Battlespace Analysis

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Battlespace Analysis

This is a high-level overview of the infrastructure, personnel, and operational behavior of the efforts being deployed to suppress, disrupt, distract, and infiltrate Zig Forums

The purpose of this analysis is to compromise the efficiency of neural networks and bots while forcing your adversaries to rely entirely on memetically-susceptible humans. This lets you play to their strengths while sapping your adversaries of resources.

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Weaknesses in the Personnel

Technical staff can be any combination of private sector contractors and multi-national military personnel. Here's how to look for and exploit their personal signatures:

< GitHub repositories with machine learning and data science projects provide a list of candidates worth cross checking against.

< Posing as employers looking to hire data scientists and machine learning can help expose the technical staff as well.

< Data scientists and data engineers are the most expensive personnel costs, so utilizing any techniques that drives up their operational costs are essential.

< The more educated the personnel, the more they believe they are on the “right side of history”. This means the more you make bots behave “incorrectly” (Tay), the more they will justify throwing money into bad AI development techniques and goals.

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Weaknesses in the Pipeline

Machine learning pipelines are complex operations. Each step of the pipeline is susceptible to increasing operational costs to its subsequent steps. This makes psychological and steganographic attacks very profitable.

Categorization means a human reads your response and validates its emotional, contextual, and semantic category. They can categorize an entire post or specific sentences within a post. Categorization is automated at this point, so the more you can force disruptors to be manually involved in the categorization process, the more you drive up their costs to the entire pipeline.

A data lake is a centralized repository that allows you to store all your structured and unstructured data at any scale. Think of it like a gigantic book: while it many have nearly every possible combination of words written within it, connecting all that data to actionable knowledge is difficult and expensive. Humans are very good at innuendo, and innuendo the steganography of context. Strategies of steganography can very quickly outpace even the very best of Moore's Law.

Supervised training means teaching the bot how to generate messages based on categorizations and context awareness. Often, when the community labels a post as a “shill”, that helps narrow down what content the bot should be trying to mimic to maximize disruption.

The bot interfaces with the community GUI/API and posts content based on how it determines the contextual and emotional sentiment of the thread or any subsection of a thread. If possible, board owners should find ways to mess around with CSS to try and randomize the underlying HTML structure of a page per page load.

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Overview of Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the premiere collection of tools to extract context from symbols and semantic rules. Natural Language Processing biased towards the cheap and widespread availability of human-made corpora.

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Challenge/Response Verification

As anonymous posters, it's important to confirm you are engaging with people and not bots. Using a simple CHALLENGE/RESPONSE system during conversation within your posts can help acquire confirmation of sentience.

In the pic related are just three examples of the CHALLENGE/RESPONSE system. Feel free to add to this list.

The key to being effective is to make sure that they require a demonstration of either context awareness, which only the most expensive neural networks can do correctly OR to evaluate non-language grammar. Math is the most readily available example of non-language grammar, but there are other examples as well.

The bigger this list gets, the more exceptions a pipeline has to compensate for, the more expensive it is.

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Context-Aware Steganography

This technique requires the most discipline, but it is also the Holy Grail of Gnostic Warfare. It renders any AI pipeline into an expensive paranoid schizophrenic seeing threats everywhere while missing the forest from the trees.

This whole section starts on Page 20 of

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The Lazy Prisoner and Narrow-Minded Warden

To survive, you have to appear like a lazy prisoner to a panopticon warden that may see all, but can only understand a small amount of it.

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Expensive Steganalytic Attacks

CAPTCHAs are an example of context-aware steganography: They are neurologically easy but computationally difficult. Using a variation of this, there is a way to massively drive up the cost of an bot operation.

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Transmutation Entropy of Epistemology

Here's a diagram that explains the transmutation entropy of epistemology. Knowledge, information, and data are the output of the crypto, stego, and neuro systems. The work these systems do are representation, encryption, decryption, and interpretation. The transmutation waste is represented as cryptanalysis and steganalysis.

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Context Switches as Bits

Context-aware steganography exploits context switching as a way to encode hidden information into semantically correct sentences.

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Incorrect Synonyms

In this example, an incorrect synonym with an agreed upon encode transmits hidden information. To uncover the information, the observer would first have to detect the word-sense disambiguation, which is an expensive task for artificial intelligence.

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The Power of the Stego CHALLENGE/RESPONSE

This gives us an example of a very powerful tool that heavily negates even the most expensive deep learning techniques and forces adversaries to perpetually deploy expensive human disruptors. During deployments, they can be exposed to our memetic and psychological warfare attacks.

