Thread for discussion and exploration of Socialist YouTube. Reminder that Richard Wolff, Paul Cockshott and Jimmy Dore are all god tier and that radlibs like Shaun, Hbomberguy and Hontra aren't bad but they could be a lot better.

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Wolff and Jimmy are legit god-tier, doing actual praxis through theory by being approachable to normies. Cockshott is great at doing more heady topics but his presentation is lacking. Even just upping the gain on his mic would be a big improvement, but even if he can't get a bucket of charisma he should put in a little effort to improve his production values.
Hbomb doesn't even talk about left issues. He's a culture warrior.
Contra regularly gets stuff seriously wrong, making her content misleading. She doesn't make an effort to accurately represent left-wing ideas, just recreates the image produced by lefty shitposting on twitter.
Shaun is the least shitty but only seems to care about beefing with right wingers.


God Tier
Professor Richard Wolff
Jimmy Dore
Flea Market Socialist

Good Tier
Paul Cockshott
Black Red Guard

OK Tier
Jason Unruhe
Cuck Philosophy
Zero Books

Probably Actually Retarded Tier
Libertarian Socialist Rants

Pretty Bad Tier
Shaun & Jen

Liberal Tier
Peter Coffin
H Bomberguy

Meme Tier
Pierre TruDank
Socialism Or Barbarism!
Flea Market Socialist
Bat'ko the Manarchist

This is mostly accurate but I'd bump Pierre up to OK Tier or Good Tier.

Meme Tier isn't meant to be extra bad, just that they make memes or similar content instead of anything particularly useful. 2 of them are also in other categories.

Understandable but Pierre has made some actual video essays.

Oh, maybe he belongs in OK tier too then. I'll have to see if they're any good.

I've thought of making a leftist YouTube channel before but I really don't want faggots from here and Zig Forums to watch it. On top of that, I don't think I have anything to add. Anyone can research this stuff and shit out a video. People like Richard Wolff and Cockshott are actual smart guys

When is someone going to get Cockshott a fucking mic so he stops sounding like he's inside a tank? It's almost unbearable to listen to his videos because the background noise is so ridiculously bad that you have to blow out your volume just to try and make out what the hell it is he's saying. I'm tempted to download all his videos in and attempt to remaster the audio myself. It's a crime that videos like debunking supply and demand curves as pseudoscience are inaccessible to normies because the audio is so fucking bad.

I think personally leftytube is best for helping radicalize more people.

He does need an Arno.
I hadn't thought to look for him on yt. Thanks guys.

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Quick question, what is wrong about Finnbol.

I think anyone left of social democracy is good for getting people into leftist politics. We may not agree with anarchists, but they can lead people in ML. Pls dont ban me

Seems a little excessive. Despite having Richard Wolff explain to him on his own show that socialism is democratic control of the means of production, he still spouts that dumb shit about socialism being when the gubbamint does stuff all the time.

YouTube is brain cancer and every minute you spend watching it makes you noticeably dumber.


In his defense, I think he supports "Democractic Socalism" or whatever not real actual Marxist Socialism.

Dore not openly being a socialist (he's almost certainly hiding his powerlevel) is actually good for what he's doing. His content takes people who are in the center or disaffected and pushes them to the left. He gets an audience he wouldn't get if he was openly socialist and exposes them to the likes of Wolff. It's not the content itself that's god-tier but what he's doing with it. Honestly the online left needs more people like him, the way that the online left has people like Carl of Swindon who funnel people toward the alt right.

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>the way the online right has people like Carl of Swindon
Obviously that fat fuck isn't on the left.

Sargon is far-right

I love Dore, but he's most certainly not hiding his power level. He has never read any political literature.
Also, why you calling NonCompete a liberal?

Notice he almost always feels the need to add some sort of adjective when bashing capitalism, as if there exists some sort of capitalism that works great. I listen to pretty much every video Dore comes out with, and I really don't think he's "hiding his powerlevel". He does tend to underplay his awareness of current events and history when he deprecates himself as a jagoff nightclub comedian to attack corporate news lackeys, but when it comes to anti-capitalist theory he just doesn't seem to have a firm grasp on many concepts.

Daily reminder that Jimmy Dore, despite not being a fully-fledged commie, has literally not a single time held a wrong opinion about ANY matter. He called out Chomsky for supporting imperialism, he called out AOC for praising McCain.
Term that is associated with cringey effeminate hipsters that drink soy milk to trigger the alt-right epic style. Communists should be advised not to associate with these liberal grifters. And don't even come at me with "they attract normies" - no well-adjusted individual will like an uncharismatic narcissist getting naked on camera while calling Trump a fascist. Unpopular opinion: PJW, Jordan Peterson and Sargon gained such a following because they actually won't be hysterical and relatable to the common man.

