Has there ever been a political candidate that actually stated he would attempt to repair the shredded fabric of...

Has there ever been a political candidate that actually stated he would attempt to repair the shredded fabric of morality in society?

Any real legislation they put forth that indirectly causes positive effects? Obviously they cant make people change the way they think, but has anyone ever had a plan that was clever enough to change it anyway?

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probably thomas jefferson … that guy was all about trying to actually engineer the perfect government to not control people. And he was religrious too.

but he had slaves and fucked one of them … so its odd. But I think he was a genunie good guy that wanted the best for people but didnt want a perverted sense of control over them either

It's not that surprising. Founding fathers were excrutiatingly clear on race relations: All races are human, none of them are equal, and no two should ever occupy the same government. As far as they know, they were against slavery in general but partook as long as they were handy, with the intention that they eventually had to be freed/sent back.

how many voters would someone instantly lose by doing this?

there goes all the gays, the trannies, the young, women, non whites. guaranteed political suicide.

Since women got the vote, there hasn't been a single president with a beard. Think about that.

That's the opposite of repairing the morality, dipshit. Morality requires a totalitarian government. Jefferson was a fucking retard.


meant for

wholly shit … morality requires being a slave????

yea thats the shit that got people killed in jeffersons time mate

you just want to see all white people around with some nazi symbols. you fukcing simpleton. You wouldnt know the first thing about morals and values.

All men are free. Slavery is for weak tyrants and sheep not men.

Im not a historian Im just trying to say the Jefferson was a moral guy even if his actions were not always clean. He was moral but he was flawed.

Im not an historian so if you want to enlighten us then ok.

ok cool

I thought about it … whats your point?

most libtards actually want to be raped

In sense yes, whether it's by societal shaming, or the government breathing down on your degenerate ass, for most brain dead normal faggots there has to be direct repercussions for degenerate actions. Our society has been almost irreparably damaged, so a totalitarian regime is sadly the only solution that's viable for the west.

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Yup, was a whole pile of em got together to prohibit alcohol, all for the moral good of society. Also the Republican party literally started as a free the nigger slaves because of muh morals.

You'd have to be extremely stupid to think that politicians in a democratic country cares about its citizens, the whole system is a fucking sham.

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who? prumphffh?

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End yourself.

user, why are you so angry that I have an opinion based on a graph showing a positive correlation trend?

do you inherently oppose hypothesis and conjecture based on recorded data? i mean, thats what the human brain is made for, thinking its called. ever try it?

According to a slander published by his political opponents. I mean jesus, user, do you also believe in the "Trump Peepee Tape"?

He's angry because you're a pretentious twat.
Seriously, read your post again, if you don't see them as the words of a massive faggot then you are a lost cause.

I think it was his brother who turned out to be the oil driller. He was a lout.

Didn't Jefferson have a lot of half black sons, that he then sold?

i really dont see any point in any of what you wrote. I posted data, asked for elaboration on a different post. and all youve done is call me a faggot and wax lyrically about nothing at all.

No that's you, retard. You posted imaginary "data" with no context and now you're throwing around a bunch of flowery prose to distract from the fact that you have nothing. Lurk for two years or get the fuck out.

still no actual points put forth. i will discontinue effort given to this exchange as its is indeed fruitless.

1) How would a politician even attempt to do that?
2) Why would you look to a politician to repair the morality in the first place? They're all regarded as parasites, even the 'good' ones

No. That's a creative extension of the same slander, specifically painting the Founding Fathers as hypocritical and inhumanly cruel.
I'll ask again: do you believe Donald Trump paid a group of Russian prostitutes to pee on a hotel bed because at some point he thought Obama had slept there?

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How do you account for the DNA evidence that shows his slaves' descendants were at least related to him in some way?

(You)(You)(You) are the cancer killing /pol

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That's a much weaker claim than you made earlier:

ok guys i looks like we have a real answer. I didnt mean to really say he fucked his slave I was just presenting that there are some things said about him that are not completely moral. And while he might be a defender of morality he still was not perfect. But again I dont know the extent of his life and being.

