The Estoril Globalization Conference

Russia's 2018 world cup logo is quite strange. I wanted to know more about in and specifically who created it. The answer took me a little bit longer to find than I'd have expected; after a little digging I discovered it was a company called Brandia in Lisbon.

Brandia has a website that is completely empty. Which is even weirder for a commissioned brand advertising company. In fact it was so weird I wondered if it was just the wrong link to their website, so I started in on the Wayback Machine.

In 2013 when they were a self proclaimed think tank in Lisbon and absolutely nothing like a typical commission based advertising firm that one might expect to find making these kinds of images. There was virtually no information and so I scoured around until eventually I found some of their stuff archived on Vimeo:

The Estoril Globalization Conference 2014. The website for the organization and conference has interesting information but claims there wasn't one in 2014. But ignoring the fact they don't admit to one in 2014, what the hell is the Estoril Globalization Conference?

I don't think anyone is surprised to see Israel here but Georgetown and Cheung Kong were definitely unexpected. Not as unexpected as them being so overt about this whole event, though. They have a list of panels and speakers for each year, so naturally I started digging through 2013, closest to 2014 available.

Turns out there are some really serious heavyweights in attendance. There are also some organizations that aren't household names who are clearly really committed toward this goal and carry a lot of respect in the Estoril Globalization Conference circles.

Since we're dealing with unknowns, I just started picking out names and organizations that seemed peculiar:

Hosts a lot of extremely exclusive invite-only conferences that are quite literally shaping public policy all around the world. Those conferences (including Estoril) are where you rub shoulders with folks like Herman Van Rompuy. He's President of the European Council (the one who told Britain they could suck it, no trade deal with Brexit).

That and the list from the Milken Institute of their events got me curious who else was attending. So I just started browsing the list again looking for something interesting.


António Rebelo de Sousa, Vice President of OSCOT, Observatory for Security, Organized Crime and Terrorism
Mariana van Zeller, Journalist, National Geographic

The list is rather extensive and goes on but there was one that caught my attention in particular: Helena Rego, Director Intelligence Academy, SIRP

Director Intelligence Academy, SIRP? Sistema de Informações da República Portuguesa, the Portugese version of the CIA. That sounds kind of like a joke compared to the other heavy weighs and so I wanted to know a bit more about Helena and wtf the SIRP was doing there. That's when I stumbled across what appeared to be a secret society disguised as a invitation-only membership driven charity.

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Other urls found in this thread:

They're peculiar registered charity that has a subscription based membership which requires you to be authorized or invited to join. They also have quite a bit of secrecy concerning their actual meeting agendas and activities.

You'd think it was a relatively laid back thing to join a $55/year charity but meeting attendance is mandatory and they have some very serious rules about who can vote on what. They also automatically appoints the ambassador to the UK stationed in London as its president and have vice presidents of note, including:

Officially they do each other favors like handing out grants, covering authorized expenses and serving as one another's authorized voting proxy in the event of an absence at a meeting. Wait a minute, why does a charity require you to register in writing an authorized proxy to vote for you at meetings? Why are they required to keep a list of their potential conflicts of interest? What the hell are they voting on that's so damn important?

A little digging around in their annuals (they are a charity, after-all, they have to admit to doing something) and I found they mentioned one of their target organizations to assist:

This is billed as being an outreach program for the poor by the Catholic church focused on feeding the hungry, helping drug addicts, supporting needy families, the homeless, mentally ill and helping to find them jobs. Why would this sort of thing require mandatory meeting attendance and secrecy? Well, that makes more sense if you understand the corporate members of 'The Society' (they're actually required to call it that according to their rulebook)

International Finance, Debt Arbitration, Estate Management, Securities Trading. Not terribly unusual. Wealthy people in the UK surely have use for bank in Portugal to help with their international investing portfolio…? I guess?

