People First Language

when i worked at Radioshack in 2003, we had a training module on "people first" language. The idea is to humanize people by putting their personhood first and not their disability, status or race. This sort of language is being used now to rebrand "blacks" or "colored persons" into "people of color."

I propose that we start demanding people use "people first" language for white people. We can use something like "people of light" (PoL)


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we need to educate people. We aren't "white people"


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fuck off cunt back to kikechan

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goy are you going to admit there are differences between people?


People of Light -> POL -> Zig Forums

Fucking genius tier marketing user. Also ties in nicely with Black Sun and anti-Moloch masculinity symbolism. This is an all around excellent OP and operation. Will create OC in later!

Genius bump

thanks fam, the Zig Forums reference was 100% intentional.

I'm banned from cuckchan so anybody who likes this idea feel free to make a thread over there. I'm already getting a shitload of reaction over on >>>/qresearch/1772954

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Could we start by acknowledging that 'people of color' are not HUMAN or PEOPLE at all? That would be a start in my book. We could call them 'people of darkness (dankness/destruction/death)', take your pick…I am continuously bothered by these references to 'WHITE' as well since that includes mongrel bastard ZIONIST jews and we all know that they are not people of LIGHT but instead are 'people of BLIGHT' and FOREIGNERS within humanity who have invaded our nations just like their violent low IQ TRASH plague pets that they are flooding our shores with.' So far we have 'people of the BLIGHT' and 'people of the parasite' who have teamed up and invaded our nations and are trying to consume ADAM/HUMANITY/ETHNIC EUROPEANS…the people of the BLIGHT have no understanding at all, what are they going to slaughter and devour when HUMANITY is gone? Blacks? They smell dank when living, can you imagine how disgusting their meat would be when they were dead and served up as the 'people of the BLIGHTS' next cannibal meal? Although I don't really think the BLIGHT are all that picky…at least they will literally put their DICK into ANYTHING that has a pulse (and some things that don't)…this is how they lost their LIGHT ([B]lack DNA + LIGHT = BLIGHT)…aww fuck it, dark people, even the '1 drop' type, are just damn disgusting. All of them…but there is no shortage in Zig Forums of men looking to fuck that filth or its derivatives and come away with it on their cocks…soooo it is probably all over for all but the most discriminating of HUMANITY (those who aren't 'into' beastiality).

different but not unequal
equal but not identical

stop trying to divide people of light from people of color. We are natural allies against the "people of usury"

you could do whatever , you wont write a book cause you are a loser

also known as
"people of vampirism"
"people of reptilian persuasion"
"people of nasal stature"

you mean the trolls

people of light and people of color fight THE TROLL

not people , vampire trolls , reptile trolls , evil trolls

fixed the kerning on "united" - it was a bit shit

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The BLIGHT unto the nations…since that is what they call themselves…is part black…that evil darkness has colored their minds…there is no LIGHT there anymore. You can call them 'the people of usury' if you want, but they are simply BLIGHT and the light has no part in DARKNESS…so we can't be allies with disgusting 'people of colot'…but if you want to try, be my guest…just remember how your 'hero parasites' nailed that 4 YO in South Africa to the kitchen table and 'crucified her' while they forced her family to watch and then raped her to death, before they killed the family…if those are your 'allies' I'd hate to see who your 'freinds' are…and I sure as fuck don't want to see who YOU are…there are NO ALLIES for Ethnic Europeans and WE DON'T WANT THEM. We in the USA Ethnic Europeans are the largest army in the world and when we turn our eyes on the enemy there will be no end to the slaughter until ALL OF OUR ENEMIES ARE GONE…not even a memory will remain of the BLIGHT that once harassed us in our own homeland. The entire planet will be our possession.

I don't know this is dangerously close to Ignsoc double speak

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Fuck off nigger.

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Checked user, OP hit the nail with this one. I definitely believe we should push this, and since it's a good idea, expect shills to shit up the thread.

i found a couple instances of people who had this idea a few months ago, as a counter to PoC - we just need a bunch of memes and a coordinated twitter campaign to actually get this to catch on!"people of light"/

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We don't have any relation to PoC…Manpanzee (Black) DNA when processed in GEDMATCH…their closest living relatives are the jews.

