What did Elon mean by this?



M*rxist butthurt in the comments is also worth checking out

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There's only one kind of "socialism" that fits his description

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what about just poor white folks…kill the rest off including the rich.

You are doing harm to your people if you give aid to disgenic whites. Only the best whites should foster in any white nation.
This, of course, excludes non-whites and jews from the game. If the nation is not homogeneous, then there's not even a starting point for eugenics.

Is he dare I say it, our guy?

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Thats the wrong mindset.
Rather than saying 'we must ensure only the best foster young', you should be aiming to improve the volk such that more of the people fall into that category.
I have little interest in telling Whites who are not the elite top 10% that they cannot breed, I am interested in turning them into the equivalent of the present top 10% elite, thereby elevating the volk as a polity.

Eugenics is a hazardous thing, as many traits are linked without our full knowledge, and in the wrong hands it can bring tragedy of epic scale.

Heil. I wonder if he redpilled Grimes yet.


I don't know if he's /ourguy/, but there's no doubt in my mind that Elon knows the truth of this world. He's too rich and powerful not to know, especially after Soros attempted a hostile takeover of his business. I hope Elon makes Mars a white ethnoplanet, we'll conquer space yet!


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-is ok with lying
-think he actually knows and should have the power to enact law that is "the greatest good for all"

If someone thinks they can get some attention a good tweet would be.

"whats the greatest good for every race/religion in america? Is a government that forces its ideas on the populace good? Fuck technocratic dictators"

that wasnt for all that was for a select few, and then they tried to make it happen across the world and then they lost. Its one thing to admire the Nazi its another to actually want to bring it back. Youre more of a fanboy than a revolutionary.

Its really time to get serious and not just post images. You might still be in school. I would suggest get ready for next semester and graduate the top of your class. Then youll have a better chance in creating that image.

A Socialist but not a Marxist… National Socialist? Musk is playing with fire.

Time to go back to reddit, faggot


My point is that he's obviously implying something (>>11729789)

But that IS good.
The problem is that the government in question is NOT good, so it 'forces' the idea of trannies and fag marriage and miscegenation and debt slavery.

Would a government that 'forced' the idea that such things are degenerative and unacceptable be good?

There isn't one, because the US is not a nation of people forming a civic country, but multiple nations stuffed into a single country, and what is to the benefit of one nation is not necessarily to the benefit of all others.
The same is true of religions, obviously, as what is best for christcucks is not what is best for kikes is not what is best for muzzies.

The US is a joke in this regard.

full thread

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Isn't that a literal quote from Hitler?



It's real!

(and you know it, you fucking liar)

Hey shithead, I think reddit is more your speed. Run along now and do whatever lolberg bugmen faggots like you do. Zig Forums is a NatSoc board.

Beat me to it. National Socialism =/= Marxist Socialism. Anyone conflating the two is either an ignorant low IQ moron or a subversive piece of shit. Either way, they deserve the oven.

Sage because I'm still not convinced that Elon Musk is anything but a narcissistic charlatan cocksucker and until he does something to definitively prove me wrong I'm not interested in what stunt of the month he pulls on Twitter or elsewhere.

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Link me to the last tweet in that line. I cant find it.

Did find this though.

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explain … I thought it was well established that free people dont want to be goverened by an elite no matter how smart they are.

That its this freedom which defines the government as good.

A government that does not allow its people to be free is a dictatorship. And there is no good dictatorship.

This is the idea that society can be engineered , measured and molded to a rules whim and that this is ok.

If you can respond with something decent Ill assume that you are an honest person. Other wise Ill assume that you are from reddit and that you are the faggot not me.

This shit is simple idiot, what are you even thinking?
What good ideas are good enough to be forced on the poplace?

Gun control … force everyone to have a gun or no one gets a gun. That idea alone shows that you idiots clueless and oblivious to the world.

Im a billionaire with a company that just had to lay off 3500. I know whats best for everyone.

There goes the tweet boys:
"How many people would you lay off from america with your socialism tech emperor supreme?"

Nice try nigger but you weren't subtle enough to make that remotely believable.

lel you're a special kind of gullible moron if you think Elon Musk is publicly tweeting out Hitler quotes verbatim.

Sorry lol. I didn't notice the last line ffs

sorry, see:


You're on an *imageboard* my friend. I'm also not sure why you sized me up based on a gondola I posted and came to that conclusion about me that you did.

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Thanks for proving without a shadow of a doubt that you belong on plebbit swapping stories about dragon dildos and dank weed with the rest of the degenerates.

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Back at reddit, where you came from maybe


Wrong. Only dictatorship is good.

