Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… really gets the ol' noggin joggin

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… really gets the ol' noggin joggin.

You seen this yet, Zig Forums? What do you think?
Anyone here paying attention knows satanic pedophilia and cannibalism is practiced by the (((elites))) but now we are getting closer and closer to the proof needed to fully invoke RWDS and the day of the rope.

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Your thread is vague as fuck, sage for you

This is 8gag Pol, we don't see anything until halfchan has signed off on it and it's made it's rounds on social media already.

What exactly is vague? The first image is the original. The third image clearly shows the origin of the photo and the remaining images show analysis and composition.

Are you just stupid? Do you require spoon feeding?

Behold the power of 8gag Pol

stop fagging this thread up, yid

obama is a huge goat princess i fucking knew it

There is no need to be rude summer fag, it's just the way it is.

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Just saying that this thread hasn't seen much effort.

user, can you count? There are four pictures.
Do you need context when it's a photo of barry soetoro dressed like a fucking demonic pheasant?

Not sure the nose really matches up from that other guy

This has been common knowledge for years

Thanks, captain obvious. But now there's photo proof. Do you understand the significance?

You do know that there has been proof of this shit for years, right? This thread is one stating the obvious. Anyone with few under their belt knows this and know that any thread with following
Are cancerous.

any archives of the posts?

Obama has entered his Final Form. We must return the crystal shards to the decon!

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This is a no effort, shit thread, let me enlighten you why:

Considering everything, this looks more like something you would've posted on twitter or reddit, so i would propose you fuck off back right there.
Here let me give you a handy shortcut: >>>/oven/

Obama has this satanic look in his mouth the more he ages.

And the more he ages, the more he looks like shit, must be really bad genes.

who the fuck are you with this vague ass "day of the rope" shit.

are you any kind of public figure, a military leader at all. Are you a boyscout, can you even tie a noose?

You are going to come out of your parents basement, in the middle of seattle and marh across the state hanging people? You fucking twat.

No , your jew ass is going to stay in your house waiting for shit to blow over while contact the police and trying to get every white person you see arrested.

Fuck off you loser. "Day of the rope" … who the fuck are you?

Hang yourself

needs more exposition. But yeh, thats obama in a mask

It's all a circus. The cool gang. There's a vid of Obama showing off his boner. AF1 had drug-addled hook-up parties. Mile-high club.

Also related

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Bump for interest

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Why are boomers so dumb?

That's a real video, obviously, but don't make a habit of posting yournewswire. It's literal fake news, run by David Icke's former sodomite (and possible jew) webmaster Sean Adl-Tabatabai - who was also a producer at MTV.

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Thanks for the head's up about the sodomite. I don't peddle fake news purposefully. I just needed the con man's shameless behavior.

Was king nigger the only one at the party dressed up like this?

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OP is a fag
this thread is retard

Can I get a quick rundown?

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My thoughts exactly. Thanks for saying what we're all thinking.

Obama gets caught wearing Illuminati drag queen outfit, just not much else to say because that's amazing.

You lack significance.

Barry Soetoro engaged in magic rituals on the date of God-Emperor's inaguration to
curse it. God is more powerful than Satan, and the satanists are in full roar all over the place. They, like Satan, recite scripture to accomplish their satanic means. As Satan urged Christ to leap from the precipice for the promise of the protections of the angels, Christ replied that God shall not be tested.

They think that they are clever. Their witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, spirit cooking… Goodness, God and destiny will break the black magic.

Yes, we know.

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dis sum RuPaul shit rite herr yall.
Obama jus letting out sum of his inner qween.

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the christian god is so powerful he allows Satanists to take over the worlds governments
But don't worry, youll be in heaven when you die :)

Christcuckery is pure cancer.

werk bitch

wew, movie villain gloating. It's no wonder Hollywood sucks so hard with jews running the show

You never did finish the Book of Revelation did you?

My robe and Wizard hat are waaay less queer looking than this. Get your shit together, Obama.

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From the (( (bible)) )
Consider the source user…
Fuck this nigger and his husband - I'm glad they're losers. They couldn't even kill my country all the way. They tried but didn't (couldn't)
Have a bump op the faggot

You lack spiritual strength, brother. Christ is but a manifestation. Satan is but one as well. His costume now is the accuser, the corrupt prosecutor, the lying talking head on the media. Mammon.

You mean the book where jews are called greedy, stupid whores and then ravaged by Aryans for 4,000 years, and then finally called the children of satan and cursed to hell? Tell us more, illiterate 13 year old edgelord

Rather than a literal read, I recommend ingesting three doses of LSD, turning open the book and finding the wisdom. You will understand the archetypal nature of the Bible.