I highly recommend the stego CHALLENGE/RESPONSE for maximum effect. It is easy for humans to resolve and requires more resources that Moore's Law can ever muster to solve reliably.

You're all going to make mistakes using this technique, but you will get better at it with practice. The CHALLENGE/RESPONSE system is much better than accusing a post of being a “shill” as it forces them to prove they are human.

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Backup discussion in case this one gets derailed

I dont believe you , what is your proof


CHALLENGE: It is a well known fact that chickens settle eggs and farmers sell them.

This is fanciful and all but where is the evidence this is happening on Zig Forums? All I see are your garden variety trolls and autists.

There are multiple bots. Take for example the PIVX spambot or the BBC spambot.

I've seen a large variety of posts with random words in it or just duplicates of posts in other threads on all of Zig Forums. Never screencapped them since they can be found in a lot of threads.


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Thanks CultState

Fuck off cunt.


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Have a bump, m8.

This isnt proof. start showing some documenting of actual occurrences on Zig Forums you faggot.

Thankfully 4cucks BBC spambots are still banned here.

Trips of truth, there's been a new wave of botposts on Zig Forums pretty recently with nonsensical links in pictures and then random words. Just keep globally reporting them.

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So, would the perfect imageboard would convert any written text into a captcha-esque image containing the written text? How long would that take to conceive? How much time would it give us before cabal design something to counteract it? Doesn't our politically incorrect stance on things provide us with a form of stego that counteracts these methods? For example, the shills/bots don't like calling out actual jews, or white genocide and trends towards milquetoast centrism as they never heil hitler organically, amongst other things. What's the gameplan?

the first pic is right and thats all you need
you cant fake a collective mental narrative and even if you put a bot to examine and mimic it wouldnt understand and mutate with the collective.
"they said i was their grandma, how could i have knowwnnwn? "
if they put an ai on it then they end up with a tay because ai is logical and the truth wins

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>Hi, I'm a 'Q-Tard' and This is what I learned on >>>/qresearch/

How new are you? Did your handlers tell you to just spam everything with q-larp? I'm not even going to tell you where you fucked up goldberg.|Lurk moar or get a better playbook.

CHALLENGE: why got you not realized the game yet?

Challenge/response is basically what we do once we get suspicious of anyone anyway. "Name the jew" or "Say the holocaust didn't happen." If a bot does this (because it's a bot), it defeats its owners' purpose. If a paid shill does this, he defeats his boss' narrative. Refusal is very telling.

This here seems promising.
How sophisticated does the math have to be?
Just an example.
Also have a bump

The pedavores' challenge is to eat babies since only the truly corruptable or psychopathic would do it.

I really should take my time while reading posts.

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The people making these memes should make their names known and speak audibly.

Not the one you responding to, but…
Why haven't you not realized the game yet?
Did I pass?

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Your right. Better to leave well enough alone eh?

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Check OP's views on math and ALCHEMY :D
He posted the following in 'THE HILL WE DIE ON':

He is currently transforming his bullshit into gold. Whoever wants a bucket please comment.

here's a challenge for you, learn some fucking English.

OP is legit. His description and science checks out. Ignore all comments not discussing or suggesting meta to his research.


He's been working for decades now son

All they had to do was learn how to call everyone a kike and call every post kike shilling. That's it. That's all it took.

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Because you're too dumb to identify mechanization when you face it.

No boomer keyword in your shilling script today faggot?

Good stuffs! Yep; Bot-tastic Interwebz, but what normies to do about it?
● One or only a few posts are made, all about a single issue.
● The posts are all strongly negative, effusively positive, or obviously irrelevant.
● There are rarely links and photos of real people or organizations behind the posting.
● No answers, or evasive answers, are given in response to questions about the post or source.
● The exact wording of the post comes from several accounts, all of which appear to have thousands of followers.

Thank you CultState. Always glad to read new stuff from you.
I'm still chewing through some of the info from your last thread, the required reading underlying your theories is quite big.

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The word out of place is "got" and should be "have"

This filter function… perhaps call it "Filterprinzip"?

Still Qarping?

Any progress in the butterfly war?

This isn't Qanon, this guy has doxed himself before and doesn't pretend to be some insider. My main problem with him is that he links to Zig Forums on his twitter. Sage for double post.

So. to crack.
Multiple image boards?
Bot takes posts from one thread and throws them at other threads, to garner human responses to reply to original thread.

Next issue: no pre-agreed underlying stenographic encode.

Next issue: many anons simply too gay to respond to to challenge without sperging about paranioa

settle, lay down and go to sleep, human.

checked, and inb4 reddit spacing.

lol, did you job just get harder!?

poison the well with pee pee poo poo hell

Even OPs flowchart is autistic. This is some faggotry weev would post while on drugs.

