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What is MGTOW?
MGTOW is a philosophy that is based on male sovereignty and freedom.
This philosophy encompasses a certain sociopolitical outlook and abandonment of existing gynocentric political systems.
What is proposed as an alternative are androcentric political systems that are reactive to enlightened masculine thought and a society based on order, true meritocracy with a pragmatic but a high degree of support for individual freedoms of men.
A patriarchy is not an androcentric system.
Patriarchies are gynocentric systems where a few powerful men use gynocentric structures to exploit the majority of the men in that society for various purposes ranging from wage slavery to cannon fodder for pointless wars
The institution of family is a tool of gynocentrism. This concept of family is not only unnatural but is antithetical to the freedom of men.

MGTOW and white male sovereignty
The primary threat facing the white men today is not extermination but enslavement.
White men are enslaved in a Jew dominated gynocentric system using the shackles of the institution of marriage.
All of white men's labors are used to enrich the Jew.
White men even fight in wars whose prime beneficiary is the Jew.
Therefore the answer for white men isn't to continue breeding and making families to support this Jew dominated dystopia
The answer is to rise up and take control of our own destiny by establishing androcentric political societies.
A crude draft of a sample androcentric system has been provided by another poster and it will be posted below

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MGTOW is a jewish psyop to stop white men from reproducing. Anyone who falls for this deserves their extinction

And of course you will provide no proof that MGTOW is a Jewish psyop. Am I right?

Q predicted that op is a faggot

Q maybe as fake as the concept of marriage

FYI errboody. If you want to debate these faggots go right ahead, but if you're just going to autistically screech in rage I have an alternate suggestion for you.

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Pure fantasy. Its not happening because none of the governments will allow this

Which is why infiltration of ZOG is required so that a collapse can be caused. A civil war

















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I will never stop redpilling my white sisters and supporting 1488; and there is nothing you can do about it Jewtow!

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Nice try goys. The concept of sovereignty applies to all, even yaxll who choose to damn yourself with its equal denial.

I can understand a man, given the current state of shitty modern women (mainly in blue states), deciding he's giving up on chicks entirely. I can't really blame him for that. I've seen some shit, I can sympathize with that decision.
I don't agree with that man trying to then proselytize his decision, as if all men should bond together in solidarity against trying to get a relationship, or find a good woman, or reproduce. That's a deliberate attempt at ending the race. It might be a fine solution on an individual level, depending on your circumstances, and such a thing would ultimately need to be your decision, but it's not a solution whatsoever on the grand existential stage of our people.
It's the "just give up, it's not worth it" approach to women. If any of us here tried to do that exact same thing but with life itself rather than females, the entire board would (rightfully) scream "shill" at that person for attempting to destroy the race by convincing people to kill themselves.

pic unrelated

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Nice degenerate Jewish society. Soulless selfish automatons living only for material things. With this attitude who will be there to fight the wars when attacked? I bet you mgtows will not fight for each other?

I believe a full volunteer army of mgtows fighting not for each other but for mutual self interest can defend against outside attack


Not making your own way in life as a man. Not being a force upon society. Not seeing opportunity at every battle, every downfall, every enemy.

You can't see this because you're not a man.

Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW
Men Making Their Own Way - MMTOW

It's called the gay community.

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And millions of men make their own way by deciding they want to marry and have kids. No one is forcing them to do so. I'd do it if I found the right girl.
But no, you're right, spamming redtext is a surefire way to convince detractors that your way is the One True Way and anyone who doesn't agree is a shill or retard. Well played sir, guess I can't get out of this checkmate now.

fuck off kike.

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MGTOW = don't reproduce white goy
Go away JIDF

Anti MGTOW = Goy keep working in our Jew plantation
Anti MGTOW = Goy keep providing children who will also keep working in our Jew plantation
Anti MGTOW = White people becoming chumps

Sure thing, kike! (((You))) are getting desperate.

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No, to be a man is to stop giving any credence to narrow little ideologies like this one and to live according to your own law, your own desire, your own religion, tempered by wisdom, despite whatever scorn, praise, ridicule, or adoration that's directed towards you for doing so. Take it or leave it.

Let me help you hit your "bump limit" M00t.

we should not reproduce anyway, we won't be alive to see the consequences.
MGTOW is cool and i am the wokest nigga so that should be enough proof.

"The primary threat facing the white men today is not extermination but enslavement."

They'll just replace you with browner and more easily manipulated slaves, lol

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girls are evil, thanks "the jews" for saving us.
but secretly YOU are the jews because you want us to ruin our lives and be LESS RICH!

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I don't see you presenting any alternatives or solutions. Of course a man doesn't want to get married if the result is divorce, losing the children, losing the house, and having to pay child support for the next decade or two. You could be just as well accused of being a feminist shill.

"Feminist shill" has memetic potential to spread

I feel bad for you, (((hasbara user))). Look how fucked your operation looks. It's not your fault. You are simply not intelligent enough. :)

These shills are so fucking obvious. It's like back in the old days of viral marketing on /v/ when they spammed literally the same rubbish threads with the same OP and made the same posts with the same images in the thread. Just fuck off already you insufferable retards. I am sovereign without your shit approach to life.

