Bye Tommy Thread II

He may be Alt-Kike, he may be subverted by (((them))) but the public reaction is undoubtedly something we need to amplify and spread. Hundreds of white British men taking to the streets of London cannot possibly be a bad thing for us. This even has the attention of the US congress.

Ignore the shills, figure out a way to help move the people in the streets forward.

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If I were a bong I'd be listening to that Kai Murros speech right about now.

Time for a new history to be written for old Britannia. One written with iron and blood.


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He dead yet? My window one winning some cash is closing

I also apologize for the unnecessary addition of "white" to British men.

The speech this is from?

What I can't seem to reconcile is that Tommy has posed several times in MOSSAD and pro-Israel attire and made tweets to that effect as well. If he is truly a raging zionist kike then why is he subverting the diversity and destruction of the UK. Isn't that one of the prime zionist goals?

Has he always been just taking the piss with the pro-Israel stance? Does he use it as a shield against cries of racism so he has that holohoax antisemitism card to play in the back pocket?

I recognize the point of this thread is that none of the above matters since muh pr from this might actually light some fire in my ancestors shriveled gonads to take back their country but something just smells so fishy about this. It seems like the point of igniting a race war right now would be to paint all nationalistic brits as nazis as an excuse to finally purge anyone right of center left.

Wonderful, this age-old problem is solving itself.

Literally who??

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Oh, hey, a grainy prison camera feed of some guy too far away to identify getting choked out.
This whole think stinks.

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thats what hoaxes and false flags are for. they can start a race war when the fuck ever they want. they dont want to.

That one is good too. But this is the one I had in mind.

One theory, the kikes may be riling up the public only to crack down harder in an attempt to rid Britain of the last of it's right wing whites.

that jew sucking faggot has better use as a martyr than anything else. Die well Tommy and make sure it goes ugly


Golems are unthinking monsters right? Maybe he's jewish, maybe he's just another random white man with right wing leanings who grew up bathed in "Israel is our greatest ally" propaganda. Either way, it doesn't matter, their actions have presented us with opportunity.

Honestly, I think (((they're))) losing control over the narrative in ever facet to the point that even their unwittingly controlled opposition have lost the plot and have begun acting off script.

Tommy is your literal example of the "useful idiot". His ideas and talking points differ not from your average Conservative right down to his overwhelming support for Israel and being a self-identified Zionist. He takes his shekels from said jews to launch this crusade because it serves their purpose and when it no longer does (like now) he'll get thrown to the wolves.

I honestly feel bad for these people and him whose likely going to get killed this time or sometime in the future if he makes it out of this alive. This is what they do. They manipulate the person whose still wrapped up in the illusion but starting to break out not fully understanding the "Big Game" that they're in, being used as a pawn and thrown away when its no longer convenient. You just want to scream at these people and save them from their own stupidity.


good analysis

It is very relevant for anyone on the right. Care about natsoc? Well this is the same faith that awaits you. Try to do anything, just anything as innocent as filming and you get jailed with groups of muslims in jail who want to beat the shit out of you. The guards will laugh and encourage the muslim criminals as well.

Britain is a COMPLETE tyranny. A vid emerged of their leader sitting in burqa in a mosque. It's the same Britain of 1950 and before, the worst empire of oppression the history has ever seen. Concentration camps in Africa, making 1/4 of the chinks drugg addicts, their horrendous war crimes in WW2 the list is too long.

Just fuck that nation. In the last 400 years it has been terrible towards its citizens and anyone else except their own corrupt elites.

They want to make a martyr out of him.

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Besides the Mossad postings, what makes me think he's jewish is the multiple aliases. Stephen Lennon probably isnt even his real name.

When you are familiar with the motives of those in power this is simplest and most likely explanation.

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Wake up Britain [won't let me embed]

Because, you know- whites an sheet

I'm not clicking this tinfoil cuck link, thanks for the youtube address at the end though, i'll go ahead and give them views to make you asshurt, also go back to linux faggot.


Anarcho tyranny, the if the government wants you dead they just shove you in a cell full of niggers and wait


Fuck off with your nigger speak.

Not even a quarter of a man that Mosley was

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because this is how u stop brexit and get EU lock down of Britannia
hello communists and fascists

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>He may be Alt-Kike, he may be subverted by (((them)))

He is (((them))). He is admitted mossad agent. Let them handle it. Stay the fuck off our board. Fuck him to death.

Every Zig Forumsack hates him. The only people saying we should support or use (((him))) are the JIDF

Nobody wants these threads.

