Non-Virgin GF

Serious thread, keep things reasonable.

I've been with my GF for over 3 years and we're planning our engagement. Before I personally take the plunge, there's one thing that's been bugging me. She has had two partners before me, one of which was mexican (non white), and the other was a mongrel Italian (white skin but Brown eyes and black hair). I was able to pull the juden out of her mind. She's two years younger than me and simply saw no harm in dating outside of her race. She thought it was "exotic". They dated no more than a couple of months each.

On the positive side, she's amazing, I love her, blah blah blah, she is receptive and open minded. I've explicitly told her the error of her ways in the past and she acknowledges it. I'm Ukrainian and she is Polish. I trust her, I love her, and I want to make this work. She will be an amazing wife.

Give it to me straight Zig Forums, am I a cuck for marrying a non-virgin? How do we realistically navigate this society? I would of course prefer a virgin but I don't want to go back to the drawing board, I love her.

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I thought better of Poland.

We live in a multicultural city in the US. White people are far and few I'm between these parts.

Ah, righto. Yes, you're a fucking cuck. Go find a Ukrainian girl in Poland. One of those refugee ones.

I leave halfchan to check out what you fuckers keep raving about over there only to find the same bullshit threads here

Thank our based "Codemonkey".

fuck off cunt

Yes, but you are not alone. It's basically lottery odds of getting a wife who saved herself for marriage, so don't dwell on it. Marry her and make White babies.

is your girlfriend's brain like play-doh, user?
if so, I've got bad news for you

In current year it's impossible to find a pure woman in current year. Redpill her hard

Yes, now unironically go kill yourself. I really mean that, the world will be a better place without dumb faggots like you.
That goes for you two fuckers as well.

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Yes, you're a cuck and your girlfriend's a race mixing degenerate. Come day of the rope, she's going to hang.

To some degree, this:

However, I would be very concerned about the psyche of a woman who is attracted to men outside of her "race". Regardless of how pozzed a girl is, most white women I know are not attracted to minorities, and they will tell you that to your face. To be honest, if it bothers you now and it eats away at you now, you're never going to get over it. You're gonna bury it deep and it will fester and will produce resentment over time. I would consider how you'd feel in 20 years after after thinking about that incessantly for that long.

In summary, you might need to leave her despite how hard that may be. Every situation is different, but if that were me, I wouldn't be able to get over it.

No hymen, no diamond you fucking cuck. Succubi like the one you feel for hold the dna of past lovers. Good luck raising some mongrel's kid, fag.

You're not helping mine's morning sickness, nor mine.

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This gives me hope because as I said after lecturing her on *why* non whites are terrible and *why* she was attracted to them in the beginning ("exotic" meme sponsored by der juden) she sees the error of her ways.

I will definitely make sure there isn't an ounce of fucking brainwashing left.

To the people calling me a cuck - I hear you. Good fucking luck finding a girl with a clean track record. You're all fucking "once bitter virgins" and all that. We need to come together and figure this out.

Threads been anchored, cuck.

Good luck with your corrupted 49% child.

We all should have hope, user. Blackpilling is for faggots.

Totally agree. Most of the anons here calling you a cuck are ultra-tier beta fags I'd be willing to bet. Although they're not wrong, but you and I both know this is the world we must exist in, and finding some qt virgin waifu is next to impossible now. If it's not, please let me know where I can find them lol.

My I took my white wife from her pussy ass beta white boyfriend. My mixed cock was no match for him, and we fucked 17 times in the weekend she was mine.

You dreaming about virgins in this day-in-age. Whities are cucks, and your barebones cuckery of a thought process just shows how aware you really are of your inferiority. Women want the exotic, and the push for feminism will thrust them away from the white patriarch and into the sack and onto the cock of the exotic dark skinned ones.

My mixed babies are happy, and my white wife cares for them while i provide for my mixed family. We are supreme and superior.

Man up and grow some fucking balls before she realizes that you are a pussy cuckold obsessing over the race of the guys she's fucked and that she fucked them at all.

In summation, you are right for thinking the way you are because white women DO love the exotic. (My case is a fine and fucking enjoyable example of this.) But you should get the fuck over it before your chick realizes what a beta cuck you are and decides to find another exotic cock to split her apart.

Do some squats, some front squats, and sumo squats.

You need some milk.


Nice fantasy piece. Did you write for Mass Effect Andromeda, cuck?

I enjoyed your larp. I always laugh at deluded mongrels with a sense of pride and superiority.

I can unironically FS 315 for reps, BS 405 for reps and bench well, too. Back isn't the greatest so I stay away from deadlifts.

My girl won't be interested in any mongrels over me, that's for sure. Any white girl that is interested is mentally ill, so enjoy that.

