Macron Stabs Merkel in Back While Shipping Niggers to Spain

Macron woos Italian populists and leaves Merkel ALONE in bid to STOP EU open-door FAIL
Spain 'accepts French offer' to receive migrants aboard Aquarius

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That's not something I would have expected out of Macron of all people.



Macron playing both sides against each other.

Lovely Jew tactic.

Louis c cuck is a jew.

Itaky took no rapefugees.
They shovel millions of nigger and sandnigger to the north, Germany

>Operation Mare Nostrum (after the ancient Roman name for the Mediterranean: "Our Sea") was a year-long naval and air operation commenced by the Italian government on October 18, 2013 to tackle the increased immigration to Europe during the second half of 2013 and migratory ship wreckages off Lampedusa.[1] During the operation at least 150,000 migrants, mainly from Africa and the Middle East, arrived safely to Europe.[2]

this mother fucker is taking a stab at putting france on the map … I would take a hard look at Macron. Hes not /ourguy but this mother fucker can play ball

-has good support in his nation
-has a great nation to begin with: tourism , cern , centrally located, decent military(300 nukes) , and is probably liked more than any other nation of its size
-is probably only 2nd to america in its ability to absorb other cultures

I see Macron as a politican that is popular like Tredeau but is actually a good politican that knows what hes doing.

When Britan goes full Brexit look for France to be a great ally and to lead International solidarity from Moracco to Britan this also comes at an interesting time with the juxtaposition of The Axis of the Willing … which I belive is Austria, Germany, Italy

With Europe split in half , very interesting

Trudeau isn't popular in Canada anymore. What is this 2015?

Can we just start calling this frenchie The Prince? It's blatantly obvious that he has no genuine affiliations to anything other than his own desire to power. It's actually amusing me.

This. He's pretty much Machiavelli's child.

sorry … i dont fucking drink syrup every day

Americans love that fruit. He still reminds me of Macron , must be some Quebec / French thing. They always seem so nice and happy in a sleazy way

Like as soon as you leave the room these guys will start kissing your wives

Is he that good?? …. help me out with come hints please. I thought the blonde lady was gonna give him a close one but he seems to have a strong hold on things.

France hasn‘t enough nigger.
Macron wants 200 million more

Allô Jaques

In a ironic way. Blackadder would be more appropriate, cunning plan.

what the fuck is this? Macron is a piece of shit who should be murdered along with Merkel and all other jewish puppet scum. pushing around migrants won't help any of the western countries which are already nigger infested shitholes, any sort of forced distribution would only infect so far resisting countries in the baltic and eastern europe. the only actual solution is the extermination of all shitskins on european soil. your shilling for Macron clearly shows that you don't belong here, and you are from one of the undesirable groups that should not be in europe

Someone is still salty over getting their asses handed to them decades ago. Never trust the frogs. This wouldn't be happening if someone was allowed to do the job that needed doing those many years ago. kek

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His every action is solely to his benefit for staying in power and gaining more of it. His image appeals to men without being intimidating to them, his image appeals just enough to middle aged women to appease them. He neither panders fully to the left, right, or minorities, while doing just enough to make sure that each side thinks that their own enemies are his own, while never actually bothering to push enough to change anything there. I can not see his agenda beyond self serving interests, yet he does not fall to the greed that is traditionally the downfall of self-serving politicians. Quite a fucking rarity this guy.

Yeah that would be a much preferable meme. Who's gonna do it?

The fuck are you talking about? France was more liberated by the Reich than any "liberation" since. If the majority had given a fuck, there would've been far more resistance.

This nigger is trying to appease the Italians, and European nationalists more broadly. The aim here is to deceive. It gives the Italians and the Greeks the feeling that their EU "allies" are listening to their concerns, as a means of allaying fears of infinity niggers overrunning their countries. "Yes, it's not fair; we'll take action to distribute them fairly," the proposal goes. But the real reason for doing this is to allow the floodgates to remain open. If you can sate the nervous countries on the extremities by promising them it won't be solely up to them to handle the load any longer, they're far less likely to complain about immigration. And if they're less likely to complain, that means immigration can continue unabated. Thus the outcome for Europe is still infinity niggers, only more evenly distributed to prevent the border countries from complaining.

Allahu ackbar, brother. I also stand with Macron and les juifs


I can add colours to the chameleon,
Change shapes with Proteus for advantages,
And set the murderous Machiavel to school.

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Fuck off jew.

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Wtf, I'm french and most of us hate him.
He was elected because the candaules who voted for him did everything to prevent Le Pen from becoming president (she's controlled opposition btw), they're just hypocrites, all of them.

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Shills for Soros.