See the (((Islamics))) trying to fuck up the DNA of the entire world by providing them african slave pussy to mate with…kingdoms have fallen and will never recover due to breeding with animals. See the distribution of the infection? These people are no longer HUMAN anymore and they all act like their parasitic slave masters…"gibs, gibs…" all the jews are exactly like their black bastard offspring…but in order to 'make the world in their image' you have to fuck a mongrel Manpanzee PoShit as well…how 'clever' Ethnic European males are for jerking off to all that mongrel jew porn.

"The white women must cohabit with members of the dark race, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the white means the end of the white man and our most dangerous enemy will become a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the 'pax Judaica' and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark people's." - Rabbi Rabbinovich. Jan 12, 1952. (the 'Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan')

Do any of you think after the jews got done destroying the Persian empire with all that 'free black pussy/DNA injection' that they are EVER going to be an empire again? Not for 10,000 years it takes to develop intelligent DNA again.

Lincoln was going to repatriate this POS to Africa…and then he was murdered by a Mason. And all the PUSSIES (spineless cowards) in our military got the message…if you want to stop the disgusting miscegenation and breeding with chimpanzees, to form a permanent GLOBAL underclass of retards they will murder you for it.

The only HUMANS left on Earth are Aryans of Ethnic European descent. We have 0% black DNA because our women don't want black cock and they never have…so unload the FUCKING RAPISTS onto our shores…here they come BOYS…full of disgusting disease and congealed dick cheese. Europe will become a 'paradise' just like Brazil where they hunt and murder street kids before 'bigwigs' roll into town…there is no family cohesion and the people are little more than animals accounting for 10% of the total global homicides.

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Brazilians have 40% black DNA (mexicans have 10%-30%…average…the more black they are the more homicides they commit. We HUMANS do not want Brazil's (or worse) future for our people.

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Why not just refer to Blacks as
" People of Odor "?

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Muhammad Ali said that both people of color and people of light, should love their people. He was right.

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One day we, non european people, will fight alongside you against the international jew.
For the time being, we need to redpill our neighbours and family and save as many honest and valuable people we can.

we are all god's children

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another real quote from kanye

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No 'we' are not. Aryans are the original people of this planet. Blacks are a 30,000 year old hominid admixture. Why is it so difficult for you to understand the 'subliminal messaging' of the jews in Hollyweird "Planet of the Apes"…let me break it down for you…WHO IS BESIEGED HERE…is it the ATTACKING MANPANZEES…or the surrounded Aryans?
"Our inferences also suggest a complex human evolutionary history in Africa, which involves at least a single admixture event from an unknown archaic population into the ancestors of AMH, likely within the last 30,000 yrs."

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there are still LOTS of people on twitter using the racist phrase "white people" (one mention every 10 seconds)

I suggest we kindly remind them to use the term "people of light"

STEP 1: Type "white people" with the quotes into twitter
STEP 2: Order by "Lastest"
STEP 3: Suggest they stop using the racist "white people" and instead call us by our preferred term "people of light"
STEP 4: Upload a meme from this thread

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2nd god's children meme

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Surprising they went bankrupt…

That's where you're wrong kiddo. The idea, is to sell people shit. Something that was clearly forgotten.

Yes friends, nomenclature will save our race… OP has never even called a black a nigger to their face hahahaha.

Who attempts to ally with their own enemies? These people are not your friends…whatever…you guys are hopeless…what do you think this is going to do anyway…don't you know that the darkness is fully aware that we are the people of light and that they are sucking clinging parasitic energy destroyers? There is no purpose to this meme other than to engender a false security within the Ethnic European population…

If you want to meme about something wake our own people up…

"The fact is that the Jews were known only as destroyers in ancient history, not creators. They have developed no science, have produced no art, have built no great cities, and alone have no talent for the finer things of civilized life. The Jews claim to be the torchbearers of civilization, but thorough their parasitic habits have deteriorated or destroyed every nation in which they have existed in large numbers." ~ Charles A. Weisman (Jew)

people of light need all the allies we can get. Blacks are highly susceptible to propaganda and don't generally come up with ideas of their own. If we can plant the idea that blacks and whites are both oppressed by the system set up by (((them))) we can enter into a profitable alliance of convenience. It doesn't mean you have to marry one.

