Zig Forums IS GONE FROM Zig Forums

Since so many Zig Forumsacks have left due to the influx of Room-Temperature IQ Inconsiderate Fools that came in here as described in

Its fair to say at this point that there is no intelligent discourse left - Only another (((ECHO CHAMBER))) - Just like the left had - and still has to some extent - during the election cycle

Your Q is a LARP and (((YOU))) ruined a perfectly good board by ransacking it, chasing out the actual intelligent people from here, thereby creating another sack of shit.

If you want to do something real, Doxx Q. Find out who he is. He's been leading you assholes around by the nose since this whole thing began.

Go look into his original writings on 4-chan and see what and how they were worded as opposed to now. See the difference? Do (((you))) even dare to question your precious Q? No. I didn't think so.

(((Your))) lack of discourse is obvious in that anyone who says anything remotely bad about Trump is a Kike and a Shill.

Q = Zionist
Baruch (who started this whole thing) = Zionist
Pamphlet user = Zionist
Trump = Zionist
Alex Jones = Zionist

Read an actual book once in a while instead of swimming around in this echo chamber. You can improve - if you want. There are some good books in the book thread, but instead of reading a pdf, either go to your local library or order a copy of it, from Amazon, if you would like.
Read The Turner Diaries
and Hunter
They are easy reads and get the point across.
Start there - you will get interested in other literature too.

Farewell by Rabindranath Tagore

I have got my leave. Bid me farewell, my brothers!
I bow to you all and take my departure.

Here I give back the keys of my door
—and I give up all claims to my house.
I only ask for last kind words from you.

We were neighbors for long,
but I received more than I could give.
Now the day has dawned
and the lamp that lit my dark corner is out.
A summons has come and I am ready for my journey.

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Q predicted this


There really aren't that many Qcumbers here, and they're easy to shut up if you point out the glaring holes in the "proof" they provide.

OP is gay

Every. Fucking. Time.

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Ewww OP is fresh off the boat from some cancerville like plebbit probably

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Kill yourself jewish chesscuck. Zion amnesty Don has been exposed. Kampfy is gone. Your shilling is powerless here.


Fuck off back to whatever shithole you came from. Your garbage astroturfing attempts are pointless. Get bent, nigger.

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Kamphy is still here - he's been reigned in and logs in using another ID

OK - I'll do that.

forgot to sage you cuck.

Trump 2020

imKikey drove out the userbase with retarded moderation practices and nigger-tier wordfilters.

Gas the Kampfy and his patrol of isreali hasbara now!

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It always happens, just move on to the next chan. And for once stick to rule 1 and 2. They are not a meme. Sage for lowIQ thread.

Decent post, but anyone worth a damn knows all this shit, and rather than telling the boomers and ziocucks to fuck off in the cesspool threads they inhabit you make a thread to bitch about it?

Why? Do you think people aren’t aware? That Q thread is full of people calling these retards out, so are the threads started by kushnerbots.
Assholes and elbows is on now, did you fucking take one of those oversized black pills he’s handing out and snort it or something?

Get your shit together and tell these faggots exactly why they’re wrong, and exactly how they’re promoting the existence of a jewish system that acts against their racial interests and enslaves them with debt and endless wars for israel. Stop being a faggot, making threads like this doesn’t help get the Q-tards and trumpniggers off our board.

Diagnosis: pussy
Prescription: read evola and throw out your black pills and SSRIs

How many posts have you made contesting all these jIDF kikes and redditor retards, or did you instead elect to simply berate OP user instead?


How are Q-tards explaining the IG report? I haven't gone to troll them in a while because they are so low IQ that trolling there isn't even fun. Didn't they claim it would be the silver bullet to bring down the (totally not Jewish) Cabal?

You should at least try to have fun when you're sauced Hasbarafag. Misery and alcohol simply shouldn't be combined, ever. So who's the big, bad, boogeyman that's oppressing you now? Kamphy? Kushner? Q? Disomnia? Don't keep us mere mortals in suspense.

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Trump is pissing off literally every entrenched establishment politician in the world. Does that sound like the typical zog mind controlled shill to you? I doubt Trump even has any choice in the matter of putting on a zog friendly face.

