Arizona Lawmaker Says "Not enough White Kids, Immigration is a Threat"

Arizona Lawmaker Says Not enough White Kids, Immigration is an Existential Threat to America

Rep. Rep. David Stringer, a Republican from Prescott, railed against the changing demographics in his state on Monday at a Yavapai County Republican Men’s Forum event.

“Sixty percent of public school children in the state of Arizona today are minorities,” Stringer told the crowd. “That complicates racial integration because there aren’t enough white kids to go around.”

Calling immigration “politically destabilizing,” Stringer lamented that minority students will grow up to “change the demographic voting base of this state.”

“Immigration today represents an existential threat to the United States,” he said. “If we don’t do something about immigration very, very soon, the demographics of our country will be irrevocably changed and we will be a very different country. It will not be the country you were born into.”

Our man needs backup, they are calling for his resignation.

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They're grandstanding now that it's too late.

Its never too late.

hes telling the truth. it makes me so sad how they vilify him for it. hes telling the truth.

Today's villain is tomorrows hero.

There are no whites left here go to meguca my gooks.

We went from being legally defined as a white ethnostate to having the enforcement of our immigration laws on South American criminals be up for debate. He's being vilified by the Jew media for warning people that the thing we're in the late stages of might happen. This is sad.

They can't let the word out, because they know who will be held responsible.

Good on him. So… suicide by three bullets to the back of the head when?

Sure, if all Whites paired up to have eight to ten kids, crowd funded to build the wall right now, dumped christcuckery for natural healthy ethnic identity and awareness, operating in all things on that basis, which would result in expelling the jews and their shitskin bioweapons.

Technology will save us, but only if we fight hard, and keep the political pressure up.

It's never too late to deport

Here is his website so you can support him

We can do that in one shot.
Realistically, we can do that in 4-5 shots per woman.

Spoiled for rampant degeneracy.

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I sent some words of encouragement. Be sure to tell him not to cuck out or apologize else (((they))) smell blood in the water.

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God bless this man.

Fuck you defeatfag. Kill yourself if it's really too late and livestream it so I can watch you take your own words seriously. But you won't, and it's not too late.

Then lend him your support and be serious about it. It doesn't take much, it only takes knowing you're not standing alone.


Well said. The kikes will try to make it about muh racism, it's about loss of freedom culture.

It's no coincidence, as much as you might hate it, that as the people of the US have become less christian, the country has got worse. Without a moral compass there's no guidance or purpose.

No, you faggot. Breeding like rabbits is for niggers.

Once you kick all non-whites out, birth rates don't matter, since the country is 99% white all the time.

Wrong, that's a new idea. Go back 1 generation to the baby boomers and most of them had 3-5 siblings, if not more. It was only gen x forward that bought the don't procreate meme.

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So? Kikes twist everything, so throw away everything? No, realize that the kikes are twisting the doctrine, and they fucking love doing it.

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Are you going to ignore my point and go on with this all day? The Catholic religion has nothing to do with Jesus, they're child raping idol worshipers who use his name. They're apostates that my ancestors sailed across an ocean to a strange new land to get the fuck away from because they're so niggerish.

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You have the answer, which you seem to ignore, in your image. The cuckservative """christian""" is a bigger thread to christiandom than even the atheist or satanist. 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 KJV Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

The sad fact is, the baby boomers were weak in faith, weak as men, and only by that vacuum has evil flourished. Don't think the crying faggot with makeup on TV asking for money and preaching tolerance is a christian, think of the Founding Fathers who were educated, resolute, and willing to die for a righteous cause.

Who the fuck said "don't procrate" you fuckign faggot?
I said we don't need to have 10 kids each, that won't sovle our problem. We jsut need to keep our popualtions stable and kick the undesirables out.

I'll overlook the fact that your niggerbrain ass can't spell. Who said that? From 2006 on kike media said it, to stop overpopulation. From much earlier, the actions of corrupt politicians implied it, because who that's responsible would want to bring children into the shit this country has become? Also the degenerate kike media who said having families is lame and fucking endless teen pussy is a better choice. The message has been proclaimed loudly.
Short of deporting the darkies, kikes, and faggots, the only alternative is race war. In that you need numbers in addition to the superior capabilities of the white.

Don't bother, he bases his knowledge on memes propagated by degenerates, he does the work of the kikes and probably doesn't even realise it, he is akin to the average useful idiot at university. It takes more effort to refute bullshit than to produce it, remember that.