People of light are you serious? That sounds fucking dumb. People are just going to laugh at it. Although people of colour sounds fucking dumb as well so you never know.

Lefty/pol/ bringing the BANTS - suggesting terms like "people of the cave" and "people of the colon" instead of people of color.

>>>Zig Forums2557043

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TOPKEK i actually got someone to use the acronym

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eat trash, shitskin rats. You will be exterminated along with the kikes.

oh no they're on to us

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my guess would be that they're going to spread those around to smear the campaign

Well…you could laugh because for the first time ever the left would be telling the truth.

lol they are too low energy to do anything.

Remember all their threats during IOTBW?

Their efforts amounted to literally nothing.

Racism aint cool bro

Racism isn't cool, it's fucking

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their thread is descending into chaos and infighting already
very motivating
oc on the way

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This is garbage and doesn't sound right to the ear. Meanwhile you could be using pic related which is an absolute death blow meme.

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Remember to sage.

Fuck, that's a woman?

this meme doesn't entwine with leftist preexisting ideology. no compute
the whole idea of the psyop is to enter people of light into the general lexicon
of course it doesn't sound right. yet


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Funny how even mixed kids become tremendously white.

Mother nature seems to have a clear preference.

I kind of have a problem with understanding why this is good

yea I see the fun in ticking people off and harassing them with ideas that they are using hate speech when saying "white people"

but there is something in losing our whiteness and moving to a different world. Remember the "Its ok to be White" meme. This is a strong stance on defining and accepting a culture and a heritage.

"Its ok to be light"???? I dont know guys … think this though

And all the race mixing memes going on in this thread. This meme makes us look weak. I think there needs to be more refinement on how its presented

that meme isnt for the left … that meme is to redpill the right from feeling guilty

and to instill the idea of "white genocide" as an extreme way to look at imigration

I have a feeling this "people of light" is a strong psyop into race mixing.

Be cautious

Im with you bro.

And what is the next step … is a jewish person that is light skinned a "person of light"

There are black people white people and jews. Dont allow these lines to be blurred its not good for you.

We win when our enemies fear us , not when they accept us. This is pandering this is not strength.

Imo this is a really good find. You may have discovered the greatest language counter-hack of all time. PoL lives.

This is going to re-humanize Whites. Spread it as far and wide before there's a chance to suppress it or van us all. Once you hear this, you can't forget it. It will live on forever. Low key historic thread here. Hi, Mom!

Sage for low key

not what this is about, but thanks for trying

People already fear, warranted or not. Media made sure of that. Truth be told everyone could get BTFO'd physically. It's the mental game that's not been engaged.

This is some dirty down low subversive shit, my nigga of Light. Yuri would be proud.

They've already accepted the one, and now they can accept the other.

inb4 accelerationists. We had our chance to meme hillary the true accel candidate. We would all be better off at the half-way point to reasonable, and its half way to further right as well. We can't be torn now between directions now. Swing further right even if you'd swing it further still.

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To certain people on this thread it is about making 'race mixing acceptable' covertly. Just more globalist BULLSHIT that they wanted to see if we would 'go along with'…if our people don't learn to have standards (like yesterday) we are going to go extinct rather than to the stars.

We are at a point where the extinction of whites is openly promoted, if not their identity/existence denied altogether. You want to get to a point where they are actively recognized and defended. What makes you afraid of the ground in-between?

Are you afraid we'd get stuck in an untenable middle? If we wanted things to go ape-shit and really divide everyone up we should have had the balls to get hillary in.

Right now race mixing is not only accepted, it's encouraged. Let the right-to-existence of "PoL" ride along with that if it works, and use the Main Line Media for one more thing before it BTFO's itself for good.

how long will the wikipedia page stay up?