They should be banned.

The alt-kike stole our culture and used it agains us.

Fuck off back to cuckchan.

Enough is enough.

If he dies, great. If he lives, bad. If Brits care, it's Mossad making them care.

Nobody cares unless it's a mossad agent or some Alex Jones featured fucking Anarchist going to jail. If he were a Zig Forumslack there would be no support.

Fuck you. I hope Alex Jones goes to prison too.

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why contain it?


Honestly, his death would be the best possible outcome.

Attentionfags like yourself should be banned tbh.

Room Temperature IQ

Did that kid die?

Then, why is this labled through an abject complacent pessimism ?

- "I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello."


Zion, babylon, Ziobaby.

Much love Ziobaby. t'wer gwerk.

Heil'd, it really does seem like a better option for bongs. Thankfully this isn't the case with the US (yet), it's tough to say how long it'll stay that way tho.

Your Alt-Kike script never changes does it?

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No thanks. The whole point of this public crucifixion of Mr. Lennon (Tommy Robinson isn't even his real name) is to set him up as THE "Nationalist" leader in the UK. And to serve as a Gatekeeper who keeps everything Pro-Israel and to squash any "Nazis" in the movement who refuse to tongue Jew anus.

He pled guilty, that's why the trial lasted 15mins, he wants to be in jail because it's all a stunt.

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False flag agent

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it never does

Yup, now that they forced Nigel out after a 3rd assassination attempt it's nothing but (((Tommy))) 24/7. He is the only person in the entire realm speaking out against 3rd world Muslim hordes raping and pillaging across the kingdom. Yup, just good ol Tommy and nobody else….sucking all the oxygen out of the room, keeping the public spotlight firmly on himself.

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Richard Spencer is a CIA faggot.

And he's literally a butt fucking faggot.

But there aren't hundreds of Whitenotice the capital W, you kike piece of shit men taking to the streets.
Why do the huge crowds only exist in still photos and not in video?
Why is the area around #10 barricaded off by London buses like a staging point?
Where is the drone footage taken from above - standard in any event like this to get a true gauge of the size?
Drones not allowed? Then why did not a single fucking video taken climb or take film from a nearby building to get a proper shot? Did they forget the basics of their craft? No, it's simply not real and faking video of a huge crowd is 100 times harder than faking stills.
There is none, because it's just a small crowd of synagogue volunteers, shills and plainclothes cops.
Even the professional photographs such as #3 in OP showing the "crowd" are provided by the PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER ON GETTY only in "L" size where everyone beyond the first couple of rows is reduced to pixels.
Gee, wonder why.
And yes, I'm saying it's fake as fuck, there's proof of this in the photo, bad as it is.
Tor cannot post a picture, so here:
tl;dr it's a state-level psyop.

Uh, duh, it's why we called him implicit dick? Or are you just so mad at him you just had to comment that?

COORDS 283,410

Faggots are killed in a sane society.

He isn't even in prison.
There's no reason to put him there, it's completely unnecessary to the psyop.

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So you have nothing but sheer rage and contempt at him, got it. It really doesn't add anything to the thread, but I'm not gonna lie, your very much justified rage is humorous to me. Sage because I'm off topic now.

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You sound like a faggot.
You know what to do with yourself.

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Please lurk a minimum of 2 years before posting newfaggot.

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IMkikey posting again his typical retarded commentary, supporting the Alt-Zionists. He regained control of the board. Good threads deleted in seconds. CODEMONKEY BTFO

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Go get AIDS you stupid nigger faggot

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You too should lurk a minimum of 2 years before posting.

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No shit, dumbass. That's the fastest way to shut up people's cries of antisemitism.

Nobody seems to get that anybody in the UK must be very careful about actual words they say in public. even a mistake lands you in jail. Tommy Robinson says things that are about as woke as the average cuckservative in the US, and that is VERY extreme by UK standards.

You have to get the extreme limits imposed in the UK not to be racist–by law–to understand why Tommy Robinson apparently sucks kike cock. He is actually a pretty genuine guy and has shifted the UK to the right. He's doing great things (maybe he's a loose cannon well beyond what his handlers want).

It's the fact that the UK has been pozzed so deeply that it's hard to ascertain whether Tommy was just pretending to be retarded or was truly a useful fucking golem. After the shit Zig Forums saw with TRS, Iron March, and implicit Dick you really can't blame the posters here for their reactions.

