking moron.
I'm sure everybody is imkikey in your headcanon of fuck Trump don't trust anybody, goy.