Bumping, hoping for OP response to previous post.

We would have to adapt and actually filter those who fail the challenge. I see some problems like someone posting something, walking away for 8 hours and didnt respond in time. Now hes filtered for refusal.

Bots might take generic challenge responses or copy them from other users to generate a response from us and waste our time.

Ok so we cost them money and defeat the bots and filter out fags who are too dumb to participate. Doesnt stop ctr, shariablue, jidf minimum wageslaves.

Maybe im just stupid and need to reread but what should a thread look like? Should we be constantly putting a challenge and only reading replies that can do it right?

Should it be only occasionally to ask if someone is real?

Do we even need to write the word Challenge or? Develop a new way to mouth to each other. the secret hand shake

Recursive reinforcement of the kike meme only ends one way

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You just reminded me of something user. A year or so ago, maybe more, there was a .pl clone of 8ch that was being talked about. It had duplicates of every thread on the main boards of 8ch, but with replies that weren't on the .net host version, as if those replies were on the clone only (and not deleted .net posts). I don't recommend following the address now as it is a bunch of sketchy redirects with popup ads, similar to late 90s/early 00s web. But if someone did it once, why not move your clone to a new address after being found out, to hone your bot's reply logic before releasing it into the wild?

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If you can generate a compelling game then you can get to space. Without any force. People will just do it for for.


I think I found the root (( (problem)) )
Quick - fire then gas in that order

CultState here. Check Twitter.

Gentlemen, we have discovered our first bad faith actor.

These are also good heuristics to run through to determine if a challenge should be issued.

Sorry for the density, user. I condense what I can and reference when possible. The Milanote helps give you a primer on everything.


Good practice, user. Keep it up.

I will compromise every single AI that is thrown at me. For the first time in 100 years, mathematics will no longer provide you any additional benefits. Your god has abandoned you… but…. you know all about being left behind by the divine, right? ;D

Yes. I am providing the necessary training on information theory to help autists utilize an additional perspective to evaluating the battlespace. You can check out the conversations at >>>/gnosticwarfare/

Critical review. Nice. Let's process it.

This is easily defeated by coming up with new incorrect synonyms per challenge. The longer the challenge, the better. In order to map all possible permutations of context switches in every language.. (and then again for non-language structures), they would need to store more bits than the Earth has atoms. In the end, they will have to eat an additional permanent (and rapidly increasing) cost to try to defeat them all.

No need for challenge/response. This is only important when conveying hidden bits in context switches, but that's not what the purpose of a stego challenge is.

Anons of good faith know the threat of bots and want to ensure high fidelity communication and will use this technique to help them do that. Anons of bad faith should be always be taken as a grain of salt whenever possible. That's been Chan culture as far as I can remember it, at least.

Excellent. :D

Remember, the goal of the stego challenge isn't to perfectly eliminate bots alone. The goal is to force an adversary to rely on expensive human intervention because the AI becomes unreliable. This drives up the cost for the adversary and, more importantly, you guys are much better equipped to compromise humans with your collective meme war experience. This forces the opponent to play to your strengths and hinder their bot superiority while giving you a chance to stare the abyss back into their human workers.

They can copy your challenges.. but at their own peril. When they copy an unanswered challenge, they can't reinforce the post with other bots. They ruin their ability to build false consensus. :D

It's poison all the way down.

100,000,000% correct.

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10,000 acres, and a power plant in siberia, with rail link, 1,000+ robots with full arm/hand/finger articulation and a highspeed internet connection. Cost: maybe $billion. Connect it to the web and allow biometric registered volunteers to participate in driving the robots. The goal is to get into space. Set-up live feed pay-per-view sponsorships, and go-fundme resource donation.

Not only would this become the greatest game ever made with almost free workforce but you'd have people moving out to the site just to be near it and witness it, or lend their meatsuit labor.

Butterfly shill, 5th edition (2 banned, 3 to go)

CultState here. Check the Twitter

You're close. Devil's in the details, including ones that aren't apparent. Reach out if you want to know more.

If you think training an AI is a "science", you don't know anything.

CHALLENGE: A penguin swims through water, a bird flies through the air, a dollar walks through a forest, and a gopher burrows through dirt.

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It's 10pm in Israel, do you still work?
Oh don't tell me you got night-shifts now? That's some generous spending ya got there!
Wtf is this bullshit.

Oh wait, I failed the challenge. This is the stupid part of your post:
Unless of course you can convince me that feature engineering is magic based.