It pretty obviously can. And it is ok.

only thing stronger than a jew shill is a musk shill
"My speed mate" what are you talking about. You have no argument.

Nationali Socialism is a cancer.
Marxist Socialism is a cancer.
Not the same but both useless cancer.

Both are closed minded , top down control ideoloigies.

America is capitalism and freedom.

You are too dumb to be elite, learn to make a point idiot

well thats like your opinion man

but you are welcome to explain instead of being a cunt

Ok, this is pretty great.

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no argument … everyone arguing for a dictatorship has nothing to say except

"go back to reddit fag …. my pickle rick IQ is off the charts"

report me fag

America is a Jewish shit hole that needs to be demolished.

The important thing is you tried.

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Seeing how Elon (Madoff jr) Musk has taken over 5b in public money are you suprised? He's NEVER made a profit in anything!!!.

wew laddie

My argument is that on the DOTR lolbergs like you get the rope right alongside capitalists, commies, and kikes. Now eat a fucking bullet.

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Do mutts tell themselves that every night before sleep?

Uh. I recognize a lot of that. Like I think it might be a quote from Hitler himself. The bit about the difference between Marxist Socialism not valuing the individual in specific. I know I've read that before somewhere.

This is the burger freedom. White people forced to live with niggers at gun point.

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Youre retarded for thinking rand didnt hate jews herself. She couldnt stand bolsheviks you nigger.

I'm just asking where you're coming from, not sure why you can't engage in a conversation without going on the offense.

It's not about being 'smart', you idiot, it's about serving the populace, the people.

Not at all.

You don't even know where the concept of a dictator comes from, do you?
It's from Rome. A dictator was a position, filled in times of need, and there were most definitely 'good' dictatorships.
The modern use of the term is a falsehood, it instead is used to refer to what ought properly be term tyrants, the terms being not at all synonymous.

It can be, and it is.

Five examples:
-homosexuality is a mental illness
-no fault divorce is societal poison
-miscegenation is unacceptable
-granting women political franchise helps no one
-usury is evil

Those are two extremes of the spectrum of possibilities.

Nobody but you has suggested as much.

< "she"

Tiresome tbh

A self-hating jew who still behaves like a subversive jewish rat?
Whoever heard of such a thing!?

Elon Musk is a con artist who faggots like because he makes their balls tingle with his science fiction nonsense. He siphons money from gullible investors, generally people who don't even realize that they are investors. The two best examples are Tesla, where people have paid to be on waiting lists for years for the right to purchase one of the damn things. Then there's his various pie in the sky infrastructure plans that he has gotten city and state governments to give him money for before even delivering a working model of what he plans to do, so he actually is the kind of socialist he pretends not to like. Even more than that, Tesla gets huge grants from California because their cars are all electric, but the process for making the batteries is just as bad for the environment as operating an internal combustion engine.

She was a Zionist and a (((capitalist))) m8. She loved Jews.

Pretty funny if true.

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I don't care. He made a car that drives itself. Nobody else really has one 8^)

It's not about the environment, you stupid kike. The fucking point is that we can convert cheap and plentiful US coal into a petroleum alternative, for most uses.

Wow, rude.

She WAS a jew for fucks sake…

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I'm sorry did I upset you by insulting your favorite jewess author, you utter faggot? Lots of kikes hate other kikes, you bellend. That doesn't make them any less ovenworthy or dangerous to the White race. Are you seriously trying to argue that Ayn Rand was pro-White?

For the Nth fucking time:


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Yep, it's a kike alright:

Life isn't that simple. Of course there are "good jews". There are also shit white people, haven't you fucking figured that out?! Obama is a white person, you know, according to the one drop rule.

You're gonna have a bad time here if you believe that.

yea I understand you have your own desires and that you are ok with forcing them on others. Thats good for you but that is a different idea than a general Good Government. We fight against this cause its fragile and usually produces alot of waste.

Would you seriously pay tax dollars to have a "Make sure they are not a tranny check up" and any tranny dies if they dont pass the test. Top down govs, dictatorships always require tons of bureaucracy that wastes resources and time. I know you say that money well spent but thats where you have to realize. Its not YOUR money and many people are not going to want to pay for your government. Your government is already worse in that it requires more money from its populace because of the extra laws you want to enforce. And this is not even getting to the laws you want to enforce just cause you are too closed minded and insecure to let other do what they want with their lives.

Is weed ok to smoke? Is beer ok to drink? Can a boy wear a pink shirt? You are seriously going to pay money to enforce stupid shit. That why Soviet Union went bankrupt. Top down waste of money.

