Let's Discuss The Japanese

So, I've been contemplating this for a while now, and I feel it's a good time to have the discussion. Of course, many arguments & debates have been had about their entertainment products, particularly anime, but I want to have a different discussion than that. I want to discuss the Japanese as a people, especially in comparison to Aryans.

Now, to start, obviously the Japanese are a more civilized and advanced people in comparison to other Asians, and indeed, virtually any other people on the planet aside from us. However, is that really enough of a qualification to continue to allow for the title they were given, that of honorary Aryans?

I am beginning to have serious reservations the more deeply I inquire into their society & their way of life. Now to start the conversation along those lines, I want to bring up two specific criminal cases which I consider to be illuminating in regards to Japanese character.

The first is this: The Murder Of Junko Furuta, an infamous crime that is well known, and serves as an excellent case study to the points I will be making. The bullet points for the crime, which was the abduction, rape, torture & eventual murder of this girl are as follows:

And finally:

Now of course this crime is incredibly disturbing in its absolute lack of humanity, and in particular it is quite Asian, or perhaps even moreso, Chinese, in the level & nature of the torture. We must remember that the Japanese, while interbred with the Aino, are still mostly Chinese and therefore retain many of their characteristics when push comes to shove.

However, it should be acknowledge that every society has terrible criminals, and there are always outliers in even the most civilized & enlightened peoples. What is even more disturbing about this case, however, is the fact that so many Japanese were aware of it, and did nothing. According to reports, around one hundred Japanese knew of it, and either did nothing, or actively participated in the torture and rapes. This is quite an anomaly if considered in comparison to Western civilizations and cultures, and should be noted as indications of the Japanese lack of substantial moral character, & empathetic consideration of others.

Also of note is the fact that all four of the men prosecuted for this crime received very light sentences, with the highest receiving only 17 years. This is due to the fact that they were below 18 when committing the crimes, yet despite criticism, Japan did not change its laws to allow for full prosecution in juvenile offenders in cases like this.

Now, onto the second, and to me, even more damning case due to what it reveals about the Japanese mindset & the truth about their nature.

End Part 1

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Part 2

The case of Issei Sagawa:

Now, obviously this is horrifying, but which is truly disgusting about this case, is the fact that after this crime, Issei Sagawa became a minor celebrity in Japan. He made a living going around talking about what he had done on various Japanese shows, because the Japanese, rather than finding such a man horrifying, found him interesting. That's right. A man who murdered and cannibalized a young Dutch woman, was celebrated in Japan for what he had done. What does that tell you about Japanese character, what does that tell you about the true nature of this people?

I think it's high time we dropped the romanticism we have about these people. Let's look at the facts, and let's look at the reality. The Japanese are not an Aryan people, and they never were.

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Fun fact, the Japanese were first considered as white when they beat the Russians in the Russo-Japanese war, as Europeans were amazed at the fact that a supposed nonwhite could defeat a white in war. Therefore, racial scientists concluded that they are in fact white. Which is still true to some degree when we consider the Jomon people, but still

lol, trying to make an enemy of the Aryan race's only friend.
When stuff like this:
Is happening.

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Fuck off

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Both cases are a failure of their own Jewdicial system (and in the second, it was Francucks the ones who blew it). Also, Japs could be all 100% cannibal rapists and I still wouldn't give a shit about what they do in their OWN COUNTRY.

For what reason do you consider the Japanese to be our friends? They have not helped us in any significant way throughout their entire history. Your affection for their culture & entertainment products does not equate to them being our ally anymore than the Chinese were the ally of the British when their people were enamored with Chinese culture in the 1800s.

The fact is that abominable acts of barbarism have been committed by every group of people on the planet. It is disingenuous to say that these instances are Japan-specific.

Which I addressed. What is unique and specific to the Japanese, or perhaps Asians in general, is their societies involvement, & in the second case outright celebration of said crimes. Western civilizations would not turn a murdering, necrophiliac cannibal into a celebrity and have him as a guest on talk shows. That is a darkness exclusive to the Asian peoples, and perhaps the Jews as well.

t. Rabbi Moshe.

Anime in general has become pretty gay but Megalo Box is trying to save it. At least watch that.

China internet defense force? Or perhaps Korea's?

Bring up unit 731 next please, or the rape of nanking, or perhaps how they cannibalized prisoners of war.