The primary reason you lot seem like shills is because you
1. Aim to dismantle the only leadership the right currently has
2. Provide no viable alternative and a path towards it

This makes it glaringly apparent that you have no intent to help move things forward and your goals directly serve the (((elite))) by means of D&C. Trump is good because he is not predictable, which means he is not likely to hand over the reins to (((higher authorities))) unlike every president before him in our lifetimes.

Please provide some value before arguing to remove one of the most significant achievements of the conservative right in the past few decades.

several hundred across multiple IPs.
been calling the trumpcucks Zionist faggots since 2016

I’ve been here all summer, kid.

I feel like there are a lot of indian street shitting lurkers,posters and even a mod here? Range ban all indian ip plz

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Damn Q must be doing some serious damage to them if the yids are this furious.

I'm not even a "Qcumber" and I can see what's going on here.

Pick only one

That poster praised neither party. Hell, didn't even name them.

So you admit to being a summerfag lmao

Lol stay in school lad.

Q niggers?

Q LARP is openly pro-kike and, like Jonestein, tries to shift the blame for jewish crimes onto Hitler and the Nazis.

Saying "conservative right" is no different than saying "republican", you semitic semantic faggot.

I sincerely hope that you don't believe the GOP is "conservative" by any definition of the word. They clearly want to destroy our people as much as the rest of the jew controlled political apparatus.

"Conservatives" aren't going to stop these kikes. Liberal vs Conservative is just as much of a kosher sham as Democrat vs Republican, Left vs Right, or however else you want to frame it. This is a racial struggle against the jew, and we aren't going to win it by voting for politicians they control.

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Conservatives deserve to be exterminated.

Why are you so obsessed with Q?

While it's true that a lot of self described "conservatives" are no less traitorous to their race than the likes of Hillary, it doesn't mean that all those persons are. Hell, our quoting of the word in these posts shows that we're both aware of the falsehood of those race traitors in identifying themselves as such.

If you'd replied to that poster with this one I'm responding to right now, I wouldn't have bothered replying, because it at least would've been a little informative, instead of nothing more than an attack. It's posts like that first one that make me think we're getting too jumpy about shilling here, though we're not wrong to be so.

>(((Your))) lack of discourse is obvious in that anyone who says anything remotely bad about Trump is a Kike and a Shill.
I don't know how new you are but it's the exact opposite. You can't say anything even neutral about Trump without being called a Trumpnigger.

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Reminder that George Lincoln Rockwell supported a cultural and political movement, and openly opposed violent action.

He says this clearly in his speech in Dallas:

Don't misrepresent Rockwell's mission.

I'm just pointing out that you're wrong, dumbass. You're trying to make it seem like things are not how they are.

take a look at the first thread stickied today in full pro-ZOG Trumpstein mode, you'll see kampfy and his merry band of isreali hasbara kikes posting their retarded shit [smug anime girl JPGs and all] in there and certainly a post from one of them in this thread also

Shoo shoo filthy roach.

oh you mean zionists

What about the all the gentiles promoting the same policies?



trump is a freemasonigger kike plant though

fuck you kike, you're all going to burn once the world learns of your disgusting plans

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Fuck off leddit.

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lurk more

Q was a tool.

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Who is Q? I left here not long after the election after being here since August 2014 with 4chan becoming an overmoderated shithole. Then 8/pol/ became a paranoid overmoderated echochamber and I took a break from the chans.

Not was
Kinda like you - you fucking tool

Some asshole pretending to be a White House insider and shit.

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A meme that spiraled out of control so now normalfags are taking up the mantle and asking Q-uestions. The kikes hate it when you are just asking Q-uestions.

A rehash of the "mass arrest" hoax perpetuated by people like David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford (an admitted jew), tailored for Trumpniggers. The originals didn't get much traction because "conspiracy theorists" were generally intelligent, but thanks to the "pedes" that's no longer true.

Watch the video, the language is identical, down to the old Titanic Federal Reserve myth, yet it was uploaded to jewtube in 2012.