I think thats a pretty simple way to put it but ill let you expand on what you mean by "joke"

One nickname for America is "the great experiment". Basically the notion that if america cant find peace withing its borders then the world cannot find peace becuase America is a microchoism of the world. All races all religions.

You are not Elon Musk and this question was ment for a tweet for him. But I understand your candid answer.

Fuck every religion. Its impossible to make everyone happy, take care for your own. I think thats pretty weak but you are like 1 smart dude out of 100 Musk shill cucks.


prove it

Whites are literally the only people who care about the environment, you faggot. Letting jew propaganda convince you that being "conservative" means hating everything green just makes you a dupe.

He's a jew pretending to be a tryhard internet nazi to derail the conversation. Don't feed it (you)s.

This is a shill.

There are no good Jews.

In Starship Troopers, there is a discussion of the phrase, "The best things in life are free".
The conclusion is that the phrase is technically true, in that you cannot obtain the best things in life with money, but innately false, in that the cost is instead struggle and hardship and it is never 'free' in this capacity.

In a similar sense, "there are no good Jews" is technically false, in that a good Jew MAY exist somewhere as an extremely rare instance, but innately true, in that the subversive risk inherent in accepting any given jew as 'good' is far far too great to be worthwhile in any instance.

fuck off leddit

I dont know at all what you mean by "serving". Taking away their right to chose what they want to do. Controlling and forcing them to do what you think is right. Deciding the resources of the land by force.

This is not serving your people this is enslaving your people.

And so you prove once again that Socialism and Communism are mechanisms for people to obtain slave rule once more.

And its not about being "smart" … so are you also saying its ok for a socialists ruler to fucking be dumb? What the fuck are you getting at. How is socialism good at all. How will socialsim work without forcing peple to do its bidding.

Excellent quote, because it shows how the bullshit works. The real truth is "socialism for us kikes, anarchy/oppression for the goys".

Think about the anti-Trump shills - HERE!!! (the fact they shill against Trump HERE is all the clue you need…) - who are obviously Mossad agents. They inform that Trump is totally their own, the kike's own.

Now, is Rand confusing in her claim that we should have a ruthless governmental system (with very low taxation)?

Of course not. It's all quite easy. kikes can be summarized in 3 points:

First, the desires of the kike, which are two:
1. defiling
2. stealing
And, these being the sum total of the kike's moral code, we derive:
3. lying

So they lie so as to steal and to degrade/defile/destroy.


No, newfag. There really aren't. Even the "good" ones are pure cancer and need to be exterminated. If you don't understand why that is, you need to shut the fuck up and lurk more.

And Barry Soetoro isn't a White person either. He's half nigger half kike. You'd know that already if you weren't an utter fucking newfag. Now don't post again for two years.

Suckstart a shotgun, lolberg.

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What an absolute sick cunt.
He's a bit of a douche but there has been a few instances where he seems pilled hard.

Natsoc Mars colony 2022.

Maybe he just understands himself

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no but he can be an emo all he wants
because that shit is fucking hot

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You will never be white.

No, it's not a "subversive risk" to be a fucking human, an actual fucking white man, a man of science, of intellect, of analysis, most of all:

I shall state firmly, you are not a human, with me, should you deny me this sacred right: to my patrimony, which is to be STRATEGIC.

but this is all anecdote and speculation.
"rare instance" … jews are rare within themselves , what fucking data are you even talking about

all races have their shitters mate … you are one

Fuck off yid.

Did you actually come from Reddit? This is exactly what I expect from their ilk.

im not clicking that

You prove there are, cunt.

Went looking for a source and what I claimed is slightly hyperbolic, a Swedish study claims that building the batteries for a Tesla is equal to operating an ICE for 8 years, but that is based off Swedish standards, where people drive less and use more ethanol for fuel. For Americans, who drive more and use dirtier fuel, it's more like 4-6 years. Still not very impressive when you consider that those batteries are likely to be the first part of the car to wear out.

ive heard that about solar panels too
but are we talking a one-time pollution to create them? how does that weight against the constant pollution of gas engines?

Oh, I can't wait, Elon.

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What exactly is universal basic income? Everyone gets 500$ per month no matter what?

Nigger what the fuck are you doing

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IIRC, it was the cost to produce and then dispose of the (highly toxic) batteries once they're used up.

Basically. Lots of people will oppose it on the basis of it basically being (the wrong kind of) Socialism, but the real danger is that it means a vast majority of the population will be 100% life-or-death dependent on the government for literally everything in their lives. The Soviets used this system to punish wrongthink by reducing your rations for improper public displays (criticism of the state).