If Tommy becomes a martyr, it would rile up the populace for a full scale revolution. Parliament destroyed, politicians hanged and muslims purged. It would end in a reformed government and a Tommy Robinson statue with Tommy being written as a hero in British history books.

Tommy is now painfully aware that shilling for Jews won't save your life in the end. The moment you are no longer useful, you are sent to gulag like any other goy.


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I like this idea. What are they taking their sweet ass time over?

Again you are falling for the meme that Tommy is somehow the driving force behind the anti-EU, anti-migration movement in the UK. He isn't. If anyone could claim that title it would be Nigel and UKIP.

But after 3 assassination attempts Nigel retired and UKIP got Jewed at the ballot box. Tommy is the genestealer moving in to try and take control of the Nationalist movement. It's why he happily pled guilty, for street cred, despite all the fake concern of him being jihaded in prison.

They can't do anything about the anger in the streets and they know this, it's an inevitable event given the direction they are steering Europe in. All they can do is try to control it and make sure real patriots are kept out of power.

Just look at Hungry and Poland where Israel is slamming them for being Literal Nazis for their immigration stance, but doing photo-ops with (((Tommy))). One of these things is not like the other.

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If he were to die would it be a good thing even if he is a jew tool?

people are having the cops visit them at their house for the content they post on their facebook fan pages (rees mogg or whatever he's called). The U.K. is officially lost at this point and any form of State power should be regarded as an potential enemy.

Show them embed related. I find it motivating.

The prison only has a 2.8% Muslim population.

This is what happens after they take away the guns and the knives and the forks and the spoons and I think the tape as well

If that's the case, and a Mohamadan offs him- all the more reason to fan the flames of complicity in his murder by the government.

polite sage for double post

To be fair, both Poland and Hungary got the Australian treatment. They stopped illegal immigration, but are swarmed with guest workers and foreign exchange students. I'm not talking about Ukrainians either, almost 3 million of them work in Poland now, but about Poo-in-loos, Bangladeshi, Chechens, Chinks and the Vietnamese to fill the gaps left by Poles and Hungarians emigrating to the West. It's an endless cycle of immigration motivated by below replacement level birthrates and grass always being greener on the other side.

Tommy is going to miraculously come out with a 'better understanding'. Instead of a martyr you may see him become a 'changed man'. It just depends on whether this is all a subverted show or not.

I never even thought of this option somehow. wew, that would be a damn good way to trick a shit load of goyim.


Tommy was preyed upon by that kike Ezra Levant at Rebel Media. When all of the shit was going down regarding Lauren Southern et al he needed new "personalities" and a sacrificial lamb for the slaughter.

He financed trips to Israel with specific purpose in mind. Find the candid video of Gavin McInnes discussing the trip he went on, he explains the mentality of Ezra and describes the kikeish nature of it all.

Tommy was an easier target for Ezra because he didn't have his own platform for viewers. The jew set him up and left him out to dry.

They know people are going to resist this, just as others will welcome it with open arms. The goal is to make sure the bad goyim don't discover the truth and instead direct their anger at the immigrants brought in. They also focus on anti-Islam sentiment, but make a point to leave Jews and other non-whites out of the equation. The goal is to create a people that will support Israel against those damn Muslims.

Something else people might not be aware of is that Israel has been experiencing Negative Jewish Migration for over a decade now. More people are leaving Israel, permanently, than are moving there. To say nothing of the looming demographic crisis of too few Jewish births, with a booming Palestinian population next door.

And the Tommy shit is just another angle thats being played here, to cause massive civil unrest so European Jews flee to Israel. They obviously don't give a shit about overthrowing the EU, they just want Rivers of Blood. Its why he pleaded guilty to hype this as much as possible. This wasn't about making a stand and fighting the legal system in court, and possibly getting a REAL victory against Censorship/Tyranny. Its about setting the stage for violent protests.

There are literally thousands of hardened ISIS fighters inside the UK right now. It would be a simple matter for them to find Tommy and deal with him, especially since he advertises so many public appearances. But they don't because as everyone here already knows, Israel holds their leash.

They've been pulling this shit since the 1930s.

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I see a lot of blackpilling and purity spiral in this thread. Smells like kikes. What I don't see is enough smart white anons talking about how the obvious public interest in Tommy Robinson, whatever you think about him, can be used for our benefit. For example, these protests are saturated with normies that know somethings wrong, are willing to get involved, but lack guidance. Anons should be going to these protests and building up contacts of interested parties. Organizing is essential for mass action.