I would point out how jeffrey dahmer too has accolades, how the Russians had a taste for human flesh during the war, and how the Nips have some of the lowest rates of violent crime in the world. In america you can hardly go a year without hearing about how some parents tortured there kids, often to death.

Bad shit happens, I don't give a flying fuck about how deprived you think an incident is, show me statistics about how likely a population is to do something similar and compare that with other populations.

OP I can't help but think you are arguing in bad faith.

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Let's consider of the context in which these events fit. These crimes were both committed after the War, which means they occurred in a society under foreign military occupation, wherein the occupying government makes the decisions. We should not investigate what influence the Jews have over Japanese education and media sources before we start blaming the Japanese for having such criminals for celebraties. on the tel avivsion.

>we should not investigate*

Nonsense. Plenty of horrific and sadistic murderers in western history have been celebrated throughout history. Henry VIII for instance. Edward Longshanks is another great example. Or Robespierre.
Aryans also largely tolerate niggers raping and murdering their women, some of them even masturbate to it. We've tolerated Jews blatantly subverting our society and spitting in our face for so long and go out of our way to defend them when someone with a little agency calls them out.
We're sitting in a glass house. We ignore the atrocities of those we revere. We'll even call them kings or leaders. It's fucking retarded to say "These four nips are sadistic criminals" when whites have unleashed some pretty horrific things on ourselves throughout the years.

Their rejection of Christianty was a sound decision, the Christ cult is fucking subversive.

This is not relevant. Religious shitflinging does not belong in most threads.

How is it not relevant? religion is directly tied to culture.

Garo Vanishing Line is pretty cool. You can check out recommendations here >>>/animu/1821

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I agree that the nuclear destruction of the Christian communities in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a silver lining for the Japanese, and undoubtedly spared Japan from a great deal of destructive subversion by those treacherous Abrahamites, but this still feels like a discussion for another thread.

I fucking saged when I posted damn it.

We have shit like that happen in America to though, Murder of James Bulger for example. Two ten-year-old boys kidnapped a mother's child, beat the shit out of him and stuck batteries up his anus, then mutilated him until he died. But these things are the unusual occurrences of just a few people, they don't represent our race or theirs. Zig Forums judges niggers and shit because of overwhelming statistics, not because of the actions of a few.

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Except those two didn't have 100 people assisting or ignoring the crime. They didn't become celebrities who are welcomed on talk shows to discuss their crimes. Because actual Aryans find such crimes repugnant and horrifying, instead of irrelevant or interesting, as the Japanese do. False analogy, please try again.

Please address my post here:

Japan was a self sufficient nation with its own governance when these crimes occurred. It was not under foreign control at the time. Also, sage is not a downvote.

They're scarcely Asian. They soaked up all European/American culture, twice, and practically worship it. When they modernized, they ravenously absorbed everything European. They're more Europhilic than Europeans in a lot of ways and pre-WW1 Europe is pretty much the same magical fairy happy land to them as Japan is to us.

It's impossible to dislike someone so openly affectionate to your culture and impressive in their own right. I don't think I could harm a hair on a Japanese's head even if my life were in danger. If anything, I feel deeply ashamed that we failed them so badly. They make us look bad.

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I am saging politely.

And you're wrong. None of the Axis powers have been sovereign since the end of WWII

The Japanese people, like people of every actual nation have some aryan blood. The Aryans who went to Japan were the clan of people now known by historians as the Yayoi. When they inter mingled with the Jomon tribes living their already the blood of the nobles was diluted.

Your blind affection for a foreign people is a weakness that has been repeated throughout the history of the West. I hardly see a difference between what you're doing and the liberals who worshiped the Native Americans during the 90s, or the British who adored the idea of the Chinese in the 1800s, and so forth. You look at a foreign culture, idealize it, and then claim it is an admirable idol which should be emulated & loved, ignoring all the innumerable flaws said foreign culture & peoples actually possess.

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I feel bad for the Japanese tourists that go to Paris and get a nervous breakdown when faced with reality of it being filled with niggers and ghettos instead of blonds and romance. Paris Syndrome, they call it.

In China, the Aryan blood that exists there rests in the descendants of the mythical revered ancestor Shennong, compared to the natives descended from Fuxi and Nuwa.

Culture in the Sinosphere began with rice cultivation, not hunting and gathering.