Imagine your livelihood depended on having the highest possible Good Goy points, and stepping out of line effectively gets you demoted and pay cut at your job. And there are no other jobs. That's your life. Forever.

pretty much
it replaces government welfare

No, that's you.
YOU have personal desires and believe you ought be 'free' to pursue them.
My sole desire is that my people prosper and their society flourish.
If, to achieve such, people like you must be restricted from hazardous personal desires, so benit.
Yeah, so are you.
To be free, truly free, is to be free to impose upon others, for any reason, good or ill.
You feel you ought have that ability. I feel your freedom to pursue personal desire ends where it becomes a hazard to the society.

Again, that's you. You feel a 'good' government is one that doesn't inhibit you pursuing personal desire, regardless of consequence.
I feela 'good' government is one that allows you to pursue personal desire within the realm of action which does not harm the volk.
Speak for yourself.
Prove it.

Why are you being so obtuse? Oh, right, lolberg.
There is no need for such invasiveness, simply enforce that trannies are mentally ill and deal with them accordingly as context demands, as you would any other mentally ill person (by trying to ge them help). I would be glad for my tax dollars to go to such an end.

You've just described every successful society on Earth.

And? That's the nature of taxation.
And frankly, millions upon millions of people WOULD want to pay for 'my' government, as described.

You are either not very bright, or being purposefully obtuse.
I mean, 'extra laws'? How is replacing a law that says those who oppose homosexuality must be kept in check different from a law saying those promoting homosexuality must be kept in check?
Seems like it'd be cheaper in the latter, given there are fewer fags, no?

And, there it is: You just want to be 'free' to be a degenerate, and you want the 'good' government to protect you against being imposed upon, eve as you impose upon others.

In both cases, with regulation, yes.
Why not?
I already am.
Nit at all true.

i don't blame you, you might turn gay

I don't know. A corporation that would offer for 500$/month a bed and food in a mega complex could be feasible if enough people would be willing to give up their 500$ basic income to that corporation.

Good things could come out of this if the government just pays up the 500$ and stays out of it like forcing diversity and other regulations on the corporations offering full services in exchange for the monthly universal income money.

Well socialism, in any form, is the antithesis of political freedom and independence (that is, you can live without direct infringement from government, like we used to be able to do in most regards 100 years ago), so his politics are shit to me. Just another Nordcuck. I'll take my founding fathers over your Hitler and this faggot's whatever any day of the week. The only proper system is one that pits the government as a system to benefit people, not dictate to people. In such a system natural, instinctive Nationalistic social views will come to the surface, because they won't be artificially restricted by legal consequences, or inorganic funding of opposing ideals. If government exerts influence on a society, that society is doomed to fail. A government exists to be influenced to the benefit of a society and that's it. The only reason faggots, niggers, beaners, women etc. are a problem is because government has been expanded, which is necessary in a socialist system, to exert influence and power over the people. Population displacement wouldn't be a problem in a system where the government lacked the capacity to dictate. In a proper free system, social views take precedence over governmental dictation, and thus Nationalism reigns supreme. In a system in which government is empowered to dictate, no one has any say. If not at first, eventually the worst will come true. Fuck socialism!

Yeah, I walked back some of what I said right above you. But has part of it, the batteries are reusable, but those batteries do fail eventually, just like a laptop or phone battery. When they do, they're toxic, and there's some edge cases where they might fail before they "pay back" their carbon emissions.

I already did. It's right there in the post you were responding to.
I'll reiterate, because you're either dull or a bad faith actor:
A 'good' government is not one which prioritizes freedom, but one which maitains the balance between espousing freedom and upholding duty.
That is to say, a 'good' government 'governs' the people such as to maintain the society in a healthy state for the benefit of the people, NOT one which allows total freedom from responsibility or which promotes that which is degenerative/harmful to the people and thereby the society.

Yes, it failed miserably, becoming the joke I described previously.
This is a joke, in that there is no way for a 'good' government to exist here, for to be good is to serve the nation, and how can you serve many nations whose interests are all in conflict? You cannot.

Absolutely ridiculous.
Like saying that because you cannot share a house with someone without conflict, that they could thus not be your neighbor or live in your neighborhood without equivalent conflict.

Fair enough.


I mean, if that's our use case, we could just do Communism and be fine.

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First he exposes the jewish media and now he goes full NatSoc. What more will 2018 bring us?

Gas yourself kike.

It's depressing that we didn't "wait for Hitler, bro", so that we could have had Musk instead of Trump.