Asian race mixing

This isn't a thread that is promoting race mixing

Now onto the actual discussion. I think that whites will go extinct because of race mixing with Asians. You see the more we race mix with Asians the more we both become diluted. The main offenders of this are the Chinese who constantly would rather fuck a white man than their own kind. Now you may say that this behaviour is degenerate. It is from a white's point of view. Unfortunately it is a different story for Asians.

Asians going after whites is actually natural. Whites are stronger and more masculine than Asians and we are genetically similar enough to them that they can stand being in our presence. So it's natural that the women would go after the white men even if they are beta's. This is similar to how the neanderthals were wiped out. The problem though is that it dilutes white genes and can destroy our race. You can already see this happening.

Whites are starting to go out with Asians in large numbers because they are looking better compared to current white women. I wonder (((who))) is responsible for this. Since even the lowest members of our race will go out with Asians. Unfortuantely the Jews are using feminism to corrupt white women and this makes men move over to the better alternative which is Asians. Obviously Asians are more than willing because their child while a mutt should theoretically have a stronger gene than if they kept to Asians. This at its core is natural replacement. Unlike niggers who no white man with even a shred of respect would go out with Asians are traditional and this makes them attractive partners for raising a child.

Well how do we stop this?

It's obvious but we remove (((them))) from power. We deal with the Jews and then fix our woman. Its not impossible but the future is looking pretty bleak if we don't stop this. We need to brainstorm some idea's on getting the Jews grasp on power reduced thus we can halt or maybe even stop our demographic replacement. We still have the luxury of a majority white Europe so this isn't impossible. We need to act and act quickly otherwise (((they))) win because we won't have the resources and the majority white advantage.

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But that's worng you fuckign retard, the "mutt vigor" shit doesn't apply to humans, we're not overly inbred dogs.

This threads is fucking shit and you should killl yourself.

The femasian menace is a big threat to the existence of white peoples, in addition to the elite's population replacement programs and anti white propaganda, of course.

In the current atmosphere on social media, we can market to the insecurities psyops programs have given young whites regarding racemixing, using Asian women's insatiable and astounding desire for white men as a hook, and then, from that, promote a wholesome, fast food version of racial identity.

I believe this phrase has roots and can be seeded to spread relatively far

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We are no more "genetically similar" to Mongoloids than we are to Negroids. They are a different race entirely.

It has seemed to me, although I certainly don't know anything concrete, that hapas are a particularly damaged hybrid. They really seem to suffer from mental disorders at a much higher rate than whites and asians.

sage negated

Race = Breed, if not Species

This thread = Shit

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>It's obvious but we remove (((them))) from power.
Yes let's just overthrow the entire world order and replace it with ourselves. We can use this completely public, anonymous, unfunded imageboard as a core platform. Why didn't we think of this before.




also sage, anime is not an artform.

Yes, but I don't think you understand the sheer amount of manpower, resources, and especially EXPERTISE that this is going to require. We're going to need highly skilled, highly talented, highly educated people in great numbers, who are all extremely motivated to devote great amounts of time into a movement that has no profit and that has very risky consequences.

Realistically, what we CAN actually accomplish for the time being is the ORGANIZED and PRIVATE manipulation of social media to facilitate the dissemination of counter narrative ideas regarding racial identity and politics in general.

Well thats not exactly the largest factor right now but yes, its contributing to white genocide.

>It's obvious but we remove (((them))) from power.
Thanks cuckchan, thanks for this amazing contribution and for moving us forward. Thank god we finally have a non-shitpost thread and something productive is done again.

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Nothing wrong with fugging qt Azns tbh

how about OP starts without posting anime.

if he wants to be taken seriously regarding a subject about whites mixing with yellow niggers, he should probably not use the shit they create to make whites fall in love with their shit culture.


I wish Hitler was alive to enact Aktion T4 on all subhumans.

Not with astroturfing controlled opposition you cant. Good luck getting past the initial stages of arguing with shills, and then thats if they dont start the plan themselves and intentionally hijack the board for some lefty/pol/ issue as if its some 12D chess move to shoot ourselves in the foot.

Its not even really racemixing either

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Hapas have their merits compared to pure Asians but I think soon zipperheads will catch up to the fact that the mental and emotional instability that comes with the package is not only not worth the gains but is even more incompatible with the robotic hivemind culture bugpeople have than it is to Whites' hyper-individualism.

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Its obviously racemixing and the child is asian and not white, so its white genocide. Its also double white genocide because white women dont like half asian half white men, so the genetics are totally lost forever.

Fine with me. But their culture is not shit. Don't be a fool. The ability to recognize your peers and your betters is a valuable skill.

Yeah call me when Russia or Poland or whoever bans rap music like China did


We outnumber the shills. That's exactly why we need to start splitting off from these big goyfarm websites, and managing and being members of our own, small, exclusive communities of, say, 10 or so people. Very hard for shills to break into that. Just TONS of additional work for them. Then we can collectively organize to take back websites like this, which we currently do not even control.