CGD now has presence in 23 countries spanning four continents through branches, representative offices or direct equity interests in local financial institutions. CGD is the largest Portuguese financial group, with the highest domestic market shares in key areas such as customer deposits, loans and advances to customers, mortgages, insurance, mutual funds and real estate leasing (11.4%). Based on assets, it ranks 109 in terms of the world’s major banks. CGD is the 69th largest European bank.

Part 2/4

They appear to be a society for the arts and collectors with academic interests on the surface. They're actually focused on globalization as an agenda and have made managing the current migration of refugees into Europe priority. Couple of notable stated goals of theirs:


What better place to test drugs than a drug rehabilitation facility pretending to be a charity?
"We facilitate a policy dialogue between governments, involving public, private and philanthropic actors. Countries from Africa, Asia and Latin America participate as full members in the Centre, where they interact on an equal footing with OECD members."

(now it's getting weird)

This is an insanely powerful group of retail executives that handle brand management by recruiting key insiders from corporations in America. If they want something on the shelf, they get it. Their corporate roster looks like a Wal-Mart / Rite Aid / Walgreens / Target / CVS executive all-star team. These guys basically dictate whether or not something goes on the shelves in America.

This is a rather peculiar shell company owned run by 8 people under the charge of the Lehman Brothers, run by Mr. António Manuel Afonso Guerreiro. He serves as the Chairman of International Strategic Board at Banco Finantia SA and served as its Chairman & President. It issues its shares for $1 (USD) and sells them privately to…itself.100,000,000 of them, to be precise. I found their corporate filings in the online public record database.

That and the very specific amounts of money moving through this tiny company struck me as odd (they sold 100,000,000 shares last year to themselves and the rest of the 900,000,000 are owned by Banco Santander issued for $1 a piece, in USD). Given the fact that there's an apparently massive conflict of interest with Mr. Guerrero running this,I decided to look at the appointed members of the corporation.

One of the secretaries as TMF Corporate Administration Service which is a dormant company that liquidated its value out to a single shareholder holding one share for 7 million euros in 2016 and retained 1 euro to continue existing. Weird, right? Gets weirder. TMF is listed as a subsidiary of DH T Sàrl à Luxembourg, which is another holding company (with

This is actually an international law firm called EDGE operating out of Lisbon, London, Cape Verde, Porto, and Algarve. They specialize in estate management, inheritance, corporate tax, international property acquisition, and… aviation law, for some reason. I imagine Mr. Guerreiro might be their best client as he appears to be involved in a multi-billion dollar money laundering operation.

Oh this might be my favorite one. There's different tiers of shady going on here:

Novo Banco is a Portuguese bank introduced on 4 August 2014 by the Bank of Portugal to rescue assets and liabilities of Banco Espírito Santo (BES). BES was the second largest private financial institution in Portugal in terms of net assets, as well as one of the oldest and most reputed Portuguese banks.

The rescue of Banco Espirito Santo came after weeks of increasingly bad news about the financial state of the lender, particularly its exposure to a cascade of companies headed by its founding Espirito Santo family headed by Ricardo Salgado. BES was to be split into a "good bank", renamed Novo Banco, and a "bad bank", which will house BES's exposures to the troubled Espirito Santo business empire as well as its Angolan subsidiary BESA. Novo Banco was recapitalised to the tune of 4.9 billion euros by a special bank Resolution Fund. The Portuguese state lends the fund 4.4 billion euros. The bank had a board for the 2014-2017 mandate presided by Vítor Bento.[1] (Vitor quit the post after one month upon realizing how fucked the situation was)

On 30 June 2015, the resolution fund had received three binding bid offers on Novo Banco, from the Spanish banking group Banco Santander SA, the Chinese insurance group Fosun International Limited, the privately owned Chinese insurer Anbang Insurance, and the American private-equity firm Apollo Global Management.[10] One of the bidders opted to improve their offer on 7 August 2015. The selection and sale to the final winner of the bidding process is expected to take place during Q3-2015.[11] On 20 August, Banco de Portugal released a statement that the final phase of the sale process, was expected to conclude by 31 August.[12] In September however the sale was cancelled owing to the offers being deemed unsatisfactory.[13]

These guys are a bit unusual. They're old money (with a family tree that's rather detailed starting in the 1500s) that handles a large amount of high end wine imported to the UK. They've also got quite a few vineyards and a very impressive reputation (wine of the year 2014, actually). Maybe they're just there because everyone enjoys a good Merlot?