After all, what is the eucharist, the golden cap of the mushroom, the wheaten wafer asrtricken with ergot? What is the body of Christ? Drink of the Kykeon, for what else is the blood of Christ?

Don't fucking start this shit. Nobody cares what you think about Christianity or Paganism or anything else. Don't derail the thread with your pissant faggotry.

Don't tolerate D&C anons.

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As much as I want king nigger linked to all this shit,
Hes a little smarter than your average nigger to go about dressing like this where people are going to be able to take pictures of him

Pretty good job blending it in but the neck area is a complete fuckup.

Then avoid that jewwave reddit crap.

We must inform /monster/ of this important event!

Anyone post the pic to Obama's twitter yet?

I'm semi literate

Do it

Basically but are we sure this is not a shop? Because it would not surprise me if there was real pictures out there and (((they))) are trying to put some fakes out there to cover for the real ones that are out there or are about to be released.

Not news. Not Zig Forums. Sage

Seems too elaborate to be an obvious hoax.

Strong words. Thank you for the backup.

Your derailment is the work of Satan. You should be driven from this place as Christ flogged the money changers.

The lambs ask why didn't Christ reason with the money changers, but the faculty of reason is a method and a tool used for the mistaken or for those who are suffering from a matter of misunderstanding.

Judgement be reserved for those who do evil knowingly and willfully. God knows it. Christ must employ judgement when the need arise. Christians must realize that Christ was not simply a peaceful man. The son of God has the will, the constitution, and the strength of God. As we are made in His image, we must smite the evil and vanquish it from the world of man.

Woe is he who worketh against His Will, for His Will is truly good. What difference is there between that Will and God? What difference be between that which is just and good and God himself?

Kin of Mammon, kith of Satan, your path is a one fraught with anxiety, questioning, unending suspicion, and ultimate peril. Christ compells you from this place, from earth. Turn from your wicked ways, or perish in the flames of eternal anguish and hell.

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seems legit

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I would, but I've been banned so many times I'm sick of it. Tweet it to infowars, too, those turds will spread it.

Well shit. We should have some fun with these then.

Tweet it to Obama&Co.. If it gets deleted, then probably legit.

We need archives dog dammit!

Honestly this should be the sticky, not Imkikey's Trump sticky

You have it backwards. The jews think this is funny. Who murdered and tortured our people in Europe for 2,000 years? The high estimate of the deaths is 100,000,000 ethnic Europeans dead over the last 2,000 years at the hands of the semitic 'church'. I have read the testimony of the people that they tortured FOR NOTHING OTHER THAN PLEASURE…learn to fucking recognize a pattern…jews are MERCILESS KILLERS…there is no real difference between the sub saharan african slave trade (just hundreds of millions dead at the hands of (((Islam))) and the (((Inquisition))) or the (((Bolshevik 'revolution'))) ALL employed the same type and style of tortures, all functioned in the same manner as a branch of the COVEN of Set…for fuck sake, they are continuing it now with NO DANGER of being caught…!topic/soc.culture.french/-ZTLGu9v8eA

…you think Q, the controller of WDC, the cesspit, is going to 'save' you?

Quit looking for a fucking jew savior…jesus wasn't even a jew…he was an ARYAN who taught AGAINST the ZIONIST cabal/International bankers…he taught the Old Religion, the one that the semites tried to expunge from the Earth during the Inquisition.

The religion that says that you have a direct link with God…no 'priest' need to be your 'go between'…no one needs 'interpret' god for you…even Christ, when he taught you the Lord's prayer didn't put himself in between you and God.

The 'serpent' interprets (lies about) 'god' to humanity:
Genesis 3:4-5 New King James Version (NKJV)
4 Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. 5 For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

The old religion, like Tengrism…you simply raise your hands anytime, anywhere, supplicate and talk to your God…you don't need a jew confessor or intermediary to sit in between you and God, scheming and collecting your secrets for later blackmail, torture and your/your families destruction. Or a Wormtongue plotting to destroy your nation from within…

For God's sake, I get so tired of the fucking 'godspell' that has humanity in its grasp as its willing victim.

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Holy fuck. It's all coming together. Reminder that Dugin is a Crowley fag.

the main picture is too small. It should be the main focus!

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No dude, Satanism/Luciferians/Gnosticism/Templars = Christian branches of the same degenerate tree. You christians are fucking sick and liars, and it's normal for your kids to convert to edgy crap like Communism or Satanism.

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She probably just tweeted it out in response to the "inaguration", being an Obongo-lover. According to the "Illuminati themed" (presumably fag) wedding was on October 29th.

That's obviously a troll, newfag

Your disgusting trickery doesn't fool me, Satan.

Right… Q is totally not a deepstate op.