Eastern Asians were not classified as subhumans by Reich laws.

Come on nigger. Give me a timestamp, or at least a fucking three sentence summary.

Reminder that japs DO NOT LIKE halfbreeds, and they're generally not considered japanese by their peers, they're also not considered white.
Having no clear culture and being divided between two different groups will take a toll on your mental state.

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There aren't that many Asians in the US or Europe. In the US, miscegenation with spics is the most common, most likely followed by niggers. In Europe, it's mostly moslems and niggers. Maybe in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, mass-miscegenation with whites is a primary concern, but mostly it's a trend among beta males due to the "muh pussy" meme. Nigger women actually have tighter vaginas than gook women because niggers have the smallest brains and thus the smallest heads and thus their vaginas don't need to be as wide. Asian women's vaginas, like white women's vaginas, are relatively loose because both races have large brains and therefore large heads.

I'm fairly sure what that user meant was that the bit he greentexted was nonsense (it is) and the user who posted it must have been a subhuman to make such a dumb statement, so he should been Aktion T4'd.

Just two? stop with the D&C

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How can it be racemixing if it's between two Aryans? Non-commie Chinks, Japs and Nork Gooks are all East Aryans tbh.

Genetics shape the the ego. Most goyim actually believe they're the ego. That's why (((they))) keep calling the goyim souless gentiles, because most of the goyim believe they're a piece of meat.

Oh you don't know what you're talking about that explains it

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Damn this is a gay as that Japanese thread. Just because you a fat weeb that is in are in love with a fucking cartoon character doesn't mean that it's okay to have a kid with an Japanese woman. Because we someone on here says any positive about Asian it's always about Japanese because when you aren't on here pretending to be a Neo-Nazi your rubbing it out to an anime.

What D&C, you motherfucking dumbass?
I was talking about hapas, so divided between japs and whatever country the white half comes from.

Its anti American to say someone who has ancestry from two different countries is a mutt.

Youre the nigger.

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The thread, as shitty as I think it might be, was not promoting racemixing but the contrary, in fact.
You must be a special kind of fruit to be this stupid.

Yet you still bumped it, dumbass.

The #1 way that the western elite have ruled over the populations for the last 2000 years has been by selling them bullshit about God, heaven, and the soul. And even, many of they believed it themselves. You are mistaken

Spirituality and (((religion))) is not the same thing.

Again, I was talking about hapas, there's clearly a difference between trying to integrate two (or more) white cultures and trying the same with an asian and white one.
That being said…
Fuck the US, you fuckers have been the biggest kike golem for quite a while now (almost putting the eternal anglo to shame), fucking over others all over the world at the behest of your masters.

Spirituality is a less defined and a less autocratic religion, without institutional organization and political power. It's promoted as superior to religion because of this, but in essence it is the exact same bullshit. At least the old religions maintained the pretext of valuing humility and austerity. This new age horsecrap is all about selfishness and greed, lock step with consumer culture, flavored with cosmic delusions of grandeur inspired by hallucinogenic intoxication.

The jewluminati brainwashed us, they brainwashed them, and in enough time they'll brainwash everybody. It's their way. They don't rule because we are less than you; we just happened to be born into the systems where they currently were building their empire. They rule because THEY are the masterrace. The jewish and white families of the secret, occult elite: they are of a different class of genetics. There's no accident to their supremacy. On "fair" terms, they would outwit our asses too, but they play as dirty as they can because we outnumber them 100,000,000 to 1.

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Don't just spam silly memes, man. We have enough of that stupid shit. Take it to shitchan. Post like an adult. Say something. This isn't just a smaller kikechan where you can get more attention because there's less people. Actually contribute to the conversation.

You're confusing (((new age hippie bullshit))) with actual spirituality (which is exactly what they want you to do). Spirituality is a neverending journey of truth, knowledge and self discovery. Just look at Israel's flag. It's babbys first truth right there.

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Eat shit wang.

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Our religion is the survival and prosperity of the race. That's what we need to focus on and be concerned with. Jordan Maxwell is a fucking shill

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Good luck fighting the cyberdemons :^)

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Mainland Chinks all deserve a nuking.

That's percent of people intermarrying not how many interracial marriages there are. If you take a smaller part of a small number it is a still a small number. Sage for obvious 4cuck blackpill thread.

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The fuck are they doing?

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This is an act they put on. Ask anyone that is married to one. Once married, they turn into leeches that won't put out and will boss you around endlessly all the while harboring resentment and hatred for everyone since damn near everything is a reminder to them that they aren't white and will never be white and that the guy that they are with is only with them because he settled and could not get a white woman or that she is a walking talking embodiment of his fetish.

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I think op is trying to say that their child would be stronger than a full Asian child because whites are bigger and stronger.

Yeah, and his child would have no connection with the ancestors of either peoples, Euros or East Asians on top of the fact the woman would be passing on the genes and behavior of a size queen. Race mixing is disgusting.

