Subliminal videos to make you mixed race

The latest fad among idiots? Subliminals! But what are subliminals?
Essentially they are music videos with inaudible affirmations inserted to make the listener's subconscious accept that the he does, in fact, possess certain characteristics, which are then manifested into reality. Crazy right? That's why it's mostly niggers and teenage girls who buy into it.

However the most disturbing aspect of this bullshit is that they claim to be able to make you mixed race, see pics. There's a bunch and they already have thousands of views.

If they worked it would be really good, 'cause idiots would start to look half black and you would spot them from a distance.

So Zig Forums what do you think? Is it just black envy of white beauty? Racemixing propaganda? Vagina problems?

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That is not how it works. This is old fashioned propaganda.

Hey you, join the navy!

Nah, you're not grasping what the videos are saying. They're not propaganda to make you positive to mixed race mongrels. Apparently listening to this will MAKE YOU mixed race. Or at least appear to look mixed.

Sure, body dysmorphia and narcissistic delusions/god complex. Same like when niggers literally bleach their skin and think that changes their skull structure.

Yeah I know misdirection, naval intelligence methods etc etc I just skimmed OP and focused on the words they used. Subliminal has a definition and they are attempting to subvert the language. More dialectical materialism and accelerationist bullshittery, right?

What the fuck? What a cohencidence that there are several different channels doing this same thing.

here's some affirmations for this slide thread

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Anyone start stripping the audio? Probably a pajeet looking for vagene.

Wtf! I am black now =/.
I thought it was mixed race :c

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There's a guy on twitter @StupidWhiteAds that has a big collection of this sort of thing. Not directly racemixing, but showing the white as inferior in all commercials, is a negative influence.


That's another thing entirely. These people truly believe that listening to the audio will gradually make them mixed, like magic. And it's not just niggers either.

amerimutt faggots

I'm intrigued.

peak degeneracy lads, we have reached it

We know your psyops moshe, better shut it down before we dig up your name and employment record too.

Juden Raus

white niggers

It's okay to be mutt

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Top hasbara shilling m88s, here have a shekel for my (you)

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I fail to see anything surprising about these videos, OP.

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This "Yall insecure!" seems to be the new shill tactic, the best part is that they think it works.

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Remember that TRSodomite who was obsessed with "sissy hypnos"?

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ASMR Trad Waifuism when?

It's a bunch of chinks and muttatos who want to become more white

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I honestly wonder where it comes from. There was a couple months period where I noticed on pornhub some weird new fetish being mass produced at a fast pace by seemingly amateur uploaders, which pushed interracial, white male humiliation, and white genocide. This was around the time we were pushing white genocide. It all started at once and stopped at once. I've seen similar things happen before as well. I've seen sudden twitter trends out of nowhere. I would give anything to know where this is coming from, because it's clearly not organic.

Wait, no, it's not just that.

It's weebs and kpop 'tards wanting to become gooks.

Holy mother of God there's so many. Why does this crack me up as much as it does?

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That's just fucking bizarre, and I just don't understand why people glamorize Southern Korea so much. It's literally a shithole where 80% of the women have had plastic surgery

I find it that a lot of weaboos don't understand just how xenophobic Japan is towards niggers and brown people who are not Indian. Not just that, but I've also seen that many don't understand just how much Japanese people hate it when you don't adapt to their culture. Things like these I've noticed IRL, Japanese youtube channels where the owner knows English, and Nico Nico Douga.

Although to be fair, NND is kind of like what if Twitch, 2ch and Youtube had a child. So yeah, it's not exactly indicative of your average Jap.

With that said how do I know these things? Well I'm a weaboo myself. No I don't hate me being white nor my ethnicity. But due to how pozzed up the US has become I've fallen for how traditional mainstream Jap culture has remained. Not just that but 40% of their breeding age population is still virgin, so I won't lie, it's tempting as hell.

Good women here in the US are like Unicorns. Literally a .0002% chance of finding a good woman who's in my age bracket that being 20s.

I don't understand how people can not hate gooks…

Yeah, with what, 30% of men pushing 30 still a virgin? You're just overlooking how sick their own society is because you're a gook loving, anti-white nigger.

They just look at the Kpop plastic sluts, they've never seen a real Korean in person, nor have they seen what Korea really looks like.

The problem is economics, one of their towns managed to double the birth rate in less than 10 years.

Nah, I just look at the reality around me, if you want I can post you statistics showing you that our roasties love losing their virginities as early as 16 years of age. If I'm able to find a non-pozzed woman I won't move over there, but as things stand right now it seems fruitless.

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I'll do it anyways, because I'm bored.

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A so-called "roastie" still produces a white baby, which is worth more than every single gook on this planet combined.

This one's the most important one, sorry for being such a spastic right now.

Then please mister casanova, tell me where I will find a white woman who is still virgin, and is not obese, a feminist and is in her 20s. Please oh wise Zig Forumsack, I await your wisdom!

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You don't need a woman, you need a noose you anti-white, gook worshiping, propaganda pushing kike. Filtered.

Okay then buddy.

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You will never get a response because most Zig Forumsacks are autists who want people to sacrifice everything for a race whose demographics are dwindling both in size and quality.


Doesn't mean I'm not curious.

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LOL who even wrote that whites are inferior? Are you mentally ill?

Who said that? Are you okay buddy? Did you actually take the pills Mr. Shekelstein perscribed you?

Those of us who are weaboos and redpilled know we won't get an answer that isn't some bullshit like "mail order a slav wife", so why bother?

Any smidgen of hope before I make a life altering decision, that being moving to Japan, is welcomed, that's why. I know I'm too fucking old for love in this country, and I don't want to die without passing on my genes or having a significant other. So yeah, that's why.

Yeah because a man in his late 20s stalking around Christian youth groups or a Highschool will totally not get said man accused of being a "pedophile" or a rapist, totally.

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