Brown eyes

So Zig Forums, why exactly do we look down on whites with brown eyes and hair?

I have green eyes with brown hair, I just don't understand why we're driving away normies by following something that's only aesthetically more pleasing to look at, and even that's debatable.

Varg is a wellfare leeching shill that only wants to devide our people even more. If you seriously think the original Europeans had blue eyes then you're delusional and should probably do your homowork on ancient Europeans.

Just look at European history, the vast majority Europeans of note had brown hair and eyes. By making all of them none white blue eyed ones basically become the subhumans.

Goebbels and other nazi's had brown hair and eyes. Not to mention very few actual nazi leaders looked like the tall blond and blue eyed demi gods they supposedly only wanted in Europ to be.

So? Why? Many normies with brown eyes and hair will not go full 14/88 in a fear of being gassed themselves.

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B-but only blonde haired blue eyed Aryans are h'whyte!

Give 1 example of that happening. Sage for obvious D&C thread.

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We don’t. Go fuck yourself, yid. You can't craft consensus here.

Kill yourself D&C kike.

Are you denying people here making nordcuck threads describing everyone who isn't blond and blue eyed as subhumans who should be gassed?

Not to mention the fact photo's with whites having brown eyes generally get comments such as


here's your fucking example degenerate mongoloid

Look up rhesus negative.
I'll let you in on a little secret, people with blue eyes can see things that others cant.


Please fuck off with this nordicentrist larp bullshit

Most of Hitler's top men had brown hair and eyes for fuck's sake

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D&C shill detected. I bet it's your thread.

Blue eyed Europeans simply didn't do as much for our race as brown eyed ones did. Are you really so jealous of this you hide behind some retarded theory? Give me a fucking break and unironically kill yourself you fucking shill

Giving a link to a thread that describes the issue I'm bringing up doesn't make me the OP of that thread you fucking spast. Any actual argument?

I never claimed everyone here thinks this, it's just a phenomenon that I've picked up on lately.

If you were born with blond(e) hair which changed over time, then your brown hair is not considered brown.

It was his thread.

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What if you have brown hair with strands of blonde mixed in all over and a blonde goatee?

No one looks down on Brown eyes and brown hair. It's d&c propaganda. Many Europeans have brown or red hair and then or brown eyes. Many Europeans are heterozygous for these traits and may have kids with any color hair and eyes.

Blue eyes and blonde hair are simply good indicators that a person is of European genetic stock.

Hitler advocated for the German people, not blue eyes blond haired people.

you say we … you seem to have a bias mate.

You are just hyping certain views to be the norm instead of understanding that its just that specific persons/ peoples views … not necessairly worldy

So why are you listening to a wellfeare leeching shill??? stop being weak

Heres the simple answer … black people , non europeans often have brown eyes … so a white person with brown eyes is more like a black person than a white person with blue eyes

And whites hvae a thing about not wanting to mix with blacks.

Basically shit gets fucked up all of a sudden your civilization is providing welfare to cirminals … so whites want to avoid this. Avoid blacks … and avoid brown eyes.

Its not a global thing … not all whies care about race mixing for instance. But it is a THING, and it has its place. Some people are protectionist more than others.

So ask yourself why would these brown hair and eye Nazi tout an aryan nation with blonde hair and blue eyes?

They wanted their children to go towards that side of the fence then the side of brown eyes, brown hair … and possible brown skin.

What do you want for your children user? Or do you think you can ride the fence and you hope your kids to look just like you?

I have brown hair and eyes too. The most important part is to think about culture. And the culture I want my children to grow up in will have more blonde hair blue eye people than it will brown skin hajib wearing people.

Get serious kid, dont play games and dont feel guilty. Realise what you like , why you like it and fucking defend it. Hitler's brown hair ass knew what he was about.

And dont wear blue contacts and die your hair trying to fit in. The fight is in your heart and mind not on the surface. But it seems the surface conincides with a lot with whats inside us. We call these stereotypes, and they exist for a reason.