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This is the MGTOW definition off the website. It doesnt even mention women and is clearly targetting the state as the problem. The state merely uses women to eternally cuck men

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Genius infographic user. If that doesn't open men's eyes they deserve their ruin tbh

You guys are just impatient, you need to keep trying. Good things can happen in life.

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you missed the entire point of the thread.
ur so bad u must be a fucking woman.

Its the "Lets breed with gooks" cultist.
Gook women are just like all other women ie they are shit. Use them as fuck toys if you want to but never marry/breed with a she- gook or any other type of women

What did he mean by this?

We should talk about how high age of consent figures into this, because the mods anchored the last two threads about AoC in direct defiance of the rules codemonkey laid out for them. Seems like they're basically the same mod team and kampfy's removal was just for show. If you get a girl during her prime teenage years, she's much more attractive and much more likely to be loyal, so the femicunts had to take that away because they couldn't compete with it.


I empathize with you people that have had bad experiences with women, when the time comes and I'm able to share I'll come back and share mine, but not reproducing is folly. Yes there are risks involved, but I think a lot of the MGTOW hate comes from American women who are utter trash. European women aren't nearly as bad, given the poz society they inhabit.

Haha, I'll save this thread so that I can laugh at shills. What a failure! Don't quit shills, we need you :D

is their own stupidity. You can't be enslaved by someone unless you willingly allow it

Do you see a flaw?

What is MGTOW?


- Men lead and women follows!
- But me being a sad, weak, uninspired piece of shit is because of women!
- I never have had a working relationship.
- Hence I now you will fail too, Pol, give up!

The male version of lesbian separatism…

Risks is part of human life anyway. Never take risks, your life is going to suck. Trump wouldn't have gotten as much support from west european white women than american white women. The latter is generally less spineless and mushy even if it have a lot of hardcore nutjobs.

As long as feminism is not abolished you are in no position to be complaining about MGTOW. You can't expect men to commit under such shit circumstances.

More proof that the fagceltow cult is feminism for men.

MGTOW allow for reproduction using surrogate mothers. Its time you idiots stopped meming

That is because Zig Forums has always been infiltrated by manginas from its inception. Their reply is some variation of man up and jump into the marriage meat grinder. A lot of these tradcucks and natsocks are male feminists tbh. They can't come out and openly say it but the things they propose indirectly amount to the same thing.


Do MGTOW, then find a wife. MGTOW is just an extreme overcompensation of a simple fix for men. Some men think that women are equals, then the relationship falls apart when the woman makes all the decisions. Women say they want equality, but they want a strong man that makes decisions. They are testing individually to find a man that is superior, and they are testing as a community as well. This doesn't mean you strong arm her or overly assert over her, but you go your own way, and the women follow. Women are not equals, but they are not inferior. Women should be respected, but they should not be coddled. You are better than them, but they are a part of your culture. If they come, they come. Go your own way, and women will follow.

Once again women can be dealt with. Women plus the state is a combo no man can handle.

unironically this. If we push for lower age of consent then men can marry virgins and raise proper wives from an age where they are not indoctrinated by Marxists jews and femihags. I think 14 would be a god start. if you believe in the 14 words then you should marry a fertile 14 yo

women are inferior to men and they deserve t have their rights taken away. anyone who does not support white sharia is a ZOG shill

What is the point of having a son if the son gets taken away from you?

The existing governments will not allow it. It will have to be fought for and taken by force

This guy says all i need to right here in this vid.

I suppose he is a faggot incel jew too according to tradcucks here

MGTOW = go extinct white goy


MGTOW men = the beautiful ones

A lot of men are arriving to the conclusion that they won't receive any love from a relationship. Thanks to porn, hentai or onaholes they can also control their drive for sex. For that reason, feminists are now trying to shame them with the "don’t reproduce" tactic. Because they have nothing else to offer. Absolutely nothing.
Some men will fall for this tactic and they will raise their neighbor’s kids. Others will use surrogate mothers. Others will find a good, non-feminist woman. Others don't even want to have a child.
In any case, this is just propaganda shaming tactics, like the social pressure against male virgins.
There's also the fact that men are totally defenseless against false accusations, divorces, abuse from females, children brainwashed to hate them… Married men can also have horrible, humiliating lives.
Well, things are not that simple

The artificial womb is basically ready. It had already been tried in mammals and it works. Only so called ethics prevents human trials.

What are surrogate mothers?
What are artificial wombs?
You shills and your FUD tactics are so transparent

Why? What do you need a wife for?

These things have to be fought for. Nobody is going to 'allow' anything. Britain would never have allowed the USA to happen. It was fought for and gained

Most of these are women. No real man would be this obsessed whether another man married or not. The typical make attitude would be "Less competition and more chicks for me". Anytime you see someone trying to berate a man for not getting married 95% of the time its a woman

To help raise your children, dipshit. Single parent homes lead to messed up kids.

Trips of truth


Oh look, the pillow fucker made another thread.