I bother because I don't blame him, I know where he's coming from. If I wasn't educated in scripture I'd hate christians too, because I'd be conned into hating that which uses the label christian but is not christian. Christianity has been made into a weak and pathetic thing, when that's only the false practitioners of it, and not the doctrine itself.
True but for the user, and those that will read the dialogue, it's worth clearing the bullshit up. Truth has more power than bullshit which is the equalizing force against the ease of producing bullshit.

What if someone like him warned about it in 1965? Would they have even been taken seriously by the average american? Or would the cianiggers just have suicided him? Probably the media wouldn't have given him any coverage anyway, and without Internet his voice would not be heard.


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Fucking cunts these nation wreckers.

I think we're way, way past political pressure. It's likely that political will, even if achieved, could not be physically implemented.

Doubtful, the unpleasant warning would probably have been drowned out by a chorus of "oy vey that could never happen in USA don't be paranoid" and "go along to get along". I think the baby boomers were already pussy faggots by even 1965, and I think the reason is that many of them didn't have fathers because they were ground up in WW2/subsequent conflicts.

I was wondering that myself.

Precisely. Someone in need doesn't demand charity, that's called theft. It'd be so easy to break the false users of scripture up but Shitter would just ban me for being too effective, so I work elsewhere.

Those POC children will be good goys. They have been thouroughly cucked with jewish television and forced holocaust education.

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You're probably right, and so be it if things go hot, but I'll put out one bone of hope. Think of the cultural shift king nigger and his faerie band of leftists caused in 8 short years. Sure George 2 double poopaloo layed the ground work, but it was really king nigger that moved the overton window enough to shift culture. Think what 8 years of Trump could give us in shifting the window back. If we keep the pressure on through the mid terms, prevent D from gaining power, I think we can turn the tide without having to go hot. That doesn't cede demographics because deportations are a must to avoid that. People have seen what authoritarian psychos the left were, enough people were freaked out by it who were originally in support of it, there's a lot of stored potential ready to back our push. In other words, the cuddle puddle tolerance chant of the deceptive left revealed itself.

Just release the virus.
Whites have a tendency to survive plagues, everyone else gets destroyed.
You only have to kill enough people to bring down the infrastructure. When it gets cold, some move south, the tough stay.

Exactly what I was referring to in (self)

That's why going hot is our ace card. Do you know how few whites in their teens/20's it would take to, on a single day, cut the throats of hood nigger darkies, and startle the fuck out of the world?

The problem of every generation is the same problem…brainwashing.
Jews control the media for a reason. And they've pushed to control whatever form of media happened to be the apex, in every age.
Back when the media was churches and word of mouth, they created Christianity and the bible. When the printing press was invented, they became book publishers. When radio and movies were the pinnacle, who was it that latched right on to that? And when TV was pumping lies and deceit directly into your brains, who was…and is…in control of it all?

Sure, the control point of banking is the concrete foundation of their crimes, but the next most important control point is propaganda through the media. After that, the schools. The very last and least important control point is the law and politics, although you would think it to be the first.

The greatest crime against humanity is that whites gave up control of the narrative. We let the very worst people in history take it over, and some turncoats love money and power so much, they have enslaved themselves willingly to those people. Bill Gates, for one, almost all political leaders, for another.

Whites would not be in this situation at all, if they were not so damn gullible. And those that sell out to Jews are the Jews of their own people.
In any case, it's already starting to corrode. Every nation that used to be prosperous, and a decent place to live, is sliding to third-world status and soon, even the Jew will have no place to exist that isn't living in garbage. As the world becomes similar to mess portrayed by "Blade Runner," even the wealthy will be living in what we see as ghettos, today. Living better than everyone else, yes…but still a grungy, disintegrating ghetto.

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They wrote it, but it was God who created it and his Son Jesus who fulfilled it. They were chosen for Him to come through into the world, that's it, and that's why they're pissed.
That's not it, it's weakness from decadence. And decadence from immorality bred by prosperity.

Thank God the overton window has shifted in the USA. Sadly, at this rate it will only be another 200 years before someone finally says the same in Canada.

I don't think so. I think the roudy "muricans" waking up and saying shit straight will give Canadians and other western countries the cover they need to do the same. Canadians aren't too many generations past being rugged loggers, Yukon miners, farmers. Sandnigger dindus with 80 IQ and rich but thin Chink dog asians can't compete, when the maple syrup in your veins beings to flow again. Until then, prepare and organize, the war is upon us and it's time for victory.


