Hello all

Hello all,

I am a long time right winger, more or less republican for most of my life. Only since about a year ago was I introduced to things such as race realism, which I after a lot of thought and research can't deny any longer. In a sense I've "taken the red pill".

I however still struggle with the JQ,
I don't want to be someone who just screams "it's the jooooos" at everything wrong with the west. Is their any book or scource for me to read that will help me decide if the jq holds any truth?

I heard the book "the culture of critique" was pretty good, I however am afraid it's to advanced for someone like me who's just starting off learning about this.

Any thoughts or advice on this?

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2015 … how fucking old am I … good meme btw

its this an anomaly? how far does this differe from the norm

Like if we estimate how many blacks were killed druing slavery vs how many whites are killed since civil rights does it compare?

I know thats crazy … alot of blacks were killed but in general is there even a better comparison to be made?

either way good job


If that's the case then what about the Haiti Massacre of 1804, happened while slavery was still legal in the US?

why ask for one book … study all the books.

I have not read mien kike but you should
read the torah too (jewish bible)
read it all.

The only people that think they are screaming "its the joooos" are the people that are too lazy to stop learning

so keep learning, until then do scream "its the joooos" knowing that its was your heart tells you so far. And following your heart is the least jewish thing you can do.

why are you "scared" of something too advanced? I dont get this thread? It seems very weak and shillish.

If you are confused just keep lurking , youll get all the info you need

yea sure include that … thats what Im saying.

OPs pic is interesting and if there is a similar stat on a larger scale then maybe this could be anti-reparation material.

Just wondering if this one pick is a stat very far away or closer to an overall stat of black v white violence.

damn dude fucking read

Nah man, that's exactly where you want to start with shit like this. Read it over until you realize the ultimate truth within.

Anyway, the "GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW" rhetoric isn't meant to be taken 100% seriously. Obviously if you have a traitors responsible for a literal child sex trafficking cabal and who siphon billions of dollars worth of value from your land, they should get the rope. However, the outright obsession with jews in every facet of daily life is usually perpetuated by jews themselves, so as to forever feel like the victim.

How in the fuck did you think this constitutes a thread?
lurk moar faggot
shit like this would normally get reported, but this whole place has turned to shit already, there's no point.

-view the catalog.
-read the book thread.
-read the books in the book thread.
spoon fed lazy nigger

It doesn't really matter in my opinion, blacks who's ancestors became slaves turned out the be the luckiest blacks in all of history. Not to mention the fact murdering white people alive right now who are in no shape or form responsible for slavery isn't a way to justify these killings.

Check pic related, sadly it's not at all. If you really begin researching this stuff it's crazy how far the tunnel goes.


Looks like I can't post the picture after all since it's already bin posted in the thread I linked above.
Look at the blue one at this number.

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You are weak, you're bloodline is weak, and you will not survive.

I'm so sorry o great one, how dare I ask info about a subject I'm trying to understand to further liberate myself.

People like you are the reason our movement isn't growing fast enough.

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The jewish religion is (1) race supremacist and (2) teaches morality only applies to jews
Read this book by a Jew on how fucked up the jewish religion is.

they're the worst. Often perverts or straight up mentally ill but with enough cunning to make money and wield power.

Jews are crazy

Jews are faggots

Jews hate whites

Jews want to destroy western civilization through planned mass migration

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Race realism and the Jewish problem are the same thing, retard.

thx … Ill have to dive deeper into the time frames but I like how it also mentions the number of people on welfare as this pretains to the idea that

we have already given you so much for free.

I see a lot here that could really put up a strong argument against any kind of reparations but I still feel there is an argument on the idea of slavery contributing to this stat.

Basically to get a robust argument you'd also want to compare across economic groupings.

rich whites vs rich blacks
middle class whites v "" blacks

then youd have a robust view of every type of black no matter where they are at are commiting violent crimes against on a percentage greater

and then you would have the actrual case of saying "blacks are more violent than whites and have already taken their reparations"

Im not asking anyone else to do this just see OP stats and now yours I almost feel its not too difficult to make this case and that there is data there to guilt trip black people

We will not give you reparations because if we do youll just use it to kill us… and the stats back this up.