I wouldn't call you a cuck, (((they)))'re burning that term out in real style. Many of us start out as misfit toys, used and abused by the system. Reforged to not ash but better meddle. One of the best missions is fixing females. Now, ring her in, and heady up for morning sickness at any time of day.

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If some thot wants to ride the cock train, good for her. She's mentally ill. Enjoy your creative writing, nigger. I bench more than you weigh probably.

you shouldn't be getting married enough you're not man enough to raise a family

Now that your shitty thread has been anchored, I can say this.
You can try to put down others because they have't found a wife like you have (pfft) due to the fact that they're waiting for a virgin, but at least those people you speak derisively of didn't compromise their values and ideals simply because they couldn't keep their thirst in check, they way you did. She's no longer a virgin, period. After that, 1 or a thousand cocks more makes no difference whatsoever, she's used goods, besides, who would be so dumb as to take a woman's word regarding her number of partners? They KNOW this lowers their value so they'll always lie about it, how much of a drooling retard are you honestly?

Also, keep this in mind, women adapt to the values, ideas and tastes of the guy they're currently hot for and wish to fuck, in reality, she cares for none of the things you've told her, not beyond the most shallow level. The moment your hold over her wavers even a bit, someone that gets her snatch slightly wetter comes along or you end up doing something that greatly displeases her, suddenly all the "redpilling" you've done on her will turn into and be fabricated as the reason she'll leave you, why she'll resent you and something she'll use as a toll to paint you as an psychologically abusive, racist and antisemite to her fiends and family, justifying why she left you.

But hey, if you kill yourself right now, you might actually save yourself some future grief, so go ahead.

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Probably pick the slut up at a bar or club instead of finding a respectable church and moving in on the shy, autistic virgins.

You'll have to decide if you're OK with not being her best lover.

No you're not a cuck, if you can make it work then great. A woman in 2k+18 with only 2 admitted previous sexual partners is basically virgin anyway.


Stop proxy hopping cuck

We have something called IDs here, faglord.

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Honestly, I'm fucking around. It's not a LARP. I'm actually a mix of Asian, European, and African. My wife is Irish, Swedish, and American Indian.

I shouldn't be so vulgar, but I couldn't help it. I felt like being a beast for a moment. Satan took over, and I wanted to sow some Chaos.

Of course, I suggested squats and milk for a helpful boost of your hormone levels to help you mentally and adjust your attitude to what matters: making a logical and definate decision either way. A man must be firm in his decisions and his commitments. If you love her, and she doesn't treat you like the beta cuck that you deserved to be treated like and she actually respects you, then I'd marry her If I were you.

I really wouldn't let the non-virgin thing get to you though.

Anons here are writing like they are going to find some virgin. You will find a liar, you may be lucky, or you'll be a pedophile.

They write about women as if they are all the same. Pitiful. Pitiful how bolsterd the screen and the keyboard makes them. No real life action.

I'm like Jesse Lee Peterson. I see the extinction of the whites on the horizon, on the agenda, in the plan, and I'm disgusted by the conscious effort. Social and demographical engineering is horrifying. I just did what I did because something about white women that just get me. My wife is a great partner. In the end you want someone you can trust, love, and count on as a team mate. So, drink your milk, do your squats, and make a fucking decision, you cuck-porn-watching race-obsessed ex-boyfriend-fucking-your-current girlfriend-imagining piece of Eastern European garbage.

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Nigger, you and your wife are the literal embodiment of the 53% meme. Your kids are so diverse I actually pray they don't get hit with anything serious like cancer or in need of anything like limbs or marrow. Shit's hard to find for mixed race people. Certain meds won't even work, and being part native American is worrisome because they have some fucked up genetic defects like that shit with sun and crispy skin.

While virgin women are far superior, the unfortunate truth is that most physically attractive women that are of age are not virgins. And thus, many of us are going to have to settle for non-virgins. However, the real problem with the girl you are describing is that she has been penetrated by a mexican, a non-white. Women absorb DNA from semen, so basically, she isn't even white and your babies wouldn't be either, they'd have mexican genes. A white woman miscegenating is the same as that same woman dying. So I would strongly recommend that you dump her and find a girl that hasn't fucked a mexican or any other shitskin.

Polish women are some of the biggest race-mixers there are, the ones in England are constantly shitting out niglets.

Certainly my friend, don't hold back on our account! It's actually very nice of you to take one for the team and marry the sluts, someone has to do it after all. Striving for anything else is certainly a lost cause, sheer fool's errand, I tell you.
I'm just sure you'll be able to turn that used up whore with who knows how many cocks pumped into her into a pure, wholesome wife that will never, never stray from the that you'll set out for her. After all, you sound like a breathtaking pillar of uncompromising, incorruptible ideals and morals, what woman wouldn't stand in awe of your righteousness and immediately decide to follow you, leaving behind her a whole life's worth of emotional and physical baggage?