This, without the objectionable words.

This. Macron worked for Rothschilds bank before becoming president, btw.

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LOL! I know only one person who doesn't hate him, no kidding, and that person is a tv zombie who believes anything tv says. The thing is Macron is the puppet of the rich mafiosi guys who control tv and newspapers in here, telling that he has support is a lie and part of their plan, and you would not believe how much propaganda shit these are full of by the way…

No he doesn't.

This reddit cunt doing the
-bullet point crap
-has got to fucking go
-because they will never belong.

yeah. god forbid text should actually be readable. fucking retard

Because got forbid we have ways of handling that already, woman.

The SS had units from many European nations including France.

They used kikes too, your point?

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My point would be that most of the jews that served them promptly went back to lording it over the Germans or fled to live comfortable lives in Israel and went on to speak ill of their former employers. Also jews aren't Aryan and you'd be hard pressed to find a full blooded jew serving in the SS, they were mischlings.

So you had no point except to reinforce what I said about not trusting frogs. Thanks moshe.

It's more respectable than being a useful idiot for others. Macron is an impressive person, that's a fact.

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Eat shit yid.

Yeah necrophelia is really impressive. Please kill yourself.

The Eiffel Tower literally has an interracial sex picture "Endless Sleep" by Cleon Peter at its base that represents white genocide!
The same picture series contains blacks cutting the throats of whites.
Macron is also a Jew, just like the (((populist))) Italian government and the current (((socialist))) Spanish government, all of them work towards white genocide!

hypebeast com/2016/9/cleon-peterson-endless-sleep-paris-eiffel-tower-nuit-blanche

mag.citizensofhumanity com/blog/2015/12/10/cleon-peterson/

THIS IS NO MEME!! (((THEY))) are trying to kill us!

Even the Saturn worshipers know better.

Junior grew some balls seems to me.

Wasn't the voter turnout last year a record low as well? Seems like a lot of French see thorough the kikery. Le Pen also fucked over her father, no doubt due to the influence of her half-kike boyfriend.


I mean politically he's probably one of the most powerful French leaders in forever. However the cost of this was a massive drop in voter turnout and the collapse of most major political parties.

He basically won because nobody else was willing to vote.

True. I believe full-blooded Jews were allowed to serve in the Wehrmacht.


They are whilst pretending they aren't.
Where's the mass deportations, fully loaded liners going back to africa, back to the middle east?
Drop the ones that say they came from africa at south africa, the ones that say they came from the middle east can go to yemen.
Until something of that nature happens the genocide does indeed continue with only the words of politicians that have forked tongues saying it's stopping.

I agree that more needs to be done to reverse the immeasurable damage that has been done to Europe. I can't believe that they let the EU grow into the monster that it is today.

It doesn't matter where they dock or end up, as long as it is yuropoor soil.
The european cucks are a lot better than the US cucks, at playing the placating game.

They'll do what they want, and spin it as though they are actually doing something for you, though they most assuredly are doing the opposite.

That is debatable.


Good job arguing over whose turn it is to take a swig of poison, Europe. Very entertaining.

SA doesn't deserve that they have enough problems without even more shitskins there looking to take it out on whites which they will target first. Drop them in Somalia.

Tell them they can take a wife with them if they leave. kek

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The Prince is a 16th-century political treatise by the Italian diplomat and political theorist Niccolò Machiavelli.
checked. great anons exploit synergy

Macron is just a rothschild puppet.

Macron is acting as a relief valve. If they increase their efforts to finish off Western Nations then they risk a violent uprising. They have ALREADY won the long game, and as such the timer is running out. Trump may be a wild card that can make some major changes but as it stands right now, the white man is on the endangered species list.

We HAVE to do something every single fucking day to expose the Jew and better ourselves. Even if all we do is sneak redpill links into reddit, we have to keep moving in that direction.

Come on Macaroni, you can do it.

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Macron is a strange beast. He keeps walking the gray line, he is NOT based but he is NOT a blatant leftist either.

he declares to be neither and always keep jumping between.

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I don't know what he's done that's so impressive but I'll support him when it favors *liberation* while keeping him close to the dustbin. He's probably not sure which side to bet on yet.

A minor distraction that wont result in the necessary mass expulsion of niggers and sandniggers necessary. A placation.

the shilling is heavy in this thread

France is already pozzed.

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This, he's played the game to get into a position, and he's playing it to hold it. He has no loyalties to our enemies, which means that all we must do is present him with a situation in which siding with /ourguys/ is the best choice for his own future. He will join the winning side as long as it suits him, which should be however long his term in office is.