Jewish subversion is real and very active

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hes just saying you are lazy … you are clearly not part of the human race.

You might be homosapien … but we have advnaced and created language. The word human has meaning.

And you seem to not encapsulate that meaning.

You asked a question he gave you a good answer.

OPs a fag everyone … nothing to see here .. I think theres a happening thread with an armored car, thats probably better.

Jews are a fairly intelligent and highly nepotistic people. Neither of these are bad things. However, they are a foreign people with their own interests in mind. Again, all well and good. However, because Jews inhabit our people's lands, they rise to positions of power, get all their Jewish friends into power, and act in their own interests and not in the interests of whites. The extract trillions in wealth from our economy annually through usury (interest on loans), profiting on the productive labor of whites. They use the government's of western nations to fund Isreal and fight it's wars with the blood and lives of young white men at the massive expense of white taxpayers. They have imported 100 million nonwhites into white countries to protect themselves from expulsion, raising crime rates and costing a fortune in welfare.

Remember that Christ's message of "don't be a selfish dick and stop stealing money from people" was aimed at the Jews, not at whites.

fuck off kike

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There's this relatively unknown book called Mein Kampf written by an obscure author named Adolf Hitler


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Also worth mentioning is how the depiction of jews throughout milleniums has remained unchanged: big nose, grasping hands, and a hat that covers the top of their head. There are ancient, pre-Christ monuments depicting their covetous behavior

Have you considered joining Q? It's a great place to hang out and I believe they'll be offering a "Welcome Aboard" package in the very near future.

Check out this book and save it for yourself:
A clearinghouse for information featuring over 10,000 citations from about 4,000 scholarly and mainstream bibliographic sources
“When Victims Rule: An Examination of Jewish Pre-eminence in America”
archive.is/uHFnj – archive of the above link

It's a book written by an user almost 18 years ago, in result of a multi-year dig effort on his part.
Nobody knows who the author is.
Archive it while its still up.
Alternative sites:

archive.is/IztPE – archive of above link

Very well said.

Jews pervert and subvert. There is no end to their depravity. The Frankists are still alive and will never stop until we stop them.


amazing! Didn't know this existed. Thanks.

There are lots more in here too.

You could also try listening to a Jewish Zionist "defector", you will learn not only their goals and plans but what they had done up until that point, in particular the real reason for WWII, which Churchill himself later admitted was a banker/international finance motivated war.


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In the interest of convincing you to fuck off and luck for two years before posting, I am going straight to the heart of the matter about WHY jews are evil.
Go online and purchase "Jesus in the Talmud," by Peter Schäfer, Professor and Director of Judaic Studies at Princeton.
Most of the book is about the Talmud's adHom attacks on Jesus and their circular reasoning denying his divinity for the sake of maintaining legitimacy of the Rabbis. It's a light text, a little over 200 pages including notes, appendecies, and the index. You can do it, you're a big boy. As you read the text, note that the primary concern of the Rabbis is convincing the jews in their ward that Jesus does not fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah, is not the Messiah, and the Jews still await the "true" Messiah.
Chapter 5: Healing in Jesus' Name, notes that Rabbis are NOT priests, they are closer to wizards (as in keepers of Judaic magic and ritual). The "true" priests, by blood lineage Coenites, were butchered when Titus sacked Jerusalem when he got tired of yet another semetic insurrection. As such, they do not possess divine authority in their decrees and judgements, it is purely interjewy legalism in the absence of a proper judge.