In the first webm he literally says that this is regular capitalism, not a special kind of capitalism.

Contra is a meme tbqh

I never really looked into lefttube too much aside from Unruhe and Profit and Finnbol.

lol I'm not even on this list though its a stretch to call me leftist. maybe only in pure econ terms I guess.

moralfags and feminists all assmad over his NKVD fetish bs. that should have never been an issue.


Yes, yes they are.

As someone who hates YouTube (The flag is ironic although I do spend all my time on it along with here and other places. That's why I hate it so much, because I know it well enough to know it's shit.)
Watchable tier:
Paul Cockshott. Good but videos are just shortened articles.
Meme tier:
Lenin is Love Lenin is Life.
Pierre TruDank.
Decent tier:
Some Random Leftist. Offers the best Marxist History content on YouTube which isn't saying much.
Anarchopac. Offers the best anarchist content on YouTube which isn't saying much at all.
It's not the worst thing ever, have a sub tier:
Stimulator. Yes the one from the meme show. Solely out of nostalghia though.
Thought Slime. The meme man himself doesn't make very good arguments but is worth keeping a tab on.
Meh, don't even know him that well tier:
Lolberg Socialist Ree's.
Wolff and Dore are always hailed as decent personalities in leftism but Dore screams right in my ear, I don't need that when I'd probably agree with him in 5 seconds if he just gave the general idea calmly instead of being the Alex Jones of the left. Wolff is borderline liberal tier, I assume he's baby's first theorist and that's why people like him.
At this point they're all so bad they're not even worth dividing anymore just don't:
HBomberguy. I hate these two the most but at this point the list isn't worth organizing
Philosophy Tube.
That's pretty much it.

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My favorite leftist eceleb has to be sargon of akkad.
I admit I dont know many others.

Hello Zig Forums

What's your beef with Shaun? I don't like him either but I'm just interested what people dislike about him. For me it's mostly the slow talking that drives me absolutely nuts.

He's the leftist equivalent of skeptics.
I'm one of his subs who discovered him in the comments.

I see. You can argue that, however he is a bit more informed about some topics than the average sceptic and uses slightly better sources, but he is not very intellectually honest either. I hate him more for his form rather than for his content though, everybody who keeps talking over a picture is not making a "video". I am just pissed off how entitled these lazy assholes get, what, you want 10k on Patreon for talking over a picture?! How much labour and research actually goes into these videos, seriously. Cockshott has a shit production value but pumps out a video every week and never complains about it.

Communist weeb makes some good night core remixes of leftist songs.

Just found this channel.




Dore was getting hassled to read Marx by some people on his live Saturday shows and he says he did. It was right after that when he started saying shit like "This isn't a special kind of capitalism. It's just capitalism."

I haven't heard of a lot of those, and Philosophy Tube doesn't even belong in Liberal Tier. He's part of the liberal/idpol/SJW clique and doesn't even pretend to be lefty. He's just an obvious opportunist using random philosophy snippets to justify existing liberal ideas. His video on trans people is probably the most egregious, since he argues against the entire concept of epistemology because Facts and Logic people disingenuously use it against trans people sometimes. Although since he's all about disingenuously using philosophy to make a point I guess it's not surprising that he's too much of a retard to know the difference.

to be honest, white urbanites are mostly effeminate by sheer existence. your average ghetto groid is more respectable than they are.

. Episode 2 started with subtitles but they stopped after the intro bit.
It's a good idea though. It's funny and unusual enough to get shared more widely if it wasn't limited to French speakers.

We accelerationist gang now!

Because of his support for intersectionality and posting videos about liberal shit like toxic masculinity. His videos on left wing politics are basic as shit and come off to me a lot like a fed trying to seem legit.

polite sage for doubleposting

The videos have subtitles in English, did you see that you can turn them on?

NonCompete is being pushed in left-liberal subreddits these days and does indeed come over as a lifestylist. I mean the guy lives in Vietnam and posts about Asian food with his girlfriend while wearing a hipster beard and has his chick to act as a model for his merchandise. Those are some severe liberal instragram vibes I am getting from him, and when I watch his videos he never says anything politically substantial, literally just the most basic shit. Peter Coffin comments on his videos too. The only redeeming thing is that he is not as bad as ThoughtSlime, who is a walking leftist stereotype of the right.