I know some black people that are exceptional and I know some white people that are goons.

Heres a quick idea about how looks dont always apply. Take a black person with no tatoos and a white person with tatoos on their face. Who do you want to talk to?

Some people are more protectionist and would talk to neither. Im ok with the black dude, but fuck people with tatoos on their face. Its about culture and you must be serious in defending it, let it be diluted and lost.

Common, I'm not denying blond haired blue eyed Europeans contributed to the glory of our race. But the vast majority of inventors, philosophers and other great men had brown hair and eyes.

Just think of a blond hair blue eyed philosopher. Hard isn't it? Certainly a lot harder then finding a brown eyed and haired one.

In that case I guess I'm fine, I was blond with green eyes when I was a small child.

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I deny it … we dont call them "people" we call them idiots

wtf are you going to say that one white rapist means all white people rape … what kind of fucking liberal logic are you spewing mate

stop crying about people not liking your subhuman features and use them for good you fucking mutt

Thanks for asserting something that no one questioned.
No, you don't have one. Do not post here again.

Nigger practically no one here does that

bloned hair people are the ones you dont know about, they are the deep state of inventors and philosophers

these guys are just figure head shills

There is literally nothing wrong with brown eyes, but there is a problem with a vast majority of black haired, brown skinned and brown eyed people making up any sizeable bulk of the population of white countries on this planet.

You seem to be unable to read, I have brown hair but not brown eyes. I'm just trying to get this stigma out of the forum. What's the point of it? We need more members don't we? Then why scare them away?

This is no better then a nigger saying "we wuz kangzz" you're delusional and simply can't face the fact blonds didn't contributed as much. Go listen to Varg some more you absolute faggot.

i love the way brown hair shines in the sun. blond doesnt in the same way. black hair is the true subhuman trait.

Varg is a nord, if he doesn't call you white then that means he doesn't call you nordic.
I'm more concerned about the nose in the picture you have posted, though.

So everyone with a slightly hooked nose is a kike? This is why I don't browse here anymore, you're all morons

not idiot members like you

whats your point … even if you take that premise as true I not sure what you want? You want people to respect you just cause you have brown hair. Bro, you want to be liked becuase of your brown features then go be black.

"we need more people on our side" … what side is this, you are not on my side you idiot.

Go be brown and invent things and shit.

Plus you didnt read my entire post, you should it has more to say thats useful

Light hair and Light eyes are petty shit that don't matter, I can think of dozens of Jews with Light hair/eyes, doesn't make them not Jewish.

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I don't need to write your entire post, I can just smell your subhuman iq throught the screen,

I swear, nordcucks would claim Romans where white.

You didn't contribute nearly as much to our race,

fucking retard

fuck varg, make your fucking point … can you at least site the reference or are you just asking me to fucking believe there is a point to be made and I need to read that content

you are not making a convincing argument for me to read Varg

Im not sure really what your ends are? What do you want, you want people to want to be brow hari and green eye like you? Whats he point… why am I reading Varg.

You want people to be jews … here we go. Youll start talking about how so many jews were inventors and artists and that they should be the best.

ok cool


Where do I ever mention jews you fucking moron?

I also never mentioned I want people to be like me. Heck, I bearly mentioned green eyes at all.

You're making an awful lot of assumptions user. Is this your first argument or is your iq to low to actually grasp you've made no valid point at all?

we dont, fucking nobody on this board cares, get the fuck out of here with your obvious "well anons arent arguing about this issue enough, better make it into an issue!" shill tactics

You are impure and you are jealous.

Not every person like you is so confused. There are many that have brown hair and eyes but know what race they belong to. You are confused and since you get no respect for your stupidity from whites and you get no respect because of your skin from the blacks you have decided to try to make this world where you are on top.