The presence of divine authority and power is essential to maintaining legitimacy in the Pharisee faith, and in Jesus in the Talmud, the Rabbis ACKNOWLEDGE that Christ's name has divine authority and power. Yet they reject him whole cloth. The metaphysical ramifications are thus: If they reject the name and figure of Jesus, and his corresponding power and authority; they must also reject the SOURCE of said name, figure, power, and authority. Also, since the jews no longer have access to divine rite, they are disconnected from the passage of Abrahamic authority. So in what meaningful sense are jews the Children of Abraham? Simply put, they aren't.

TL;DR: Rev 2:9

Jesus man, does it hurt being that big of a fucking retard?

only when I realize there is little I can do to change the fact I have to share the world with lazy fuckers

the fucking waste of time and space if fucking mind numbing

still fucking complaining and still a useless pos

you have your list of books fuck off


Have you tried reading the good professor's website then? occidentalobserver.net Has almost everything you need to know in easy to read articles.

So just asking for a few sources to start my own research is being lazy?

People like you I swear to god, you're either shills or morons who can't seem to grasp that your approach is never going to get normies involved into the movement. You're even actively discouraging people who're bowing Zig Forums to redpill themselves.

You just reek of low iq.

I recommend the "Chris Cantwell method." Mr Cantwell installed the coincidence detector – a program that tells you if the author of an article is a jew.. He then noticed that 90%+ of anti-white articles and news stories were by jews or zionists. However normal informational news stories were more often than not non-jews.

But don't take anyone's word for it. Do the research yourself.

Make a list of the most reprehensible, anti-white people in the world and go look to see if they are jews. What about the war mongering neocons and never Trumpers? When someone on twitter says "#fellowwhites we need to kill ourselves" ask them if they're a jew.

It won't be long before you even have to check. You'll have functional jewdar and you'll know just from their hated of america and white people that they're a jew.

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Let's not forget the incredible number of nogs who owe their existence to white doctors who fought hard against niglet mortality.

Alright OP, I'll bite. Allow me to save you some time because I was in your exact position a few short years ago, a healthy skeptic and politics junky. You MUST come to face the fact that from a very young age you have been conditioned by mass media and social pressure to equate jewishness with deserving of charity and trust, and self-hatred for the holocaust propaganda. To this day I get pangs of involuntary mental anguish due to the lies drilled into me for decades. You kinda need to wipe the slate clean before jumping headlong into the JQ, what it really means and the implications of it, which the former uneducated version of you will consider "horrible".

Genetically they are their own race with unique cultural predispositions. Culture is the outward societal expression of genetics. The Tabula Rasa theory of childhood development, that all kids are born a blank slate, is bogus. In truth, genetics determine the vast majority of an individual's psyche, which includes intellect, pattern recognition, visual and spatial reasoning, abstract reasoning, memory, time-preference, emotional expression, emotional control and instinct. Your research into race realism should have already revealed this truth to you.

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Uh oh, hope it's not Shlomo knocking on your door. Listen for the sound of the spinning dreidel on the other side of the door before you open it!

You are a faggot and you are lazy. Lurking is about you learning and assimilating into the board culture without bringing in your shitty immigrant habits

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he doesnt have an IQ above 100 … but he really really really wants to be smart

and if we just help him out and tell him how to think and where we get all our smart ideas, he might become a real boy

he might be /ourguy … fucking shill im not sure even /leftypol would allow this

Listen, this might be hard to understand for a 95 iq subhuman like yourself, but not everyone just believes things just because some anonymous people on a japanese image board said it was so. Some, people, and I repeat some people need actual evidence.

You can't except me to believe in the JQ without any information. Either that or you think that because it's so obvious for you that it should be the same for someone who hasn't done enough research to come to the same conclusion.

I've seen more then enough people being called shills here for just asking questions or information on sensitive topics here. You're a moron or new yourself if you think this is an actual argument.

I will never understand the rights hostility towards new members. Let me rephrase that, I'll never understand low iq right wingers like you hostility towards new members. You do realise we need to grown in numbers right? That won't happen if you tell everyone who asks for some info to get started to fuck off.

I can only imagine what a superb brain along with years of meditation skills one must posses to come to such a conclusion.

