EU Article 13

EU Article 13

The end of the free Internet draws near. On 20th June the EU Parlament will vote for Article 13 and will finally become total china. There is a huge media coverup on it.

It is not only memes

(((They))) take another step into spreading their fake news and controlling the people

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WWIII soon

I agree, hope I'm able to pick up ammo first

How convenient theres a WM nearby to distract everyone


How fucking retarded are you to not see all the other threads in the catalog about this?

None seen, link please

Nice , thanks mini Satan. We've been in ww3 for a while now - now it escalates

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Will this mean that Zig Forums is finally going to get gassed?

WWII never ended, it merely mutated into a War of Ideas (information, archetypes).

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There were 3 others. As a euro whose internet is about to get nuked I appreciate more threads on this topic tho.

It went underground. Why do you think they kept arresting National Socialists from WW2 even up until recently? They want to erase every living memory because if you interviewed the people they unanimously agree that the west is worse off with ZOG.


FFS it's not rocket science!

There was at least SIX …fuck it. I'm going to bump the lot will show just how fucking retarded this place has become.
…first remove the sage from this…

seriously when I created the thread I quickly searched through catalog and saw nothing.

Not with Ctrl+F you didn't.
lazy nigger

So automate scripts to blast memes on platforms that work against the masses.

More like they decide what to accept, win for them

Dont try to defend yourself you double nigger. Just own up to it and move on faggot.

They will have to accept a lot of spam. Fill their waterholes with link contraband until they tax themselves to death.

There are A LOT of ways to enjoy this.

Not so sure about that jewtube is working

Here's the answer brainlet:!

what is this?

brainlet confirmed.
clue: It starts with http://

I mean there is ways to protect against ddos and only check the legit data

Do you have an AI anti
-DDOS legit data checker under your fucking finger before you click on a link faggot? ..because I sure as fuck dont.

yeah I kind of get it, but they can balance the load and I doubt there will be a big ddos movement, becaus ethe people want to use the sites and the companys behind them want to avoid getting trouble with the gov, so poeple can access them.

I'll only help once you guys stop bullying sweden and focus on the UK which is much far worse along than us.

we care about it, thats why.
Brits are dead to us since 1940

The tax is for link sharing. They cannot control link sharing = they cannot tax it.
If they impose restrictions to allow them to tax it normfags will happily hang them from trees just to continue enjoying fagebook

Yes, more likely tho facebook will say yes, we do it.

and nothing of value was lost.
anons will be unaffected

If you all were smart you'd save this video.

no I fear our opinion wil nearly die out through (((Gov))) mindcontrol.

lawd these esoteric kikes do love their masomic numbers

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if you were smart you'd post the link as well as the embed.

For Europeans.

guess what, not only

and evolved into a soft invasion of White nations.

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Oh nooooo

oh no , this internet celeb wont be albe to make millions just being a useless sob.

who the fuck funds this guy. People should be able to say what they want and more power to him if he makes lots of money.

But this guy falling off, thats a win for society.

Europe is the lowest common denominator on the net. Every regulation they pass will be enforced by every company regardless of national origin because "muh market". Which means that the rest of the world must invariably submit to whatever laws the EU puts into effect because of international business and finance.

exactly it is concerning

dead EU leadership can't kike up the net

T-2 days


Did you even read the thread? This isnt about meme. Some idiots and shill want to make it about memes to take away the seriousness.

There wont be any "say what you want" anywhere once this shit passes in the EU.

If you weren't a cuck """bullying""" wouldn't stop you once.

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