Killing Europe - Documentary

This documentary quite literally makes me want to travel to Europe and take up arms against these 'migrants'.

They're enemy combatants as far as I'm concerned.

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Does it name the Jew?

It's normie friendly for your red-pilling enjoyment.

What.tje fuck does that mean? It doesn't name the Jew then? If not, then you can fuck off and die.


Need to log in to watch on yt.
Not doing that.

If it doesn't identify the force behind White genocide, it's worthless.

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Just because it doesn't name the Jew doesn't mean it's useless you fucking spergs.

GTFO kike shill,

I doubt anyone here has ever even seen a muslim in person, much less spoke to them even so much over the internet. That is because the muslims, black people, whatever, are a boogy man created by the Jew, who is more racist and tribalist than any other people on earth. If you buy into this crap and send it to normies, you are just doing the kikes a favor because they want everyone to be as racist and hate filled as they are.

and if all they do is name the jew then their message is to trap you

-Little Pat.
-Tommy Lumpkins

hes a shill not a sperg … hes a tommy shill

Yes it is. You can't talk about "killing Europe" without saying who is killing it. If you imply that it is muh islam, then you are even less than useless

I mean geez, most of this bullshit wasn't even relevant to political discussion until Obama's second term. Muslims, (all ethnicities for that matter) are our friends in this crusade against the kikes, just like the way it was during Hitler's time, because Hitler was probably the most anti racist leader involved in WWII. He wasn't a hate filled person at all.

Read the comments, it absolutely does.

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It means he wants shekels.

Remember, it's both.

False dichotomy.
Jews, blacks, muslums.
They are all the enemy.
While it is true that the kikes are the masterminds, in other words "the officers."
The "soldiers" (blacks and muslums, among others) are just as much the enemy.
Our goal must be White nationalism.
Our goal must be White countries for White people and only White people.
No half measures. No "reasonable" diversity. No "moderate" White genocide.
To hell with all that.


shia moslems that are geographically located in the middle east can be useful as anti-zionist militants but that's as far as it goes



Islam is the sword of jewry, Muhammad was a fucking jew, and the reason they send these disgusting inbred shitskins to Europe is because they know they can't control their base animal instincts and will utterly fucking ruin a civilized country in sufficient numbers. The kike may have sent you nasty brown fucks there, but they didn't force you to rape anything with a whole, murder, leech and turn every major city into a no go zone full of feces. You're disgusting, you will NEVER be our ally. You go with your jew masters.

Step 1: Demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt to the sleepy majority the fact that Europe is dying.
Step 2: Demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt to the sleepy majority the fact that Jews are killing Europe.

It's a two step process. This is why the lolberg-to-natsoc pipeline exists and not the boomer-cuckservative-to-natsoc pipeline. It is easier to demonstrate Jewish involvement and intent when the interlocutor already shares your prejudice against the opposition. Imagine telling a normie that Jews are overrepresented in their support for mass immigration. It wouldn't mean anything to someone who supports mass immigration except that you are a far right extremist nazi fascist anti semite. It would however mean something to someone like Ann Coulter, who has on occasion signaled a shallow grasp of the JQ as relates to the lying press and the mass immigration platform.

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Anger first, then the hard truth.

Hook it.

Secrets out. If you have cuckservative Orban calling them invaders, we're way past the point of still convincing people. The backlash will only increase the further (((they))) push muh diversity. All politicians have to do is point to greece and germany for any issue they want to avoid (EU/euro, nigger invasion, islam). Unfortunately, some had to die for the rest of europe to live.

The problem is that by focusing attention on Islam, you boost liberal and Jewish memes. Attacks on Islam almost always come from a liberal angle, like arguing that we need to get rid of Islam so that we can have more feminism and homosexuality. And obviously they end up supporting Zionism as well. So the emphasis must be put on race and on jews, otherwise it is no help.

This tbh.
Is there any way to frame the issue that doesn't let the viewer come away with a cucky impression like "my god these savage muslims want to kill our trannies and homosexuals. They must be stopped!" reinforcing their liberty-centric worldview. Removing people's freedom to be faggots is one of Islam's few redeeming qualities.

Then do it then.
Stop posting these fucking videos if it just pisses people off. We have seen them all before.

This guy is your enemy. Be aware.

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jews always try to sell solutions to problems they cause:

>don't like JIDF (((kalergi))) plan?


Jews want to bring about the end time - 'GOG VS MAGOG" - Islam vs. West and kill of both of their competing groups at the same time!

Who financed the high quality "With open gates" movie and who was able to do all the drone recordings?
Who organized the meeting of Muslims at the cologne train station?
The same people who run the refugee NGOs - CIA and Mossad!

They want you to die fighting people who are just pawn so that (((they))) can buy real-estate afterwards for cheap!

Read the jewish prophecies! Everything that is happening right now from culture to immigration is forced by Jews and their Mason dogs to bring about the end times!

Don't fight the gun! Fight the guy holding it to your head!

That's why I liked the "white sharia" and "white jihad" memes because they really short circuited that liberal response and put the focus back on race where it belongs.

Whilst true, keep in mind it is a trait of all merchants - the desire to create a new hunger, for a product only you can sell.

It's always the jew. Why the fuck else do you think they've been kicked out of every nation they've inhabited?

Yes it is you alt-kike mongoloid.

I hear you. Douglas Murray for example, a very dextrous speaker, but I can't help but shut off when he goes on about anti-Semitic hate crimes by the incompatible mudslimes. It's the kikes that are the cause of the Strange Death of Europe.

how about you
1) move out of your moms basement
2) do something for your country

why the fuck are you such a europe white knight loser


I see tommy is not getting any love locally so he has to convince people abroad

how about you recruit some of those foreign muslims, jews are good at that I hear

what really happens:
- W&A become friends because Arabs give a shit about social justice etc, thus reigniting the flame in whitey
- Arabs teach whitey the truth about the holohaux, remove all jewish power
- Arabs show whitey how to hit on women, she makes white babies and some mixed Arab babies. Mixed babies will introduce Islamic banking into Europe, destroying jewish usury
- Gypsy steals shit - Arabs cuts of his hand, whitey starts to like white sharia

Whites & Arabs/Persians united! Kikes BTFO
But South Africans have to go obviously, the only thing that they contribute is HIV and tuberculosis…

Checked. This is the most Jewish thing I have ever seen. That's why you need to name the Jew. Otherwise people have to come up with these weird complex explanations that make no sense. It's sort of like trying to explain black crime without acknowledging race differences. "Ah, well, it's because of poverty and LBJ's welfare state and white privilege and the war on drugs" and so on.