In actuality, the list of families these guys distribute for make them the most connected organization of the entire list. They're the UK distribution for roster of old and new money from around the world with enough in the bank to make a Clinton blush. If you're joining the club looking to make friends in high places, this is probably where you start.

That's just digging into one person from the Estoril Conferences. I have a feeling there's a lot more crazy shady shit going on here.

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Attaching a few images from the corporate filings. I found them here:

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Last one for the moment.

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Impressive digging. Kike free.
But what does it mean? That logo kind of looks like a die to me for some reason.

Well, I think the company they hired to make that thing is part of a globalist think tank affiliated with the Estoril Group and that if there were ever a place to look for the shadowy hands plotting false flags and shit, this is probably it.

The fact that they made the logo suggests to me that they've got big plans for 2018's World Cup. I can't prove that yet, I'm just getting started in learning about so much of this stuff. For a long time I mistakenly believed they'd kept this shit well concealed but the fact of the matter is that it's just really obscure. Now that there's a trail to start following, it could be possible to figure out what they're up to.

I don't think these guys are like the Illuminati once imagined; they're a bunch of agenda driven, self-interested rich bastards. They're not omniscient, they leave sloppy trails behind if you're willing to examine them. Probably because a lot of these guys aren't at the very top; they're upper management to the same ambitions.

If nothing else, it's at least a decent look into what they're up to and how they're connected to each other.

This World Cup is corrupt to the core. I wouldn't trust anyone involved with it.

Just like most of the popular sports (especially football) nowadays. Non of them are kike free. Its just a big political money scheme.

Marvelous research OP! If the search goes any further, i'd suggest you archive the thread or create a pastebin so we can share with friends.

Thanks! Little worn out from getting this far, but I do have a few theories.

Neville de Rougemont is probably operating as intermediary for a lot of stuff associated with money moving through Banco Santander. That and Lone Star Funds which ultimately got hold of Nova Banco that Santander was trying to buy.

Lone Star Funds is run by a single owner, billionaire John Grayken. He's a realestate shark that hunts down underwater mortgages and banks to snatch up property on the cheap. The deal with Novo would have been negotiated by Olivier Brahin when it happened but since he's out of the game as of March, Donald Quintin is the point of contact to keep an eye out for.

Novo was important to Santander or they wouldn't have tried to buy it. That means it's important to The Society. If there's a point of contact between The Society and Donald Quintin that may lead to something juicy.

My guess is that John is friends with some folks in The Emerson Group. Depending on where the World Cup lands, John would be the special kind of shady shit to tap for a dirty favor. But if John is going to tap any assets for something like that, it'll be through the not-as-yet liquidated Novo controlled resources under Donald Quintin because none of that shit is accounted for yet and there's a common mediator for all things relating to Novo in the EDGE legal team.

Any relationships between Quintin / Grayken and EDGE or Novo and EDGE connecting back to a shell affiliated with Lone Star could be a good place to start looking.

Impressive. All sports serve the divide and conquer tactic of ruling. Surprises me how many heavyweights there have been active in that organization you've found.

More importantly, sports serves as a replacement for war, it pacifies populations who would have otherwise revolted by giving them fake battles between different teams.

Bread and circus.

seeing some of this shit myself , I wouldnt be surpirsed if that was a enforced ritual

if the number 69 means anything it might tell us what this group is specifically supposed to represent vs the over global agenda

Distribution .. they ship alot of wine. Thats pretty heavy stuff, a lot of crates. With red liquid.