For now it sounds like Jefferson is our winner as the example of president desiring a moral state. Particularly through giving the populace the ability to govern themselves and enforce norms within their communities.

Well you give pictures of degenerates but not pictures of norms. Look at first picture a young kid and a man in the background. They look decent (morality and decency are related but no the same btw). So even with in your society that is free to be crude , moral decent people still exist there by disproving your point.

I know now that you are a jew that want to have control and this is your thread but I dont care.

Also a totalitarian regime might not be a moral one. Gulags are not moral.

Your last picture, is a girl being silly stating that she has perky tits. Are you arguing that this should be outlawed and that you would want a moral state to outlaw this?

Very shallow ideal considering that there is no reason to think you have the correct guage to decide what is indecent or not? Will you follow the Bible or the Torah in these rules of decency and morality?

Again what you want is control not morality. You want the ability to punish people for expressing themselves in ways you dont like. Your morality is a form of closed minded preference in which you want to play god and make sure the sun does not shine on those you deem undesirable.
Morality itself does not judge any existence. You can be a moral queer, you can be a moral murder , you can be a moral slave owner (jefferson). Morality is a kin to honesty and integrity. Do you mean what you say , do you say what you do , completely honestly?

As you read this think about our military and war. The exreme case of a murderer. A murderer that walks in a room, announces they are going to kill someone as does it is an honest person that while doing an ugly act, does it in a moral why in which gives a chance for other to defend themselves and not be confused by their attackers desires. This is also the premise of the "sucker punch" you are supposed to announce the fight before swinging. Its not the immoral thing for punching someone, its the immoral thing of not telling them you are going to do so.

Just like honesty and integrity , morality does not make the end judegment. Something can be done morally and be bad , something can be done morally and be good. Its everyone of us and god that has to make the judgment , apply our own bias and opinion to decide if something was good or not. If it was done in a honest fashion, with integrity, it was probably also moral. Morals are with reason , morals are with meaning. A moral act is an act that gives you the ends you want with relying on deceit. But again this act can still be good or bad even if it is moral. That for the individual to decide and react to.

What are you, fucking 12? Is this a serious question? live 12 moar yrs then lurk 2 moar yrs before you ever post again retard

Oliver Cromwell. He banned Christmas, alcohol, whoring and a host of other stuff. People wanted their degeneracy though so that it all ended when he did, the only difference was that England now was not only openly degenerate; but it also had the Jews which the Dutch had forced Cromwell to accept into his lands in exchange for war loans.

You need to change the people before you can attempt to introduce morality to society. Even Hitler knew this. Hitler wanted a new breed of Germans, hence the Hitler youth and all that. He knew it was too late for the Germans already grown. … How sad that the hopeful Hitler youth turned out even worse than their forebears.

i'm more concerned they can't tell how laughably fake that profile is

are samefags this bad at samefagging these days or is it irony?


and why would this person be so opposed to discussing the lack of morality based campaign promises/objectives?

perhaps an israeli thing? I really dont know.

He was extremely shabbos and he also spent half his career going around genociding whites, the absolute state of Zig Forums.

what i was thinking as well, honestly i cant think of anyone who ever attempted much other than jackson, and he was ironically the most violent bastard of them all.

but i guess a sheep in wolf clothing is always the most wholesome, as opposed to a wolf in sheeps clothing.

in a society with evil, you can never prevent evil from existing, and if you get rid of those that are evil, you can't prevent evil from arising
what you can do is to get rid of those that are evil as they spring up

in other news, the sky is blue and fish have gills so they can process oxygen from H2O.

I dont think that there even exist methods to do this. In order to fix people you may need to enable the "drivers that drive men forward" a desire in poverty to rise and self improve, so strong that with the first few things acquired it does not die down. If you are poor, and willing to improve to reduce that poorness…you must learn behavior patterns that are beneficial to get out, good health, good finances, good stable mental behavior. Once they set in as it has with some billionares/millionares, it can last a whole lifetime.