Together white people the "people of colors" will rule. And brown hair and brown eye people can be a part of this, if they want to be , you apparently will be some where else talking about how much credit you should get for making shit threads and doing nothing.

Nice D&C thread ya got here.



But you are a swarthy, gypsy looking jew with noticeable negroid features – fact!

its some kind of create division from withing shit … but I still dont know what the point is

its like a shill tatic with no real goal

its the shit post version of shilling

shit shilling

you are the jew

fuck off kike

(waste of trips)
Never happened, kike lie.

You must either be a troll, or just fucking retarded, and I'm beginning to believe the latter. I clearly mentioned I have brown hair, but green eyes. So why is stating facts like brown hair and brown eyed Europeans contributing the most to our race a way to make my phenotype on top?

Is it hard living with that low of an iq?



Oops, I meant for the first greentext to be pink.

At least the cunt changed it up. Anons were getting tired of being told they need to go out and blow shit up.

again so what is the point? What is it that you mentiond thats supposed to matter?

Im trying to follow your argument but you just dont even have one. You just keep calling me a moron.

How about this. People with brown hair and eyes have also done the most to hurt the white race. Its brown hair and brown eyes the most often race mix. The most often fight for liberal views.

You asked before "Dont we need more people on our side?" This "our side" should be a side that defends whiteness. Its non aryans and aryans that both need to do this and do it together. If you think that people with non aryan features have contributed more to whiteness then I say they should be happy that they did the right thing. Contributing to any other group would be stupid and against their own interest. We dont need praise or credit , we got our gift in maintaining the better race and making the smart decision.

You fucking want praise and you havent done shit yet kid. You ack like a fucking jew. Fur you and what ever features you have. You are not on our side. Leave

Why the fuck are you still engaging the yid, nigger?

you got me , im retarded
anything else useless idiot … quote me some Varg

I constantly get into endless arguments with people that have no point to make and just hurl insluts at me. My hands get tired, but other than that things are ok. Ive gotten this far. And even though my IQ is so low I still find the ability to be more reasonable than the people I argue with. So I guess its a bell curve thing where even though my IQ is low it doesnt matter, cause Im still on top.


why not … are their better threads … I guess I want to get the last post and tire him out

but yea I know , I should sage

Blonde hair blue eyes is the goal/ideal. As long as you're of European ancestry then I consider you my brother

Yes there are, however, there will be LESS if you keep helping the cunt to slide them. Lurk more.


Because even 8pol is nothing but a bunch of d&c faggot threads now. And there is either nothing else worth posting about or these threads are taking its place, faggot.
Saged for D&C kike faggotry

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You have no power here, kike.

What a transparent d&c thread
t. blondy blue

nietszche had blonde hair and blue eyes. so did newton columbus etc. its really very easy you swarthy medcuck

they do matter they are our genetics those are some filthy genestealers you posted there

It's not a very white nose.

exactly it does not come from europe

You didn't answer any of my points,
For example, you claimed I mentioned jews, I didn't. So I asked you to quote me, which you also didn't do. What a fucking meme you are to even think you're still in this argument.

You also mentioned I was using this thread as a way to make my own phenotype seem superior.

Even though I haven't even mentioned green eyed whites such as myself. This is why you're a retard.

Any actual source on this or is this more of your complete bullshit that you're spewing out in a futile effort to stay in an argument you've already lost?

"kid" fucking kek

Where do I ask for praise? Jesus Chris man, have you made any actual point that isn't based on absolutely nothing? I suggest unironically killing yourself.

I called you a retard because your argument was based on me having brown eyes, something I clearly mention isn't the case. This really shouldn't be that hard fam.

mmmm, I don't like quoting a jobless wellfare leeching snow nigger, but sure

"Well, even though we blue eyed blonds are a vast minority among whites when it comes to famous inventors, philosophers or anything else whites did of note, yet I still somehow think we're superior."

I wouldn't call making things up such as me having brown eyes as being reasonable. You massive faggot.