Basically everybody who unironically self-descibes as a part of "lefttube" is probably going to be associated with con artists like Peter Coffin. This is why I think the ML bubble on YouTube is still a better thing despite the obvious flaws (the LARPing, the edgy jokes, etc.) because the jargon, the imagery and the highly formalistic content naturally fends off people like Coffin. I had high hopes for Mexie but now that she is getting more popular she sells out too.

tl/dr, most YouTube milieus are absolute crap, and the only person that I think is kind of genuine and also not a complete autist is Hakim. I also think Matt Florence is a good person but his content doesn't really interest me.

Toxic masculinity is actually a thing, but liberals and intersectionalist charlatans have rebranded it. It used to describe the thing when men are told to "suck it up" when they are sad, depressed or hurt. By conforming to that, they are harming themselves and their enviroment. But liberals now conflate toxic masculinity with what is basically just Machismo.

In Germany there is this militant Maoist street movement called Jugendwiderstand. Leftists have accused them of "toxic masculinity" because - guess what - they go to the gym and promote physical fitness.

Well, it's better than some of the others listed and I kind of wanted to list a small channel.
Here's another, bag of anything, and Ben Shapiro Enver Pasha.

That's not "masculinity" though. It's not something men do, but how other people respond to men. If you want to talk about masculine traits that are bad (e.g. machismo) then the label would at least make sense.

Is it me or does Peter Coffin look like he's about to burst into tears in every one of his videos?

A bit. If you want to make fun of him, you should point out that he tries to deflect the "fake Asian girlfriend" thing by claiming he was catfished by some other guy faking the Asian girlfriend. Which tbh would be a lot worse because instead of just bullshitting badly and racistly he fell for someone else doing that.

It is amazing to me that all these moral purists on the Twitter left who get batshit mad at people who make a harmless sex joke havn't actually targeted Coffin as yet. I think a lot of people don't actually know about Coffin's past, despite it showing up if you just google his name.

I still get really creepy vibes from the guy. I wouldn't be surprised if he uses abuse to keep his wife, or puts Morphine in her tea or something. Her Twitter seems to be managed by Coffin himself and in his videos she talks as if she was lobotomised.

It shouldn't be amazing to you. Weird shit keeps surfacing about people in those cliques. A lot seem to have sex offense records and shit like that. Reminds me of Republicans who scream about gays turning out to be gay. A frequent thing with systems of power is to specifically seek out and induct people with skeletons to hold over them and get them to stay in line. There's a reason lots of governments, Hollywood, the Church, etc. are full of pedos. Back when being gay would get people ostracized the Nazis had lots of gay members for the same reason.

You think that's actually his wife? Even though she only kind of resembles the "wife" he had been posting for a while? Also remember that he was an abject failure before he picked up the leftytube thing and now he gets some actual money on patreon.

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Today, one of the biggest pro-DPRK and pro-China accounts on Twitter with over 10k followers, "JuCheGuevara" deleted himself because he started posting really weird pevert shit about wanting to fuck a 14 year old, including pictures of him that were leaked basically ousting him as a upper-middle class middle-aged dutch dude that has an expensive tennis club membership. The same guy said months ago he wants to gulag FinnBol because of his rapey dirty talk.

He faked her existence for a while, including the stuff with the doll or photoshop, but she apparently lives with him now but it still feels like there is something dark going on. She seems to have mental issues or something, and recently deleted her Twitter. It could also be just a paid assistence that pretends to be his wife in his videos for money. Who knows.

that sounds based. Nazbol as fuck.

I dunno why people like to punch down on those who choose sex dolls over real women.

As always those who can't stand a joke is because they think the joke for real.

They, the based, devalue the meat-market, that's why.

It's not the sex doll so much as pretending it's a flesh and blood woman.

There's only ☝ gender

Sounds like a whole bunch of "I know u r butt what m i" drama bs

But 14 is legal in China and rightfully so. US laws are faggot shit for retarded cucks. He sounds like a based dude who's redpilled about feminist -

Never mind. Total faggot. What a fucking nigger cunt bitch shithead asshole cockmongler.

Why is this name so familiar? Wasn't he one of those disingenuous anti-gamer shitheads during gamergate?

He made the "beta as fuck" song with some other guy.