Or martial law declared, dissenters imprisoned/stripped of assets, and nationalism purged.

I'm pretty sure that's just leftypol trying and failing at being subversive.

Or perhaps it's genuine Zig Forumsacks that understand there is no left and and right, just manufactured opinion.
For instance OPs pic 1 is not from a UK prison.
Pic 2 is from years ago when this Robinson character took a beating in the street, nothing to do with jail.
Pic 3 It's happening - sure - we just have no idea what, sure was a lot of mentions of solidarity with jews and israel at the "nationalist or free speech or free Tommy march"
Pic 4 Nobody in UK parliament gives a fuck what some US congressman says.
No record can be found of the previous alleged assault in prison, while he was there for mortgage fraud. Maybe it was deleted by the tyrannical authorities or maybe it never happened and was just another of multiple fables used to create this Tommy Robinson persona.

Why is there a 2nd thread allowed of this Judas goat jew owned cunt?

The last one was embarrassing enough and populated by the same kikes that destroyed Zig Forums during Imkampfy's reign as Mod.

Everything about Tommy Goy Robinstein being an agent of isreal was known and widely reported on around 8 years ago and today lying kikes in this thread are all pretending that nobody recalls a single thing about this kike-alike fraud handing over all the white nationalists personal details to the state due to their antisemitism, before joining jewish/islamic group Quinlan.

Basically every single kike promoting these ZOG agents are determined to turn the board back into Breibart 2.0 that it was under Kampfys isreali run fraud.

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Looks like Moarpheus learned how to use VPNs. While Tommy is not /ourguy/, the person saying we shouldn't use this for accelerationism is a fat faggot named Moarpheus from cuckchan. Pic related. He spams all these threads with the same pictures over and over. He supports israel by pretending to be 'le more extreme' than you by telling you to always stay indoors. He even supports foreign aid to Israel, kek. Don't bother engaging. Chaos and turmoil, even for an imperfect messenger, is always good for anti-zog.

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This is jew in a staged media event. Again.


Every post I've made regarding your boy Tommy Goy Robinstein is supported with evidence and proof of what I say

Every single post from you Kampfy bot maggots is filled with jewish lies promoting your jew approved agents

What Lies Behind the English Defence League?
Neo-Cons, Ultra-Zionists and Their Useful Idiots

The best use of this jew is to let people know he is jew who pretends he is english and his mission is to promote israel and garner support for israels wars.
This jew uses the made up name tommy robinson because he thought it sounded like a working class English name.

This is jew in a staged media event. The jew tries to control all sides, this is the jew trying control nationalistic spirit by misguiding and misleading the English people.

Rats like this should be burned in a bonfire with their jew rat families.

Sometimes I forget how dumb you guys can be

by isis fighters do you mean mossad agents?

The quintessential burger.

A quote from fucking Braveheart of all things.

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Exactly right

…and all those who promote them as some kind of 1st step toward nationalism, when it's the exact opposite.
The entire controlled opposition aut-right/counter-jihad is was created by American/isreali jews solely to protect jews from criticism and blame for what they've done.

The whole point of this pantomime is to make bongs too scared to speak out (let alone take action) against the agenda.
The message is simple:
If you go against the government/ globalists/ islam you will get sent to a prison where muslim gangs will harass you constantly and likely kill you.
The whole idea is to scare brits into absolute submission.
They haven't counted on one thing though:
Beserker fury
There are enough descendants of warriors throughout with great patience and good hearts who will hold back the terrible fury that lives within them until there is no other option.
They don't want to hurt anyone, because they know when the time comes there will be no holding them back.
Once the rage takes hold and the red mist descends there is no going back until the job is done, and if you know the British at all you know they do things properly.
For fucks sake, we ruled over a third of the earth, our SAS are one of the most respected forces on the planet, we are most definitely not the people you want to be provoking into a homicidal, genocidal rage.
Just proves yet again how fucking dumb shitskins are that they can't even see the danger they are in.
Propaganda has people thinking that Hitler was the most evil man in history, yet there are so many of us with beliefs that make Hitler look tame by comparison.
They have taken normal, nice white people and eviscerated their natural empathy and stoked their anger to the point they have created a growing army whites who are ideologically Hitler times 1000

I am willing to admit that Tommy has done more in real life for our cause than I have.

Can anyone here honestly say differently?

To be fair, nobody on here should be interested in aiding and abetting jews on anything, unfortunately Imkampfy's reign made this place isreal central and some kikes here still think they can shill for their jewish agents without right of reply from any user.