Is this guy just another tommy robinson or is he legit

The best Canada can hope for is Balkanization I am afraid. We basically have unquestioned conveyor belt anti-white immigration. If you could only experience what has become of my home town in just three years. There is palpable cintemot at street level but nobody talking or organizing for fear of the Government. We are whipped dogs far beyond the cowardice of the UK.

Most people don't know what the fuck is going on, we will teach them.

If you solve the renewable energy problem, you can solve the immigration problem.

They didn't really give it up, it was taken through the National Security state and blackmail.

What do you think the networks of pedos are for.

Us Mericans will just yell shit over the boarder for you.

Better start preparing and organizing. The ace card we all have to prepare for is race war. We stopped the aristocrates from genociding darkies, stupid us, now the aristocrates are flooding our countries and forcing us to either be overrun or do their genociding for them. Whatever happens happens, but prepare for anything.

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He is correct, but the Census changed the choices for Hispanic in 2010, so numbers are actually worse; Is Person 1 of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin? (check boxes for: "No", and several for "Yes" which specify groups of countries).

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good sauce

the greatest comeback to this kind of defeatism is to tell the shills that you know we were all born after it was too late.
we are the rear guard action that is will persevere regardless of how bad the odds might (((seem)))


It's a collection of dindus, wetbacks, teepee niggers, chinks, etc. Their individual strains of mud genes are minor, but collectively they outnumber humans.

The god you refer to is Yahweh, and he is entirely a Jewish invention.
The Jews stole most of their religion from the Sumerians when they were held captive in Babylon, and some of it from the Egyptians (they were never held captive in Egypt), and they made the rest of it up. Originally, the Jews were a tribe of Canaanites, and believed in a pantheon of gods. When they finally accepted the idea of one god ruling over all, they picked El (Elohim) who was their war god.

All of this is easily traced back to its origins. I'm not saying there isn't a spiritual origin to the universe, mind you, I believe there is. But religions and dogma are just stories, and nobody is privy to just how everything came to be, not me, not you, not the pope…no one.

Choose Christianity, if you want, but to proclaim it the only "true religion" is the height of arrogance, and exposes it's roots as a middle-eastern religion, as the religions of the middle east are the only ones that demand they are the only "true" religions, and that all must convert and adhere to them (which takes them from the realm of religion to the realm of political control).

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1x6 > 4
hurr 1 is greater than 4

I set what you are saying … but it is funny that if you group them as a collective in one word "the minorities" they refuse to be a minority

its an oxymoron

>implying that any significant number of Christians believe a (((catholic))) pope
>implying the majority of catholics aren't disgusted with the direction the (((leaders))) of (((catholicism))) are taking it
>not understanding the difference between catholic and (((catholic)))

That's not possible. Just like crime logs are required to specify specific race. The law isn't followed even remotely.

Good. I'm white, fuck whites. Let nature wash our complacent conceitedness from this earth. Then this world can descend into a tribal cesspool of ritualistic globalized sacrifice.

It's never too late for war, son.

Kikes aren't white.
You and your kind will be pulled apart bone by bone with nothing but the bare hands of the ones you poison

Race traitors and kike golems get the rope too. You won't get away with genocide moshe.

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Nice assertions made without substantiating data bro.

Liberals aren’t breeding anymore and temperament and predilections to certain political positions are very much inheritable, the 2010 US survey and Europoll 2011 both found that 93%+ of individuals had the same political and religious affiliation as their parents once they were older than 25. Indicating some form of heritable trait is being passed on.
You can see it in the birthrates by political affiliation and race within in the USA. White Democrats: 0.9, Jews: 0.8, blacks: 1.4, and spics: 1.6. White republicans are between 2.6 and 2.9 depending on whose numbers you use, with the highest being recorded in the General Social Survey which also has the largest sample set.

If the 2014 white conservative birthrates and those of the other demographic groups remained constant without additional input via immigration by 2050 only 20% of individuals in the US will be descended from habitual Democrat voters or self described liberals and only 7% will be black.

That is what the demoshits have feared for so long, that is why they want to import shitskins so desperately.

.>no fealty
Also Christianity which confined, exiled, and destroyed(People's Crusade) them over and over again was a secret kike plot?

Are you retarded? You are backwardly attributing traits which the kikes acquired via selective pressure as a diaspora population unto a dead race of mercenaries and herdsman little different from the other levantine races.

As for why the kikes were allowed into their positions of power.