Religions had this mechanism in them, tied to the raw and basic biology in them for long periods of time. To the tune of fasting (basically hardwires the biological, basic needs to be healthy again instead of food over indulgence), society can perhaps provide financial intensives and also small rewards to manage your finances better (and not to buy a new iphone every few months). But the moment you go towards that area…you will get heavy resistance from corporations…from drug gangs (who wish to sell you drugs for hedonism), to the entertainment industry, to music icons…to the whole fucking garbage and degenerate slouch of fucking bullshit.

The truth is that this path is ugly, its meek and mellow, be design it has no glamor or jazz. People tried to lead other people on these things again, but the free will of the people often decides not to go this way. Basically the only way to make people go this way is to find and to make a coalition of the "willing "evil" entities who wish to bring challenge and suffering to everyone", a non kike, new world order of sorts. Maybe its already in place, maybe not. I dont know man. I think that most people at this stage realize that most conflict has been settled, we are living in a peaceful era, and nobody is even willing to step over toes, and that the once ruling entities are fading into obscurity, and that there isnt even a spiritual goal or whatever to attain. We are just surrounded by other people, other people are in control and most of them stopped hostilities…if there is no real threat…well. Nothing to improve oneself against.

Some officials wield symbolic power, and that alone can do a lot to help society. A lot of conservatives want to stop the degeneracy, but know that there's very little they can do about it politically. Florida, for example, is thoroughly run by republicans; yet they couldn't try and clamp down on "divorce rape" because the governor has daddy issues. In general the best politicians can do it mitigate the attacks on civil society by leftists. Very rarely can they actually put a stop to degeneracy. If they tried to ban gays from parading down the street naked then some kike judge would crucify them. But remember that most politicians are either democrats or neoconservative "socially liberal, economically conservative" types. Most politicians actually don't want to.

The best strategy would probably be appealing to mothers and men who feel no purpose in life. I feel like those two would synergize well together; because women want heroic men to marry, and men want good women to marry. You just have to word it carefully so that you're telling people "I'm going to build us up!" instead of "I'm going to keep you from being a degenerate!" Mothers and young men are a major demographic to pay attention to. They can pretty much control the country socially. It worked for the NSDAP after all. In America, it's even easier, because there's no catholic party to divide supporters. It's a united front of all non-leftists vs the left.

"hey herbawitz, me and yossi are gunna get those asshat goys who killed the germans for us to force their women into labor and even put them in the tax bracket." "no way yitzhak, there's no way you can do that. why the hell would they agree to do something so heinous and irrational?" "to fight oppression." "damn it yitzhak you're a genius"

>Has there ever been a political candidate that actually stated he would attempt to repair the shredded fabric of morality in society?
Yes Donald Trump did and alluded to doing much more, but he lied, you see he was a jew controlled opposition from the start that low-IQ retards latched onto and now the CIA dictates how they think ,act and continue worship and praise the Orange Kike still to this day even after him telling his MAGApede spastic supporters he is isreal first above all else.

Holy shit, could you get any more obvious? Every single thread has you people coming in to whine about drumpf.

Yeah this is Zig Forums, you've probably found this board through some link of reddit The_ZOGnald
Breibart is found over here -→ www.breibart.com

Lurk for 2 years isn't a joke, it's stated around here pretty commonly when faggots like (you) show up.

instead of hillary, the fools had a chance to latch onto a queen, amirite?

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Today's politicians don't have that sort of power. Controlling what people believe is more the territory of the media and social leaders (e.g. ministers, feminists on Twitter, etc). Such people use their influence to control people and stigmatize dissent.

Yep, gotcha. you attack people voting trump, bunch of morons, then when people point out hillary, you switch to the they're both traps, bunch of morons.

