Have you ever seen some antiwhite J Leftist say something so mind numbingly retarded that you wonder how they manage to...

Have you ever seen some antiwhite J Leftist say something so mind numbingly retarded that you wonder how they manage to function as human beings?

Take for example pic related, this is what Bob Chipman said when steam announced they would only ban stuff that was either a scam or broke the law. Assuming he isn't just lying through his teeth, how retarded does one have to be to think that steam which said it will ban illegal won't shit won't ban CP which is clearly illegal. How retarded does one have to be to think that you can sue a business for not doing anything illegal like allowing "hate speech". And assuming he's just lying through his teeth (which he probably is), how retarded does one have to be to think that people will unironically believe such a blatant lie. It's like a kid who knows his mother saw him break a vase but who still lies about it to her face.

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Leftist are genuinely retarded, nothing new to see here.
Look, laughing at dumbasses like the blob over there is always fun all but this did not need its own thread.

He is a college educated elite liberal. The problem is you are misinterpreting his post. This thread will be deleted to keep up appearances.


I know I'm being autistic but I'm trying so get in these people's shoes, see why they think what they think.

"know thy enemy" as people say


There's not a lot of thought process behind their tweets and views. They're just being manipulative; using hypothetical scenarios while disregarding practical ones to justify the suppression of speech.


You should point out how their hypothetical scenario is retarded and impractical.

doesn't he have another funeral to miss to play Mario?

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That's a threat.

fuck off Strikercuck.
Stop using the words of an alt-kike socialist shill.

I know they're trying to be manipulative but as I said, how retarded does one have to be to think that people won't see through all that bullshit? It's like that example I used with the kid breaking the vase

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Fuck off you kike fuck. YOU'RE A FUCKING JEW

Why are you being a coward writing just j instead of jew? stop being a faggot.

kys tbh fam

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Eric Striker is a piece of commie shit who needs to be drowned in a toilet filled with battery acid.

We can see through that bullshit, other stupid people can't though. That's why they're leftists. They have to omit context to prove their point.

US based company.
For what are they going to be sued now?
They have, what is DMCA takedown time limit, 3 days? to take it off after it's been submitted.
Service providers I hate how that term is conflated versus actual ISPs have a grace period for user submitted content. The only liable party would be the uploader.


I do kinda have a tendency to attribute more intelligence to people than they actually have. Such is the life of an autist….

Because they think they are Lisa Simpson. They all speak in the same sardonic condescending pseudo intellectual way. They think they have it all figured out so no longer feel need to learn anything new. Their ideology/personality gimps them and the joke is they can't see that they are retarded. You can lay out why he's wrong in bullet point unbiased facts they will still make a face then a snide quip, to them and to others that is enough. They are all sad damaged confused people under the hyperbole.

he's retarded, i don't really get what he means with "say yes/no to games" maybe i'm missing the context
regardles, does he really think steam will allow pedo shit? especially when, not only did they say they would nuke illegal shit, but they also shoahed a nip indie hentai game where you grope a milf and her daughter in the subway
Gaven ain't stupid, he's in for the shekkels amd he's gonna push it as far as the law allows him to

That's not him being retarded, that's him putting out a thinly veiled threat. This didn't need a thread though faggot.


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They're like bitchy manipulative women.

Fuck this kikey vidya drama. OP is a faggot

Who is this guy and why does he matter

Even in their fantasies they are still race mixing.

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What gets to me is the grandma knows what elves are. She's probably a cool old lady that read Tolkien. And she just gets pissy at her.

myf favs

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A dead chipman can’t tweet dumbshit

Aye, I have.

no, because they don't function as human beings.


Erik Striker is fucking awesome, and incredibly intelligent.
I see you Jew.
Anyone who gains traction and is intelligent, you always go after.
I see you faggot kike.

Just a kike wanting to bring up CP for no reason, like they always do here.

OK, I'm confused.
There's no "hate speech" laws in the U.S. And child porn is very much illegal.
So…what the fuck is he saying?
What is the criteria they're going to use for "hate speech" when the U.S. judiciary has no definition of it?

You can be sued for anything, no matter how trivial, this is one of the reasons harassment lawsuits work. So it's impossible to "protect" yourself against such lawsuits, period.

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Anyone who associates with Kike Enoch is in no way "fucking awesome"

That's the most redundant term ever. Both sides are completely jewish, it should go without saying.

They love to talk about how something will be a slippery slope all while they themselves are promoting slippery slope bullshit