Italy's Salvini bans two more migrant rescue boats

Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Saturday warned another migrant rescue mission off the Libyan coast that it would not be allowed to land its "human cargo" at an Italian port.

It seems like Salvini is not going to cave in when it comes to the browning of Italy. He's on a mission to deport 500.000 illegals by the end of his 5 year presidency, while not allowing new illegals to arrive.

The article I linked argues about how Macron wants to set up centers in Africa itself for refugees. Then when they get through those centers they can probably go to Europe. Macron seems to be all about legalizing the browning of Europe. Which is of course to be expected from the former Rothschild banker.

An even bigger threat to Europe would be providing a legal framework for the browning to happen. It needs to stop, no legal framework needs to be given to it. It's a major threat because as soon as the africans are in they start claiming benefits, want social housing and will become a huge burden on society one way or another.

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Have a free unkiked post.
Monitoring with a smile.

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But it's the Jews' master plan!

Also, they're not rescue boats at all, the niggers are floating out 12 miles from the Libyan coast, they put out a distress call and the NGOs pick them up and transport them safely to Europe. It's been systematic for a long time. They need to be stopped at the Libyan ports in the first place.

Yes it's obvious they aren't there for rescue, just for ferry. They're technically called rescue ships since the illegals sink their boats 15-20km off the coast and then they need to be "rescued". These ships are then conveniently around for the ferry to Italy.

Now what I fear most with the Rabat process and Marakech declaration is that there comes a legal framework for the refugees / illegals in Europe. If a 'refugee' can go to a center in Africa, then if passed gets access to Europe that would just legalize what is currently happening.


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They need to start arresting the captains and crew. Charge them with trafficking and piracy. Maybe start hanging a few and they'll get the message.

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Just keep the fully loaded boats trapped at sea. The niggers will eventually chimp out and start raping/killing everything on the boat.

Italy's hands are clean and it would make a fantastic red pill for normies to see these poor "refugees" go full monkey mode.

What a novel idea! Instead of smuggling people into Europe, you can just keep them away from danger in the same continent they're coming from. Macron's a revolutionary political savant!
What the fuck is wrong with the brains of Europeans? Why do they think this makes an iota sense?

You're still in the 'why are they so dumb' part of the redpill. This is not the case. They know what they're doing is destructive to Europe, and they continue to do it willingly. Eventually you'll realize they're not bumbling buffoons and actually traitorous vermin. I call it the brasspill.

Multiple problems. One, if you are in international waters some other asshole will come along and give them a ride into Europe which means niggers on white clay. Two, they'll start shit with those making the blockade as they will then be the pirates stopping international shipping traffic and the jews will cause legal and or military policing issues.
Just telling them to go to another port isn't solving the problem and they'll eventually make their way in.
If you "let them in" and prosecute a few they can be forced to voluntarily avoid the place because they have to accept the rule of law in the country they are in. Bring them in under armed escort, deal with the assholes at the helm then tow the fucking thing without rudder back to their territory of origin and let it go.

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The world will be destroyed

We now call them by their proper name…Plague Ships.

Drowning Pool - Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Nice Biological containment suits there NGO volunteers…bring em on in…

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We, the people who are going to be dying IN THE CIVIL WAR, defending Europe just need to start sinking the NGO boats…better now than when they have transported all those people to fight you over dwindling resources and there is a collapse of civilization. We need teams of people who simply go out and put some rather large holes in the NGO boats any way they can.

isn't this a crime?


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Salvini is kicking ass.

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The hell, that gif was supposed to have some additional frames. Reposting.

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Oh no guess they'll just have to fucking turn around back to where they came from that's likely not even a war zone what a fucking humanitarian crisis!

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There's no other way.

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/S they never have before…the Sub Saharan Slave Trade has gone on since (((Islam))) was invented (probably longer)…only this time the nogs are volunteering for slavery

It begins.

just as the leftists have feared

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That's what I thought at first too. But actually, very few of those are legitimate refugees. They go to Europe knowing their claim will probably be denied, but it will take years, if not decades, to deport them. If the centers are in Africa, you don't have to deport them at all. That short-circuits a big part of the jewish game. And if they know they aren't going to get gibs in Europe, many won't even bother applying.

how much of the Med is international waters?
what are the legalities around sinking boats?
purely hypothetical questions mind you

You kikes can do your own dirty work.

Fuckin saved. That last one with Benny should be at the ovens with Yahoo in it though.

Tbh their Navi should go and capture the ships that illegally enter their shores and send the "migrants" back home.
And scrap the illegal smuggling ships.

This would be a real extinction-level event. Once they have (((laws))) in place making it de-facto illegal to not fill your land with shitskins it would quite literally take you-know-what kind of steps to change course after that.

i would send the refugees to

A lot of it would depend on what port the ship calls home etc. and even then the eternal jew would be whipping up an anti-piracy response. Japs can get away with blasting ships with water canons so maybe they should just start knocking niggers off deck into the water and let them sink. Failing that, disable the rudder and push them back into their territorial waters and drop their anchor after disabling the winches. Make their own people take care of them. Or not.