What a well thought out counter argument. Ah, wait, there was no argument since you can manage none. This place has less intellectual engagement than cuckchan.

I wouldn't know. I haven't been on halfchan since the First Exodus.

You, on the other hand, have. Go back.

While I agree that the 1st example is downright holohoax tier or fits the content of some shit on sadpanda you're still cherrypicking to the extreme.
There will always be mentally sick people, we have them enough here in the west, even excluding liberals. I look at the history and civilization of the nation.

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Ignore this faggot.

I can see your point and maybe you're right. But the Japanese… I mean holy shit, they make so much beauty and intricate technology… And they also have this introverted, melancholy reflective style in so much of their art… And they are STILL constantly paying tribute to the styles of antebellum Europe in aeto-domino 2018. I'm just an unapologetic turbo weeb, and I constantly fantasize about protecting Japan Catcher in the Rye style from whatever sickness is infesting the soul of the rest of Earth.

Court ruled in their favor 14 to 5, and I assume a lot of people were involved in relocating them and giving them new identities.
Fair enough, I admit I didn't read the second story before posting. That is indeed pretty unsettling.

what a fucking dumb thread.

Best response in the thread

American normies worship NFL nigger criminals who have raped, murdered, abused dogs, and worse. American normies defend nonwhite criminals in general. Our entire entertainment industry defended a Jew who drugged and raped a teenage girl. And so on.

Even among whites, not every person is a high-thinking, high-achieving builder of society who strives for honor and success. But the racial bell curves speak for themselves. As a whole, Japs have low crime rate, high-trust society, an intelligent populace, more respect for animals and nature than other Asians at least, and so on. We can't miss the forest for the trees when discussing specific incidents like OP does.

This is another reason we shouldn't be so quick to discard the "honorary Aryan" title as OP says. This kind of mutual love of culture, whites admiring Jap culture and entertainment and vice versa, is practically unheard of in the world. And this has been going on as far back as European impressionist artists taking inspiration from Japanese art, and Japan completely overhauling their country to European standards after the Meiji Revolution. It really speaks to an inherent similarity in the soul of each people.

That's a lie. The Japanese are almost as distinct from Chinamen as Germans are from Jews.

>ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2587696/ Table 1
>ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2730349/ Table 1

That value should be .0072

No you tard, and this is coming from a fucking Weaboo as well, these people are not Vedic, Indo European or related to the Caucus at all. They are for all intents and purposes NON-WHITE. Now that doesn't mean there's not benefits race mixing with them, but let's be real here, both the Japs and White ethnicities in general, are having population issues so such a thing should be avoided for the good of all peoples involved.

I also would like a response to this user.

I agree with your post user, I have never understood the worship that the Japs get from so many whites, they don't want more of us in their nation and don't idolize us like people seem to think, or nearly as much as people think.


Consider the Brits, who know of the hundred thousand pre pubescent white girls who were gangraped and tortured, and did absolutely nothing. And still do nothing.

Personally in terms of the culture, I'm a weeaboo because here in the US the culture is nothing more but corporate worship of Jew owned media. Additionally the idea of a monocultural and monoracial country that does not posses the quality of a 3rd world shithole is just very alluring. It's just that simple, now I do realize they too have their cultural problems, but to me an outsider, they seem so small compared to the problems here in the west.

Japanese people are OK. They are not aryan, but under certain circumstances they can be allies and even develop some interesting stuff (electronics for example, robotics, etc)
This does not mean racemixing

Edward Longshanks did nothing wrong

The jews had worn out their welcome in England by loan sharking and crime and attempts to bribe & corrupt the government. In 1215 the original Magna Carta had 3 clauses that sought to protect women and orphans from usury by Jews. Laws were passed against such exploitation of people by Jews in Medieval England more than once but the Jews wouldn't stop.

In 1290, fed up, Edward Longshanks issued the Edict of Expulsion of 1290, which told all of the Jews to GTFO of England.

That legal act came at the beginning of a grand era for England,,, by the Tudor era of Elizabeth 1 and the defeat of the Spanish Armada, the era when Shakespeare wrote his famous poetic tribute to happy England (meme related) there had been no kikes in the nation for several centuries.

Alas, not long after the time of Shakespeare the Jews were allowed to come scurriying back into the country by paying a bribe to Cromwell.

It is Cromwell who is the villian, not Longshanks.