Thanks! Got it now.
They're weirdly affecting videos, I find myself tearing up a bit! *sniffs*.
It's strange that an animated talking cat should be able to pull on the heart strings so much.
It would be a good thing to deploy on social media against the alt-right. Just last night I was watching Mike Enoch on "heel turn" on YouTube complaining about antifa/anarchists being nasty people. The cat could put him right. I like the bit where she gives the rose to the duck.

He ERP'd with a 16 y/o.

Who are you? lol..

Who cares though? You'd have to be some dumbfuck American christcuck to give a shit about such a trivial thing.

Actually nigger it's mostly dumbfuck American Christcucks who are for that kind of stuff, the 16 y/o thing is just being used as valid slander against Finbol, most people who point it out probably do the same themselves they just use it to their advantage to make him look bad. Like the Holodomor or the Holocaust. At the end of the day who gives a shit about the 16 yo thing other than people who want to make Finbol look bad.

Well considdering the age of consent in basically all of Europe is 14-16, I don't think that's true.


Well, I think the problem with the affair was not only her age but also the fact how he conducted himself. NKVD rape fantasies on a semi-public platform for everyone to read is just bad discipline, especially for one who wants to keep his YouTube channel taken seriously.

Relationships with 16 year olds can still be predatory, I used to know this guy in his mid-20s who constantly dated in the spectrum of 15 to 19 years because he couldn't get along with girls his age. But FinnBol seemed to be genuine in his affection, he did not want to hurt her, so all he can be blamed for is a) bad public conduct and b) being a bit infantile - I for once could not date anything under 18 because girls at that age are often really still kids and you don't share much common interest with them.

However, this purity obsession of leftist Twitter is embarrassing as fuck. Revolutionary asceticism may be useful in an actual revolutionary situation, but in the West, it is LARPing. You are not leading military unit. The worst part is that their opposition takes it to the other extreme (Muke and his ilk), promoting drug addiction, unwashed appearance and constant kink posting. Why can't people on the radical left not be autists for once about an issue?

Small addition: In most European countries you need to be a youngster yourself (younger than 21) if you don't want to get in trouble when you date a 14 year old. While sleeping with a 14 year old as someone who is older than 21 is not an offense itself, if the minor files a complaint, that the relationship was exploitative for example, you are fucked.

Abolish the age of consent tbh

Even with people the same age or older for that matters.

Coffin has more than made up for his past failings with his very important documentaries series. Leftists need to learn from their mistakes and forgive others for their past mistakes.

How can Fleamarketsocialist and Bat'ko be in two tiers at the same time? Weak list.

Relationships at literally any age can still be predatory, what's your point exactly?

Should've stopped reading there mate.

ML is infantile disorder, made by ML gang.

Stop pretending you don't want to do the same, lawcuck

Ew, they have pubes at that age.

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This but unironically

Batko used to be good and flea market socialist makes good general content but also funny memes.

His analysis is weak shit that could be fixed by reading even a bit. He didn't even know what lifestyle marketing was and thought he was clever for coming up with "cultivated identity." Then when people told him of lifestyle marketing he tried explaining why they're different things actually.
If you recognize he's done something wrong why would you want to forgive him when he's still trying to cover his ass? You can't forgive people who don't admit the mistake, and you can't forgive people who are in the process of doing something bad. There's plenty of reason to suspect that something fucked up is happening with "Ashleigh" and that baby, not least of which being Peter's blatant lies.

"this is fine"

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very nice
my dick is hard

I’ve had more fucked up RPs than that, his only sin was doing it in a public Discord while being a minor Youtube personality

Well he is also general secretary of his party (which is very tiny btw), while I don't personally see anything wrong in that RP, it of course isn't good publicity for him.

Oh, did he? Did he apologize for attacking a movement for game journalism integrity and helping push a wide swath of alienated disaffected video game enthusiasts into the hands of Brietbart?

Finbols only mistake is not owning it after doing it. Whatever you do you better be ready to admit and not take back.

Yikes, you need to calm down. He's done more to help leftism than you've done shit posting about him online.

That's quite a claim, what's he done? Unlike e-celebs who engage in idpol shitflinging contests on twitter, I actually work to inform and organize people in my community. What's this youtube lolcow done exactly?

All gamergaters should commit sudoku

Adolf Stalin. At your service.

Just like your gay mom


Spooked moralfag. That used to be normal until feminists fucked everything up.

"Muh Americans"

"Muh Christcucks"

You DO realize these people are also tend to be poor as well.

Good praxis, comrade. Go to gulag.

Hey, retard

If Finnbol or any other eceleb really wanted to help leftism they'd be offline