Captains and crews are invading pirates. Hang them after a quick trial.

Fuck off yid.

Hell, sell cruise tickets and run the canons as carnival games. Give prizes.

it wouldn't be hard to sink those massive inflatables either, and we know the nig nogs can't swim. (see attached)


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Funny how they can't float until they're dead. kek

Meanwhile Spain is taking all of those uninvited boats to their own country.

You could also dump crates full of sea urchins overboard onto them.

I wish this was a real picture, but the uniform tells me it for a movie


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It can't be a coincidence that most cartoon villains look like Jews.

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Nope, sure isn't.

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When liberals even legalize human trafficking.


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Don't celebrate too soon. According to the leak from the AQUARIUS thread, there is still an italian government convoy out there picking up refugees. Until we confirm that those ships return to Italy, then all of this is empty rhetoric.

How does Skeletor resemble a jew?

Well, yeah, the nose is all wrong.

Low altitude commercial drones with something to pop the rafts on them?

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What movie? Might be worth watching.

I wonder if they are physiologically incapable to float even in salt-water or just too stupid to do pic related.

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It is, you mongoloids. Go look at a caricature how-to book, crooked noses and elongated chins are the go-to for inhuman, mother-less monster characters. Conversely, the Germans made all Jews look like a bunch of fat, greasy, sleazy fucks, with elongated ears and the scheming gaze.

It's in their culture to avoid risks. Most African countries never set sail until Europeans or Asians started settling there.Kind of like with the Abbos, the water to them is just a barrier between their world and the next. Also, floating and swimming are techniques that are generally passed from father to son, guess which races tend to have the least close relationships between both?

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Oh surprise!
None of the refugees and asylum seeker of the last 40 or 50 years are legitimate refugees.

Good morning, smell the coffee.
None will be denied, they all will be admitted, because “refugee” and “asylum” are just cover operations for the colonisation of Europe. That is the modus operandi since decades.
After they have settled in Europe, they will issue those “refugees” and “political persecuted asylum seeker” passports so they can visit their homelands on holiday, I’m not joking or making things up.

Each of the legalized invader will be allowed to reunite their “family”. That means the number of legal invader will easily multiply by 10.
The condition for such “family reunions” are much more lax then for you and me marring a foreign national.
The bureaucracy, administration is very, very gullible concerning “refugees”, will accept anything presented to them at face value – because they are ordered to do so.

BTW the UK immigration (home) minister is a Pakistani, his uncle in Pakistan has business of helping Pakistani to immigrate to the UK.
Unsurprisingly, the Pakistani minister has already declared to ease the immigration of non-Europeans to the UK after Brexit.

Our most pozzed leftist tv station is even showing a countdown for when the ship is estimated to arrive.

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I would normally say yeah because of the lack of body fat on the skinnies but they still tend to bob to the surface so it's really just them being stupid fucking niggers. Maybe they're trying to rape it into submission.

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Oh look a peaceful Ethnic European lamby…waiting for the slaughter…everyone, man, woman and child is going to fight in this next war, you coward. I am 0% kike retard.

God bless Matteo Salvini. Let not a single nigger nor sandnigger remain in Italy.

not even a need for that.
they are supposed to head for the nearest safe port.
and that would be tunisia. or malta.
they go for italy instead.

i wish they sinked them.
they let them go with "rescued" written on it.
i bet traffikers at the end of the day go back collecting the boats and start over the next day.

Yeah, better ship them to Spain

it's real. kenyan riot police. note the watermelon colors.

Unless they impound the boats this shit will continue, they just go to Spain instead. And Spain is opening its borders just in time for Italy and Hungary to close theirs. Coincidence? I don't think so.


500 of the 600 nigger for Spain traveled in Italian navy boats.

Fucking bastards. PLEASE let those NGO faggots get ebola and suffer for weeks before dying.

Why don't we find out who the captains and other main NGO people are and have our people sink shivs into their spleens in the dark of night as they leave cantinas after a night of drinking expensive wine?

I don't think it's good that the nigger apes go to Spain, or anywhere in Europe that isn't loading them directly into incinerators to power shitposters' computers. What's good about it is it's setting a precedent for refusal, showing people it's not a lost cause or foregone conclusion. Maybe the globalist traitors in the EU are playing hot potato with which port is open for intaking the human garbage, and it probably is, but we can use it nonetheless.

Of course
Spain has granted the nigger entry for 45 days. Don‘t intern them as they used to.

So what do you think is going to happen?

Enter through Spain into whole of Europe I'd assume?

They'll go to France and either stay there or move to even wealthier countries. Macron seems quite inviting so I suppose at least some will stay in France.

Praying for video footage

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OMG…LMAO…you know that you are in the Matrix when you randomly upload a series of PLAGUE SHIP images to help wake the normies to IMGUR and the 'random title' that it selects for your image group is EUR7CUL; or the EUROPEAN 7 CULL…nothing to see here people…back to your slave job

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