Maybe some of that liquid is not wine … maybe some of those crates have other things besides wine bottles in them

more like a training ground

why do you think the military is so involved with the NFL

I'm pretty sure they're just really well connected due to running a famous vineyard for over a century. That said, I've found some shit regarding Quintin's London activites:

So they've been creating shell holding companies that they're ascribing using Wells Frago as a Common Security Agent to empower access to the resources by an undisclosed Chargor. The signature and name of the recipient is blacked out on the filings but it looks like they use a standard 74 page form when they run this setup.

The primary holding company is Quitain Limited

They just passed 528,459,561 Ordinary Shares to BAILY ACQUISITIONS LIMITED.

Looks like they've recently opened up a few of these. Almost all of them include the same people appointed:

SAUNDERS, James Michael Edward (118 appoints)

Angus Alexander DODD (124 appointments)

Michael Ben JENKINS (126 appointments)

Frances Victoria HEAZELL (1 appointment but she's constantly added and removed from companies they're creating)

The point of contact for their Common Security with Wells Fargo is Marc Stemp 00 44 207 956 4342 and the share distribution is as follows:

Schedule 1 Shares
QCC Holdings Limited
QL management Holdings Limited
QW Asset Management Limited

Schedule 2 Shares
QW Asset Management Limited

What's really strange is that the retired Olivier Vincent Daniel BRAHIN is still the CEO of Quintain Limited which controls over half a billion in shares that just went to Bailey Acquisitions, even though he retired from Lone Star Funds. To be sure, Mr John Patrick Grayken still has 75% control and is the only listed person of significant control associated with the company, even though he is not named as an officer.

That's a list of all officers associated with the shady Quintain Limited shell they're using for something.

It's worth noting that they're authorizing the shells going into the blind trust to create $10,000,000 in shares to pass forward to the unnamed Chargor. So they're definitely trying to pay off some folks in a big way.

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Stopped reading there, since it's just a stylized version of the World Cup trophy and based on that I have to assume that you're a bit of an idiot.

Yes, all soccer balls are projected atop four horsemen. Obviously. How fucking silly of me.

Bailey Acquisitions Limited is John Grayken's project for major development around Wembley, including the stadium. For some reason, all the financials in the primary filing have been blacked out.

I've looked at hundreds of these filings and this is the first time I've ever seen them conceal the financial figures on their taxable earnings. The image here shows the partners in development with construction.

It's particularly strange to me that they'd kept a large chunk of the financing behind the project hidden in Quintain Limited and transferred it only after they created a pair of blind Common Security holding companies capable of anonymously forwarding 10,000,000. Someone's getting a biiiiig bribe.

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so the world cup trophy might be strange too

The total subsidiary list for Bailey's is absurdly huge. It will take a long time to search through these.

Unrelated…why have 2 shares of the company? Most the time the company has 1 share if you're doing it this way or a share count equal to its market value (usually when you're literally using it as a way to launder money). This is the first time I've ever seen anyone bother to make a parent company have 2 shares exactly.

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reminds me of a Soyuz capsule.

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That's a pretty good point. I was more thinking about the weird elements added into the sides and the four horsemen beneath the ball when I called it weird. The logo in the center isn't that weird, it's the context and framing that make it weird.

The horses aren't even part of the logo, that's on the building they projected the logo on to you spergs

This whole thing reeks of a syndicate like SPECTRE of James Bond movies.

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Seriously though, this flappy faggot doesn't belong here.

Ok so a jew made some "contemporary art" logo. Nothing surprising. What's your actual point?

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this world is rotten in the age of kali-yuga, its time for it to be destroyed so that a new golden age can emerge

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Impressive internet sleuthing OP.

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I said no such thing cunt.

It looks like a poisonous mushroom cloud.


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Damn, good job OP. If even one of our big journalists did just half of what you did in a thread on Zig Forums, our world would be better off. Why is real journalism and investigation pretty much dead nowadays?