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Both sets of parents have been screened for cancers and diseases. I would be screwed because of my blood type already. I'm universal donor. I don't think you understand how healthy Asians are. Swedish are hella hardy, and her American Indian is about 12%. Irish aren't renown for going out in the sun. You should probably shut your ignorant fucking ass up, cuck. I'm a doctor, and my entire family immigrated here and earned more than many will ever in a lifetime.

Insecure infertile white Americans up in here crushin down on races because you sense your own weakness. You know the testosterone and sperm count are falling for the whites. Get them squats up. Stop obsessing about everyone else.

Fucking hell. In the end we are all mixed up genetics. Our ancestral hominids fucked Neanderthals for the love of Christ. We were made to procreate, and our decisions were to make some mixed babies with supreme intellect, resources, faculties, and capabilities.

Worry about yourself. At leas I know that there is no inbreeding going on in my life.

Nice LARP you Untermensch. You're fighting on the internet, on a Mongolian underwater basket weaving forum, on an anchored thread. No one is seeing this but you and I. Keep telling yourself you're happy though.

You're a cuck for asking for relationship advice on a Pakistani blanket embroidery board when you're 3+ years in, stable, both redpilled, and affectionately compatible. What the fuck are you even doing, you stupid nigger?

Asian guys with a hard-on for white girls always talk like this. It's some sort of reactionary fetish from all the racial cucking white men have been pulling on asians for some time.

Ah, just like the olde days.

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This is one of the most pathetic and backhanded -not to mention obvious- attempts at masturbatory self-complementing I've seen in quite a while.
We know you're a hopeless faggot OP, hopping IPs to try and make yourself feel better about your shitty situation (which you know it is, you came here looking for validation after all), doesn't change that. You stand out like a sore thumb and won't ever fit in.

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Wrong user chico? That user is talking trash to the OP. The fuck you on about nigger?

Read the statement again.
You're wrong, he's not calling the OP out on his decision to marry this used up slut or his excuses for doing so, just the fact that he came here asking for others' opinions when he should have known how "good" he has it already, which he highlights in:
>you're 3+ years in, stable, both redpilled, and affectionately compatible
This bit right here is a shitty attempt at validating the OP's situation and painting it as favorable, as one that should have had no need to be consulted on, because it's already just fine as it is.
Do you see what I'm getting at?

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Sure, why not. We're all faggots for replying anyway, so let's all be OP. I don't even know what the fuck he expected with this thread. This board isn't for ass patting and relationship advice, and the only responses he was ever going to get were "yes", "kill yourself", and whatever the fuck that Asian guy is supposed to be. Did he expect everyone to say no and congratulate him? If everyone told him to break up would he actually do it? Despite having 3 years in the bag? And the "advice" being from fucking h8chan? Everything about this thread is retarded and OP if a fucking stupid asshole for making it in the first place.

On the six, you're more obvious. Not a single cell a motivator or dedicator. Ho'ws it going to get you to forget left-to-right even as you pace?

That anchor is not hwhat you think. A tattoo on the heart of timeless dogs.

I'm just repeating all the shit OP said back at him so he can reflect on why the fuck he posted at all. He's the one who said all this, I'm not just making it up on the spot. I'm wondering why, if these things were worth mentioning and he's fine with things how they are, he would ask a fucking political imageboard what to do or their opinion as though it would change anything because you can bloody well tell it won't. He's not going to break up with her and go back to being single just because an autist screeched on here. It's a nothing sandwich that killed another thread.

Speaking of Asian posters and since the thread's anchored anyway, why do you keep posting gook girls? Do you think they're all pure, unsullied virgins waiting for Shogun Charming or something? I don't give a shit if you're waiting for a perfect virgin waifu or not, but plenty of sex and adultery happens in Asian countries, too. You're just a lot less likely to get a whale singing about feminism is all.

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OP is OK. You, are the faggot wind whistling in the fields.

Nevermind the shills OP getting a gf is hard enough, once you're engaged move to the countryside and start anew with her on a small city or rural area

Were you a virgin, OP? If not, you can't complain too much. Ignore the people calling you a cuck though. That gets thrown around too much, as long as you aren't raising another man's child, you're fine. The biggest concern here that no one mentioned is
and yet she was sleeping with them? you might want to rethink how honest she's being

This is why you are subhuman, subhuman.


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not OP, but this thread is one giant blackpill. I'm too old for this shit.

I already know that non-virgins are ruined and I certainly don't want one but 95% of white women over 16 are not virgins so it doesn't take high level math to figure out that somebody is going to have to breed them