Imagine how nice England would be today if Longshank's order still stood guard there

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Nice logic there, buddy. Leave and don't come back till you learn how to make a good thread.

And FYI, the Japs are honorary Aryans, and there's nothing you can do about it faggot.

Well I don't know if you agree with me or not but I consider Wild West culture of cowboys and bandidos to be part of American culture. Technically it's already long dead but the Japanese actually find it fascinating nonetheless. I can see why.

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I'm a city slicker, but I won't lie I do appreciate the small town cattle ranchers that exist in very scarce quantities here in the US. Sadly the industrialization of agriculture pretty much killed the agrarian cultures associated with it, one being cowboys. Every once in a while I find myself sympathizing with luddites like paleoconservatives.

But other than a few incidents like that, the nips are a race of magical dwarves who make everything better. See pic.

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Fucking this. Either the anglos are actually less white than the japs, or OP has a pretty weak argument. I can also add imprisoning fathers of the victims for "disturbing the peace" and many other outrageous subhuman atrocities.

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Gotta try harder than that goon-kun. If I'm not wrong, Junko's torturers might have gotten lesser sentences because they were underage and had Yakuza connections, but all of them (or maybe just 3, other one wasnt that involved anyway) had their lives ruined. For the second story, Americans would probably have found the story interesting too if the races were reversed.

Anyway, thats not to say they're White, they're not.

Not that user, but they're our friends because they can be safely trusted to live in their separate nations in general harmony with us while maintaining the environment and producing worthwhile culture, technology, media, and so on.

We can't say the same about niggers, spics, or chinks for example. The continents they inhabit are far larger with more natural resources than Japan, but they still run them into the ground, destroy their environments to the point that it has international consequences, and generally act as a pest and scourge to white first-world civilization.

I have to agree with an old timey man when he stated that the Japanese were more interested in art than truth.
Not uninterested, and they know of their own shortcomings, just more interested. It explains their seeming obsession with making their world seem 'alive' with symbols. Where a westerner will tolerate or even expect a flat and empty lawn the Japanese must have a garden. Where the westerner puts tea on the kettle and pours, the Japanese has a set ritual of actions amd practiced movements. Where the Westerner (used to) treat law as a fire that inevitably burns those that cross it, the Japanese look heavily at the context and punish according to the benefit for society as a whole. I.e. a pauper will get a slap on the wrist while a CEO with have the book thrown at him for being a bad example despite his position.

Also OP is not exactly right in claiming they have Chinese descent. Their lineage may be of the same base stock but that's like saying the Persians and Irish are the same out of their Aryan connection. More than one root goes to make a tree.

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It looks like there is more wrong with the Frogs than with the Japs.

The term "aryan" doesn't mean "indo-European", or "white". It means "Noble" or "Princely", the Aryans were a race of noble people that, by all accounts, including Max Muller's, is extinct.

All that exists of the aryan race now are trace elements of its cultural past, which was that of the original neolithic farmers compared to the mesolithic herders (Jews), and paleolithic hunters (gentiles). There are still aryan (noble) aspects to Japanese society, as there was Chinese society before the centuries long oppression of the Qing Dynasty and now the Communist government there.

Lighter skin was never the issue with race, it was always culture.

Speak for yourself. What I learned of the japs growing up was strongly flavoured by the last war's propaganda, which was largely true. I'm not interested in their motivations or what labels you can put on their racial background.

As an aside, anti-German propaganda was easier to let slip by the wayside for some reason. Mind you, it was countered with positive stories. Their treatment of POW's such as Douglas Bader would be an example.

Considering the atavistic nature of much of the chan transactions I'd expect more of an aversion toward the japs. But I don't see it. The speed with which people are able to lose touch with recent history is kind of alarming.

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Kek, next you're going to be telling us that the holocaust happened.

The POWs were betrayed by postwar Western Governments who downplayed their suffering to rehabilitate the Japanese as a counter to Red China, after being first betrayed by being given no clue about who they were fighting. If they'd known what was going to happen to them, would they have surrendered?

You're in the wrong place if you think Zig Forums demands equal morality from different societies. We revel in diversity.

lmao no
source this, i read about this story and never heard of outside participants
yeah the US needs to enact gun control after every school shooting too right :)))
shit's happened in america too, the handsome rapist was widely praised by women who claimed "he can't rape how can you not want him just look at him omg". There are also quite a few american criminal celebrities, one that comes to mind is the guy who tried to write his crime as a fictional book called "how i got away with it" or something like that. None of this is japan specific.
really, an asian people are not aryan, please tell me more geneticsanon.
and we all knew this, HONORARY ARYAN does not mean HONORABLE ARYAN.