Nigger, even if OP is making shit up it closely lines up with how any logical government organization would do it. Regardless of the veracity of his information, it's no surprise to anyone who's been around for a while that the CIAniggers are training up and using bots to disrupt, analyze and track internet activity that has negative effects on their policies.

Anybody seeking to turn Zig Forumsacks off getting involved into machine learning is a kike shill. They don't give a shit about some white nationalists forming small individual resistance cells and having many babies, technology is rapidly advancing and whoever controls the AIs controls the future.

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Shilly you! Did you google those real quick or is this a (((colleague))) replying? I also like how you ID-hop. That way if you fuck up you can always claim it was an imposter. That's smart. Just kidding, it's stupid.

Watch as one pixel fucks up your "science"

Attached: my-science-is-better-than-your-science.png (178x178, 12.96K)

also, dont forget to pray to (((math.god))) to save your "science" from pixel and scale attacks. maybe if you sacrifice imaginary numbers, you can make the machine learn better.

There's a really easy way to get your detractors to not think you're a bot: complete a challenge.

Challenge: If you ravage a hearty breakfast, you won't be hungry for hours.

always filter torfaggot

I may already have. But I'm not in a position to actuate it so it's probably a waste of both our time.

he who controls AI controls future
absolutely correct and the world's 2nd rank superpower with its 1st rank statesman agrees with you

This isn't a game. This is literally a struggle over the battle-space that will dictate the next century. Everything that happens at inception matters immensely. If we change the feature set or training criteria even minutely we will alter the future irrecoverably. Furthermore this is a domain where the elite are weak and where we have a natural advantage. We can make them fight this war on our turf. I can think of no better use of our collective talent.

Incorrect. It's anti-science. It's super-science. It's transcended science. Catch the fuck up.

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Its literally black box data analysis magic. Data goes in, statistical analysis applied, neural nodes regress through data and construct their own "synapses" and qualifiers. We don't need to know what the rules and connections that the neural net is forming for it to be trained and develop them.


dick = diamonds rite nao no homo idk maybe some homo idk

solid conclusion tho

Are the whole point of these threads to trick shills or bots, or are all these shill threads? Leaning on the latter since this all reads like schizophrenic bullshit instead of relating to ai patterns of any sort.

bump for the only 130IQ+ thread in the catalog. Mods deleted the other one cultstate made in which we actually hashed out new tactics. Watch mods delete this post calling out their censorious sabotage.

The Penguins Nest
The walking liberty
Dig dug

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This post appears to be shadow anchored. Cannot bump it. WTF happened with mod take over? Did we get kiked?

Considering the fact that we're on an imageboard, would there be any added benefit to using a unique image as a challenge? I would think finding context within a unique, hand drawn image would be far more resource intensive than finding context within text.

It becomes effectively impossible to forge a response should one require a the response to come in the form of a unique image although that makes identifying individual users quite easy after enough samples of their handwriting/drawing styles are collected.

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Response: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Responding in contextually relevant memes probably isn't the best idea though.

Oh god, I just realized I'm a brainlet on that first one.

Response: dollar, deer

If you take a look at responses it doesn't look like a schizo. It is an organized operation by our (((friends))).

Multiple chat bots responding to one another mostly in order to bump. Then the idiot posts trying to convince any user that happens to post here that this discussion is of value. Fails when said anons know math, science, ML, etc.

It's ok though, it's coming close to an end. The main shills must feel depressed. All the hard effort they put into this will go to waste.

You could be on to something. The only limitation would be the amount of truly random imaging

Imagine being this much of an assblasted tor nigger faggot

Challenge: name the 5 worst kikes on planet earth right now.

Challenge: denounce Mohammed and admit 6 million Jews did not die in the camps.

Challenge: name three ideas to clear one's perception and lose the control.


This is good as well. I love this place.

How'd I do

OP hates the taste of nigger cock.

Sorry I couldn't resist. I appreciate the high level autism newfags and rapefugees are too dumb to get. The challenges are going to have to be a little more complex than one grammatical mistake since the pooshills will get them right half the time anyway. Everyone will have to up their Spurdo posting game tbh.

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.t not a bot

Checked. This much should be accepted as fact by now. After Trump, it's 100% certain they have learned not to underestimate our influence. And are most likely working around the clock to subvert us (as futile as such an effort will keep proving to be).

CHALLENGE: hello fellow humans

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Challenge: do yu leik mudkips?

Butterfly user / cultstate is the lambda calculus defector.
If you don’t understand what this means you aren’t worthy of understanding

Novus Ordo Numerorum

You better step up your game anons, looks like things are going to get a little rough from now onwards

you just lost the game