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OP wonderful idea and fun oc but is correct
So I agree with moving beyond "white".

Also, identifying as a European validates the land claim to Europe.

Shit, did he really coin that phrase before Zig Forums even existed? The hell's with these boxers? It's like they got punched so hard it made them geniuses.

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The best thing POL could probably do is -individually- plan for the hopefully unlikely day the WH is retaken by totally comp'd faggot-tier forces again, or worse actors than Trump whichever the case may be. Maybe get the culture in a place that will withstand this unfortunate but all too possible future timeline when we no longer have the great liberator of jerusalem to kick around.

By your spacing we know you
are probably a sincere newfag. While your concerns are genuine consider the following-
If nothing else this will put a disruptive new set of ripples in the water and give msm something to react to and reflect on.

Remember to keep saging this.

some more great twitter reactions to PoL

My ban is up so i'll be making the PoL thread on 4chan tonight or tomorrow morning since nobody else has made it yet. I'll link it here when it's live.

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this is why they call everything black pit or black face in japanese games its because the color black and dark are basically just the same fucking thing

People of Light (PoL) is simply genius. I will use this at EVERY opportunity

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Update: the 4chan thread is going well, see here

First thread and already lots of new meme contributions. I'm seeing "people of light" on twitter already. Seeing several different types of shilling as expected. Operation is a go.

Too deepen the lore we are playing up our similarity to the Anunnaki, bringers of civilization - just like PoC like to play up their geographic similarity to the ancient Egyptians.

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a few annunaki meme and templates

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the old thread hit bump limit with OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE RESPONSE so I started a new one.

After this i'll do one thread a day for a week until we reach some sort of memetic saturation on 4chan. It will spread organically from there on its own.

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"People of Light" is going very well. We have thousands of mentions right now on twitter, acres and acres of salt.

I uploaded a bunch of it to an album:

We have our first media article:

We are on our 7th 4chan thread right now, they cannot get enough PoL.

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We All Are POL…. huehuehuehue

alternative labeling:

Low/No parasitic DNA
Part parasitic DNA
Full parasitic DNA

I like how Kumar wears scrubs and a stethoscope to his liquor store job.

BTW your True Neutral figure are 10-30% black DNA from the African slave trade…this is where they get their capacity to 'destroy' an empire from. Look at all that african DNA being pumped into the 'hispanic' people…but there aren't any blacks in Mexico today…yeah that is because the hispanics fucked them out of existence and incorporated all that TRASH DNA right into their populace…why do you think they will never have an empire again…that black blood is toxic to building anything…the ZIONIST know this and that is why they want it incorporated into 'GOOD' non-parasitic DNA…so that we can 'become like they are'…made in their image as parasitic mongrel trash.

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Infowars picked it up, and there are HUNDREDS of comments already.



We should be near or at critical mass now.

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Oh shit nigga

You can even see the anger in the ugly ape face of the darkie. They're such insecure shitty turds.

Let both work together. We take both People of Light as well as People of Color, and leave the kikes nothing for their propaganda.

Go genocide yourself already…POC (all of them) have nothing to offer Ethnic Europeans

We've been calling them "People of Usury"

The intention is that people will search the word "Usury" and get fucken woke on it.

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The only thing I want to be called is a person of gunfire. Fuck wordplay; it's a Jew trick from the first to the last. Anybody retarded enough to do this is playing the Jews' game.

Was considering writing a twitter bot/script for this that would autoreply to tweets containing "white people" to correct them, but apparently twitter now requires a phone number to get API access? News to me. In any case they have blocked every online SMS service I tried, and there's no way in hell i'm using my real number so hopefully another user can pick this up

we had someone doing exactly that, but they kept getting severely rate limited.

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That "people first" speak is wussy talk, muh feelings tier trash

Why them's fightn' words, partner. Take it back!

Bump for the People of Light. I'd actually watch some Jew Tube News just to see this being debated. I also hope Kikes start getting called People of Usury.

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1000% halal my brother. Loving it