How many batshit insane serial killers have we had in the west, and how romanticized are they by the media and our own people, especially our women?

No different from Finland. Rape is practically legalized here, you might not even get a prison sentence. It's not considered a serious crime. Self-defense will put you in prison for years though, because you are subverting the state's monopoly on force. People who volunteer to become cops, judges and legislators are always the least qualified for those jobs, because they want power just so they can abuse it. Same goes for internet moderators.

You could have written these same posts about America if you had just picked the right things. For example, prison rape is used as a deterrent and punishment there, and the vast majority of Americans support it.

I think japs have the ability to innovate a bit more than other nonwhites, but that's about it. Yeah, muh 2d. Some of their art and culture and weebshit is cool.

Do a search for Japan and see what Hitler said, as opposed to table talks .

What about the murder of Sylvia Likens?

The worst part is that Baniszewski, her children, Hobbs, and Hubbard were held without bail pending their trials.

Anime is not art: the TL;DR edition
Reported for not politics

Well firstly I want to challenge you on the definition of "Honorary Aryan." This term was never meant to literally mean that a race had become white. It would still be a bad thing for an Aryan and an Honorary Aryan to race-mix. I think it's better to understand the term as "You're not white, but you can still hang with us." It would be like if the majority of blacks were "based black guy in a MAGA hat" instead of 85 IQ savages.

Next I would like to point out that Japan's collective psyche was shattered in the aftermath of WW2. It would be silly to call Alfred Rosenberg a degenerate because of Martin Shulz. It's a similar case with Japan. Their national unity was badly damaged, and individualism was heavily encouraged by American occupiers. I'm not justifying their actions at all. But it's considering the West is in the state it is, where anyone who doesn't want their country to turn into South Africa is an evil racist, we should be careful to set too high standard.


The nips are part white. They are the only dolicocephalic Asians, whereas pure Asians have comically round faces. The only way to get rectangular faces and tall foreheads is white admixture.

Wow in a civilization that's stretched thousands of years you found two examples of really fucked individuals to judge the entire race by. I guess fuck white people too because we had Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy. There are better reasons to despise the Japs like Unit 731, even though the horrors were greatly exaggerated, the fact is that in the past century the Japs have been better allies against international kikes than anybody else on the planet

This. They lack the creative spark, but have an eye for improvement. They usually raise the bar for quality in whatever they touch.
They're excellent at preserving living traditions. I wouldn't be surprised if Eastern Orthodox Christianity moved in alongside Shintoism. Actually surprised it hasn't yet. Lots of parallels.

They have an entire town that is more Swedish than Sweden.

how about not talking about nips and just start killing niggers and arabs

Stop trying to pretend that you are not a weeb. This thread is as pretensions that the fedora-tier writing thread that was up here a week ago.

You aren't Japanese, and you'll never be and you'll never understand their way of thinking just because you like masturbating to anime, so fuck off and leave them to themselves.

Outlying crimes that ultimately did less damage to the world than western cuckoldry and our servitude to the kikes.
Fuck off.

This too. Fucking Rotherham. Both of those nip cases have nothing on that level.

OP is a retarded faggot.

Every allied dog deserved what came for them. They fucked us and the world bad with them being saviors of kikes and communism, you dumb fuck.

Oh it gets better

Such a court system should never affect whites in Britain… (But you know every Muslim living there wants a caliphate there) But the fact they have a system there for the invading shits to use is an abomination.

Even here people ironically cheer for Anders breivik.

The Japanese are yet another non-reproductive NATO country toiling day and night for a jew world order.

Albert Fish anyone?

Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit. The Japanese have the best society in the fucking world BY FAR. If whites would throw their Bibles in the trash and just copy the Japanese we might stand a chance against global white genocide. Instead, we'll keep worshipping some shitskin false prophet from the desert and keep dying because of Christian multiculturalism and equality.

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Really? Why would they do that?

Like that'll make us forget about Jewish blood libel and ritual, or that the Japanese being disgusting sometimes somehow justifies Jewish crimes cannibalism. Nice read though… and nice try.

Because the man is a hero you jew.