This isn't even good bait

That doesn't mean those people can't be white, I wouldn't exactly use a hook nose as an indicator to find out if someone's actually white or not

Kek, keep believing in your pseudo science. People like you are the reason no one takes us seriously. Fucking low iq nigger

Well guys it has bin fun, but I'm afraid it's almost 1 am here, I'll be back tomorrow if this thread isn't archived yet.

I don't think that's a prevailing sentiment here at all. Brown eyes and hair are part of the beautiful diversity of our people.
t. Green eyes, Auburn hair

Notice how OP pic related is obviously a kike or semite of some kind. Sweet camel eyes with a barely subdued honker of a nose. It could easily be a young Corey Feldman or his sister.
Saged for obvious D&C kikery



We never did, and the likelihood of this OP being a genuine question rather than unsubtle D&C is infinitesimal. In other words: sod off, you rat-faced jew.

Looks like a jew.

they are a mongrelized race, nothing more

The jawline is too strong to be a jew. Jews are weak chinned faggots with overbites.

The real soul searching question OP, is why anons look down on duplicitous jew hasbarats due to the form of jews' noses…

sage for the ignorant D&C kikery

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The blonde/blue eyes bs was another myth from from kike history.

All these "are x white?" or "brown eyes not huwhite" threads are obvious d&c tactics by the juice, and people should stop arguing about it. We have bigger problems to deal with, lets Race war now! and then argue over who is or not white. Currently we do not have the numbers to shun potential allies nor the time to argue these dumb stuff.

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we look down because d&c shills have been working for ages to create the division.
Nice of you to point it out.
My boy has brown eyes, my wife has brown eyes. She's one of the short, brown haired germans. My mum has green eyes, she's one of the short, brown haired Picts. Me and my dad have blue eyes, that's from nordic and celt.
White diversity includes all eye colours.

kys shill

that is exactly what italians look like, except darker.

I know smart Italians, and smart people that look swarthy. What's your point? If a med or a nord want to prove their supposed superiority over the other, they should go head to head and see objectively which is able to produce more successful results through their intelligence and skill. Either way it doesn't matter because a European is a European, and any "person" that says otherwise doesn't count as a person.

they don't. many in the Italian brownshirts and Spain's Francoist Armies had them

It's ALWAYS the 2nd pic. They will always take the opportunity to divide us against them. They want us to fight each other all the time. I've seen a thread where they claimed Irish aren't white. and naturally everyone started arguing each other in the thread.

One example is the culture of white guilt. It was created out of taking advantage of kind hearted people and turning them against those that were strong enough to resist propaganda.

There are also plenty of non-whites that support traditional white ideologies. I'm simply talking about: civility, decency, work ethic, appreciation of classical arts and music and science.

Many Asians also align with this general mindset of decency but Jews want them to think we're against them so they often turn against us.

I've also seen a few movies recently where the only bad guys are Whites and Asians and the good guys are blacks or mixed-race couples.

Think about it. They want us to hate Russia and adore Africans and it's already working for lots of kind-hearted whites who don't know they're being conned.

The ancient germanics considered swarthyness (and that would include brown eyes) to be a mark of inferiority - see Rigs Saga.

I can only speak for my own location but people here are getting operationally conditioned to view brown eyes/black hair/swarthy looks as a proxy marker for multiple negative attributes. You know why.

t. swede

Couldn't find anything on them viewing brown eyes or hair as a mark of inferiority.

I suppose it really doesn't matter anyway. There are almost no Blue eyed blond inventors, and especially philosophers. They just didn't achieve nearly as much as there brown eyed brown haired counterparts. That's a simple fact.

You blue eyed blonds can claim to be superior all you want, in the end you've got nothing to show for it besides some pretty blue eyes, and them being prettier then brown ones, and even that is debatable.

Go on and divide the white race even more you fucking shill.

blue eyes are best

nice argument