Can you please stop spamming every thread with your wishful thinking autism Schlomo?

uncle adolf
his entire ideology
yes and they killed him for it

Since Kampfy got gassed you're gonna have to simply accept being called out for your shilling of jewry

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Why do you even attempt to explain logic and reasoning to these literal nincompoops?

If they didnt wise up after trump started middle east war #923828383 and gearing up now for iran after kissing a jewish monument with a yarmulke on, why even try to help them be wise now? also if they dont realize that both sides are rigged and think that you would ever support Hillary if you disapprove of trump supporting israel, they are just swiss cheese brains.

Where exactly does their "freedom" come from? It comes from the use of force. We don't have rights that are born with, but might alone makes rights. We're born with strength and the freedom is in how we use it, not in freedom from being told what to do or having our "rights" violated.

Define "free". Are we as free as pajeet shitting in the street? Do we have the same choices as moiche's?

I don't disagree with the notion that owning slaves is immoral and unjust (also retarded especially in the modern age), mind you.

I was talking about this with my friend and I actually think this is a good topic of discussion.

A true Aryan fascist government requires the will and honor of good men. No government, even totalitarian, can sustain itself in a degenerate society. We rely to much on the fact that "degenerates are a given" in our society, when in reality for well past 200 years in America, there were no degenerates. Despite this, we had full freedom, democracy and the right to do whatever we wanted.

My argument is this,
why should we usurp the rights of honorable Aryan men over the fact of what Jewish degenerates have exploited.
If anything, we need to promote Aryan men even further rather than to take away the biggest thing about us, our freedom. I think freedom in the 19th century sense of the word is the primary component in our society. Fascism needs to be an internal struggle from within ourselves to resist jewish influences and condemn it as a society at large. Socialism shouldnt be a government entity. This depends on the fact that society is so corrupt that we need to put guns to their heads to be good people. In stead, we need to rely on community involvement instead of government involvement!

Lastly, we need leaders in our society. Not just simply strong successful men, but men who are willing to take the time and effort to help the weak recover their strength, promote goodness and to resist evil from communists. We shouldnt just be training for the apocolypse, which myself and all of us are likely doing, but actively resisting it by participating in community lead events.

Damn, I didn't know women like that were on there. I might start using tinder for some free hookers.

How has the numale so effectively destroyed something as masculine as a beard? Thanks to their incessant desires to hide their neck fat, or lack of a jawline, and due to how effeminate and emasculated they are, beards now appear to be the domain of man-children.


literally unrelated to my post, or the posts i was quoting.


Its not the job of the politicians to protect "morality". Its the job of the politicians to protect the people's rights. Its the job of the people to protect their own morality and remove the politicians by force if they infringe on their rights.

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Your kind should be painfully tortured to death.

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fuck off and kill yourself you kike cunt.

The state of nu-Zig Forums is disheartening

youre a literal brainlet who apparently prefers to make up his own narrative to respond to because its easier than reading the entire reply chain and context to what hes replying to.

I can't believe that pic, I just can't. How did things get this bad

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I like how the Brittany's are awkward af but Stacey is chill as hell

Its the deepest irony of all that the incels have uncovered, and this truth will change the tide in favor of the nobles.

Despite beauty being the signature feature of prime health, it is the only trait that people value in this degenerated society to the point where individual characteristics do not amount to anything.

Incels have been gifted the most unique perspective in our struggle because as genetic rejects, they see society from the outside in. Thus, while incels (and genetically unhealthy women) should both be sterilized, the reality of why monogamy exists has become clear.

Marriage benefits women because it means that Chad has to take care of them and their children for the rest of his life in hunter-gatherer society. In Neolithic (aryan) society, monogamy exists so that most men are not exploited by Chad and his harem; thus society becomes more interdependent.

The sexual market has been abused by the ZOG oppressors to replace the social role of average men with their state violence. That is all this is.

Know this, the third world "shitholes" will become more fair and free societies than the whitest colony in the ZOG empire.