The "Q-uestions" are openly pro-kike, and nobody benefits from the spread of fake conspiracies more than the jews. Lest we forget, one of the ideas proposed by Cass Sunstein for countering factual conspiracy theories, like that his co-racialists were behind 9/11, was to spread false ones.

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Don't post that. The quotes are flawed, misattributed, from texts other than the Talmud, etc. Use this instead.

Dibre David, often incorrectly referred to as "Libbre David" (like on that image), is a real, heavily suppressed rabbinical text, but not part of the Talmud.

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Sure thing moshe. Stay mad.

They've split it up into sections and have highlighed relevant parts.

Gee, the muh Q faggots are so assburnt that most of the smarter Zig Forumsacks move over there they they can't stop kvetching…must be hot in Tel Aviv today

About time you showed up goatfucker.

It's RP, sperg.

Join any Q discord server and you'll just see old Grandpa and Grandma boomers galore perpetuating this retarded Q conspiracy. Low IQ boomers.

These old retards also post on all the chans. Also if you're into MILFs I suggest joining these servers, I've came to dozens of desperate MILF giant milkies. Ez.

Nobody "smart" thinks Q is legit. You have to have an IQ significantly lower than the average nigger, or so many autisms that you lack even the most basic critical thinking skills.

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The real conversation happens on poochan

Our power was grown in chaos. We will continue to thrive. I'm a long time OC contributer to Zig Forums and I was quitting Zig Forums until recently. Now it's back alive. It's idiotic. It's chaotic. It's retarded. It's ALIVE.

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You really don't get it, do you?

just another useless idiot.

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This is the definition of an attempt at controlled opposition.

My post isn't pilpulling, that's more akin to how you Talmudically interpret elements of the posts as "predictions" and "proofs" of the LARP's authenticity.

Do you believe Merkel's is really "Angela Hitler" and that the Kalergi plan is secretly a "Nazi World Order" plot? It has to be true for Q to be legitimate.

Are you implying that Hess was a Freemason and the people who interned masons right alongside their jew masters were secretly funded by them?

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ctrl+F (((9/11))) one instance, barely mentions

(((Mueller))) covered up 9/11 for Bush/Mossad. He took office 1 week before 9/11.
Mueller is Skull & Bones with John Kerry and Bush family

That Trump lets that war criminal walk free is proof they are working together.

not useless freemason, OTO, the origin of Scientology

give me an hour, I'll explain

I never said the cocksucker was legitimate. You went there and attributed it. I said it was a tool. It got normalfags questioning things and speaking up in the normalsphere.
But hey, keep dancing.

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Ever see marionettes?

ok… one time try.
hilldawg an' skippy arrested in first >week nov 2018.
dotr ist.

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AF1 pic posted on 4chan had another picture from the same series posted on Zig Forums 7 months later. Proving Q is still the same individual.


Lines up with the military parade. That said, if that date comes and goes without anything of the sort, I'll acquiesce and admit to a charade. Doubt it though.

Yeah, we saw that. Still a LARP

That won't happen.

>Go look into his original writings on 4-chan and see what and how they were worded as opposed to now. See the difference? Do (((you))) even dare to question your precious Q? No. I didn't think so.
What is the implication behind this bit, then? Q is multiple people, not the same person, fake and gay?

That shit be like…(pic related)
That would be a miracle.

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One it doesn't happen, are you finally going to acknowledge that Q was a LARP, and hopefully correct your existence out of the shame of wasting a year on it?

Make up your mind for yourself. Here….

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these threds are liek sex

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Never implied anything of the sort, all Q did was allude to Merkel's heritage in this post. All your claims are extrapolations others made in threads. Fuck off nigger.

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I'm just hanging out here in the dog park, not doing much of nothing

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Merkel is a commie - probably a direct product of the Frankfurt School

That was clearly the implication there, but I guess it wasn't clear enough for his retarded boomer followers (like yourself), so there was a second post where he made the point again, even referring to "Angela Hitler". He also said the jew world order was the "Nazi World Order".

I'm sure you can find both posts in whatever archive you got that one from.


Wow. That was some cryptic shit…

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