Violence is the only solution. Kill white anti-whites first, them kill the rest of the anti-whites (jews get genocided in this part), them kill the rest of the other races.
Once we deal with those subhuman (excluding nords and slavs) we can finally go back at trying to genocide each other.
Also, death to (((america))) and (((anglos))).

What a great post, sure contributed to the thread, identified the shills, truly a great post from a great poster.

Politics is never as it seems to be on the surface, politics is always about 10 dimensional chess. That's why even if you support Jews in public to appease them, you could be plotting to out Jew the Jews. This is how a true master politician is.

>>Also, death to (((america))) and (((anglos)))
Retarded post if you don't mean the puppeteers. (Journos, Politicians, Universities), if you're talking about the common folk then you're just a jewy jew.

Oh, so exactly like Robinson (UK), Weidel (Germany AfD), Bannon (USA) and many others.

Wow, kike
Next time don't make it so obvious.

Fuck off, anime Nigger

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Zig Forums really has become jewish these days.

Amusement does not equate to that. You clearly know nothing of how politics actually works if you think that you must like someone to find them valuable to your own agenda.

Macron is the kike whose job is to stab Trump in the back. So he pretends to make some concessions.


I thought he was taking them? Who is being placated?


Macron is in noway valuable to my agenda, Isaac.

Interesting point you raise in the first part. Marine was the closest Western Europe has come to an Orban style "fence; fuck off" leader. He must be under orders from his yid masters to cling on by any means necessary. I think France even has some method of forcing an election with a "no confidence" vote (not 100% sure, though). If the FN timed one correctly they could grab power.

Macron is nothing but a puppet, a front figure for that astro-turf movement, paid and made by his (((financers))).
Macron is not even respect among his fellow puppets, as his numerous diplomacy failures and snubs he received have shown.

Macron is a weirdo. Married to an infertile hag that could be his mother. Her being just a “beard” cover for his homosexuality is not too far fetched.

Macron is evil as fuck and want to flood Europe with millions of nigger.

Weidel and Bannon are Goldman-Sachs, like Barroso and Draghi.

The jews think if (((they))) stop now the people of Europe will allow the Muslims slums to exist.

Eat eachother

How about: politics be politics. Panem et circeness: Yuropean edition.

Modern journalism and people who waste the time on it…

If not genocide then what is the point. They’re not retarded enough to believe the “diversity” bullshit they spout at press conferences. Illegal or legal is nothing but irrelevant semantics. The point is that millions are still coming legally and no one in Germany or France or Italy seems to care too much

I think your point would be accurate if Macron wanted to appease the Italian population, not the government.

So the Italian guy isn't actually doing shit that's good for Europe he wants to let the migrants flow in but change the EU law so that the country of entry (italy, greece) aren't the bearers of the economic hit?

Macron is just trying to keep voters by pretending he gives a fuck about keeping out muh rapefugees. He fears some new party coming out of nowhere like AfD, Lega, etc that will gain too much popularity.

Salvini is trying to stop the boats leaving in the first place. Multiple times has stated he wants to park the italian navy in front of Libya to stop the boats completely.

holy dubs but his mother/wife is pulling the strings on this one i'm afraid.


After Macron France will fall into a scenario like Italy right now, with either a union of the two "extreme left and extreme right" parties or a sacred union of the "right wings" parties, and then we will talk.

Hide ur power level kike!

Macron is playing both sides in a way that will bite him in the ass. He's hedging his bets because it's becoming obvious that the EU will collapse soon.

Off-hand and out of the field question, Is Kroc Blanc kiked or legitimate? Asking you and any other froggers. (Also fuck They seem like funny shitposters who are enjoying themselves and don't give a fuck what PC thinks which is why I kind of like it… Despite the noggered music and lyrics, they seem to be relatively alright from a non french-speaking individual? Trust me, i've decided to learn it along with my German but I have nobody to speak either languages with and lost the majority of it all at the age of 6.

t. French Hugenout, proud until death motherfucker. The frogs tried to kill us but we live on to this day!

t. FAURE, a soldier til my death.

Hope you fuckers can get a man with balls into France soon. Also, fuck the frog who cut off Ford (French Driver) in the 24 today. The Frenchman was driving the Porsche, had the name of an Italian and drove like a nigger. Very very distasteful to his fellow countryman.

And the more people see other countries standing up for themselves, the more likely they'll follow suit. The flaw in (((their))) plan was using the same tactics in all western countries.

Merkel is facing a vote of zero confidence at home. She's already fucked and this all started because some genius user had the idea to give out the addresses and phone numbers of political figures, media figures, academic figures who virtue signal support rapefugees to the rapefugees. The elites never planned or wanted to be culturally enriched themselves.

Link pls. I must have missed that.