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Yesterday VBJ (Youth party of Vlaams Belang) went to the Brussels "refugee" hotspot. They handed out contact details of notorious marxist professors, who push open-border and immigration. Those who push immigration, can start by housing and feeding them.



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This, gentlemen, is how you utilise the Rules for Radicals against the enemy. Force the leftists to live up to their own retarded beliefs and watch them stumble and kvetch as they can no longer virtue signal in the safety of the ivory towers and lofts. They must and will be "culturally enriched".

well done. more of this. have a bump

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this should be shared on megu/pol/


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I suppose this is one of those "doctors and engineers" that came to enrich our culture? Good idea, battle the globalists with the monster that they created.

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Oh no but that group is controlled opposition and you cant expect 8gag Pol to do things irl.

Everything is controlled opposition fellow goyim, let's all do nothing and wait for the next Hitler who is not controlled by the communist nazis!!!

kys niggerpilled faggot

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Absolutely based

Good work!

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Not bad.

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how about a sticky of dox'd traitors and kikes addresses/what theyve done etc.

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Shills are discussing how to black pill this thread in



We should do this but with celebrities and illegals as well.

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This is a good idea. Most of these "poor refugees" have cell phones and demand internet access. There is probably no need to go out and make pamphlets. An easy to read and use website in several refugee languages directing immigrants to the homes of open border advocates would probably be very effective.

I like the hats. I can't lie. They're even in the same "please be patient I have autism" shade of blue.

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that fucking hellhole gets 9 new posts a week, never any new content, jerkoff movie night and never ending meadhalls…. it's for retards

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you could photoshop JUST eyes but the fuckers already gotem kek

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If DIEversity is what they want, then let them have it!

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this is one of the reddest pills out there.
I talked to a jew the other day. just knew he was a jew. first he said no im judeo christian.
then hes like " but I want to join the israel defense force."
makes me sick.
like oh our army isnt good enough for you to lay down your life??

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Yes, everyone is controlled opposition. Lets sit tight in our battlestations and be good gentiles.

Just post the shit on fucking twitter, staple it to a telephone pole, put it on a billboard

—For Israel

Wasn't Plato's cave good enough?

When 'my'* memes become reality
I've been saying this for years. Great to see this happening at last.
no one owns a meme, but it is good to see one I released into the wild finally bear fruit
Remember to do this to the politicians, and press on the migrants that it is those people who welcomed them, so the migrants should be persistent with their demands to those people.

Here is a reminder about the meme that defeats any form of censorship:
this hasn't been used as much as it should and EUpoorfags might need ti after the June 20th internet clamp down there

Memetic Thought Virus
-Get the radical's media (EU flag picture, Soros propaganda posters, SJW video)
-Attach 'wrongthink' they are censoring (EXIF metadata comment, small text on image, reverse audio in music track, single frame in video,…whatever)
-Publish and share with their supporters
-Weeks or months later when they are all infected expose that they have been sharing the wrongthink they want to censor.

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I like the idea, but did the people get spammed by calls? I enjoy seeing confirmation of success.

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Kek, I'm listening to top tier Synthwave (Lost Years youtube.com/watch?v=4BrKsMFVn6c) while clicking on this thread and what do I see…

Fucking nice.

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There should be a fill-in form version of this, so if you see some activists with "refugees welcome" signs or someone loudly promoting unrestricted immigration, you can just tell them to fill in their address and contact details so the form can be later handed over to a refugee.
Make sure to put in a space for their preferred pronouns.

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peak optics

Absolute madmen.

Like that video with the truck blasting muslim prayer in leftist neighborhood that voted for immigration. They called the cops. So much for tolerance..

Can anyone translate this video to burger?

this is a decent idea but you should try explaining it differently.

The intro is a straightforward description of what follows and why they're doing it.

At the end, they peel off No one is illegal stickers and then display a banner that says they won't allow themselves to be replaced.

Vlaanderen hup!

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There is that group Campus Reform here in the states, they need to do shit like this

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Is this the official video put out by the part?
Because the song that's played is called "generation of revenge" and is associated with white nationalism.

VB is officially a civic nationalist part, so this is pretty interesting.

put out by the *party?

There are subs on the youtube video

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I like the video but i suspect the host is a yid.

I've thought we should have been doing this a long time ago. I would go much further. Look at all the Democrat areas in the US where their Representatives are pushing diversity and mass immigration. Get rid of section 8 housing over time by build massive public housing only in areas were they say they value diversity. This could be done really fast after it ramps up. The Broad Group in China is mass producing multistory buildings. They can throw up a 30-story building built in 15 days.


We should flood the liberals with Diversity. I've heard that New York city has run out all the Dindus. We should build massive high rises full of them and Mexicans so they can have what they say they want.

Every time Zig Forums has cried about marxist professors it's always ended up being liberals who stormfags think are marxists because according to them marxism= wanting refugees to fuck your wife. Gas yourself brainlet.

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You know damn well that if Marx lived today he would be for open borders and wanting his wife to be fucked by rapefugees.

Hurr durr its clearly not the universities that spread social marxism by having impressionable teens brainwashed by their genderstudies professors.

They were probably inspired by the Starbucks troll.

t.Zig Forums

Marxism and liberalism are not the same, but they cross-over heavily.
The ANC pushed affirmative action in South-Africa. Communists generally support blacks because they are over represented in the lower class (because of their low IQ).
Friedrich Engels also preferred a matriarchy over a patriarchy lol what a fag

Are you sure?, cuz there's some truth to that pic related.

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Truth, pics related

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