True but asians don't think that for whatever reason (their love for white cock being the reason).
They throw themselves at lower, loser whites, creating this background noise of "asians wimmens are the best" that even the regular whites start buying into. In short, such race-mixing ought to be shamed left and right, exposed front and center.


No tell ancient secret!

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Fuck off kike.

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Kill yourself faggot.

The problem is that whitshe are genetically more attractive to Asians than actual Asians so really they would go over to whites if given the option.

White don't know how I fucked that up

Disinfo blackpill thread 150% confirmed

Mods bump lock this 4cuck thread already

I have already secured a large plot of seaside land in North Korea and intend to build a large classic hanok compound and live with a dark haired beauty like Dong Yi and have many babies.

fuck off Zig Forums

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I wasn't done reading the thread when I posted them.

North Korea is the Best Korea and my Dong Yi will be a Princess too.

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It wouldn't.

Indeed, they get the worst of both worlds.

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I agree with this I even said in the OP I am against race mixing but at the end of the day we need to convince other whites that it is a major issue and I think that a convincing argument could be to show them statistics of mutts and why that shows that intermixing with the other races is not only a bad idea because it ruins their heritage but also that it causes numerous issues for the child as he/she grows.

I know. This will become a more prevalent issue in the future however so I thought it would be a good idea to bring it up.

The child is neither Asian or white it is merely a mutt. This is why this is a problem in the first place.

really faggot? mutts are always worse than purebred humans, mentally, physically or even both. Instead of spreading disinfo why don't you spread info of diseased half-breeds like these to DISCOURAGE asians and whites alike from racemixing.

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Very valid point. Op get your shit together.


Don't use an apostrophe if you don't understand how it works.
On a more related note, the simple solution is to just get rid of the yid. Once the kikes are gone preferably dead then all other problems become piss easy to fix.

No, what will happen is extreme eugenics, in a way. Only whites who are really race-aware will survive in the long run; thus, all future (pure) whites will be race-aware, and from there numbers will slowly rise again.

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I think people who would consider dating an asian woman are just as defective as those who consider dating a nog…Chinese especially…they are the 'jews of the orient' (I agree with this statement AND the Japanese think they are mongrels as well, though they believe at one time they were a distinct people but now mostly just genetic pig slop). Anyway…all race mixers are destroying the most precious thing they could ever possess the genetic heritage of their people, so how can we 'value' one disgusting race mixed trash over another…they are all equally shit tier genetic flotsam with no culture and history.

Too late for that personally. Half my parents' wedding gifts were Chinese illustrated porcelains and mounted lepidopterans with chinese description for some reason. My whole fucking childhood was filled with orientbooism and sinitic imagery.

Polite sage for blogpost.

asians are white

The number of white-spic couples in the US is much, much higher than the number of white-asian couples. The fact that asian women are the most likely does not change the fact that they're a relatively small minority compared to spics that are like a third of the population.

The focus needs to be on preventing white women from race mixing, it is their wombs that are needed to birth white babies. There is no shortage of white men willing to impregnate them. The general primitiveness, lack of intelligence, lack of empathy, and STD rates among the darker non-whites are all great issues to push to deter women from wanting to mix with them. Negroid STD rates and general shitskin animal cruelty are great issues to push, as while women like to be sluts, they don't want to be known as that girl that has yellow pus dripping from her cunt, and they don't want innocent doggos and the like to suffer either. Aside from generally deterring white women from mixing, we need to push them towards early marriage and early, extensive procreation.

What about Jackie Chan? He has a hapa, half German. Definitely couldn't achieve that physique with full mongoloid ancestry, he needed some Teutonic test. Hapas have really bad psychological issues, though.


They're honorary. Not full. Quit your deceit, kike. You know damn well that Adolf intended nothing of the sort when he dubbed them as such.

You guys might hate this, but Asians do have pretty high IQ, they're on par with us in terms of intelligence. The only real difference is in their culture, and the fact that it's more feminine and a bit less empathetic.

But I think in terms of preserving the productivity of the human race goes, white women are best, and we should try to salvage them, but I think mating with an Asian woman is the next best thing. We'd be better off with a hapa kid instead of having a niglet running around.

I am a product of what you speak of OP. My Black/Filipino father procreated with my WOP/Mick Mother and made me. I have impregnated my white woman with my children, and I have further created hybrids. Whites are going to be over.

Between the white males fetishizing Asian women and the black and brown men taking the white women, your kind will be like the white of a painter's palette. Something to make a color a little lighter, rarely used on its own, rarely seen on its own. Move into the future.

I'm one of those beta "losers" with a Chinese wife. In comparison to my previous white gfs, my wife is better at cooking, more caring and affectionate, and more sexually energetic.
I did honesty try to find a decent white woman, who would be a good mother and be free of genetic defects.

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I've been saying for years, the secret to asian female sensuality it the squat toilet.

I'm almost certain I'll regret asking but why?

It's like you want to be anchored, cuck.


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Kill yourself.

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