Truly you are the 150 iq superhuman is this thread.

Not your blog. Get the fuck out leddit.

Fuck off FEDdit

Please tell me you're being ironic, if not I would suggest ending yourself

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GTFO then because what you're really saying, is that you're a lazy, sheltered cunt who can't accept that they've been had. Not only that, but you could have discovered the truth for yourself and didn't because of cowardice and laziness.

Just kill yourself.

We tell newfags like you to lurk more because there are already threads up on this very board answering your questions. By making this thread, you pushed an older thread off the catalog, effectively deleting it, because you were too dumb/lazy to go and look at the catalog.

Lurk more you lazy, dumb, boomer faggot.

What does that last part even mean? Are you trying to form an argument or is this supposed to be gibberish?

Asking for information to further find the truth by ones self, means someone should kill himself?

People like you are truly the vermin of this movement.

What a pathetic ad hominem argument based on nothing but assumptions.Is this really the best you can do or is this really the most your low iq allows you to come up with?

Lurk two years faggot.

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how the fuck are you going to simultaneously ask for other to tell you information and find it for yourself

you fucking idiot , the only reason im bumping this thread because all the others suck and you are entertain to fuck with

whats your IQ boss? How did you get so smart? Tell me more about this movement , you know so much about. Ive never heard of it?

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Posting from new ID

Please stop

You seem upset.
I'll respond to this first because maintaining some semblance of boards culture is more important at the moment due to the last few months of imkikey shit
inbound before shill /= inb4 shill
That wasn't an argument. That was to highlight why you need to lurk. Dumb mistakes like get replicated by other newfags and do nothing to preserve board culture. The fact that you're genuinely upset over hostility of any kind on an imageboard is baffling, unless you're completely new. If someone can't handle getting shit on and leaves because people were mean with their words, then that someone is a useless thin-skinned faggot that shouldn't be here in the first place because they're useless. If they can't handle banter over text, then how will they respond to any heated discussion irl or an actual fight for that matter?
I'll give on this, the amount of threads debating actual kikes from the jidf on the holohoax and other kikery has declined significantly. 2-3 years ago such threads were common and fun to lurk in. There aren't as many threads centered around information on why kikes are first to the gas chambers I haven't really looked through the back end of the catalog so I can't really say whether there are or aren't any definitively but honestly you didn't need to make a thread for this. You could've bumped an old thread that was even tangentially related to a kike engaging in kikery and someone would have responded. Maybe not as quickly as you'd have liked, but that would be a personal problem and nobody cares. If you're gonna whine this much about not being spoonfed I'll just dump my holohoax folder or something. Also go to /pdfs/ some anons translated "Two Hundred Years Together" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. That book alone should be more than enough information for you.

Don't respond if you don't want his insults
Also this
You would pick up all the info you're asking for if you'd just lurk.

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Pics related

yes really its the joos

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Wrong assumption, not upset at all, merely responding to people

That's nice and all, and I understand the fact one shouldn't get upset about anonymous autistic weebs insulting him here. But the fact of the matter is I'm not insulted, not at all actually, it just seems funny to me how a movement that needs way more members to ever hope to succeed is hostile to new members simple asking for information. I never asked to be spoon fed the redpill itself, but (((they))) are different in my opinion, it's very hard to find actual info that isn't tainted with some kind of narrative. That's why I thought this thread would be a good place to start my research.

I however do admit I shouldn't have made this thread, it's indeed true that my lurking has bin sup par. I just don't see the problem with threads asking information as long as set threads are relevant to the board of course.

straight from the talmud

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nice clips … talmud is tricky because many fake citations so taking directly from text is excellent. Well done

I understand your rationalizations and the absurdity of efficacy you avoid. It's always gonna be us v dem user. Funny thing most that user believe in sovereign freedom, dem self be equal most fundamentally in identity. user divide n conquer by negating negation, dividing from the dividers. You aint got love for all, and understanding for dem who dont, you need mo user. Shill o shilled be my user.