1) Inherently "liberal" whites let them in. They need to be exterminated along with the kikes to solve the problem.

2) The inherently right wing whites despise non-productive activity such as services, media, entertainment, ect. They see it as dirty work akin to prostitution, fit only for weaklings and pussies who don't kill, build, farm, or create material goods for a living. They were lax and allowed other do the things they despise and because they are essentially immune to modernity they didn't care see

The real solution is to kill everybody who is kikey and to make the pursuit of those vocations not only proscribed but outright illegal. You should not be able to make a living pushing a narrative, simply put if you start a newspaper we kill you and confiscate your property.

It really is, there has been no serious opposition to their controlled Opposition that is (((Trump)))
Maybe if we get Sam hyde to win the democrat primaries but I'll doubt he'll even run

The country has also proportionally become more non-white, it has nothing to do with your christcucking and everything to do with 3rd world "living standards".
Why don't you just move to Israel and proselytize with your fellow semites?

Well while Christianity I dont particulary agree with, user is right in that a moral system is needed to bind a peoples

Lies. Tech only enslaves, it will never be used to save us. You hope too much.

And you think you can win that war? Let's see it then! Go on, why haven't you started leading us in the revolution, O' Ubermensch?

Too bad he didn't win the war. The pattern established in WWII should inform you of how things always play out so long as the world exists.

Good things don't happen.

It's not too late. Quebec reversed a sharp population decline. It's entirely possible but it's difficult

It's still not good enough. If it's not perfect, it's not good enough.

They're still disarmed and outnumbered by muslims.

So keep our global population down?

Go ahead and try to breed a horde. Watch what happens.

This is assholes and elbows and he is spamming blackpills, again, because he is literally schizo or a pajeet no gf style demoralization shill.

How am I demoralizing you by talking about myself and begging you to go put your advice into practice to prove to me it can be done?

How is that demoralizing?


How is there anything but blackpills? Where are the whitepills you shill for? Where is the hope? From whence cometh faith?

I tell you to show me something, and you cry DEMORALIZATION SHILL! But how am I demoralizing you when I ask for you to prove me wrong IRL and post about it here?

Makes for a great slogan desu.

Don't want parents and kids separated? Then sent all of them home together. Problem solved.

Its possible if women did their fuckin jobs. Start ignoring these muh career womenz and only pay attention to ones who will crank out dozens.

It's still bluepilled and anti-white. He is saying that there are not enough white kids to teach these new spics the values of the free market and protecting Israel, so they need to slow it down and integrate the spics first.

Threadly reminder to filter this suicidal cunt.

Sent him a message. There's no need to include your real name or e-mail, just send him a quick message of support.

He says this even though whites did the exact same thing to the natives in the past…. karma is a bitch.

White americans need to go back to europe and black americans need to go back to africa… give USA to latinos, since most natives are extinct and latinos have the closest genetic background to them…

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There are more American Indians alive today than at any other time in history.


low energy post

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This guy is a Jew and this is going to be used against us.
This is an obvious falseflag and the Jews are playing both sides again

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You spelled kike wrong

Yes, but they are still a very small ethnic group compared to others in USA. There are not enough of them to be able to run American infastructure. They can have Montana and North and South Dokota maybe…. Rest of the country needs to be taken by latinos so they can keep things running.

You people cry about how nobody is red pilled like you but when somebody does say something that aligns with your views you whine. Always liking for something to complain about, right?

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If Native Americans had the choice of living in a White majority country or a mestizo majority, they would choose a White majority because it means more gibs.

They're not Romans, and most spics nowadays have little Spanish blood in them. They claim to hate Europeans but they speak Spanish, practice Roman Catholicism, and are obsessed with trying to emulate European institutions and culture. They're entire existence and modern culture is nothing but hand me downs from Whites, and the only stable South American countries are the ones that still have large European populations and leadership. What have Europeans have done for them except give them their language, their religion, electricity, indoor plumbing, medical technology, ended human sacrifices, made them disease resistant, extended their life expectancy…

You fucks really need to learn to fuck off or quit being blind, christanity has been the jews enemy for nearly two thousand years.

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The Pope is still a man, just because of his position doesn't mean he isn't a heretic, he is why Orthrodoxy is more and more appealing for me.

How about you oppose their faggotry on the grounds that it's D&C and not because they oppose your religion?

you wouldn't know it

there is an attempt by Zig Forums to try to hijack and convert Zig Forums. they're as cancerous an enemy as Zig Forums.

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