Satan and Jews and Muslims wouldn't exist if not for Jewish Christians pushing their memes upon Rome and therein the world. You caused this you sick lying fuck.

shut up brainlet shill

this is about pizzagate and satanists in politics

Ignore Jews. Interesting find, we knew this shit was going down but more evidence there is, the better.

I have info on this, search up "jekrah"

that's all I can say, g2g

who is that DACApede? ♥

Lauren Southern. You haven't seen the vids?

what about some backstory ?

Fuckin' up my nofap here, broski.

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From your use of the nomenclature "meme", I'll assume that you are a student of Dawkins, and by extension you are an Athiest. I'll use reason before judgement because you are mistaken.

I did not beget the son of God. I did not will the Universe into being, so you are misguided to say that this is my fault. I cannot explain the evil that is Islamic Extremism and the pillaging of Europe by wave after wave of immigrants. We wouldn't have anything of what we have today without the Jews, Romans, Christians, and the Muslims.

Satan was here with the Egyptians in the guise of Set. This plague of Islamic extremist brutality, sharia law, and jihadism must be extinguished entirely. God is good, and the misguided have been told an evil tale wholly perverted to further an agenda of power, resources, and influence. This is disgusting. The gays thrown from buildings is disgusting, the stoning of women is disgusting.

I don't know of any atrocities being committed in the explicit name of Judaism. You can help me understand that, but I know I'll probably just get some bullshit about someone with a Jewish last name.

Your accusations tell me that you are an agent of treachery. You call me a liar, Kith of Lucifer?Satan is at your ear, in your head. Satan is the corrupt prosecutor, the sower of Chaos, the peddler of lies to forward an agenda of discord, the defamer. Reflect upon and repent for your evil ways.

Be gone from here, distractor. Kin of Mammon. You are worthless.

Can we get some detail about the costume and the exact date? The Obamas are no strangers to spectacle. This is notable from Michael Obama's use of Xochi Mochi in its neighborhood library.



John 14:6 (KJV 1900): Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Holding hands

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Exactly this

Was going to upload this photo earlier. Neat.



Cereals? Damn Dude, just THINK about it…think about it…who was he speaking against? The International Bankers who controlled government, religion, history and culture…so in the context I am vindicated.

The MONGREL ZIONIST TRASH International Banker Criminal Mafia said that you had to 'go to temple' and preabulate to the right…or flagellate yourself…or pay a tax…or rest on Saturday…or, fuck man IDK, pick something, any fucking weird shit that they can imagine, suck their cock to get to heaven… the sky is the fucking limit to their inane rituals and fucking weird assed control theory ritual BULLSHIT.

So jesus says that only through his 'teachings' or through HIM (not Pharisee ZIONISTS) can you reach the father…and what did he teach? That the father was always available to you whenever you needed without interference from 'mystery babylon/ZION'…why isn't it plain to you? That THIS, the tearing down of their entire kingdom, by eroding their power base (their human 'bricks' that built their pyramid of CIVILization), is what they really feared?

So what do they do the second they murdered him? PHARISEE PAUL introduces the idea that you have to be saved through 'human sacrifice' a DISGUSTING AND FILTHY african cannibalism belief dredged up from the disgusting bowels of the origin of their 'black nobility' shit tier 'human' culture.

Mat 16:6
Then Jesus said unto them, "Take heed and beware of the leaven (teachings/control paradigms/rituals/cannibalism/usury/pedophilia/'african values' and general fuckery) of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees."


Only kill jews
Even now you should be doing your best to drive them to suicide.
Kill them or make them miserable

SIEG HEIL!!!!!!!!

There is no room for parasites in the next Age…all of them will die.

Looks like a nice fake story to have the Right lose time and credibility on. No doubt close to some truth though. Maybe not him so much as the her he's with.

Let the final fucking culling begin.

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kek. nah bitch.

moloch fucking burns and all of you faggots along with 'em

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I am a homosexual man from Chicago. Back in 1973, I frequented many gay dance clubs, both open and secret, amongst my friends. Many hard drugs were used like poppers and marijuana was frequent obviously. We knew a black man by the name of "Bomb-O". Bomb-O earned his name for many reasons. He had fantastic dance moves, brought great pot to the club, and as one friend recalls it he had a "bomb-O" dick. The kind of dick that you manifest O. My friend, we will call him Dave, who he says and I quote . "My jaw was stuck on oh and everything was shock in my body. Pure electric rocking." It's quite the story we have with our peers and to this day we are on a trip knowing his name was Barrack now. Pure electric rocking. I know that was you, Bomb-O.

absolutely fucking gay

During the war, your pants will be pulled down and your genitals will be mutilated beyond comprehension. You will be left to live this way. Forever.

All of the Black African will be exterminated from this Earth forever in the coming war.

Is this /tv/ cpopypasta?