There's your mistake.
Zig Forums isn't a movement.
This isn't a place for "muh pr" to increase the userbase. There's no membership, there's "I'm from Zig Forums and I #standwith/pol/. The hostile atmosphere has always existed and will continue to exist until the site gives in to the entropy of normalfags(you) like all the others.
That's the proper way to do that for future reference
Anonymous imageboards don't have movements though they may generate, feed or directly/indirectly guide them. If you consider Zig Forums to be a movement then define it to me. I've seen no names rising from this site, no banners being flown by anyone that isn't a retard, no speeches, and no platform being run as Zig Forums in the real world. So what is this movement you keep referring to? You aren't a member of this board. Neither am I, or any of the anons that have responded to you. They may be members of something outside of Zig Forums but there is no Zig Forums membership. And no one knows what your intentions with this thread are because it's low energy vague and uses goon-speak da jooos which makes you either retarded or a shill. The only thing anyone is going to do is give you shit for that alone either because they know where that kind of shit is from or because they learned to respond that way to it.
Anyone who ends up here does so, because they got through the esoteric to normalfags filter of the site not being immediately available on google search. That's a nice filter to have as it keeps out the lowest common denominator. The reason I keep harping on about board culture is because that is the greatest filter we have. The hostility, the gore, the autistic weebs, they're all meant to keep out the weakest that get through. Zig Forums actively tries to discourage attention being drawn to it in case you haven't realized that. The only reason attention is given to it is because the kikes and their pets are losing control of their narrative due to their own retardation and the efforts of anons armed with the knowledge gained here.

pic related

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He's here to see what ammunition the "chans" have against the j0000s. This way they can tailor a better counter-offense.

Even google will return millions of results on the topic since their filters don't catch everything yet.

"So what is this movement you keep referring to?"

You new full well I'm reffering to the right wing movements 4chan has sparked and helped to create.

I never claimed the movement I was referring though was the board itself. Most people on this board care about what happens to the west and the path it's unfortunately going down. I'm merely stating that scarring of all potential new "members" aka right wingers by telling them to fuck of when they ask questions isn't the greatest idea when you want to accomplish anything.

I get the fact this isn't a place for everyone, but this thread was just about getting information about a subject I fiend especially hard to find valid points over.

You people simply got triggered because there was someone in your midst that wants to learn before going full (((them))) vs us mode. That's fine user, you're a child and I can except that.

I also love how you based you're entire argument on the fact I called this a movement instead of the movements that 4 chan helps grow. It further illustrates the fact you've got no leg to stand on when it comes to form your argument. Since you're almost objectively wrong.

No you fucking moron, I used jooos as a way to illustrate the fact I wanted actual sources and facts, not lizard people tier arguments about the jews running everything that moves. I also fail to see how starting threads supplying people with dirt on the jews is anything that a shill would do.

I would love to chit chat but it's almost 4am here, if the thread's still up tomorrow I'd love to continue this conversation.

Same as here

Don't bother coming back, just stick to halfchan, boomer.

You come to a board whose general unifying tenet is that jews have infested and taken control of our Western countries, and ask "any thoughts or advice on this?" This is the internet, there are plenty of things you could learn about if you so choose to look. You're casting way too wide a net, at best, and the tone of the OP sounds like you're one of those "convince me of X" people who wants to play devil's advocate to everything.

You can bring a horse to water but you can't make him drink. We can point you to various sources on the subject of the jewish question, but you could simply lurk for a month or two and get tons of information from redpill dump threads, especially now that the roach has no power on this board anymore. It is not our job to convince you of anything; the JQ and its answers will come to you on their own if you genuinely are someone who seeks to understand the truth of how our world works.

You're arguing with an employee who was given a highly flawed script by their superiors. I can assume the purpose is sliding/time wasting/info gathering

See here. Same bad Enligh. Same script. Similar wojack response pics.