I have a question for you user, and I would greatly appreciate some advice on this matter.
I am currently living with my mother, and if you must know I turn 20 this September, not that this makes my situation of living any less pathetic but still. I can see your comments of
And so on.
Now on to the matter of which I ask advice for, I am living with my mother and in a daughter of one of her close friends I belive. She was basically a cousin to me and our paths in life diverged quite a ways, where as she fell for the Jewish trick of (((black culture))) in America of rap and other Nigga-booty type things. She even has 2 mutt children from separate baby-daddies.
Now, she's leaving to live elsewhere but I still sympathise with her; and her situation, granted I do feel far more sorry for her children because I know what it's like, to a certain degree, to live without a father figure, but for her children she took them at such a young age. Whereas I was with my father in the early years and during High school, the filthy niggers that she lay with won't even fight for their children, like my father did for me. (But then again my father was no nigger)
I've spent little time with her daughter and her son is not even a year yet.
It breaks my heart to hear her say dada thinking I'm her father.
Is there anything, any wisdom that I can part with her to hopefully stear her towards a better path? What would you do in my situation? I don't have resentment or any such feeling for the mother, hell, I hardly know her well enough to truly hold such feelings. But she has used my mother for residence in her household for a petty squabble with her baby-daddy in the past, and I don't want her children to be harmed for some stupid decision that she made if I could even prevent something like that from happening.

A plea for guidance from yours truly. ~Anonymous

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Instead of the MGTOW shaming language, how about contribute viable methods to prevent being taken advantage of?

Examples of unhelpful comments:

Examples of good comments:
>ways to reproduce without turning yourself into an ATM for thots/(((the government)))

The entire marriage/divorce system and laws, Jew lawyers, etc has to be blown up and rebuilt. But whites need to reproduce in a big way. MGTOW isn't the right way to accomplish both of these objectives.

How anyone doesn't realize this is a psyop is retarded. Who the fuck organizes this shit. If you hate women this much see a (((therapist))).

Even the fucking OP is fucking rifled with thesaurus speak and logical fallacies to appear like a meaningful movement.

Self develop, don't fall into this nihilistic trap.

How about no. You don't deserve a fucking conversation. You've been had or you're a shill.

'Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.'

"Don't punch me, I'm one of you, lets be civil now"
Go back to Reddit fag

My advice is strangle the coal burner, hypothetically of course

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>kiked feminist telling anyone to go back to reddit

Have a bump, faggot.


top jej

found the greedy jews attempting to shame men into a life of servitude


Oy vey
We're onto you schlomo


I don't do anything of the sort. I promote the creation of strong families.
I just want to know how to prevent being taken advantage of by the corrupt (((family justice system))), how to protect my family and our wealth from greedy jews, and the toxic environment they've created. But instead of helping out, you've resorted to useless shaming - the kikeyst of kikey kikery.

Yes, you must marry and raise kids that are not yours. And then you will live in a car after the divorce, if you don't end up in a jail.
Your feminist tactics are pretty obvious.
Do feminists really have nothing else to offer except for children which do not belong to you? No love, no respect, no kindness, no sex, no nothing?
Why marry, then? There are good women, but having children with a surrogate mother is better than marrying a feminist who will never love you.


thinks that rolling the dice with your life and progeny is the correct course of action.
gambling is degeneracy

Why are you such a cuck that you don't know if the child is yours? That is Numale behavior.

Its a technology that can probably be easily adapted to human babies. The foundations required for a mgtow nation are now already there.

What, is that like a men only state?

Yes. A men only state but where women like you can seek employment as sex providers


Children can be girls too…
The difference is that the man is the only parent, which prevents women from hijacking their upbringing and foisting the state on them as a surrogate father.
And in the case of girl children, they won't grow up with daddy issues because a scorned mother poisoned their mind with lies to cover up her maternal failings.

Your "ideal" is the toy of feminism. The sexually-isolated and ridiculed man prior to women's lib and 20th century modernist Judaized cosmopolitanism, was the sex pest adulterer. The "man slut" was a reprehensible figure, and the family man revered as one who was part of keeping community order rather than turning our Western world into what you idealize: nigger tribeville, where tribe leader fucks em all, and everyone else is "a loser."

Go to Africa, nigger.

You "men" of tinder today think you're the "winners." Hah. You're slaves. Slaves to "looksmaxing," slaves to dealing with women's shit in the form of "game." Feminist slaves.

When we had order, men needed no focus on looksmaxing for an 8 pack or "social media management." They spent their time pursuing worthwhile things, and women had to pick a man that wasn't taken, generally within her own level.

Now, your tinder nigger culture sees men who are in gyms, on drugs, trying to get jacked and ripped, amateur dieticians with a double minor in pharmacology and kinesiology, just to be the hundredth man to cum in some cold slut's diseased cunt.

Look at the big winner! Mike's the big winner!

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(((They Live))) was a leftist kike movie trying to appeal to pills by convincing them that the right was the kiked one.

They Live was about the whites and blacks in the US overthrowing the Jew.

They Live 2 was in preproduction until the studio saw the opening 5 minutes where the whites started sending all the niggers out through that underground space transporter.